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on October 10, 2016
While not as flawless and masterful as The Conjuring films, the Insidious series still manages to be engaging and downright chilling at times. The second chapter starts moments after the first one left off, feeling like a genuine continuation of the story. While the first film was very in the same vein as Poltergeist, almost beat for beat, part 2 is more in-tune with The Shining, and is a great improvement over the first, i think. The plot itself, and the events that unfold, as well as all of the twists and turns are engaging and a bit less goofy this time around. I've always found that the first film fell apart tonally in the last act, but this movie maintains its creepiness throughout. My only real gripe that stops this from living up to The Conjuring films are the frequent jumpscares, and the characters, who feel less real and important. I haven't seen the third entry, but i've been impressed so far, so why stop here?
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on April 21, 2014
Insidious 1 was an interesting movie, with great potential until the last 20 minutes when Patrick Wilson went into "the further" to get his son, then it became laughable. While this movie does continue from where the first movie ended (which is a nice turnabout compared to most sequels), it has issues. First, you must have seen the first to even try to grasp what is going on in the second. Second, Patrick Wilson does as good as a job as possible with such a mediocre script and third, there are way too many plots to this movie, making it as convoluted as possible. Yes, the entity was after Patrick all along, after that I fail to understand what is going on between each and every character. Many have stated it ties the first story together and answers any lingering questions. I was willing to leave well enough alone after Chapter 1. The movies just goes the limit on how bad a sequel can be, but more importantly how moronic it can be as well. I love horror (and not slasher type, either), but this is not a paranormal or thriller in any sense. The movie has too many twists, sub plots especially regarding our "killer."
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VINE VOICEon January 6, 2014
Insidious: Chapter 2 more than delivers on the promise of the first film; it doubles up on this strange, terrifying astral dreamscape that perhaps only Carl Jung could have conceived, and even then only in a fearful mood and having ingested a psychedelic.

Sort of picking up where it left off--Wan is too singular in his style to go for the trappings of beginning, right away, where he ended--we see that Patrick Wilson's character is still very sketchy indeed, as we had presumed, and Dalton is not anywhere near a cure. The green and red hues, the lighting, the Carnival of Souls-esque (probably a tribute by Wan) psychic trips and scares are as blood curdling as anything in the original, and the way Elise's character does what she does redeems her most compromised position in the first one. There's Argento here, Tobe Hooper, all the greats of horror, and Wan wraps them into a hybrid completely of his own making. Brilliant film, ignore the detractors if you love horror.
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on January 11, 2014
loved this movie. Loved it, loved it, loved it. James Wan is one of the best directors of recent times and he makes his stand by offering two awesome horror movies this year. I personally preferred Insidious 2 though, as I appreciated the rich character development and the concept of the Further. There are clear references to The Shining and Psycho but this movie leaves its own mark of disturbing. Of course it's always great to add some light humor in between to dilute the scares (as they REALLY packed a punch in this second installment). So if you're kind of doubting the movie based on its bad rep, don't listen to the negative comments/reviews as this is easily one of the best movies this year. Everyone did a phenomenal job and the end product turned out a lot more satisfying than I expected.
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on December 31, 2013
I noticed that quite a few people 1-starred this movie because the amazon player didn't work for them.

Just remember that you're not rating Amazon's video player, you're rating the movie.

Insidious Chapter 2 is fantastic! Not as terrifying as the first (I mean hey, it's a sequel), but it does much to explain things from the first movie. Things such as why the ghost following the father around is some ancient-looking woman (in the first movie you think to yourself, "Wow, that crazy hag must've been an evil ghost for centuries," but you learn the truth in this movie), as well as what happened to the family after the first movie's chilling final scene.

Definitely worth a rent! But maybe if you want to "own" it, you should get a hard copy (DVD/blu ray). You don't want to dish out 12.99 and then throw a fit and 1-star this movie because your browser/computer/internet provider can't support the amazon player. ;)
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on April 4, 2017
Excellent. I have watched it several times. The Insidious movies are some of the best out there.
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on January 12, 2017
This video is very scary and very well storied with great actors! It will keep your eyes glued as the movie moves on!
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on November 6, 2015
As a fan of the Insidious franchise, I thought that Wan did a great job weaving the story in this. It follows directly in the heels of the first Insidious movie, and goes further by explaining some "happenings" that occurred in the first. As far as scares and thrills go, I can't vouch much for that since I haven't found any movie that scared me or thrilled me in a visceral way. That is not to say that there aren't thrills to be had, since that is something subjective and can only be answered by the viewer. What I can say is that is brilliantly directed and acted, and a lot of fun to watch. I ding it a star due to a lost opportunity with one of the characters; one whose story could have been explained more, since the way this character is in the movie makes it difficult for the viewer to connect with. Other than that, another stellar job by a stellar director.
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on January 16, 2014
I will say that I liked this Insidious better than the first one. The first one I found to be very hokey and disappointing. Why would I watch this one? I was bored and I figured I'd watch it just to watch it. I am running out of inexpensive flicks to watch. I think this was worth my few dollars to rent. TLDR for below: I didn't hate it. I would say watch it if you're running out of other scare films to watch.

What I didn't like:
*Over-used scare tactics - how many times do I have to see a scare film with people terrified of flickering lights, clothes in a closet or a toy rolling around on the floor? These things occur in my house often. I am pretty darned sure my house is not haunted.
*The story was still "hole-ridden" in that there were things that didn't make sense. I know it's fiction, but fiction can still have its own physics and rules with far fewer swiss cheese story. I'll leave out specifics for less spoilers.
*I would have liked more back-story on the main antagonist. There seems to be more than one, but I'm not sure. The ending clearly indicates another movie, but this one didn't do a lot of explaining of the current antagonist. Nor why the previous antagonist was involved. Part of the hole-ridden story I guess.

What I did like:
*I did think the story and acting improved from the first movie. I like Rose Byrne in these movies. She makes it feel less cheesy. I empathize easily with her and feel most of her actions make sense. Both kudos to her acting and maybe a bit of the story for her character.
*It was interesting to have the movie start almost immediately where it ended from the previous movie. I'm not a huge move-watcher, so maybe this is done a lot, but it isn't something I have come across in the thriller/scare films I watch.
*I actually liked the ending. The first film kind of ticked me off with the ending. The whole last 20 minutes or so seemed out of place. This one felt a little better. At least it wasn't worse than the first. Some people compared this to The Conjuring saying that The Conjuring was as bad or worse. I actually think The Conjuring was better. Go watch that first if you haven't!
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VINE VOICEon February 11, 2014
On some levels, this film is a pretty decent sequel of Insidious in that it begins basically where the first one left off and much of the plot is derived directly from the first film. Also, in many respects, the actors do a solid job in the film and there is a sense of foreboding and mystery surrounding certain plot elements. However, as it is with sequels, this one is not quite as good as the original film and fails to be as engaging. I think that the first one, while not totally an original concept, kept us quite “in the dark” as to the many spooks, scares and twists.

Insidious 2 does have some moments of intense mood and atmosphere. In fact, this is one of James Wan’s biggest strengths as a director, he shows rather than tells, and never uses “gore” as a substitute for true horror. Horror directors could take a clue from him: he, for the most part, tries to steer away from horror film ploys, and basic lame scary clichés. However, there are moments where this rule is broken and we can see the scare a mile away (the door slowly creaking and opening as the strange mist and smoke emits from underneath….). There are moments of implied gore, which happens off screen.

Probably the biggest problem with this “chapter” of Insidious is that the plot gets way, way too silly and convoluted, to the point where we basically know they are setting up the third installment of the film. It’s not bad as long as the film doesn’t waver off into the usual sequel awfulness, but let’s hope it doesn’t. Still, Insidious 2 isn’t a bad horror film per se. It definitely has suspenseful moments, and some genuinely creepy moments, and doesn’t take the nosedive that many sequels take from original to second film.
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