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on July 23, 2012
This book is amazing and also contains far more material than is listed in the description.

The page count is actually over 1400, and the book contains not only everything listed in the description, but another twelve or thirteen issues more (including the five issue Crisis of Conscience JLA story, all four issues of the sacrifice storyline (not just the one listed) and a four issue Superman/Shazam story arc).

This is by far the most comprehensive way to read Infinite Crisis. I was a fan of the series and thought I had followed it pretty closely, but this omnibus contains 19 issues I've never read before. I applaud DC for putting out such a complete book, and I also really like the way the issues in the book have been placed in the best possible reading order as well.

I think this is probably the largest omnibus either Marvel or DC has released to date, and it's very well put together with a nice, sturdy binding that still opens well and makes for easy reading.

As to the story itself--this book covers probably my favorite period in DC history (and touches on pretty much every aspect of the DC universe of that time). The stories contained are fast, intense, exciting, well written, populated with interesting characters, and tie together into one massive epic. This is probably the period when the DC universe felt the most connected, and all the stories feel important. During the period this book covers, amost all of the DC line felt like it was building toward something big, and almost every storyline felt like it mattered as part of something bigger.

The individual miniseries in this book are all very entertaining, and Infinite Crisis itself (which doesn't even start until page 950) ties them all together and pays them off well.

The writing is consistently good, the art is very well done throughout (enhanced by very nice coloring), and the story couldn't be more epic or complete. Some of comics best writers contribute--Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, Gail Simone, and Bill Willingham to name a few--and the quality of the art is just as high. Even with several different miniseries and over 1400 pages of story, the art never drops below good and often qualifies as excellent. Possibly the best part of the art though is how well and clearly it tells the story. The modern coloring also definitely enhances the overall look and impact of the art, making the whole book beautiful.

Starting with the amazing Countdown to Ininite Crisis, working through eight fantastic interlocked miniseries, and finishing with Ininite Crisis itself, this book is more than 1400 pages of great entertainment every comic fan should enjoy. I can't recommend it more. A truly great story amazingly collected and presented.
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on September 15, 2012
Infinite Crisis Omnibus.

This is a true Omnibus and included:

01. Countdown to Infinite Crisis Chapter 1
02. Countdown to Infinite Crisis Chapter 2
03. Countdown to Infinite Crisis Chapter 3
04. Countdown to Infinite Crisis Chapter 4
05. Countdown to Infinite Crisis Chapter 5
06. The Omac Project Part 1
07. The Omac Project Part 2
08. The Omac Project Part 3
09. Superman Sacrifice Part 1
10. Superman Sacrifice Part 2
11. Superman Sacrifice Part 3
12. Superman Sacrifice Part 4
13. The Omac Project Part 4
14. The Omac Project Part 5
15. The Omac Project Part 6
16. Villians United Part 1
17. Villians United Part 2
18. Villians United Part 3
19. Villians United Part 4
20. Villians United Part 5
21. Villians United Part 6
22. Superman Lightning Strikes Twice Part 1
23. Superman Lightning Strikes Twice Part 2
24. Superman Lightning Strikes Twice Part 3
25. Day of vengeance Part 1
26. Day of vengeance Part 2
27. Day of vengeance Part 3
28. Day of vengeance Part 4
29. Day of vengeance Part 5
30. Day of vengeance Part 6
31. Rann-Thanagar War Part 1
32. Rann-Thanagar War Part 2
33. Rann-Thanagar War Part 3
34. Rann-Thanagar War Part 4
35. Rann-Thanagar War Part 5
36. Rann-Thanagar War Part 6
37. Justice League Crisis of Conscience Part 1
38. Justice League Crisis of Conscience Part 2
39. Justice League Crisis of Conscience Part 3
40. Justice League Crisis of Conscience Part 4
41. Justice League Crisis of Conscience Part 5
42. Infinite Crisis Part 1
43. Infinite Crisis Part 2
44. Infinite Crisis Part 3
45. Day of vengeance Special
46. Infinite Crisis Secret Files
47. Infinite Crisis Part 4
48. Rann-Thanagar War Special
49. Infinite Crisis Part 5
50. Infinite Crisis Part 6
51. The Omac Project Special
52. Villians United Special
53. Infinite Crisis Part 7

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on March 27, 2013
Great stories! I know it was all 1 encompassing story but i still think about it in sections. The spectre fiasco and every single magic hero and villian killing themselves to save the earth was epic and definately my favorite part. GREAT STORY and a must buy for any DC fan! They should turn this into a live action movie!
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on April 4, 2016
It's unfortunate that this is no longer in print and being sold for quite a bit of money because this is an absolutely amazing compilation. It collects one of the best stories to grace the pages of DC comics and is an epic masterpiece. This book is an incredible feat and I frankly am proud of DC for having the moxy to pull off such a collection in one book.
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on March 22, 2013
Most people who are looking at this collection will have already read Infinite Crisis. So this review will be about the book itself and the presentation. The pages are bright and clear, The paper used is heavy stock glossy and everything just pops out at you. While I have only had the book for a day or so, the binding seams to be very well put together.

There are a few downsides though. Fist is that it is not a complete Omnibus. DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy is NOT included in this. Which is really sad considering her part in the story. The second problem is the weight. This thing is 10 pounds. I think in retrospect, DC should have done a two volume release.
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on September 19, 2013
I loved this omnibus, not only from it's size and quantity of story but the amazing story. I saw people complaining about the weight even though they know it's a massive book, and it's true, it's a biggy. Buy it from dc.com though if the price is still in the $350s, it's only a consistent $150 on their site. The scale of this story is definitely a plus and recommend buying it for any DC fan
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on December 31, 2013
A great sequel to crisis on infinite earths. Do yourself a favor and read crisis on infinite earths before reading this book. This is the best way to read infinite crisis with all the countdowns included. It makes the final 7 issues make a lot more sense.
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on January 7, 2013
This edition is great in it's entire compilation of all things related to Infinite Crisis, but my only complaint is that it doesn't sit well on my shelf next to the Absolute Crisis on Infinite Earths, and Absolute Final Crisis.
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on April 11, 2013
Bought it for my son who is an avid collector. It is "hefty" in size but the content and imagery is worth the money and shipping costs.
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on September 6, 2012
I gotta say... I loved Infinite Crisis when I first read it! Mmmm, scratch that! I didn't understood squad of Infinite Crisis when I first got it. There was a reason though. I was just begining with comics. I had no background about the DC Universe, so Infinite Crisis was a bad start.

I got some books like Crisis on Infinite earths and Identity Crisis, and some Batman and JLA books, and Infinite Crisis felt WAY better. I liked it, I love it. I think it was one of the best crossovers DC had.

Fast forward 2012!

I got the chance to get this Omnibus with a promotion, so it was a no-brainer. Having said that, I'm goign to review the product with Iron fist. Let's star with the good stuff:

This Omnibus is bigger than it supposed to be. It have over 1400 pages in it, and all of it is sweet, but the best part is how is collected. Finally we have a big book with all the content collected in chronological order. The Infinite Crisis Omnibus includes all of the following, in this order:

Countdown to Infinite Crisis
OMAC Project #1-3
Sacrifice (Superman #219, Action Comics #829, Adventures of Superman #642, Wonder Woman #219)
OMAC Project #4-6
Villains United #1-6
Lightning Strikes Twice (Action Comics #826, Adventures of Superman #639, Superman #216)
Day of Vengeance #1-6
Rann-Thanagar War #1-6
Crisis of Conscience (JLA #115-119)
Infinite Crisis #1-3
Day of Vengeance Infinite Crisis Special
Infinite Crisis Secret Files 2006
Infinite Crisis #4
Rann-Thanagar War Infinite Crisis Special
Infinite Crisis #5-6
OMAC Project Infinite Crisis Special
Villains United Infinite Crisis Special
Infinite Crisis #7

There was a lot of stuff I didn't read before, so the content and the order it was collected is a VERY big plus! I was one of the people who wanted Infinite Crisis Absoluted, but I think the Omnibus was well collected. 5 stars for it.

I can understand why there's no extras here (the lenght is already vast enough), but I would had love to have at least a fresh intro or afterwords from Johns or even Dan Didio. The original proposal would have been nice. I mean, I would really like to know how they were goign to kill Nightwing. Anyway, that's a very minor complaint.

Now for the not so good stuff:

The book is still using a hybrid of glued and sewen binding. Is not as terrible as The Hawkman Omnibus though. You can actually open the book and get minimal gutter loss, so yes, it was an upgrade regarding the other books. Even though I still feel DC have a long way to go if they want to comete with Marvel on quality.

That brings the other issue, and this is important for me. Once you remove the dustjacket, the hardback is completely black! Exactly like the cheap little hardcover books they release all the time. Just black and nothing more. You lose the dustjacket, you will have no way to identify the book as for what it is.

I saw (but never bought) the New 52 Omnibus, and kind of liked the fact that, after removing the jacket, you'll still have a pretty hardback design. It looked pretty and it gave the sense your money was well spent (even when the content was ridiculous). Now they make a great job collecting stories and they make it look chip by giving a black simplistic hardback on it. You might not care about it, but for $150 a pop, it should be top notch in every single aspect.

My final review is an optimistic 3 and a half stars.

My recomendation is: Do not pay full price for this! Get it on sale! I've seen sites and places where the book is at $80 something dollars. If you can get it for that or less, you'll have your money well spend!
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