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on November 19, 2014
I thought the book provided a general overview of what Apple was like under Steve Jobs. That being said, if you follow the company closely, this book presents no real insight that hasn't already been reported or speculated on in the news.

The book is a very easy read, simple and straight forward and would recommend it for anyone who doesn't want to go through the 600 pages of the official Jobs biography. Case in point, I don't really view Inside Steve's Brain as a biography. Instead, it expands on the often reported (urban) legends that surround Apple and Steve Job's. While the information is sourced, don't expect to get anything too official from inside Apple.

Leander Kahney runs a great blog (Cult of Mac) and a lot of the information in this book has been published there.
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on June 3, 2013
Before Walter Isaacson's epic Steve Jobs biography there was nothing official about Job's life, it was just a lot of books trying to deconstruct his life and figure him out. Job's had always avoided media exposure of his personal life into the public and this surrounded him with a halo of mystery that fascinated everyone. That is why every single hint of his personality created and will keep creating for decades great curiosity on his life and way of thinking. Inside Steve's Brain is a book that pretends to construct the puzzle of Steve Jobs from a more psychological perspective based from Job's quotes on press and magazine articles to interviews found all over the web. The author does a great Job into deconstructing Job's personality from the bits and pieces available at the time and gives the Apple fan more reasons to love the brand. However once you read Isaacson's biography you realize that most of what you read about Job's was loosely right and accurate. You cannot beat first hand recount of someones life when reading a biography.

This is a book I believe had great value before Isaacson's biography, but currently it's value is more entertaining than accurate in terms of getting into more details of Steve Job's personality. If you are a Job's fan and want to get into a different perspective of Job's I can recommend this book!
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on February 1, 2010
This was a mesmerizing read. It is one of a few books that I read and read again. I knew I little bit about Jobs and learned some VERY interesting things from this book. Let me be specific. First, the killer application for Apple 11 (VisiCalc) was new to me.The fact that this killer application caused the sales of Apple II to go from less than 1 million dollars in 1977 to 49 million in 1979 was fascinating.
I knew that the Ipod was selling well, but had no idea that by March 2009 it had sold 163 million, and that it was on track to sell over 300 million by the end of 2009.

His description of Apple opening retail stores in 2001 (and their subsequent success), after Gateways failure, was quite interesting.

I knew Rubenstein was important, but Kahney's description of his finding the 1.8 inch hard drive in Tokyo, and it's role in the Ipod was again fascinating.

I am aware that there are many biographies of Jobs, but I am VERY GLAD I bought this one.
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I enjoyed reading this book. You will see why Steve would not be thrilled with everything but it was told in a fair light. Not a bash, but not a fluff job either. Lots of insight on why things are the way they are at Apple and how Apple almost died.
The Issacson bio has much more insight into Jobs the man. Still worth reading
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on July 25, 2010
I just finished reading this using the Kindle Software on my iPad. I was once a Mac user and went to PC in the early 90's. I serviced, trained and worked on PC for more than decade before finally switching back to Apple. It all started with my switch from Zune to iPod Touch.

Reading this book explains exactly what happened to me along the way. The design, the closed platform and trouble free operation of Apple products as well as the packaging and marketing are all very carefully planned at Apple. Apple is an American icon and truly a unique innovation company.

This is a great book about the company that Steve built and why it will be around and ahead of the competition long after Jobs leaves the company.
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on November 30, 2009
I've read a good three or four books on Steve Jobs so far, and this has been one of my favourites.
Not only does Leander Kahney make seemingly accurate and educated assumptions at all aspects of Jobs' thinking, but he backs it up with examples from former Apple employees and quotes from El Jobso himself.
While other books, such as biographies, on Steve Jobs tend to stay on the cusp of his decision making process, among other things, Leander has a brilliant and entertaining way of getting past all that and digging deep to expose what's really going on inside Steve's brain.

This book has definitely given me some knowledge on Steve Jobs, and Apple all-around (especially Jonathan Ive) that I had not yet known, and so yes, this is worth your money.
Great read.
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on March 21, 2017
Not a great book but worth reading it
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on September 5, 2008
We got this book to read and discuss as part of a Book discussion we have every once in a while where I work.

The book is nice and well written. Funny where it needs to be. However, it seems that the author is just too in love with Steve. I know the man can inspire a lot of people, but the fact that he was basically licking his boots at some points was kind of annoying (to me at least).

If you decide to filter this out, this is a good read-and-then-sell book.
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on February 10, 2010
I enjoyed this book immensely. Not since Edwin Land made Polaroid what it was has there been a company so dominated by one individual. This book does an excellent job of showing the extent to which Steve Jobs IS Apple. Well written, an interesting read. Bought and read my copy from and sent a copy from to my son.
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on October 24, 2015
Great read! It is full of many great insights and is also thought provoking.
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