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on June 3, 2015
I've had my W7150 for about six months. It's done okay, but I haven't had the same luck with large lug nuts others have had. I tried to pull some nuts off a trailer wheel a while back with no success. I finally called a service, and the guy had no trouble pulling the nuts off with his air-powered wrench.

A few weeks ago, it just quit while I was trying to replace a control arm. I was very surprised, because the tool just went completely dead, even though the battery shows a full charge. I'm guessing the trigger burned out.

The Ingersoll Rand website makes it impossible to contact the factory by telephone for any service-related reason. Evidently they decided that telephone support was too expensive. I'd hoped to talk to someone to find out whether there was anything I could do on my end to reset the tool and wake it up. No dice.

The factory website is broken, and goes off into Neverland when I ask it for a service location. Eventually, through several minutes online, I found one service location listed in my town. Hoping that they could give me a technical hotline number, I called them. They told me that they had no number themselves, and their only function was to send my tool back to the factory. There is no warranty coverage information or pricing available.

I guess I'll drive across town and drop my tool off with them, and hope for the best. There aren't any other choices. I wish I could get information on warranty coverage, pricing, and certainly some sort of troubleshooting checklist would be nice.

Be aware that Ingersoll-Rand is one of the big former-US corporations constantly mentioned in Congress for "inversion". They moved the company headquarters away from the United States to Bermuda, and then to Ireland, to avoid taxes. Ingersoll Rand is a major US government contractor, and has received clearance from the Homeland Security Department to bid on government contracts despite the fact that there is a law against contractors that have clearly moved outside the US for tax evasion. Ingersoll-Rand saves a few billion dollars in taxes every year by being based in Ireland, yet they make many billions every year in US government contracts. The majority of the company's execs live and work in Charlotte, NC.
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on January 30, 2017
This tool is rather impressive. I did a lot of homework before making the investment in this everyday carry of mine. Unfortunately, the gears in the planetary gearset went out after a few weeks of use. It was soon enough that I returned to amazon with the intent of exchanging it. Amazon did not have this as an option and refunded the money to me the day after I dropped it off at UPS. Well enough, because at the time an unexpected expense arose and I could now cover with the refund. I absolutely will be buying another one soon as I believe the failure in my tool was a low likely factor defect as it would skip and stutter while impacting.

It has all the power someone looking for a 1/2" impact could require. Charge time from dead was less than three hours. Due to the choice of battery type (Lithium Ion rather than NiCad) you don't have to completely discharge the battery before charging, meaning if you are working in a shop, with a charger accessible, a single 5AH battery is all you need. Even if you let the battery charge drop fairly low, the impact will just keep giving it or you can place the battery on the charger for a quick top off.

A must have for road or field technicians or just you're average joe wanting the power of a pneumatic impact, without the cost of money and space of compressors and hoses, not to mention the noise a compression pump produces.

"Did I oil this today? This week? Where's the tool oil?" With the battery operated impact, you have no worries of tool maintenance. Just keep some juice in the battery and keep it clean (something anyone whom is proud of their tools will do)

Well guys, that is it from me tonight on this tool review, perhaps next time I will get to make a video.

And yes, having a brake when you release the trigger is pretty sweet.
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on March 12, 2018
This item was supposed to be new but instead was delivered to me used. Wrench looks like it was drug by a truck for a mile. No battery was included either. New items are wrapped in plastic bags and sealed with zip ties. This item was clearly a return and someone left out the battery. Don’t know how this gets mixed in with new ones. Amazon has shipped another one and should arrive tomorrow and i hope its sealed and brand new because that’s what I paid for.
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on May 1, 2017
I have been so disappointed with this tool... I've had it about a month and I have still yet to find a bolt that it won't take off. I've taken off axles, the most corroded nuts and bolts from 1/2" to 1 1/2" and this thing breaks them lose with very little to no effort.

I've tighten lug nuts and broken m14 studs clear off, almost makes it seem as if the steel is brittle..

I Love it! It Replaced my air impact tool and I couldn't be more happy with this thing.

I loathed the days where my air impact tool would fail to loosen bolts and a breaker bar would be impossible to do because of moving parts...

If I find a bolt and nut that it won't take off, I will personally comeback and tell you about it.

The battery life (5.0) is absolutely amazing... job after job after job, you forget when the last time you put a charge on it...

There is nothing that compares this tool... it's really incredible...
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on June 8, 2016
Less than impressed, I watched a lot of YouTube videos and read a lot of reviews raving and praising this impact drill. I bought a 06 Dodge Sprinter 2500 158" and figured I would spare no expense on tools so I bought this. We own two other vehicles so I figured it would pay for itself in time and mechanic expenses for simple repairs. (which it has). The reason for the low rating is that when I was rotating the tires on the van, one nut on the passanger rear wheel was stubborn, something that one would think after all video testimony and stellar reviews that this tool would laugh through this issue, well it didn't. The tool was brand new when I used it last year and first ran into this problem so I didn't want to ruin the motor since I have no prior experience of ownership with these drills. A year has passed and now two of my tires are balding from practically new tires last year and I went in today with a sledge hammer (needed to change rotors and pads) to assist and still couldn't get that nut off and stripped it. Yeah, I could have paid someone to rotate my tires but that's not the point, I paid the premium $350 so I wouldn't have to rely on people to steal my money at the shop for such simple jobs. Now it looks like I will have to bring it in the shop for something that was supposed to be so simple, I ordered a stripped bolt extractor so will see if I have any luck tomorrow but really not impressed with this model. Works well for my cars on the upside, (I would hope that it does for that much money) and it charges very quickly but sounds like a tea kettle while it's plugged in. Hopefully I don't run into battery or motor issues and it pays for itself first before it craps out.
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on June 15, 2016
The best tool I have ever owned. I used mine for 3 years with no issues, it ate nearly every bolt for breakfast except for a few (and I mean a FEW) odd ball ones that a super long pipe on a 1/2" ratchet with my body weight couldnt break loose. This thing will easily remove all the lug nuts on a vehicle, k member bolts, rear upper and lower control arm bolts on a Mustang, flywheel bolts, head bolts, clutch bolts, seat belt bolts, shock bolts, motor mount bolts, spindle bolts, crank pulley bolts etc. Way more powerful than my old Craftsman air impact even at 120 PSI. I only turn on the compressor to air up tires now! They now sell 5.0ah batteries for these, which should be overkill as the battery already lasts for quite awhile.

I sold mine recently because I got a deal on a Milwaukee M18 Fuel Kit that I have been wanting to try, but you cannot go wrong with the W7150, period.
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on February 19, 2016
Love it. But 1/2 shaft that you put socket on broke down after 3 month of intermediate use. Will have to buy bare tool since i can't stop the project and will end up with one extra tool after warranty repair. I mean i hope it is covered by the warranty.
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on February 14, 2016
I did buy this but ultimately had to return it as it was NOT powerful enough to remove the Crankshaft bolt off of my 1997 camry...
I tried and tried using specialty tools to hold the pulley with a cheater bar and charged it for 2 days... Etc. Not as powerful as they say,
I would love to have a chat with Ingersoll Rand and challenge them to come to my house with a tool big enough that has enough potatoes in its sack to take this bolt off....
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on January 28, 2017
Good item, will round the best of impact sockets if not the correct size or not on 100%, ooops. So I'd say it's a Beast of an impact, will do what you need in the 1/2 in arena, no problems.
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on October 16, 2013
I'm an amateur DIY mechanic, and since I have to work in the parking lot of my apartment building I have no access to air tools. The W7150 is just awesome - it rips axle nuts and huge suspension bolts off like they're not there, and the battery life is excellent. The only downside is the size and weight, which means that it won't get into spaces that an equally powerful air impact gun could. Overall, though, it's my favourite tool bar none, and although it's expensive, it's completely worth every penny.
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