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on April 13, 2013
This book is indeed a page turner. I sneaked time away from work, play, and sleep over and over again to read just a few more pages in order to see what happens next. However, sometimes I was almost AFRAID to turn to the next chapter and find out what additional misfortunes were about to befall the main character or those close to him. I am accustomed to and I enjoy medical thrillers by Michael Palmer or Robin Cook with one or more good guys fighting some known or unknown villain who has some evil plot to ruin the world and/or enrich the villain in some way. The standard medical thriller is just unrealistic enough to be exciting, intriguing, and interesting without really hitting home with any degree of realism. Informed Consent, on the other hand, is almost TOO realistic at times to be fun to read. Ms. Glahn really makes the reader care about the main characters, and then she hits them with enough bad luck to make you want to stop reading. However, you can't because you care so much and you have to find out how it all comes out. The misfortunes that befall our hero, his family, and his good friend, Devin, seem like they could actually happen, although hopefully not in the quantity and degree depicted in the book. Job from the Bible is the only protagonist I can think of who had more bad stuff happen to him. So, reader be warned! This book is very well-written and suspenseful with many twists and turns. However, it is not for the faint of heart or someone who is easily depressed.

Dr. Jeremy Cramer is a brilliant physician and researcher who really wants to make the world a better place. His father drowns when he is a child and he survives the same accident, and so he wants to determine why children survive periods underwater much better than adults. But, personal tragedies and hospital politics complicate things and the result is a complex and suspenseful story.
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on October 7, 2015
It was actually better than I anticipated. The characters, especially the doctors, were very believable and the story line was well developed. By the time I was two-thirds through, I was finding it hard to put down. There are a lot of "medical" novels out there but few as good as this one. It was also really interesting to learn about the laboratory side of hospital work, of which few lay people are knowledgeable. I know I wasn't! The behind the scenes work that goes on out of sight was interesting. Dr. Jeremy Cramer, the young scientist/M.D., had my full sympathy by the end of this - he was totally believable and likable, I'd really like to see the author follow this with a sequel.
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on May 30, 2015
Excellent medical mystery from an author l was not familiar with. Her novel did not disappoint! The main characters were fully developed to the point that l could easily have put myself in their places and experienced the depth of their emotions. Ms. Glahn does an excellent job of laying the foundation early on to explain the main character, Jeremy's, drive to find a research breakthrough that will improve the survival rate of near-drowning victims. His hard-charged passion nearly costs him his marriage and family when he finds himself faced with an ultimatum from his wife.

Although he is an Infectious Disease MD, Jeremy's primary focus is research; therefore, most of the book centers around Jeremy's work in the lab of a Denver research hospital and the medical breakthroughs he makes. As Jeremy's notoriety increases, so do his enemies, and the plot begins to twist and turn. It's not until the end that the plot is untwisted and truths are revealed. And then in one final twist of irony, our hero must make a gut-wrenching decision that could cost him everything regardless of the path he chooses. I found the ending to be very satisfying! Overall, the book was a real page-turner and l would highly recommend it to anyone who is fascinated by the world of medicine.
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on May 1, 2017
Dr. Cramer has focused his research on drowning victims after a personal tragedy. When his research starts showing promising results, however, personal tragedy strikes again, forcing him to make tough decisions. Characters are fully fleshed out and plot twists are interesting.
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on April 28, 2017
This book had quite an ending. I won't spoil it, but it sure kept me going. The author must have done extensive research in order to put together such a believable plot. I would recommend it.
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on August 24, 2016
I am most drawn to medical reads. After reading another book by this author I knew that I was going to have to go through the author's full line of novels. This one did not disappoint. I could not put it down. As written in the end notes, I let the story completely overtake my spare time. The author writes well and explains medical jargon to the nonmedical reader while keeping the interest of the reader with a strong medical background. The spiritual connection was thought provoking. I highly recommend this book for anyone.
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on September 1, 2007
I read a Sandra Glahn novel years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I discovered a few weeks back that she had a new book coming out. The cover looked fantastic. Although I'm not a big fan of medical thrillers, I recall with fond memories such classics as Robin Cook's "Coma" and Michael Crichton's "The Terminal Man," and I hoped to be similarly entertained in this latest Glahn book.

"Informed Consent" is in many ways a superior novel to those I mentioned, dealing with personal and medical ethics. I finished the book with a pounding pulse and a lump in my throat, caught up in the conflicts that faced Jeremy Cramer, his family, and his coworkers.

Jeremy is a rising doctor with very personal reasons for researching ways of prolonging life in drowning victims. His work leads him to surprising discoveries, while also confronting him with massive guilt over incidental infections that occur in his presence. Even as his marriage teeters, his career continues to skyrocket. Then, with a few twists along the way, he finds everything he has fought for threatened by the most personal, most heart-wrenching, choices of all.

While weaving in numerous details in easily understandable ways, Glahn also creates characters who are thoroughly believable. At no moment did I question their motives--no matter how much I may or may not have agreed with them. It's that human element which lifts this book above the genre standards. This is a story with a beating heart. And it definitely had my heart racing.
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on August 13, 2015
As a clinical researcher, I was drawn in just by the name of this book. After reading the first two chapters, I couldn't put it down just because I was hooked on the story. At 3 am, I laid in bed wondering how the story ended - so I got up and read the rest of the story. Now at the end, I am left with many ethical, moral, and religious conundrums running through my brain. I know this book will influence my thinking for years to come on so many levels and hopefully make me a more compassionate researcher and human being. I hope this book becomes required reading for high school students, medical students, and clinical researchers.
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on April 13, 2015
I picked up this book after reading the blurb during a sale in which it was free. I am really glad I did...the storyline reminded me of a Robin Cook novel and I have always loved his medical thrillers. While this book did not have the 'danger' element in it as strongly as the other medical based books I have read in the past it was all the same an edge of my seat ride from start to finish. As the book progressed I found myself hoping that the technology described in this book will become a reality in the many people could benefit from it. I truly enjoyed this author's writing style and will be picking up more of her work in the future.
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on March 22, 2015
This had me captivated. I couldn't put the book down & finished it in 2 days. It is a story that revolves around the medical field, but that's the plot, not the heart. The story made me think. There are some very serious and real situations that make you think "how would I handle this?" To me the mark of a good book isn't one that just makes me want to know facts, it's one that engages my heart. I was on an emotional roller coaster. The characters feel real and so does their emotions. In the end, I'm left thinking that "informed consent" refers to many different things. Sandra does a fantastic job weaving many layers into one story.
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