Customer Reviews: Infinity Primus Three-way dual 6-1/2-Inch Floorstanding Speaker (Black, Each)
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on January 9, 2015
I feel that these speakers produce great sound for the price I paid for them ($107). I have been happy with these speakers all the way up until the past month, I've had them for about six months total now. Within the last month or so one of the tweeters went out on one of my two speakers. These do come with a five year warranty so I was not super worried. I still had the warranty paper that was sent with each speaker, and I went to the website it said to go to for warranty claims. I went through all the steps to make an account and register my speakers, but when I tried filling out the claim the website would not let me. At the end of filling out a claim you hit a button to submit it, but all that happens is the page refreshes and you have no idea what happened to your claim. I tried doing this a few times until I gave up because it seemed like nothing was happening. Since the claim filing seemed to not be working I tried to email a support email address and got no response. I tried to call two times and ended up giving up because I was on hold for close to 30 minutes still without talking to anyone. As you're sitting there waiting they offer options on how to fix your problem online, but some of the things they suggest you click on and follow online don't even exist. Finally I was able to get ahold of someone on the phone and tell them about my issue. The person I talked to could hardly understand English and could hardly speak it as well. I had to ask him to repeat every single thing the said. It was very frustrating. So frustrating he ended up just emailing me. Since then I have gotten a couple of emails about the issue from Harman's support. Even the emails are so poorly written they are hard to comprehend. I have actually had to ask in an email what the person is trying to say because the email made no logical sense. This struggle to communicate is just adding to the time my speaker is not working properly. I'm hoping that customer service understands what my issue is and doesn't end up sending me the wrong part. So here I am over a month from when I noticed my tweeter had stopped working and over a month from when I first tried to make a warranty claim to get my speaker fixed. My speaker is still broken and I am just now starting to get some communication from Harman. I was very happy with my speakers, and the five year warranty seemed like an awesome deal. I realize now that the five year warranty is almost useless because Harman makes it nearly impossible to use. Because the customer service is so terrible, I will not buy an Infinity or Harman product again, and I would not suggest it to anyone else.
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on December 16, 2014
Awesome speakers - especially for the price. I'm not a super snob audiophile, so I don't know what a much more expensive speaker would have done for me. They are a huge step up from the satellite speakers I had as my front left and right prior. The frequency response of these, as measured by the auto-calibration of my Onkyo receiver, goes all the way down to 40Hz compared to 100 or 120 of the satellites. If you have the ability to fit floor-standing tower speaker in your home theater setup, then buy these with confidence.
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on March 18, 2015
UPDATE: After a full year, if anything my Infinity speakers sound BETTER than when I wrote the following review. Since adding this review I added the Infinity Primus 8-Inch 150-Watt Powered Subwoofer after moving into a new home with a larger living area. This particular sub is very musical and not fake sounding at all. The Infinity sub is pricey, but balances well with the Primus three-ways and all in all the combination works well if you want to add extra bass. END OF UPDATE
I caught two of these Primus three-way speakers when they were on sale for around 100 dollars each with free prime shipping. These are very tall speakers and at about 50 lbs each are sort of awkward to move and place because there is no good way to get a grip on one. I had been using JBL Loft speakers in a normal 2.0 stereo music setup. I frankly never expected this Infinity pair to sound so good, especially with the mixed reviews here.

Even at very low level the detail remains exceptional. Three-way beats two-way most of the time, but here even at low listening volumes I get detailed sound. I am a musician having played electric bass in a variety of genres, worked in TV and radio and recording. I know what sounds good to me.

I put Linda Ronstadt's "What's New" album on the turntable (Nelson Riddle Orchestra backing her with some extraordinarily lush charts) and was very impressed with the balanced and accurate reproduction at all volume levels. I put on the newest pressing of Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue" and cranked it to about twice my normal listening volume. Then the ultimate test came after adding the Infinity subwoofer around August of 2015. Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon" and Steely Dan's "Aja," I played "DSOTM" and "Aja" on both vinyl and CD at various volumes. Conclusion. I love these speakers and these landmark achievement recordings never sounded better in my home! In my experience speakers that sound good when cranked with a lot of juice such as the little JBL Loft pair are common, but ones that also sound great at background level are a whole different thing. The Primus three-ways are listenable at even soft volumes and then when you crank them they maintain good tonal balance. To me that is the sign of a well designed speaker whether for home, studio or live performance. .

I do not claim to be an audiophile and I own only consumer grade equipment This is however the best pair of $200 speakers I ever bought! The front porting on these Infinity speakers is to me a huge plus. Front porting sounds better, especially at low levels yielding a tighter more focused low end. My professional bass guitar cabs are all front ported. Usually rear porting is done in bass combo amps to save space and make the package smaller. Even without the subwoofer I can hear the bass parts and the treble parts just fine and the vocals are clear. So would I buy these again? Yes, I'd buy this speaker pair again for home use in this price range without pause.

These obviously are not the best speakers in the world. Hence the four star rating. But to get better speakers you'd have to spend a lot more. I've not heard any other speakers for even three times the money that sounds as good. I've not had any failure of any component in them. Based on other reviews here I am lucky in that regard. With all made in China stuff you take your chances. I just know different recordings from varied sources sound accurate on the pair I got. For an everyday Joe like me, these speakers are adequate for home music enjoyment.

I'm pushing these speakers with consumer grade audio components that you'll also find on Amazon. Specifically an Onkyo TX-8050 Network Receiver and Onkyo C-7030 CD Player. I also use an 80's vintage Hitachi linear tracking HT-L33 turntable with a Audio-Technica AT311EP Cartridge. The Onkyo receiver is setup with the Onkyo Wi-Fi adapter for Internet radio stations and the iPod adapter and the iPod is in fact on right now for some background music. All in all I'm happy and would buy all this stuff again.

We are living in a wonderful time right now. Cheap speakers that sound this good were an impossibility 20 or 30 years ago. I'm sure a true audiophile can pick them apart in a moment comparing them to a $5000 pair they use. But I would never buy such expensive speakers.
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on March 22, 2011
I ordered P362's from Electronic Expo and they sent these P363's instead. Although functionally the same, it's a newer model with a full front grill. No complaints from me!

These replace a pair of Klipsch two-way floor speakers as my front pair of 7.1 surround. The improvements are definitely obvious. Even my wife, who doesn't care about these things, notices the clarity of sound from these P363's.

The highs are not as bright as the Klipsch's, but I suspect it's because it's more accurate. The mid's are, wow! There is great clarity and does not sound strained at all even at high volumes.

The bass is good, but the need for a sub for the low movie rumbles is obvious. I mistakenly played the Tron Legacy mkv file on a two-channel setting. When I realized my mistake and switched to surround and activated the sub, the difference was obvious. For music, however, the bass is just fine without the sub. Music is actually more natural without the low rumble.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the purchase. I'm sure there are better speakers but the P363's are just fine for me. I don't think I'll get better sound than what I get from these for the price. Highly recommended.
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on August 4, 2011
Truly just great speakers at any cost. That really sums it up. They are efficient, have great extension/detail and provide a nice sense of space. I did some measurements and low and behold, they say the same thing: [...] as do Stereophile's from the older 360 version. You just can't go wrong with Infinity's speakers these days. These will be around for some time at a great price. Ashame the Classia series won't.
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on March 1, 2015
Got these on sale for $99 each from Amazon and frankly, you can't do better for the price.

PROS: They are well balanced, pleasant to listen to for all types of music. 3-way speaker rule for all-around music. Powered by my Yamaha RX-V563 receiver, the bass, surprisingly, fills the room. The midrange is very good. The tweeters bring out the stereo imaging nicely. They sound great with uncompressed music. Through Pandora I'd say they sound very, good but the way Pandora compress the music, and the tweeters can sound shrill with no sizzle at all if you try to compensate for it by turning up the treble; but this is not the fault of the speaker. Physically, these speakers are solid, the finish is great, and the curved speaker grille is a nice touch. The wire terminals are great quality too.

CONS: None, really. They do very well exactly what they are designed to do at this price. Don't expect huge low rumbling bass from 6.5" drivers. If you listen to rock music with these, without a subwoofer, they lack "oomph" in the kick drum and slapping bass guitar. If you listen to rap, you will not hear the characteristic super deep bass frequency at all, though it handles every low frequency as low as they are designed to deliver quite well. I recommend you buy a sub with a range up to 250Hz and use these for the midbass to high frequency part of your system. Without a subwoofer, a 7-band EQ can help bring out the kick though it's likely that you'll eventually damage these over time if you crank it up because 6.5" speakers aren't designed to handle the large excursion or dissipate the heat they'll generate trying to mimic huge bass.

In summary, these are a great entry system especially if you buy a subwoofer too. Are these audiophile quality? No. But they blow away anything at this price. If you need punchy bass and tweeters with sizzle and ultra clarity, it'll cost at least $600 per speaker.
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on December 10, 2013
Right out of the box I absolutely amazed with the sound can't wait till they are actually broken in! I played it in stereo no sub, and I had to check if my sub was playing they deliver plenty of bass by themselves a sub really is not necessary for music. How did I go so long with out these!

Update : 2 years later they still delivering
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on November 21, 2015
Wow!! This is my first real set of speakers I've ever owned/purchased! Man, they sound great. I've paired them with the Onkyo TX-NR737 AV Receiver and Yamaha CD-C600 5 CD changer and I'm having a great time getting it all set up. I've also got my PS3 and XFinity X1 HD Cable box connected.

The sound is noticeably better playing a CD than DLNA streaming my iTunes music, but I will have to do some of both since I've purchased digital music.

I love the sound stage that I'm getting from these speakers! It's only a left and right speaker, but I hear vocals and drums coming from the center. I'm listening to Lamb of God Sturm Und Drang; it's the only CD that I've played so far, but had similar sound stage effects with DLNA streaming; just not as pronounced or as good.

My CD player is currently connected to the receiver by Optical cable, so the Onkyo is handling the Digital to Analog conversion. Once I get a longer RCA stereo cable I will see how the DAC in the CD player performs.

I'm so happy with the sound I'm getting out of these speakers. Wonderful amount of bass, mid and treble for Metal!! It's such a world of difference between this new setup versus my Polk Sound Bar with wireless subwoofer. I'm getting better bass and everything else. Full spectrum sound that is done very well.

Somehow during a South Park (Britney Spears episode) the speakers even gave me surround effects where I thought I heard thunder and wind russling in the grass behind me, or at least back to my left. When people speak it seems like the sound is coming from the person speaking on the screen. Crazy!!!
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on May 9, 2013
I bought 2 of these about 7 months ago at $99 each - then, at the end of April '13, I went back and bought 2 more at $107 each! I am very pleased with all genres of music experienced, with only a small tweaks here and there for vocals, more bass, or acoustical performances. I have no regrets, these are much more neutral than my older bose, studio monitors, and misc speakers i have used thruoughout the years in various rooms/environments. I am very happy, and they still freak me out while listening to them as certain sounds and voices appear to come out of nowhere and surprise the heck out of me! What i love most is i do not feel or hear directional sounds unless built into effects of sound production, ala hendrix pan from left to right speaker, et al. I just feel surrounded by sound with no particular heavy directional presence with four in corners of my med-large living room. I do not have a subwoofer unit for rumbling effects, but i have plenty of bass in neutral settings (esp for movie soundtracks), and if i really want bass in music recordings, i just tweak setting or hit bass enhancement switch on tube amp i use at the moment. Truly a fine experience for the bucks involved, and i like the looks of them with my black furniture and accent art. I say a great deal and highly recommend, keeping in mind personal taste and environment. (My first pair has well over 100 hours of play, and boom quite well when those frequencies are present or desired by adjustment.) Good Luck.

ps. I did monitor the Klipsch line in about this price range or higher before sale price of P363s AND i was way happy with what i heard coming from the Infinitys in audio showroom. Both are great, but i liked the look and their sound, as well as a bit of saving with the P363's. I am not a novice to sound and production, and well aware of various models and technologies over the decades. Nice to know trickle down tech is paying off in these modest speakers like all other type of products over the last 10+ years.

Hope you find YOUR dream set-up!
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on October 15, 2014
I bought these speakers for my mom, thinking I would get reasonably good performers at a reasonably low cost. However, they sound fantastic! Better, I dare say, than my much more expensive Definitive Technology surround system. They deliver a very well rounded mix of mids, highs, and lows. They don't shake the floor (well, actually they probably will), but nothing is missing in the frequency spectrum. Very clear and articulate sound. I'm thinking very seriously about getting a pair for myself.
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