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4.6 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on December 26, 2016
- Synopsis: This anime shows the adventures of one lucky guy or unlucky to some, in a training academy full of women. Because of harem and story reasons, women are the only ones who can pilot their mechas. Due to this, being the only guy who can pilot a mecha immediately makes him the center of attention. The rest of the story involves the daily interactions between the main character and the other students, as well as the occasional enemy appearing to move the plot along.

- Comments: If you were looking for a strong, confident, non-hesistant main character; you will have to look elsewhere. The main character of the show is fairly weak compared to the other pilots. He's often protected by the other pilots.
Not only that, he isn't the smartest person out there, either. But his unique circumstances and kind-hearted personality helps win over the other female students without much effort. Furthermore, the main character is plain and common. He exhibits traits that are common in many anime characters that have harems.

- Features: English and Japanese audio with English subtitles. Includes 12 episodes on 2 DVDs for a total of about 5 hours. Comes with a bonus such as a soundtrack DVD and some special features for a total of 4 DVDs. Rated TV-14 for violence and fan-service.

- Conclusion: The main character is your standard character you will find in many other harems. The girls are cute, the mechas are unique and interesting and may be more appealing to those that prefer compact mechas. The fan-service is moderate and the scenes have plenty of comic-relief.


- Recommendations: Code Geass, Godannar!, Kampfer, Chaos;Head, Code:Breaker, Tokyo ESP, K, Absolute Duo, Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance, Sky Wizards Academy, and Date A Live.
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on January 5, 2014
When cybernetic exoskeletons are invented the nations of the world quickly recognize their destructive potential and immediately sign a treaty banning their use in combat. The treaty also ensures that every nation will be given the technology to prevent any one nation from becoming to dominate. As a result the nations of the world find an alternative use for these mechs competitive tournaments.

In addition these mechs shift the balance of society to women due to them being the only gender capable of controlling the mechs. So when years later a teenage boy is found capable of controlling the mechs there is only one thing to do… force him to attend an all girls academy that trains mech pilots, but before he can adjust to his new surroundings his life gets even more complicated thanks to some old and new friends.

The animation, characters, story and English dub are awesome making this series one of my favorite Sci Fi / Mecha animes!

Being a harem there is some minor fan service, brief nudity and suggestive themes so the series may not be suitable for younger children. Fan service involves a lot of well endowed women wearing revealing clothing that continuously expose their panties.
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on September 11, 2012
"Infinite Stratos" is an action-oriented harem comedy set at an academy where teens learn how to pilot light aircraft built around an IS (Infinite Stratos) system core. The IS core provides a good deal of power, but they are not allowed to be used for military purposes, nor are they allowed to be used in space. The biggest restriction on them, however, is that they can only be piloted by women. The system simply won't work for men.

No men, that is, except for Ichika Orimura, who found out accidentally at the age of 15 that he could get an IS powered frame to function. More than that, simply by touching the frame, he could intuitively understand its purpose and what it could do. Seizing this unique opportunity, the Japanese government immediately enrolled Ichika in the academy.

The story is fun to watch, but somewhat lacking in the logic department. For instance, if the frames are not allowed to be used for military purposes, why are all of them armed? And if these frames are only used in "games", why do the participants shoot at each other with live ammo? I guess these aren't your father's Olympic Games. :P They also make a big point of telling us that there are only 467 cores available IN THE ENTIRE WORLD because the inventor won't produce more than that. And yet they turn right around and talk about "mass producing" frames. You might as well try to "mass produce" nuclear submarines. I'm also curious as to why they are training hundreds of pilots every year to fly these things, when they will get out of school and have nothing to fly...

The artwork is clean, and the color palette is bright. The animation is at TV standard or above; the fight scenes were well done. The music was adequate, but not memorable. There is a fun bit in the ending credits where Ichika is running just in front of the girls who are "chasing" him. The "pack" starts with just Ichika and Houki, but adds new girls as more girls are added to his "harem" in the story. Recommended.
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on October 26, 2012
There's nothing new or novel in Infinite Stratos. It's a straightforward 'harem' anime and it follows the predictable format. No major character development occurs and no surprise plot twists happen. Despite all of this, I rather enjoy the show.

While Infinite Stratos breaks no new ground, it does manage to follow the formula perfectly. Each character fits into well-established archetypes, but they still somehow manage to stay fairly fresh and as more than just paper cutouts. I particularly enjoy that instead of creating some over-the-top sob story or other clumsily manufactured emotional hook to try and develop interest in a character, Infinite Stratos is content to let the characters' personalities and actions drive earn their emotional appeal. It's more believable and much more entertaining, and it is one of the most refreshing aspects of the show.

Ultimately, it still is a harem anime, and sometimes character personalities are bent (or outright temporarily changed in a few instances) in order to move the plot along. Fortunately, these violations are not too common. This show also has a lot of very revealing 'fan service,' so if it isn't clear from the product details: this show is NOT FOR LITTLE KIDS. Teenagers and up should be fine.

In short: If you want a light-hearted, mindless show that follows a formula but at least follows it well, Infinite Stratos is a good choice. It's nothing I'll brag about watching, but in the short time I've owned it, it has made its way back into the playlist over and over again. It's a true guilty pleasure.
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While the series in general doesn't really give you any new characters you haven't seen in other mecha or action animes the characters are endearing and their hijinx throughout the series is still entertaining to watch. The series feels like a mix of Gundam and LineBarrel Of Iron both enjoyable series in their own right, the main characters are a group of female mecha school pilots who train to compete in matches for prestige in suits called called "IS" or Infinite Stratos but though the suits primarily are only used by females a young man is found to be able to use a IS suit as well so is transferred to the same schools as the young female pilots. There we have the usual hijinx as the young man meets his former childhood friend and later another childhood friend who like some of the other female students have started or show their more then friendly feelings for him which gives us the usual harem scenario in the series. The animation and soundtrack fit nicely together and the voice cast was picked well for both the dubbed and subbed cast as they do their characters roles nicely. The set itself actually comes with a pretty decent amount of extras, first you get a soundtrack CD of the series as well as a individual dvd with commentaries from the Japanese cast and director which for the price of the set I was pretty amazed at. Sadly the series is only about thirteen but while short the series will give you a nice dose of romance/humor/action and a dose of fan service, so for any fan of the Gundam series or just looking for an enjoyable series here's a decent one to try out....
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on March 31, 2016
If you want something with plenty of laughs and a lot of sexual innuendos in your humor, then look no further than Infinite Stratos. Hilarious, and action-packed. This series features a young man named Kouichi, who finds himself to be the only male in the world that can pilot a stratos (which are apparently only used for Olympic games and females are the only ones that are supposed to be capable of piloting them). This anime is worth a look if you want something light hearted with some action thrown in-between.
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on June 26, 2014
After you realize the first few minutes are the end and everything else is the lead up to those events this is a very good series. The interactions between the hero and his instructor who is his sister and the other members of his class are hilarious. The action is very good and the animation is pretty smooth. The story is also pretty interesting. This is worth the cost and watching it is not time wasted.
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on May 2, 2017
the best
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on November 1, 2012
This show is the absolute best example of a great harem. Each character is diverse and has a very unique personality. The main character is goofy but has the ability to be strong and cool when the time calls for it. I really enjoyed this show so much and is probably one of my favorite animes. The only problem is that the writer of the series had a falling out with the company he worked for (media factory if I'm not mistaken) and is now working for a different company so don't expect a season 2 anytime soon, but I digress. Bottom line this show is great and should definitely not be overlooked.
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on June 3, 2014
This is packed with humor. Like a lot of harem anime this is about one guy who is alone surrounded by women. The main character has a big mouth and tends to leap into trouble without looking but he is also lovable and very kind. Too kind in some cases. Some of the girls has the biggest egos, and the mix made for a funny story.
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