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on September 3, 2015
I like this little slide scanner, it was great for scanning 35mm Slides and Negatives, and converting them into JPG photos! It is fun and easy to do,
the scanner is fairly foolproof. Install a small software program for it, plug it into a USB port, and start scanning. It is slower to use than the much
more expensive types with a stacker function, but I found I wanted to tinker with the photos as I scanned them, anyway.
Best of all if used with a simple photo editing program like the free Irfanview program with its "Autocorrect" setting and it will adjust the brightness,
contrast, lighting and color temperature, all at one time. The older the slides, and perhaps more faded or reddish they are, the better the scanner
and Irfanview seemed to work together, to adjust the slides back to normal.
If you have a LOT of 35mm slides, like maybe hundreds of them or even thousands, you may do better to buy one with the auto-loader/stacker.
By the way Be Careful loaning this to anyone-- I loaned it to my wife for some of her family slides, and she promptly LOST the little 35mm slide
carrier for it! I can still scan negatives, but not slides and cannot find a source for a new slide carrier! Just something to be aware of.
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on October 20, 2009
The FilmScan35 works well for what it inexpensive piece of equipment. The most difficult thing is getting it to work.

I have found that you need to make sure you have USB 2 ports...if your computer is a few years old, chances are, you need to upgrade your USB ports...the older USB ports are too slow and cannot handle the transfer of images.

Also, after you install the program, you have to go back to install the doesn't seem to happen automatically. Once the program is installed and you connected the machine to the computer, go to Control Panel and Add New Hardware and go through the steps. If it gives a list of drivers choose one from the Windows Update. Then it should say successfully installed, and you are good to go!!!!!
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on November 2, 2009
I was a little apprehensive after reading some of the reviews but figured, "What the heck. It's only $50." And that was the correct attitude.

I had no problems with the installation. The manual went to GREAT lengths to make sure you enter the correct computer configuration: 32 or 64 bit. Loading was straight forward, and, if you read the instructions, the operations screen is adequate (it is not "obvious" what to do if you don't read the instructions).

I've only used 35mm slides and the quality has ranged from great to awful. It seems most could use a tweak or 2 with a photo finish software, but some just don't reproduce no matter what I try. As you might expect, the slides I want the most are the those that don't scan worth a darn.

So, yes, I'd buy it again. Those slides that don't scan well? If I really, really want them, I'll send them out at $0.30 each and have them professionally done. In the meantime, I shall be satisfied to digitize those slides that I can. And, at $0.30 each, the little scanner has already paid for itself.
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on September 4, 2011
When I first installed the software on my desktop computer I had some minor issues getting it to work. I figured out that it was my old computer and not the slide converter that had the problems. I installed it on my laptop and had no problems at all. Easy to install and so simple to use. It was actually much quicker than I expected. Slide in the tray, the image auto focuses and you click the copy and save button, its that simple. I've had a box of 35mm slides hidden away in my closet for over 30 years and in no time at all I now have them in digital format on my computer. It may look kind of cheap and shabby from its plastic construction but don't let the appearance fool you. The simplicity of the converter is its best quality. It has paid for itself already just by saving me the time and effort to convert several hundred slides in just a few hours and now I am able to share them unlike before being hidden in a box in my closet. Now that my slides are converted and I don't have any negatives laying around, I probably won't need to use it anymore. I'll keep it just in case. It was a steal at only ~ $26, even if I only needed to use it once.
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on October 14, 2009
This slide/filmstrip converter is effictive in putting your old slides (some of mine are 50+) in photo files on your computer. Be prepared to spend some time installing and using it. Mine seems to have issues with other programs for a page scanner, some other photo programs and usually needs to be brought up after a restart or when first starting your computer. I only tried one film strip and it seemed to work ok, but since my main interest was to review and scan my old slides I concentrated on them. The slide carrier holds 3 standard 35mm slides and is inserted to each seperately for review and/or copy. The copying function takes time to bring the slide to desired illumination and then taking a "snapshot", select a file or folder and copy to the computer. From the file on the computer you can edit (crop, brighten, change contrast level, resize, etc.) available with most photo editing programs. I have reviewed and coppied a little more than 150 slides so far and it takes time. But - I'm retired!! I estimate that the average slide will comsume at least 10 - 15 minutes before you have a product you can live with. The beauty of it is that you can actually make the imperfections of your slides go away. I was not able to compensate for some of the color changes that occur to the slides during the aging process. The better the camera used for the slides, the better the your file copies will be. Overall, an inexpensive way to copy and edit your slides. Beats having to pay the charges by commercial services and you have the opportunity to enhance the final file product. You must have a photo editing program to use or you will not be able to edit after copying.
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on July 10, 2011
My slides have been sitting around for many years. Rarely, have I dug out the projector to view them. I had wanted to convert them to images I could view on my computer for some time, but it was cost prohibitive to have a service convert them, as also were the converters I had seen. Recently, I ran across the IT product. It was reasonably priced, which made me worry about the quality. I decided to try it. I have converted around 500 slides so far, and the quality is great - beyond my expectations.

I must add though, that this is a manual operation. It comes with a 4-slide holder, and you have to position the next slide and then simply press a button or click in the program. After four slides you then unload the four previous and then place another four in the holder. I should also add, that the software accepts 12 images at a time, so after 12 you need to save them, it will then accept another 12 and so on.

You should also air blow the front and back of each slide to free it from dust, if any. But once you develop a process it goes along pretty well. But it does take time. So I'm very satisfied with this purchase.
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on August 30, 2012
What a disappointment this was and a waste of money. The product was small but not easy to use. It was difficult to get software loaded, to get slides in, product was made of cheap materials, and was slow to scan. The quality was HORRIBLE. The face images of my 35MM slides were all washed out and the background was dark. These pictures were taken with a professional camera in the early 90's by someone who had been in the photograpy field for over 20 years. These slides were good quality but the scan wasn't.

Save your money and buy something like the Epson Perfection V300 Photo scanner. Easy to use and set up with excellent quality. I scanned the same 35MM slides with both products. The INNOVATIVE scans of my slides were washed out, unrecognizable, and unusable. When scanned by the EPSON product I had images as good as the original pictures printed 20 years ago.

This product is about half the price but only 1/10th the quality when compared to the Epson. Just remember you get what you pay for. Keep your money and save up for a better scanner. It will be worth it in the long run.
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on November 3, 2013
I was lucky I held out until the price went from 99.00 to 25.00 before I ordered this item, otherwise the rating would have been one star. I have an XP machine and it was easy to install the software and work with the device. I had no freezing issues. The problem I have with it, is the quality is poor no matter the age of the negative. I have thousand of negatives and thought this would be easier than scanning each photo by hand. While it is easier to use this device, once you get the hang of it, I do not want to have to adjust every photo from the negative. Thankfully I have a scanner and it was quite easy to see the difference in the picture quality when using the scanner versus this machine. If you do not have a scanner to scan photos then this will work, but there will be lots of additional work, as well, to get the digital photos to look like the photos in your frames. Given that it was 99.00, I expected better quality. The quality I got was for the 25.00 I paid.
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on June 10, 2011
I recently purchased the Innovative Technology 35mm Negative and Slide Converter from Innovative Technology a few days ago. To be completely honest, the only reason I purchased it was because it was on sale for only $29 and I had a $20 Amazon gift card. Based on the reviews only, I definitely would not have paid full price for this product. Since it only cost a few dollars out of pocket, I decided to give it a try.

Here are a few of my thoughts:

I ordered the product on June 8th, it was shipped out the same day and I received it the next day, June 9th. Shipping was incredibly fast, as it was "shipped from and sold by"

Construction Quality
I was actually quite surprised by the overall quality of the product. It was a bit more durable than I had anticipated. The plastic construction of the camera/scanner was fairly decent and the rails that hold the negatives and slides were very durable. There are magnets that hold the rails together which makes it easy to place the negatives/slides in as well as run it through the scanner. Overall, I was satisfied with the construction of the product and the accessories.

The scanner did not immediately work when I first installed it. I then reinstalled it. Still nothing. So I went to the troubleshooting section in the manual which turned out to be less helpful than I thought it would be. Their solution was to uninstall (which I did), then reinstall (which I did). If that didn't work, they suggested I contact them via email, only. So, since I work with computers in an IT environment every day, my first thought was to search for an updated driver online. Turns out that Innovative Technology has an updated driver for this specific model. So after I uninstalled again, installed the new driver and rebooted (I think rebooting the PC is a big must in this situation), I was able to access the product with no issues.

Capture Quality
I wasn't expecting too much in this catergory. And they really didn't deliver more than I was exciting either. The picture quality is significantly less than what you'd get if you were to take your negatives/slides and have them scanned professionally. Anyone who would expect such high results from such a lower quality, non-professional machine who simply be foolish. I'm not quite exactly sure but I would assume that outside light that is leaking into the machine causes the images to come out much brighter than the original negative. Also, there is much "wiggly room" for the negative/slide, so I'm guessing that causes a significant amount of drop in quality. Personally, I am not a fan of the outcome of the images.

Overall Thoughts
This is a decent product ONLY if you get it on a crazy good sale. If you are just trying to get an image off an old negative and you don't want to spend much money, then this might be a solution for you. As long as you continually dust off the negatives/slides AS WELL AS the inside glass of the machine, the images will come out fairly decent. But don't expect anything that looks professional. You won't get it with this product.
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on June 5, 2010
In the end, I was satisfied with the Image Quality of the product.
It is a little tedious to deal with lots of 35mm slides, having to fit them in the tray, scan each invidually, then repeat for next set of negatives, but the scanner works. I don't know how much time a typical "scan" takes, but this device appears to do a couple of scans on the negative (or possibly auto corrects the original scan with better color). In either case, the picture on the screen will often appear to update once or twice until a final version is displayed.

1. USB allows for interfacing with device directly from your PC, and saving directly to PC (No SD or thumb drive transfer required)
2. Image Quality I thought was fine
3. Device is set up to autoscan, as the user manually pushes the negative tray through the scanner. There will however be times when it scans prematurely before you get the tray all the way to the next stopping point - for those times, the user will have to reset the tray without saving the scan, then let it scan again (The autoscan feature I think is worth it in the end)

Cons. There are some operational issues to deal with, but I was able to overcome all of them;
1. Setting 35mm negatives in the tray is tedious, though this may be a generic issue with the process that affects all connverters. Getting the 35mm negatives to fit in the trays correctly was a little difficult. The trays use a magnetic closure to lock the negatives in place, which is good, but I thought a better design could have been done for getting the negatives set correctly in the tray in the first place - I would often have to close the tray top over the negatives "hoping" they would stay in the right place
2. Software Interface has some bugs. It would hang up on my from time to time, requiring a shut down and restart. Always came back up, and didn't happen too often (But it did happen)
3. There is a limit on the # of images to scan before your being required to save to your PC (about 10 or so)
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