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on October 26, 2013
Installed in a 2006 Mustang GT with a Shaker 500 system. Fit perfectly except I had to clip off a bit of a mounting tab on the door speaker mount to get them to sit flush in the door. Tested rear and front as I installed and the sound difference was noticeable, especially the highs. I did not use the -3db switch. Zip-tied the crossover to the speaker back to keep it from hanging and possibly interfering with the window. I have Kappa components (amped) in my Focus and they are awesome. Didn't want to cut any holes in the Mustang. Well worth the money and I did it with the intent of eventually upgrading the head unit and getting more power, which I know these will handle. Stock speakers have "25W" stamped on them. I went with these cause the new model is around $160 (Crutchfield) and this is just a bargain for the sound. With the directional tweeter I actually CANNOT hear the sound out of the speakers. The sound is "sitting" in the middle of my front seats up near the's totally weird. I think that's pretty good imaging. Total fan of Infinity.
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on April 16, 2012
The first time I installed these speakers in the rear doors of my 2007 Ford Expedition EL I ended up taking them out due to the window hitting the crossover when rolled down. Then I came up with another plan and installed the crossovers right next to the speakers on the outer side of the inner door. See my "customer image" for details on that.

These Infinity Kappas are truly awesome speakers. They replaced a failing pair of Polk DB series coaxials and there is really no comparison. The Kappas offer a much more robust, full sound. Plenty of bass and plenty of treble. I'm running them at 75 watts RMS off of a New Rockford Fosgate Prime 600 Watt 5 Channel Amplifier with Polk DB 6.5" components in the front and an Alpine 10" Type S in a sealed box in the cargo area. All of that controlled by a Pioneer AVH-P3400BH 2-DIN Multimedia DVD Receiver with 5.8" Widescreen Touch Panel Display, Built-In Bluetooth®, and HD Radio.

I'll eventually replace my front Polk components with Kappa components to finish off the system.

Highly recommend each and every one of these components. This system sounds and looks excellent!
review image
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on October 23, 2013
Says it doesn't fit 2010 F150=FALSE Fits perfectly(just use zip ties for the dongle to the wire harness in the bottom front of the door sill).

Second time around with these and no remorse. I installed a set of these in my Boxster S a few years ago and liked them so much, I got a pair for my 2010 F150. For $70 it was a game changer over my stock speakers. I may replace my rears down the road with the same ones.

First off: These are crisp and clear!! You can actually turn the volume all the way up without distortion. You need to start off with your bass and treble turned down and then adjust accordingly. It is best to use digital media when evaluating!!
Install was a breeze, just zip tie the "dongle" to existing wiring harness at the bottom front of the door well. Check to make sure they work and they clear your windows before you button it up.

Pros: Crisp clear sound like it was meant to be. Easy install with the crossover dongle. Quality made(you can tell the difference when you hold the old one against the infinity in your hand.

Cons: Not sure what the treble button on the tweeter really does. I tried it both ways but couldn't hear any difference. The "con" is that you can't adjust it once you have it all put back together without taking your door frame off. Bass is pretty much noexistant, but I knew that going into it. If you really want to make your system sing, you will need a seperate subwoofer as that is not what these are meant for.
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on October 6, 2017
I weren’t sure if I would get much more bang for the buck over the Sony speakers that are part of the premium sound system in my F150 Harley Davidson, but what difference, night and day. These speakers are way better than the Sony so called premium speakers. The mids are warm and the highs are crisp and smooth, and it reaches down in the mid base more than you’d expect. I put in two pairs, front and back; they turned my pickup into my private concert hall. I now look forward to long distance drives, no rush to get where I’m going!
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on August 2, 2014
Installed 4 of these in a 2014 Ford Edge with non-premium sound (4 speakers). Was absolutely blown away by how improved the sound was over the 50w front stock speakers. The rear stock rear speakers were only 25w, and the sound improvement was not nearly as good, but that is owing to the factory amp, or head unit output. Overall it literally sounds like a new amp was installed as well. the stock head unit and stock amp power these speakers perfectly. I was worried with the larger magnets that I would not have enough power to produce good bass, but those worried were laid aside instantly. Had been thinking of getting a bazooka tube or other type of powered sub-woofer, but that's no longer a consideration.
I am sure that an aftermarket amp could take these to the next level, but for me its enough volume/punch as is. Installation was easy and the holes fit factory mounts perfectly.
I placed boom mat (DEI 050361) behind them and cut a 2 inch hole on the bottom facing side as a port for air to allow the woofer free movement.. this really enhanced the bass, as well as protects the speakers, as they are all door mounted.
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on January 20, 2013
What I think about these speakers and their quality is AAA rated.Heavy Magnet for their size.Extremely sturdy construction. Throw a 70-100 watts at these guys without distortion (Peak rated at 300w). I even left the little tweeter output button out because I love the detail of every little sound. I'm a little older than your average younger buyer, who may enjoy the bass whomp of the rap/hip hop sound,but i don't need an extreme amount with my small Ford Ranger Cab,so these were perfect for the sound. Im not at ALL disappointed in the speakers. That being said I will say that the front right and left door installation on my 2003 Ranger was very easy. Two Phillips screws for the panel and a star tool for the door handle screw ( I tried a Metric Allen wrench ,but it won't loosen it).Once the panel and door handle was off,I just took out the four 6mm screws from the old speakers,pressed the disconnect on the connector and out they came. I purchased the Ford audio connectors from Crutchfield so i knew that I was getting the right ones. The main connector fit perfect,but I had to cut the other ends off due to the crossover with these speakers. You just take the bare wires and screw them straight into the handy crossover..that was easy too.I secured them in place with the screws provided by Infinity.I'm glad I did,and you will see why in a moment. I adjusted the tweeter up towards the driver's seat on both doors (it turns real easy),and I was ready to roll. It took about 30 minutes per door total. It was the two rear speakers that didn't fit properly.I took out the four screws to each rear grille,and then used a 5mm socket on the actual speaker to release it from the grille. Very easy. I discovered quickly that the space between the new kappa speaker and the rear metal wall was VERY SLIM. Almost no clearance. And when I attempted to easily place the speaker back onto the original grille,it didn't fit due to the elongated screw insertion points at the extreme right and left of the speaker. I had to use a set of pliers to bend both of these points forward (they were not going to be used as screw holes anyway) ,until they were at a 90 degree angle from their original point.This made it easier,but still not simple to now use the original 4 screw holes on the original grilles. I used the 6mm screws from the front left and right speakers to secure them to the grilles,since they would work due to length,and the 5mm would not. (Told you I was glad i kept them handy). I put a 1/2 inch piece of foam padding about 8x10 square in each receiving hole in hopes that it would lessen the current draw on the magnet due to the lack of clearance,and placed the speakers in place and used the original screws the grilles had in them. All four speakers look like they belong where there are,so there was no noticeable flaws in the installation.
Upon testing with my Kenwood head unit I found the fronts to be crystal clear and plenty of bass,but the backs sounded less crisp and somewhat muffled. I will attempt to use some rubber backing that's popular on the market,and see if it stops "draw" from the speakers. I'll get back to comment when its done. But this is in no way anything bad about the speakers themselves,its just a fitting problem for Ford Ranger. These are great won't be sorry.
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on February 5, 2017
Sounded great for a few months then noticed the sound quality started to roll off. I had the recommended RMS power for these speakers and blew out a crossover. Had another speaker to crack. I believe these speakers are overrated like the older versions my brother had. I bought 2 sets and they were useless in less than a year. Sound quality was good for few months at high volume then sounded muddy. I recommend giving them half RMS power and you should be okay.
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on April 30, 2014
These speakers where REALLY easy to install in my front doors. But the back gave me a problem. I had to take off the seatbelt and was very time consuming. BUT....... The rear right speaker gave me trouble. When I turned up the stereo it would go into protect mode. (Pioneer aftermarket) I have checked the wiring many times and couldn't find the short. THEN, when I reinstalled the speaker, the bolt that holds the speaker in place touched the metal cab of the truck and made little sparks and popping noises. So it must be leaking electricity on the speaker frame. I think it may be defective.

Bottom line

The other three worked EXTREMELY well. I'm very impressed with these speakers! The crossover is easy to hook up and tie down. But these speakers have plenty of bass and mids and highs are excellent! I do not have an amp!

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on August 30, 2013
I was expecting a little bit more low-end, not much of course... But nevertheless this a very good speaker, the mids and highs are very clear and crisp.

Someone mentioned that the crossover hanging out is an inconvenience and I couldn't agree more, at least they should've made it detachable so you could get a chance of repositioning it during install... other than that I have no complains at all.

I really liked how you can twist the tweeter to point in different directions, it makes a little bit of a difference that translates in allowing you to set your treble a little lower.
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on April 8, 2014
The Amazon "Vehicle Fit" tool is not perfect. I love the speakers but the ones in the rear were not a drop-in fit. I had to cut the outer part of the metal frame from the old speakers and use it as an adapter in order to mount the new speakers properly. Other than that they are perfect. I have not installed an amplifier yet but will soon do that to get the full benefit from the speakers. Also, rather than spend more money on some speaker to vehicle harness adapters for wiring, I carefully removed the part of the modular connection that is affixed to the old factory speakers. I unsoldered and removed the old wires and soldered new wires, then with some heat shrink I sealed it all up for a nice factory style look. If nothing else this helped save me about $8 and I didn't have to cut off any wires from the vehicles factory wiring harness assembly.
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