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on March 4, 2014
For my 5.1 configuration, I am using these as my rear surrounds, with the larger Infinity Primus 6.5" bookshelf speakers as my fronts. These are fantastic speakers that have excellent mid to high range, and adequate bass. I appreciate good sound and quality products, but I'm not very big on spending a small fortune for the highest end audiophile equipment.

These speakers present one of the best values for me in terms of respectable, quality sound, with good range, without absolutely breaking the bank. I have heard higher end equipment and while a lot of it does sound better, Infinity Primus are still my go-to speaker. I could spend many times more money on hardcore, audiophile approved reference speakers, but the sound output isn't going to linearly be fives times better. I could spend $500 on a single audiophile speaker and it'll subjectively only sound maybe 30% better. Returns on money spent on audio equipment go down pretty fast. That said, these speakers sound much better than just about every budget 5.1 home theater in a box speaker kit out there, but aren't so expensive that they'll cripple your wallet like a set of "reference" speakers. It's a happy medium.

I definitely recommend these for people new to upgraded home theater-- pairing Infinity Primus with a decent receiver and a sub will result in a very enjoyable, rather affordable setup.
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on December 18, 2012
I used these for front presence speakers for a 7.1+2 Yamaha system along with larger Infinity speakers and they sound great; however, all the really low frequency signal, 60HZ and below, go to the sub. I assume they would sound good as a very small bookshelf speaker as well. My main system in another room is all Paradigm powered by Marantz but, it's not fair to compare the Infinity with speakers in that league since they cost about one tenth the price. That being said, I still like Infinity Speakers and for the money, they hold their own and you can't do better. The price was really great on these and they came on time as well, what else can I say?
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on January 28, 2013
I am writing this review from my containerized housing unit at a contingency operations base in Central Asia. I paired these Infinity speakers with a Lepai Tripath Class T Audio Amplifier. I needed a system that would fit into my less than 80 square foot personal space. My source is an Ipod Classic in a Pyle dock to bypass the Ipod's output amplifier.

This evening I am listening to a little Pink Floyd, Phish, Radiohead, and Miles Davis. All sound great on this rig. The combination of the Lepai and the Primus speakers is an excellent small discrete system. Even though this system set me back less than $150, I'm not roughing it at all in the tunes department.

I highly recommend these speakers and the Lepai amplifier for a small environment.
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on February 24, 2012
let me just start this by saying that I'm no audiofile but to my ears my 7.1 system sounds awesome. It is Infinity Primus front,center,sides, and these as the rears. I have a BIC sub and a Pioneer vsx-1121 powering it all in a spare bedroom my GF calls my "office". I'm pleased with these and all of my other Infinity speakers and would recommend them to anyone who wanted a lot of speaker for their money.
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on October 5, 2013
The Good:
- Great Mid-Range and Highs
- Voice Match to Primus Series is very accurate :)
- Size is great for Front-High Speakers

The Bad:
- None for my application

Overall: 5
These sound great mixed with other Infinity Primus speakers, I upgraded my AVR to a Sony STR-DA1800ES and it supports HD-D.C.S. (High Def - Digital Cinema Sound)and requires additional Front L/R speakers that are position above the Main Front L/R speakers adding height to surround depth. I already had Primus speakers for 5.1 surorundm but much larger ones, (Primus 363 Front/163 Surround/351 Center) and needed something go in the new Front High L/R.

I was a little worried that these being so small would be tinny and Infinity Voice Match would be more hype than reality, there was nothing to worry about. I mounted these on the wall above the main front speakers (they are front ported which helps) and re-ran the Auto-Calibration on my receiver adding these as Front High L/R. The Auto-Cal hit the distance to the inch and only had a 0.5db offset from the rest of the speakers, so far so good.

Next I fired up some reference tones, and was surprizes at how pure these sounded compared to the rest of them, of course they have some limitations on the bass end, no getting around the need to move air to get good low bass. Happy with it all I put in Top Gun cranked it up, 143's were very clean even at high volumes, any bass they might lack was covered by the rest of the speakers so I did no notice.

At low volume they are just as clean, and unlike many small speakers there was no tinny sound in these, for my application these were perfect.

With a nice sub, these would make a great set of surround speakers where space is an issue.
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on August 29, 2013
the speaker performed as expected. it's pretty suited for Pop and Jazz, but lacking when it comes to more demanding music, falling short in depth. But that's just me being the perfectionist, not taking into account its size and price.
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on March 25, 2013
it is as advertised it sounds great ,Im using it as my rear center channel could'nt be more pleased its been a great experince all the way around from the delivery to hearing the rich sound reproduction I'm considering adding more of the INFINITY PRIMUS to my system
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on August 30, 2012
These little speakers have awesome sound!I'm using them for rear surrounds in my Infinity system
along with a pair of RS-8 towers & a PC351 center channel.This system rocks!Thanks again Amazon.You Rock!
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on March 13, 2014
I bought one to use as an extension speaker highlighting midrange, ie, speech, frequencies from a short wave tabletop receiver. Compared with a fifteen month old P163 from my room stereo, the smaller P143 predictedly, according to the Infinity Primus catalog, requires a tad more volume for the same sound level and has a bit less bass. The latter isn't a problem in my application. It is a definite improvement over my subdued midrange old Polk Studio Monitors, which had - and continues to be used - in that function. The radios used to drive the speakers include a Lowe HF-150 and an HF-225, as well as a Palstar R30A. The $60 P143 sounds great with the HF-150 - so great I thought I'd get a P143 for the HF-225 and R30A, too - until I found the more efficient P163's at the same Prime price. Needless to say, the P163s are much larger and heavier - perhaps a problem. The benefit of size isn't the only thing the P143 has on it's side - it also has built-in wall hanger slots! Decisions...

The radios come with built-in speakers - teeny/tinny units at best. At 65, my midrange hearing is slightly deficient - making me appreciate the decent sound of the P143. And, compared to the cost of a 'communications' speaker, the P143 is a deal. Besides, I can always repurpose it as a center channel speaker in my office - between the P163s and fed by a repurposed Yamaha 5.1 A/V receiver. For my purposes, the P143 was a great buy. Typical of the Infinity Primus line (I have a pair of P363s in the living room!), the fit & finish are top drawer.

7/6 - Back orders do get filled, as did my order for a second P143, a pair of additional P163's, and an additional pair of P363's for my rear mains in my LR. You must watch Amazon's Prime pricing - keep the desired speakers in your watch list so you can order them when the price is right - and they are worth the wait. I have the P143's connected to two SW tabletop receivers - and they work great. The huge P163's take up a lot of space on the shelf, while the P143's could be wall hangers. I ordered a P153 recently - $5 more than the lowest price I saw for the P143. I likely have at least a few more weeks to wait for that one. It is supposedly for the office's center speaker, which has a Polk Studio Monitor repurposed there now. You can bet I'll try it on a SW radio, even if it is nearly the size of the P163's. Truth be told, I wish I had bought several more of the smaller P143's at that 'bottomed-out' price... they really are that good. They'd likely help my wife's old mini-stereo, too. I'll keep my eyes open...
9/14 - I ordered another pair of P143's @ $35/ea delivered on 9/12 - they arrived Sunday, 9/14! Build date - on the box - 5/14. I recycled the large P163's to another room's stereo, my SW receivers each have a P143 now - 'enough'! The P153 is still on backorder.
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on November 4, 2011
My - we live in great times! I continue to be amazed daily at the wonderful things we have access to in the USA - and the affordability of these miracles of science & engineering. Try not to take it for granted... I recently ordered an Antec SoundScience Rockus 2.1 speaker set for my PC to replace my old Dell 4.1 Altec Lansing ADA-745 (did not need the 4.1 surround sound). The Rockus is very good as all magazine reviews noted (8-to-9 of 10), especially for the $130 price (vs. retail). But the satellite speakers were only 2.5 inch (same as the Lansings) and sounded a bit tinny - I have very sensitive hearing and they irritated my ears with the higher-leaning pitches, even with equalizer adjustments. Mid-range frequencies were just too lacking - but I loved the Rockus 150 Watt subwoofer and aluminum desktop volume controller dial. So I ordered a pair of these Infinity Primus P143BK 2-way bookshelf speakers (~ $110) with a 4-inch midrange & 0.75 tweeter and built-in crossover (see specs at Infinity web site) to replace the Rockus satellites. Wow! Wow!! Nice warm midranges and crisp highs - the way it meant to be! The Rockus has a 100W powered subwoofer that also supplies 25 Watts per satellite (150W total), and these full-spectrum Infinity speakers (100Hz - 20K Hz & 10-100W) work fine and sound great with the Rockus woofer, even at low in-your-face PC volumes. Alternately, they rock my 12x12 room loudly at only 20% volume (the subwoofer on the floor begins to vibrate the PC desk), and reach my tolerance limits at 30% so there is plenty to spare for damaging your hearing - and your PC's hard drive! The Rockus satellite cables were a bit short for me at 6FT, so I made a new set at 8FT each (16 Gauge), solder-tinned at each end (no connectors, there are pinch clips on the end units). The Infinity speakers do not come with cables. I use a Creative Labs X-Fi Fatal1ty audio card and adjusted Win-7 media player's equalizer to "+" values (Bass-to-Treble) of 4-6-9-10-8-6-5-4-4-4 and it's like a concert hall. MP3's (160-to-192 rips), audio master CDs, and DVD movies (via Cyberlink's Power DVD 10) all sound great (try "Animusic"!). If I had to do it again, I might have bought a different subwoofer from day-1, but the system works fine and I would definitely recommend these Infinity Primus P143BK speakers to anyone for the price. They look great with or without their covers, the build quality is superb, and they are very solid at nearly 10 pounds each - and magnetically shielded. Infinity also offers similar 5-inch and 6-inch speaker bookshelf units with likely better stand-alone bass, but with the subwoofer I did not need it, and rather, needed the smallest footprint satellites I could find for my PC that still sounded great. These P143BK units are 6x7x10 (w-d-h) each and were perfect on the shelf above my PC monitor, and Amazon's price at $50 each is amazing for the quality. So what are you waiting for... :-)
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