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on July 27, 2016
First I will tell you I had purchased a Central Pneumatic 1/2 Impact from Harbor Freight. And I will not criticize it. For the money and if you are not planning to use it for more than a 3/8 inch bolt, it will do fine if the bolt is not to tight and be aware, it uses a lot of air. But it would not remove my mower trailer lugs, or my Scag mower blade 9/16 nuts. It would beat and beat, and the air compressor would kick on and run and run. I have a Porter Cable twin cylinder with a 20 gallon tank on 120 Volt. I thought my be my compressor was not big enough. Then it all change when I decided to buy this Ingersoll Rand 231C Impact wrench. I had ordered a new hub for my trailer and new blades for my Scag mower and I could not wait to give this Ingersoll Rand a try. I'm been around shops all my life and I have seen and heard the Ingersoll Rand name a lot so I wanted to see what it would do. I got my mower jacked up and put the 15/16 socket on the impact wrench and kit the trigger. Boom, where did the nut go. I could not believe it. I hit the other two blade nuts and it was just boom and they were off. I changed three blades in no time and my compressor never kicked on. This is a great wrench. This thing is powerful. And a good looking wrench. I am very happy I purchased this tool. I wish I had bought it first.
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on September 13, 2016
I just used the 231C for the first time since arrival and it's already everything I had hoped for and more. My brother bought me my first impact for Christmas probably 10 years ago and after trying to use to rotate my truck tires was a disaster. It wouldn't even remove one lug hand torqued to 100 ft lbs. So after doing some research the Ingersoll-Rand name kept coming up and with the very favorable reviews and I made my choice.

I went back out today to try and rotate again and every single lug nut came off with ease. I have a 15 gallon Craftsman compressor, nothing special, but it only ran 3 times between removing and re-torquing 6 lugs per wheel. Regulator was set to ~100 PSI with 100' of 3/8 hose.

I started the lugs by hand after moving the tires and set the tool to 2. I set the truck down and pulled out my torque wrench and set it to 100 ft lbs. Every lug nut was at least 100 ft lbs. Awesome.

In addition, the impact itself has a really great finish and the adjustments are notchy and precise. I do have an in-line oiler/dryer so I did notice a small amount of oil coming out of the exhaust, but that's to be expected.

I have 100k maintenance coming soon and I'm no longer terrified about removing suspension components for strut changes. I will update with my experience with that soon.
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on September 6, 2017
This thing SLAPS.

Slapped the nuts off my 17 year old chevy like brrrp, brrrp, done. Cute little 15 gallon black and decker compressor and this thing slaps like im using a shop compressor. Why, because Ingersoll. Worked in a shop for several years and never once had a problem breaking a bolt with my IR, never had to walk over to the Snapon guy with his Snapon box and his Snapon hat and socks and ask him to borrow squat.

So yeah, this thing was a no brainer when I decided to start doing my own repairs again. Won't need to buy again because these last.
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on May 7, 2017
This is the air impact wrench that all other 1/2" drive impacts are measured against.
I bought my first Ingersoll Rand 231 in 1977, and it served me well for 40 years. I had rebuilt it so many times, there wasn't much left of its exterior shell. When I went to buy a new one, low and behold, the still top rated 231C! Unfortunately, it's now made in China, but it performs as well as my old one did.
It's not the fastest, it's not got the most "rated torque" (I believe many of the ratings on several guns don't reflect reality), it's not the lightest, but it's rock solid reliable, and is still in the top 3 rated 1/2" drive air impact wrenches on the market today.
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on February 12, 2018
I've had a cheap Husky impact for quite some time. It wasn't overly powerful so I was looking for something a bit better. I received an IR 2130 as a gift and was really looking forward to using it. I have borrowed a neighbor's old IR 231 several times for jobs my Husky just couldn't handle. So, I knew I wanted an IR impact. After trying out the 2130 on some lug nuts, it removed them with my large compressor but didn't knock them out near as quickly or easily as I was expecting. When trying to use the 2130 on my smaller compressor it wouldn't even touch the lug nuts. So, having used a 231c in the past, I thought I would pick up a 231c to compare to the 2130.

The 231c was able to fairly easily take off lug nuts on my F150 (150ft-lbs) even on a small portable compressor with a 1/4" line going to it. When hooked up to my big compressor with a 3/8" line it rips them right off effortlessly. This impact is heavy, loud and hits HARD! Compared to the 2130 it's much louder, slightly less ergonomic and seems to hit harder. But, I'm a weekend wrencher and enthusiast. I think the 2130 needs more air to really shine. If I was using it daily in an automotive environment I might lean towards the 2130 for most jobs and an Aircat for those really stubborn bolts. But, for what I use it for, the 231C will do the job well and if it's half as well-built as the old USA made ones will likely last me a lifetime.

Works quite well even on a limited air supply
With a good air supply really hits hard (Much better than my cheap husky and in my opinion better than the 2130)
Well built, feels like a tank, parts readily available
There's a reason they've made this same impact for 20+ years!

It's loud compared to other newer designs
Trigger seems to work well but the plastic feels cheap to me
Made in China (although it doesn't appear the the quality is any different than the older USA built impacts)

I did a lot of reasearch and looked at a lot of reviews. Ultimately I'm happy I went with the 231c. The 2130 is a good wrench but not what I was looking for. Hopefully this review helps someone decide which impact to buy!
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on September 27, 2015
As a professional auto technician , I have used IR231's for a lot of years . When I finally wore out my last one, I wanted to get another one just like it due to how well my previous ones had worked .
This one, eh, not so much . Within just a couple of weeks of receiving it, the trigger seal started leaking, leaving the wrench running even though the trigger was released. I have lubed it, which helps for a day or two, but then it's back to constantly running. I should have requested a replacement a long time ago but just never got around to it .
The impact wrench itself is very powerful , it's just annoying that it is almost impossible to get it to stop turning.
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on May 31, 2016
I don't have anything to compare this to seeing that this is my first impact gun. But it does what I want and was reasonably priced. I use it for servicing my cars. Older cars hat have been on the road 20 or more yrs and driven daily. This gun along with the other air tools I recently purchased have been a great time saver. Not to mention the ease of removing lug nuts from wheels and most bolts that have not been removed in a long time. I'm using this with a 21 gallon compressor and it keeps up with my usage. So, would I recommend this? yes. It will do just about anything a home mechanic would need. Makes removing frozen and stuck bolts childs play
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on February 18, 2018
Awesome tool. This tool has changed my life. I can do so many more tasks now. I used this to help change the brakes and rotors on my truck. I used it to replace front shocks on my sons car. I used it to help tear down a '75 Jeep CJ5. This is a solid impact wrench and so far has performed flawlessly. I oil it every time I am about to use it.
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**Update to prior review** ---

I have put this impact to the "test" for just about the last year now. I have worked on many of my friends and family members vehicles doing various brake jobs and a variety of other jobs. This thing still amazes me each time I use it. Works just like it should/like new and hasn't skipped a beat. I'd say I'd probably never have to buy an impact again, but considering I keep picking up brake jobs and having to deal with my own personal 20+ year old vehicles various ailments I am not quite sure, haha...

Original Review:

Prior to this purchase I have had a Husky impact that was in a starter kit along with my air compressor and I have also had a Craftsman impact that I purchased to replace the Husky when I returned the kit due to the compressor being a piece of junk.

The craftsman gun was terrible, it was considerably worse than the husky impact that was included in the starter kit even though everything that was listed in the product specifications either matched or so called "beat" the husky. I wound up selling the impact for 20.00 because it wouldn't even remove lug nuts from tires.

I have used this one to rotate tires on my 20 year old truck, I used it to remove some seat bolts from failed seats, and I have also used it for various other projects on my wifes and my own vehicles.

This is the best impact that I have purchased. You really get what you pay for in tools. If you are looking for a decent quality impact for under $100.00 you might as well stick to hand tools because you won't get it. One question though, on such an overall quality/solid impact why does it have to have a cheap plastic trigger? I feel like when I just look at the trigger its going to break off. Other than that this tool has done the job and more. It has already tore the heads off of a couple of seized heavy duty bolts so it certainly does not lack power.
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on May 14, 2016
only used a few times so far but I'm really impressed with how it works so far and feel or a heavy quality tool. I took off car tires on the number one setting, very low setting for this gun pounded a little then right off. getting to know how to set air presser takes a little getting used to as it changes from left to right. Directions are in the little book they sent along although very small print and not much other info. Can't weight to try it out on something large and tough as I believe this will work very well. It's made in china but seems to has good quality. Add on. I replaced the front A Arms on my 2006 chev last week and the impact wrench Shure made live a lot easer then without it. Impact worked supper well and still looking for something bigger to try it out on. Wish I had it a long time a go ( girls get your man one for birthday or x mas he will like it a lot )
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