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on July 3, 2015
it says that it does something like 780 ftlbs of max torque but I think it might do more I have it on the lowest setting and it pulls lug nuts off like nothing, by far way more powerfull than my craftsman pneumatic and my kobalt electric impact. most of all it puts down the torque well. Ive had a lot of impact guns that are very jerky when trying to pull a bolt of this does it with so much ease it seems effortless. really happy with this impact. It also it kinda small so its a little easier to use than some of its bulkier brothers. overall a very nice impact gun and got it here for half the price than most stores and way less than the matco and snap-on truck could get it for.
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on February 28, 2014
I actually misordered this when I bought it, I intended to get the QTi but irregardless I haven't looked back. It's mighty strong (yes, it will pull off *most* Honda crank bolts although I've met some H-crnk bolts that no 1/2" would tackle and alternative methods were required) and very light. Thankfully it's not unduly loud (certainly more tolerable than the shop-jerk Thundergun). The guy in the next service bay down liked it so much when he tried it he ordered one the next day. I recommend getting the Ingersoll protective boot and a care kit when you buy it (all available from amazon) for a complete package sans air fitting (which any decent shop will provide you one compatible with their air system). Oil it regularly and like any air tool for godsakes don't drop it all the time and it'll last you a long long time. For naysayers about the dropping thing any polymer bodied impact is more fragile than it's alloy bodied brethren (comes with the lightness), and if you're treating your expensive air tools like that you obviously have more money than sense.
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on May 26, 2015
I bought this gun a few months ago as a starter gun and man am I impressed. This is my first air impact, and I did alot of research before buying it. I really like the fact that this one is the quiet version, but it does not sacrifice any power. I've removed lug nuts with this, shoch absorber colt, crank pulley bolts, and this thing has always been able to take anything i've thrown at it, while still being super quiet too. One thing I will add is that I heard that these guns seem to work best with the IR brand air tool grease, and that's what i've been using since I bought it and haven't had any problems yet!
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on April 24, 2014
I don't use it everyday but as a serious DIYer I do like to have nice tools. This gun has performed great for me since I bought it in 2011. It is pretty compact, moreso than most 1/2" guns I have handled, and is very lightweight. This is nice if you are jacking your car up rather than using a lift and have to hold the gun over your head because there is not enough room underneath the car for both your body and the gun (yes that's from experience). I have had trouble getting some stuck bolts off (exhaust, axle, etc.), and I have learned that the claimed max torque specs on these guns is highly exaggerated or at least does not necessarily translate into real world use, but all the manufacturers do that. I ended up getting a 3/4" gun which breaks off as many bolts as it unscrews, but gets the job done when this one cannot. I recommend getting the rubber/vinyl/whatever cover for this too as you will start chipping it when you lay it on the concrete otherwise. No problems with this tool yet in terms of needing to rebuild parts, etc.
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on December 14, 2015
Work great. Very quite, light and powerful. With my old CP I would have to hold it for a few seconds before it to break loose. Love the forward and reverse buttons where reverse is always full power and the forward has several settings.
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on November 28, 2014
bought to retire a snap on im6500hp. Decided on the 2135qtimax because the snap on mg725 was $490, and one of my favorite things about the im6500hp was the muffler. It has enough power for most things but for certain things like removing a crankshaft pulley bolt on a Honda, don't bet on it. The mg725 is definitely more powerful proven on several occasions. Also the Cronwell cat4150 is more powerful. It is nice working with quiet, lightweight, composite tools.
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on September 27, 2010
Well let me start off by saying that i work in a dealership as a technician and i use this gun every single day. If you want the best 1/2 gun out on the market, i would definitely buy this one hands down. Compared to the best snap on gun, this thing has got it beat. It only weighs 3.9 LBS which is amazing for a 1/2" gun, believe me when i say this, especially if you are constantly using your gun, the weight factor plays a huge part. Sure the snap on 500 dollar 1/2" gun has a little bit more bolt break away torque, but does this justify doubling the price of the 2135TImax?? the bolt break away torque is through the roof and it will take off anything you will need it to in an automotive shop.. About 5-6 drops of oil in the bottom of the gun where you connect the shop air, and don't forget to grease your gun every 45 hours with 8-10 pumps of grease. 2 year warranty, and oh yea, did i mention that 5 out of the 7 techs have one of these impact tools. BUY THIS YOU WILL BE SO HAPPY YOU DID.
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on April 1, 2017
I have been using this for years prrimarily for changing between winter and summer wheels for my vehicles, and the occasional maintenance job as well. It's powerful, reasonably lightweight, and built with a very tough plastic that should last for years.
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on June 20, 2015
This is the nicest impact that I have ever used. Very powerful and very quiet. If you can't take it off with this, it just doesn't need to come off.
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on June 3, 2012
I bought this impact wrench to replace my tired worn out Snap-on 1/2" impact. What I discovered is a wrench with much more speed ant torque than my $600 Snap-on ever had even wen new. I have been looking for a replacement for a while but wen the guts fell out of my Snap-on. I was forced to buy one fast. Since this is my livelihood we're talking about here, I have priced the tool on the tool truck for $475 on sale. When I found this on line for way less than any local tool dealer I was skeptical. Once I received my new impact I verified this is the same one the tool dealers were selling for allot more$$. I have been using the Ingersoll-Rand 2135TiMAX 1/2-Inch Air Impact Wrench every day for several months. I'm now doing heavy chassis and engine work with no problems at all.
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