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on April 30, 2015
I enjoyed this book very much. It is full of fantastical beings and events that interface with everyday modern people. That interface is the most compelling underlying motivation of the story, of course. I also like the fact that the main child character is female for a change. Yea!

The book is also, in a sense, all about books, and I love books about books. If you have a fairly good knowledge of classic children's literature, you'll enjoy those connections immensely. If you like books, particularly children's books, and you like fantasy and adventure, you will probably enjoy this book.

Quotations are used from many other children's and fantasy books. Those make the story even more enjoyable.

The writing is creative and interesting, the plot is fantastical and convoluted, the characters are varied and mostly interesting, sometimes likable and sometimes detestable, of course. Some characters aren't clearly good guys or bad guys, which is similar to life as we know it.

On the down side, which is minor, I am wondering just who this book was written for. I'm told it's children's literature. But children do not need to read about this much violence, surely, even when it is committed mostly by beings from books rather than reality? I don't know. I also find some plot twists to be very unbelievable, but it is a fantasy, after all.

I read this book on the Kindle (as I read most books) and only noticed one potential typo in the book (which is amazingly good, really).
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on May 4, 2013
This had made into a movie (Brendan Fraiser) and I'd watched it a couple of years ago, so unfortunately for me I had all of the actors' faces in mind throughout the book and left little to my imagination there, but at least they casted it very well!!(and closely to the book's description - for the most part.

The PLOT deviates some, so even if you've seen the movie, you'd be missing out not reading Funke's wonderful writing

You get the plot from other reviews', so I will leave you with this. There are NOT too many books of this genre that are truly original. This is. There are not too many books out there that don't fall into some campy dialogue. This doesn't.

I go through books, Kindle and otherwise, and after reading Inkheart, I went and purchased the trilogy hardcopy (of which I'm terribly discerning about what takes up space) because I think this is a classic.

My son just read it as well, he's 8, but reading beyond his 2nd grade level, he finished and immediately asked when he's getting the next one!! And has asked me twice, "Is it here yet?"

I think it's a testament to Funke's writing, that she can so capture myself and my son so completely.
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on January 28, 2018
So much happens in this book. I listened to the audiobook and Brendon Fraser did a great job. I wish they would go back and let him do the other two books. I had tears close to the end of the book and can't wait to see what happens in the final book. I like that we get to see more of the fantasy world and what happens there. Because it is in the fantasy world and there are so many characters with a lot going on you do have to be able to focus on what is going on but I enjoyed it.
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on January 1, 2017
LOVED IT! I am currently reading this series and so far I have now finished 2/3s of the trilogey. It has intricate details and interesting characters. I felt like it was my job to finishh this book and find as much information on these characters that I can. My favorite characters are Meggie,Farid,and Dustfinger.All three of them have big parts to play on the story.
I finishd it on January 1st (new years day). I had the next book (Inkdeath) waiting for me whhn I had finishhd Inkspell. So far all the bools in the trilogey have been great. You should try them. Well? Why don't you?
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on April 21, 2017
The story was okay. It seemed a bit long and I felt as though I should have just left it at the first one rather than continuing the series. And in this book the author added swear words. :( So I couldn't share in reading this one with my child as I had the first one.
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on July 15, 2017
Bought the trilogy for my 11 year old son at his own request! He doesn't open a book very often and prefers to play video games, so I am glad he found a book set that he enjoys reading. These are NOT little books, they are roughly about 500 pages long and he's on the 3rd one. Well worth the purchase. He even has me reading them and it is a good read for any adult who enjoys reading young adult books. (I'm on the first book)
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VINE VOICEon October 10, 2009
I finally finished InkSpell. I have to say, I'm a bit disappointed. Not in the story- the story was good! However, for some reason, this book wasn't able to hold my interest. If I get into a book, I can't put it down. I will stop all other activities (watching TV, hanging out, internet surfing, etc) to curl up and read my book. My typical pace is 1-3 days to read through a book. This one took me weeks! I don't understand, because it was a truly good story.

I will admit that Cornelia Funke is the master of dragging things out. Events for which a couple of pages would suffice were chapters long! As with InkHeart, she seems to be determined to kick off every chapter with a quote from a book. Again, a nice idea, but she uses random quotes which are completely irrelevant to the plot. Of the entire book, however, those seemed to be the only things that made me dislike it. I would like to better understand what an "Inkspell" is. It is mentioned almost in passing in the book, "Doesn't that sound like an inkspell?" but that was all! You can't name a book after something and then never tie it in!

I like how the book isn't all from one point of view. The chapters cycle through each primary character, presenting what is going on with them. This does make the story longer, but it makes it nice because you can be in on any action taking place with any of the characters in InkWorld. I love the characters too! They're all so unique! And the names! Dustfinger, Silvertongue, Two-fingers, Cloud Dancer, the Adderhead... Everyone has a name that signifies what they do (i.e. Cloud Dancer is a tightrope walker).

The story is fascinating, focusing in on the ability to read a person into a story and then trying to get through the story and back home. Unfortunately for the character, the story has developed a mind of its own, so getting home is harder than originally planned. It's a great adventure in a fantastic world, and personally I'd give anything to be in a similar situation!

I honestly don't know if I would recommend this story. On the one hand, it is a great story. It has an interesting plot, unique characters, an interesting setting and lots of adventure. On the other hand, it took me longer to read this book than any other has in a long time because it wouldn't engage me. Perhaps I'm just not in the mood for this genre right now? I'll hold off on reading InkDeath for now and see if I enjoy it more when I'm in more of a fantasy mood.
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on January 22, 2018
To be honest, I listened to the audio tape, but this was an awesome story! Enjoyable for adults as well as kids. The suspenseful plot makes you a little fearful and there is some violence, but the pretext of the story makes it fanciful enough to distance you from the events of the story. Still, there is a bit of mystery and you can't put the book down. A must-read classic.
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on December 19, 2016
4th grade teacher's favorite book, so I bought this. Didn't have time to read after a month, so bought audio book too. Very interesting characters setting. My 9 years old was listening to audio book with me and he loved it. He can probably read the book in a year... if he had guts to finish. ( it's been more than a year for me, but I still haven't finished yet. I'm curious how it ends, but pretty long for busy mom.)
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on January 7, 2018
Such a good book! At times it was quite intense with how evil some of these characters are. I loved this book because it's essentially about the Love of reading. I'm looking forward to reading the second book in this series!
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