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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn: A Novel
Format: Paperback|Change
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on October 2, 2014
I read it in high school, but I just read it again, and I still love it. It's interesting to be "inside" Rayburn's mind, especially since you think all he is is some horny high school nerd. Really fun read.
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on December 13, 2012
Good book, fast read would recommend to friends also had the book The Other Girl that was a continuance of this book. Also good book.
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on December 23, 2013
I never read books. Books SUCK. I haven't completely read a book for over 2 years, but this book... oh my god.
I couldn't put the book down! And this is coming from a person who puts the book down any chance she gets! I loved it so much!
I recommended it to all my friends, they loved it too.
Now, 4 years after I first read the book, I am remembering this epic book. And I remember it's name, I remember the author's name, I remember certain parts of the book. Why? Because it was THAT good. Because it left THAT BIG of a mark on me.
And now I'm on it's amazon page, remembering its greatness, and giving it the review it deserves.
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on June 30, 2010
I was intrigued by the premise of "Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn" and thought that Sarah Miller had many insights about prep school, teenagers, and people in general. My biggest issue with the book is that the reader is not supposed to know who is reading Gideon's mind. This makes it difficult because when the mind reader is revealed, the plot doesn't hold together. At least twice Gideon goes to a classmate and is questioned about information that he and the mind reader should already know and once the mind reader is revealed, it seems like Miller is intentionally trying to throw off the reader to sustain the premise. Also, Molly McGarry's patience, wisdom, and understanding require almost as much suspension of disbelief as the premise of the mind-reading. A fun, light read, though. Less drama and social commentary than "Prep" by Curtis Sittenfeld or "The Fundamentals of Play" by Caitlin Macy. I would recommend "Prep" and "The Fundamentals of Play" over this book in most cases, but at most of the characters seem content at the end of this book, whereas the same could not be said for the other two.
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on October 31, 2009
As I was reading this book I had to wonder if this is really what goes on in the mind of a teenage boy. I know the stereotype is that they constantly think about sex but I seriously thought I was going to go crazy reading his thoughts about getting laid, where a good place to have sex is, how beautiful the girls all around him were. Geez, it's amazing guys are able to function if that is what their minds are like. I did like the concept of this book though. It was sort of What a Girl Wants but with a girl being in a guys mind. You do not actually find out who the girl is until the very last page. It was a little confusing at times to figure out what were Gideon's thoughts and what were the mystery girls thoughts about what Gideon was seeing going on around him. The main reason I did not give this a higher rating is I was starting to get bored with the repetition of Gideon's thoughts. It picked up enough at the end that I am curious about the next book, The Other Girl, which has the mystery girl gets stuck in the mind of a beautiful girl that Gideon has been lusting over.

As a warning there is quite a bit of underage drinking, drugs and sex talk going on in this book.
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on February 14, 2007
This book is about a boy name Gideon Rayburn, and about how he moves to a new school, the Connecticut Prep School, and his room mates are two very popular boys called Cullen and Nicholas, and they find out that Gid is a virgin, and so to make him cool, they point out hot girls he could lose his virginity to. They make a bet: if he loses his virginity to Molly McGarry, Cullen and Nicholas have to do what Gid says, but if not, then he has to do what they say. So then Gideon then meets Pilar, one of the best-looking girls in school who hints that she wants to take him on any time, so he wants to forget about the bet, but he realizes that he likes Molly, too.

I really enjoyed reading this book, Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn, because it shows how the male mind works when they are fifteen. However, there were some parts in this novel that I did not like, for example, when Gideon was alienated because basically everyone else was a druggie. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to get into a teenage boy's mind at work.
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on February 9, 2007
Being inside the mind of a boy is every teen girl's dream. It's the perfect solution to finally understand what they are thinking and why they do what they do. In INSIDE THE MIND OF GIDEON RAYBURN, a female narrator (whose identity remains a mystery until the end of the novel) wakes up one morning and hears the thoughts of Gideon Rayburn echoing around her head. And there's nothing she can do but listen and learn.

INSIDE THE MIND OF GIDEON RAYBURN takes place at a fancy New England prep school, and Gideon is a new kid from Virginia who feels like a fish out of water. The other students are all rich and good looking and from exotic places. Gideon is only there because his father got him in on "a favor." In an attempt to bond with his two roommates, Nick and Cullen, Gideon tells them a story about his girlfriend, a yellow thong, and nearly losing his virginity.

Hearing the story, Nick and Cullen come up with "the bet" involving the sassy Molly McGarry and a Halloween deadline. Gideon gets to know Molly especially when they share a Spanish class project and starts to like the feisty girl who hails from "the McGarry's of Buffalo, New York," a not-so-exotic place either.

Gideon finds himself distracted from "the bet" and pleasing his roommates when the sexy Pilar Benitz-Jones begins paying attention to him. Molly might be cute and sassy, but if Gideon could snag Pilar, it would be "legendary."

INSIDE THE MIND OF GIDEON RAYBURN puts a twist on the typical prep school novel with the mysterious narrator hearing Gideon's thoughts and telling the story through these thoughts. This device leads to many elements of humor, especially when the narrator makes fun of Gideon for his thoughts about girls. When Gideon stares at Madison Sprague's "short hair in pigtails," the narrator says, "Gid thinks they look cute, because he's a guy and doesn't know to be annoyed by the whole 'I'm so pretty I don't care what I look like' aesthetic."

Readers will grow to like this narrator --- especially when she starts falling for Gideon and the book becomes a page-turner to find out the identity of the mysterious narrator. Unfortunately, it almost overshadows the story about Gideon and the end felt a bit unsatisfying to this reader.

--- Reviewed by Kristi Olson
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on February 18, 2008
I loved this book! First, we meet an unnamed person who is narrating the thoughts inside Gideon Rayburn's head as he arrived at Midvile Academy, a rich prep school where he probably wont fit in. He comes from a very middle class town in Virginia and ends up in a school where everyone has money and trust funds. Luckily, or unluckily, Gideon managed to befriend (or he thinks he has)his two roomates: Cullen, a bonafid ladies man and Nicholas, the silent sexy type. They make a bet for him to have sex with the plain Jane girl named Molly by Halloween. However, Gideon's hormones make him want Pilar, a sexy exotic rich girl from Brazil. All the while some girl is narrating his thoughs. Gideon is thrown into the world of rich prep school kids and he trys to fit in the best he can. I highly recommend this book!
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on February 20, 2008
Ever wondered what exactly is going on in the mind of a teenage boy? Then INSIDE THE MIND OF GIDEON RAYBURN by Sarah Miller is the perfect book for you.

This is a captivating story about a girl at a prep school in Massachusetts who suddenly finds herself experiencing all of the thoughts, feelings, and sights of Gideon Rayburn, a new student at the school. She faces all of the problems Gid faces, from the embarrassing to the sweet to the sexual to the anxious.

Then Gid's roommates, the popular and handsome Cullen and Nicholas, make a bet to see if Gideon can actually achieve his manhood by sleeping with a girl by Halloween. The girl is Molly McGarry, who's cute and funny, but not who Gid really wants. His ultimate desire is in the form of Pilar Benitez-Jones: very beautiful and very confident. As Gid tries to decide which girl is right for him, the reader gets to take a trip through his mind, and see how a real, live, hormone-charged 15-year-old boy really thinks.

INSIDE THE MIND OF GIDEON RAYBURN has an intriguing premise, and is very entertaining and hilarious. It takes a very creative idea, a story from the viewpoint of a girl inside a guy's mind, and makes it believable and worthwhile. Readers will enjoy guessing exactly who and what is inside the mind of Gideon Rayburn, while going on a quick, witty journey of thinking like a boy, if only for a few hours.

Reviewed by: Amanda Dissinger
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on May 9, 2006
The premise of this novel grabbed me: the narrator is a girl who knows everything that the title character Gideon is thinking. It's a creative and funny way to explore the simple fact that, really, most of the time girls are ahead of boys in knowing what the really want! It's kindof like "Being John Malkovitch" - except here Malkovitch is a teenage boy who finds himself at a prep school surrounded by boys and girls way cooler (and richer) than he is. And the girl inside his head is a mystery - someone in his world, but who? Miller pulls no punches, she gets right up in there, taking on the awful years of sorting out how and where we fit in the world. Not only do I recommend this book to teens, I recommend it to grown-ups looking for a smart and funny read. It'll take you back (and make you glad you don't have to GO back!).
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