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on December 24, 2013
I figured I'd try Polaris while it was on sale for Christmas on my Kindle Fire HD 8.9. The program also came on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and worked great so I downloaded it here. Not a bad program. I'm only disappointed in the fact that there are only two clouds to choose from. I personally use Google Drive and that would be a nice addition to this program. Other than that, the User Interface looks very nice and the program is definitely optimized for tablets and phones which is a huge plus. I highly recommend it, will definitely keep tabs on this program for future updates as well.
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on December 26, 2013
I was looking for a simple app to open my word docs. This one is Simple enough to open and edit files. No problems.
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on December 29, 2013
I was skeptical at first. I am a long time and advanced user of Microsoft Office and have seen apps of this type, but they were seemingly read-only, with limited editing. I don't really have a use for that, but would love to do some minor worksheets on the go. I decided to take a chance on Polaris Office and am sure glad that I did. It works brilliantly. I haven't done any serious projects with it as of yet, but I played around with a new spreadsheet project for a bit and was pleasantly surprised at how useful this program really is. I don't think that I would use it for some enormous presentation at my workplace. After all, it is on a tablet and any large project is limited, due to the size and feel of the device, but for little personal projects or to sketch out some ideas I need to ponder, it will work wonders.
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on May 17, 2014
The subject of this pretty much sums up why this is on my system. Since the Kindle won't work with almost any other keyboard, that small microphone icon found on the Google keyboard isn't available. The only way I would even attempt to create a document on a Kindle of more than a few words is if I could install Google's voice recognition keyboard and the "Google Now" app. But these aren't available on the Amazon app store. And while there are ways of hacking your Kindle so you can add Google's own app store so you aren't just stuck with the limited Amazon store, I don't want to take any chances of messing up the operating system that is on there. So I just use my Kindle Fire as an entertainment center and not for any kind of productivity use. However, at times I do check my e-mail and again, the reason I installed Polaris Office is because it opens PDF files with no problems (which is how I usually ask people to send any text-based attachments to me).

I also don't find Polaris Office to be terribly intuitive and with the power and size of the Kindle Fire, there is certainly enough screen size to make something that is visually a lot more user friendly.
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VINE VOICEon March 31, 2014
At the time of review writing this version of Polaris Office is not compatible with older generation of Android tablets. I have older generation kindle, Samsung Galaxy tab 2 (Jellybean), Samsung Galaxy tab(ICS), ASUS MeMo Pad 7 (Jelly Bean) all of them reports incompatible on Amazon's website. Don't know if it a mistake on Amazon's part or it is developer's fault? - Is this version targeted only for Kindle fire devices? then it should say (For Kindle Fire ONLY) to avoid confusions.

Product specs say Minimum Operating System: Android 4.0, But no where it says if your tablet is running jelly bean and it is not something like the new kindle fire series will this app be compatible in the future?

Please do care to comment. I will revise my rating accordingly.

Thanks for reading my review.
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on April 18, 2014
This is a good product, but I'll let others sing its praises. If you are having the following problem, the workaround I've stated works on my kindle fire HDX.

The problem: When you highlight an area of text in a .docx file and use the wheels to change line spacing font size etc, sometimes the program crashes losing any changes.

Solution that worked for me: First, SAVE YOUR WORK!! Then, if you tap the center of the wheel, it brings up a number pad. Use this instead.

P.S. Note to developers: It would be really handy if there were a simple way to select an entire document for formatting. Also, an autosave feature would be a workaround for a lot of things. Also, it seems like on the hdx, the operating system overlays the program and it is really hard to move the text selection end points. I'm not sure what to suggest, maybe if you could set the two end points independently? (First one, then the other - Maybe using the cursor location?)

P.P.S. Further note: It is not always easy to position the cursor accurately on a small touch screen. When I play angdroid, an open source roguelike, they are able to use the entire screen like arrow keys to move the cursor. It would be handy, if when editing a document, you could use the touch screen like cursor keys. Just a thought.

Note: I played angdroid on my old nominally inferior android 2.3 tablet, they don't have it on Amazon Appstore. The screen protocol is however relevant.
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on March 23, 2014
Is there a way to send/share with this program? I was using Office Suite Pro on my Kindle fire HD to take notes and forward by email and thought this would be the same, but unable to find a link to be able to do it. I checked directions, but there is not a check box to be able to do it like directions said. I downloaded what was to be the full version, but does not seem like it is. Like the way the app works except for this. If I am not able to email the document I will delete and go back to Office Suite Pro which was working great!

I have updated my review to five stars now that I have figured out how to email and do other things with the files. I had to find the answers by searching online for the directions since I could not find the correct answer in the included instructions. Works great now!
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on September 30, 2014
Why would anyone with any self respect release such disaster?
The Word editor has it's problems but Excel is pathetic. First and worst is the fact that if you make any edit and save the file (to the same filename) it is no longer usable in MS-Excel. This pretty much defeats the purpose of a portable document.
Then in editing a spreadsheet the app is about 5% functional. While entering formulas the help dialogue covers the edit box so you can no longer see what you're doing. And if you are editing existing formulas it will sometimes revert to the original entry, even when there is no error in the edit. The cell formatting has some mysterious incompatibility and original formats are often lost and strange ones that are not even in the Polaris editor lists appear in their place. The sort list function does not work and produces a randomly reordered list. The context dialogue that appears when entering a cell disappears in 1 second so if you don't move quickly you have to re-select the cell. The app can resolve names in existing spreadsheets but if you copy and paste a formula that contains a name it becomes invalid. To make matters worse there is no way to assign or edit names for cells or ranges. No respectable spreadsheet app fails to support this feature as it is fundamental to readable functions. When using autofill the app gets stuck in function edit view and it's necessary to double click an empty cell and then hit enter to exit that mode. Sometimes when saving the changes Polaris just crashes and all work is lost.
I could go on for pages but it's more efficient to simply say this is the most F.U.P.O.S. that I have ever wasted my money on. If you need to edit spreadsheets don't waste your time or money on this.
I'm beginning to realize that Android is a toy and not to expect any sort of professionalism in apps for this OS. I will never buy another Android tablet.
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on January 2, 2014
If you just want to view, modify, and save MS documents, this works great. IF you're looking to create new documents, it's a little funky to me.
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on September 12, 2014
I like this app a lot. I wanted something similar to Windows Office for my mobile devices and walla this is one of the preloaded apps on my S2/4. After getting my KINDLE HDX this was one of the apps I searched for but it was a paid app. After a few weeks Amazon had this app for app of the day/week or something alone those lines. I wasted no time in downloading it. I said I was going to buy it regardless but wanted- glad I did. Great things come to those who wait.
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