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on March 4, 2016
This is a monster of a speaker as far as bang for you buck and sound pressure levels for your buck. I have a 2003 Wrangler TJ and swapped my sound bar 5.25 Infinity Kappas into the dash corners using some PVC adapters. I chose these Infinity Reference 6.5 speakers for the sound bar because I've used the Kappa and Reference models in several other vehicles and both models squeeze every bit of available wattage from your radio head unit and sound better than anything else I've ever heard. The
6.5 size Reference fits perfectly into the sound bar holes, just requiring you to drill new mounting holes. I would suggest filling the sound bars the behind the speakers with polyfill. This polyester filling is used in most pillows or can be found at local stores to be used for pillow stuffing type applications. I won't get into the audio science behind stuffing these hollow sound bar holes, but believe me, DO IT. The difference is astounding and really allows these Infinitys to show off. The tweeter adjustment (+3db/0db)really makes a big difference, also. The tweeter may additionally be swivelled to point towards the passengers as needed to perfect the stereo sound picture. Be certain to get the negative/positive terminals mated up with the proper wire so that the speakers will be in phase correctly. Just Google your car model if you don't know the wire colors if you are using the stock speaker wires.These are just great speakers that sound crisp and tight and not muddy or weak. You will like these for whatever vehicle application.
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on September 7, 2015
A nice sounding speaker. The bass is about the same as my stock speaker. The stock 1995 Chevy blazer 2 door. Door speaker had good bass. One started to go bad so i had to replace it. This speaker does have over all better sound with the tweeter. A little disappointed, i was expecting a lot better then the stock speaker. As long it is a little better that will have to do. Maybe should have gone with the Polk. Fit is good, had to drill 2 new holes and replace the sponge ring around the edge of the speaker to seal it against the door panel. The old one was dried out and a little bit to small to fit this new speaker. For some who need to know the door size speaker it is 6.5 inch.

Update after 4 days. The sound is better then originally thought. My rear 6x9 3 way Pioneers never really had any bass. Had them installed at Best Buy 8 years ago. Decided to pull out and check the wiring and the foam ring against the quarter panel. The foam ring was not there and one speaker had the positive wire hooked up to negative, wired BACKWARDS!! Makes them out of phase. Switched the wires to the correct way and boom. I have bass from my 6x9 now. With the rear speakers working properly makes the over sound better including my new Infinity 6032cf. Sorry for all the useless information. So my point is the speakers are better now. Very good sound and the bass is better for a 6.5 inch speaker. The tweeter is set to 0 db. At 3 db a little bright for me. The quality of the speaker is very full, good sound. I am thinking about getting the 6x9 2 way Infinity Reference for the rear.
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on December 20, 2014
I installed these on the front and rear of my 09 Honda Civic EX no Nav, no premium. I initially installed one pair in the rear deck and realized that the stock head unit sends most of the power to the front. The rear was clearer, but since most of the power goes to the front I ordered another pair to replace the stock in the front. While I was at it I ordered the Alpine KTP-445U power pack and some dynamat (door kit). It's a good thing I did because after installing the speakers to the stock head unit I was very disappointed by the sound. It was a drop in sound level and bass. But after installing the amp it really let the speakers shine. At the new power level, I'm sure the dynamat also came into play as I could feel the bass but there was no rattling from the doors or the rear deck. I have them set to the +3db tweeter level for now since they are installed low on the door and back on the rear. They don't come with grills which was fine by my since they fit quite nicely behind the stock grills. They came with a couple different foam rings which worked out well since I used the Scosche SAHC634 to install them and I could use the foam on the front and back of the adapter. It's always good to reduce air gaps and vibration wherever possible. These speakers are pretty efficient but you may not be happy with the sound when connected to the factory head unit. Do yourself a favor and get the Alpine power pack and you will be very happy with these speakers.
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on August 25, 2016
I purchased these to replace the stock door speakers in my 96 Miata M Edition. The stock speakers, which were excellent (made by Pioneer) finally started falling apart, so I needed a suitable replacement. Stock speakers were 2ohm, and sounded great with my upgraded Pioneer receiver. It was really difficult to find 2ohm speakers, but these fit the bill. Previous attempts at finding speakers with enough bass response for my tastes were unfruitful, but I had high hopes for these based on the other product reviews.

These sound great! Definitely have more bass response than other speakers I have tried in the same size class. These are really well made, and being 2ohm speakers, have great power output. I often play them pretty loudly, because when the top is open you can't hear it otherwise! I like that the tweeter can be rotated towards your listening position and the high pass booster is great too, since the sound has to travel all the way up from the floor.

I recommend these. Not the BEST bass response, but definitely respectable, and a great stock replacement for a very reasonable price.
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on January 10, 2014
I'm no electrician, nor am I am a speaker enthusiast. I easily installed these into my car, red with positive, black with negative. I had to cringe some connectors on my own for my wires to fit, but hey, that job can be done by anybody with proper tools in my personal opinion. These speakers were used to replaced my aftermarket speakers that was already installed into my front door panels for my 2000 Honda Civic Coupe, which had blown. It has been the 2nd day since I've had this product, and what I must say is that these speakers are LOUD for treble, and you can switch the option of having it boosted +3db or not. The switch is on the mini tweeter on the speaker. The speaker did not fit correctly onto my door panel, so I just drilled my own holes-- because I wanted to see what all these reviews and good ratings were about! Low and behold, the ratings for these speakers are pretty accurate.

-These are not speakers for "bass", rather, they are much more used for "treble" and the music I listen to, which involves a mixture of hiphop, dance, pop, etc.
-These speakers will most likely require some customization for the door panels, but the width of the speaker (from the speaker to the magnet towards the back) are not that long as other speakers.
-These speakers are not heavy, and are easy to plug and play.
-These speakers are not pricey for the output they offer. It's a great product, and I will update my review every 3 months.
- These speakers did not require an AMP, as it sounds great without one; but then again I do have a receiver. I'd say it would sound a lot better with one.
- These speakers are very well complimented if you get speakers all around (I have Infinity Kappas 6x9 in my rear) and my music is loud! I can hear it from my neighbors house with my windows rolled down -- and I have a coupe!!
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on January 15, 2015
Good sound and we used these as a replacement for our Bose front door speakers in a 2005 Cadillac Escalade EXT pickup. If someone else searches Cadillac speakers and finds this post, they are not an exact replacement as you will need to drill 4 mounting holes for each speaker, and buy some small sheet metal screws, plus cut the factory plugs off your speaker wire and install the more common spade connectors, but both of those things are cheap, easy, and quick to do. Total install time for me was about 30 minutes. Youtube how to pull your caddy door panels off as there are a few simple tricks to make it easier.

I would buy these again.
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on October 4, 2015
Unbelievable Value.
I'm truly impressed with the entire Reference line. I've bought countless speakers over the years and for one reason or another. Depending on the time, the budget may have allowed very little or left some room to splurge, but good quality sound has always been very important. I've always steered away from the cheaper brands or anything that might have a skeleton on the grill. Any I've heard were "get what you pay for" quality at best. When money was tight, I've always looked for Pioneer, Kenwood or Clarion. They'll usually provide the average listener a sound they'll be happy with even in the lower price range. But this purchase was specifically for me. I wanted something better and was trying to incorporate a factory amp into the new stereo build. Not necessarily to save money, but more because newer cars are getting more and more difficult to work around some of the factory components. The factory speakers were all 2ohm, so I went searching to see if something other than a sub was available with 2 ohms. That's what led me to the Infinity Reference line.
These speakers fall right about in the center of "cheap crap" and "you spent what on a car speaker?". Very affordable and worth a try. The results were unbelievable. Clarity and imaging I didn't know was possible in a car stereo. I was so impressed, I bought a set of the Reference tweeters for the dash (An absolute 5 star product as well) and a week later a pair of 6x9's for the rear and an 8" reference sub. I did have to dust off the old school Hi-Fonics Odin I've had in the garage for the last 15 years to run the sub, but the rest is running off the factory amp. I did install a new head unit as well that gave me some crossover options for the new install, but I believe even without it these would sound incredible. With it however, this combination is one of the finest car stereos systems I've ever heard. I'm shocked every time I listen to something new. The clarity blows my mind and again, I didn't thing it was possible to hear imaging like this in a car. In my younger days, (ie. young and dumb) I had a thumping system in every car I owned. They were loud and shook things, but still sounded good. Now, after years of driving around a work truck with a work truck stereo and looking at 40 in the rear view mirror, it was finally time for Dad to build something for himself again. I wanted something that simply sounded accurate, crisp and clear at any volume. What I ended up with will not only satisfy the most demanding listener, it will also make the kids go "Damn..... how do I get this in my Car". I'd say for the price, I cant recommend the Infinity Reference line enough, but that would insinuate they are still lacking something. If I would have paid 3 times more for these, I'd still say the same thing. There are surely better speakers out there, but in my opinion, the car environment introduces so many sound degrading variables, spending more money on something else would be a complete waste of money. Unless your parked with your engine off and listening with a very critical ear, you won't hear better.
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on December 5, 2015
First, I installed the "Primus" series in my 2002 Liberty. As expected, sound quality much better than stock paper "premium" Infinity crap. I had to buy the adapters. I decided to try the "Reference" as I had a feeling that they would be even better, although an older model. To my surprise, the adapters were included! I was just about to order 2 more plastic adapters @$15/set...annoying IMO. I then installed the Reference on the right side, after adding some GTMat. Maybe the sound deadener made a difference, but the Reference sounded more refined and crisp-with more detail. I listened to some bass Kpop, Ottmat Liebert, Live Hotel California, and I am convinced now that the Reference are better for my ears. I can hear better tones in the instruments, and maybe it's the difference in Ohms, but the Primus started distorting sooner (although higher power rating). I will put the Primus in the rear so not a big deal. Since no one has compared these two series, I hope this review helps. I have a good ear, play the guitar, and believe I know what quality sound is when I hear it! Also, I used the stock amps and a Pioneer BT380 HU, nothing fancy but it still louder than I ever need. I believe these are great speakers for acoustic/classical instrumentals and some bass music. Rock/metal won't impress you as much, as most speakers won't either.
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on March 9, 2015
BUY THESE! If you're looking for some awesome sounding 6.5" speakers, these are it! I've been researching speakers for the last few months, and finally settled on these after reading a ton of reviews. I was not disappointed - these are by far the best speakers I've ever heard!

If I could give 6 stars, I would have. Oh, and I'm powering them off my JVC KDX310BT Digital Media Receiver - and they sound excellent.

I installed them in a 2002 Subaru Forester with the supplied mounting brackets - I didn't have to make any modifications, I was able to remove the factory speakers from the factory mounts, and then installed the mounting brackets (I did have to trim a few of the unused tabs off) but the bracket had holes that lined up perfectly with where the factory speaker went. After that, I marked where the holes for the Infinity speaker would line up on the sides of the bracket - then applied the foam that was also included with the speakers onto the bracket - then attached the infinity speaker to that - it acted as a spacer as well as sealed off the surface nice and tight.

After that, I attached the wiring adapter (also purchased from amazon) to the factory plugs, and put the door panel back on - they sound amazing!

So if you have any doubt which speakers to buy - these are by far the best - as long as you install them correctly, you'll be happy too.
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on July 18, 2015
Yep. Replacing my factory 4 door speakers did the trick. This is for my late model 2007 Acura MDX. If I were in my 20's I wouldn't have purchased these and opted for a custom car stereo upgrade component Kappa's, the whole works, which would include amps and cross overs. But at my age now, these did the trick. Because I have a late model car, I didn't want to over invest in it. The world renowned Acura ELS system is not renowned to me at all. In my experience, it's a big flop compared to my old 2003 Nissan Maxima GLE Bose factory system -- I still miss it and will was the absolute best factory example of perfection. Fast forward to this Acura --- I just didn't see or hear the big fuss. But now, with the swap of these Infinity Reference speakers, my MDX sounds quite remarkably good. It's a good quality and value buy. Is it the best I've heard, no. Is it better than my experience with the Maxima Bose factory But it's so so much better than the ELS factory speakers. My MDX has 10 speakers altogether. 1 center channel, 2 tweeters in the front dash, 2 front door speakers, 2 rear door speakers, 2 satellites, and an 8 inch sub. All I did was replace the front and door speakers. In hind sight, it was worth it. I contemplated getting Kappa's but in the end, it came down to quality and value, and I didn't want to over invest in a late model car. Now, with the savings, and the great difference swapping our the door speakers made, I'm considering replacing the 2 tweeters in the front and 2 satellite speakers in the rear cabin. At least with this purchase I have extra money to do so. No new amps needed, no crossovers.
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