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on January 15, 2015
I bought this exact same bed about a year and a half ago and the bed was so good I bought a second one this last December. I also bought a memory foam topper (not from Amazon). Guests who slept on the first bed with the topper never failed to ask where I got this unbelievably comfortable air bed!

So, why two stars? Well, my second purchase, while comfortable, doesn't live up its predecessor. The first bed I got (bought from exactly the same link - I checked) is bigger in all respects - and a much more comfortable height. Also, when you put the bedding on, you can't tell it's an air bed. The second bed was a big let-down (well, literally!). In comparison to the first one, it looks like a bed you'd use for camping. The sku printed on both beds is 870017. Supposedly the same thing.

I was so disappointed and would have returned it but I received the bed just before my guests arrived. So I was stuck.

I've attached photo of the two beds together. Too bad they took a perfect product and reduced it to mediocre.
review image review image
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on May 17, 2012
update 08/02/2013. Well it finally happened after a year and a half. The bed blew out. One of the depressions on the top of the bed completely blew out of the top of the bed while i was sleeping on it. Hit the floor in one big hurry. There is no fixing it. Well i am not complaining because it out lasted any other mattress i have had. I weigh 400 pounds and that kind of weight destroys any kind of bed after time. Well i have another new one in the box that has been sitting in the box for over a year. Now we will see how long this one lasts. It is time to get the silicone seal out.

The video is a updated video after having this mattress 10 months and sleeping on it every single day. I have only had this mattress a week now but have run several tests on it. The first thing is at the end of this review I put the warranty from Wenzel. Nobody ever talks about the warranty on air mattresses. I also called the number below and talk to a customer service rep about the mattress. I am required to sleep on an air mattress because of my medical condition so I have had a lot of air mattresses in the last ten years. All air mattress leak air! They are not really leaks such as a puncture. The vinyl has pores in it so they leak down, some worse than other depending on the quality of the vinyl. I have owned air mattresses cheaper than this one and much more expensive than this one. My experience on air mattresses that you either get a good one or a bad one no matter what you pay for it. The worst trouble I had with any air mattress was one that cost over $400.00. This insta bed with the never flat is the one to own. Forget the ones with the remote control. You have to inflate or deflate the mattress with the remote but you can never get the mattress to be the same exact consistency from the last time you filled it up. Waking up in the middle of the night to inflate the bed is a pain in the you know what. This bed has only three settings. It has plush, medium, and firm. If you need more than this than you need to go sleep on a cloud in heaven. The first thing I did was inflate the bed like the instructions say. That right folks I read instructions! I selected firm and turned it on. This bed will turn itself off when it reaches the right firmness so you don't have to sit and watch it and worry about over inflating which ruins the mattress. I let it sit for 4 hours unplugged than I plugged it back in. The never flat pump came on and ran exactly one and a half minutes and shut off. The air that is being pump into the mattress is actually warm air that relaxes the vinyl. Some people say the never flat pump is loud. All I can say on the bed I received I can't even hear it at all. I only know it is running because of the red light that lights up. I Velcro a yard stick to the side of the bed at the exact height of my table in the bedroom. I laid down on the bed and the yard stick drop ½ inch below the table and the never flat pump came on. In one minute the never flat pump had the bed right back up to the height of the table top and turn itself off. I don't know how long all this electronic stuff will last but if it does you won't have to inflate or deflate anything ever again. I deflated the air mattress and it is automatic. It not only sucks ever drop of air out of the mattress but shuts itself off. It fits easily right back into the duffel bag it comes with. Well only time will tell how well it holds up but right now I think it is great.

update 5/11/2013: Well i have had it over a year now and it is still giving me terrific service

Wenzel takes pride in its workmanship and strives to manufacture the best possible products. Therefore,
American Recreation Products, lnc. Warrants to the original purchaser that its air-beds will be free from defects
In materials or workmanship for a period of (1) year from the original retail purchase date. lf any such defect
Arises and a valid claim is received by American Recreation Products, lnc. Within the applicable warranty
Period, American Recreation Products, lnc. Will, at its option, repair or replace, free of charge, any part
Of its product that is not free from defect in material and workmanship during the warranty period.
Since no Wenzel product is indestructible, this warranty does not cover defects attributable to, or resulting
From, normal wear and tear or product, parts that are not genuine Wenzel parts, as well as damage resulting
From any of the following: negligent use or misuse of the product; use with improper voltage or current;
Commercial, educational or instructional use of the product; use contrary to the operating instructions;
Disassembly, repair or alteration by anyone other than Wenzel or an authorized service center. Further; t\e
Warranty does not cover an Act of God; such as fire, flood, hurricane or tornado. Notice: lt is the nature of an
Air mattress to stretch and contract over time, due to weather conditions. lf your air mattress loses air while
Inflated, this is NOT a defective issue. Simply pump additional air into the mattress to fully re-inflate.
Service under our warranty is available to the original purchaser by returning the product, with proof of
Purchase, to any authorized Wenzel dealer or by contacting our customer service department at
1-8OO-325-4121 for Wenzel. Charges for shipping and insuring your package to Wenzel are your
Responsibility. Please be sure to insure any shipment as Wenzel cannot be responsible for uninsured
Packages and/or packages that are not received
We require that all products returned for warranty and repair be properly cleaned. Products deemed
Insufficiently clean will be returned to the customer UN-repaired. See the product care and instructions,
Which can be found attached to the product or in a booklet with the original product packaging, for
Information regarding the proper cleaning of the product.
This warranty gives you, the original purchaser, specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which
Vary from state to state. This warranty is valid for the original purchaser from the date of the original retail
Purchase and is not transferable. Keep the original sales receipt. Proof of purchase is required to obtain
Warranty service. Wenzel dealers, service centers or retail stores selling Wenzel do not have the right to
Alter, modify or in any way change the terms and conditions of this warranty.
Wenzel, a division of American Recreation Products, Inc.
American Recreation Products, Inc.
6235 Lookout
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on May 15, 2014
We bought this bed about 10 months ago so that our parents would have something to sleep on when they came to visit the grandkids. My mom has a bad knee and back so she appreciates that this bed is raised high off the floor so that it is easy to get in and out. It is comfortable to sleep on and we love that it never deflates.

Unfortunately, it sprang a hole that we couldn't repair with the included patches after we had used it for maybe 14 nights total. I called Wenzel and they immediately took action to replace the bed. This company is SO easy to deal with. I just had to take a few pictures of the hole and fill out one paper. We did it all digitally so I didn't even have to ship the defective bed back! I did all of this on Monday evening and by Thursday afternoon we had a brand new Insta Bed on our doorstep. This company gets two huge thumbs up for their customer service and their efforts to replace the bed promptly and easily.

Awesome bed. Great customer service. We'll be recommending this bed to everyone we know!
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VINE VOICEon September 3, 2013
I'm updating this review because we finally received our replacement bed after sending further requests for an update on our status and reminding their customer support agent about our warranty claim several times.

I'm not going to write much about the bed as you can find that information on other posts but it does feel more comfortable than a normal inflatable bed and the never flat pump helps it maintain its size throughout the night so you don't need to normally worry about issues with it deflating during your sleep. We used it for a month while we were preparing to move and ended up having issues after that so it doesn't appear to last very long despite how great it is. Perhaps using the silicone sealant the other top reviewer posted could extend the life, however.

My original review is below detailing my issues with the company's replacement process. They had us jump through hoops for months to get the replacement so I think it's worth still noting here for future consumers to be aware.

It's a fine bed but expect somewhat of a hassle getting a replacement if it ever breaks down for you (which appears to be a common complaint from the looks of the reviews here). I do suggest calling and speaking to someone, however, because others have told me on this site that doing so helped them speed along the process. It appears their email based replacement process may just be staffed with a different customer service group of folks than the phone support who are less likely to provide assistance?

Anyhow I'd avoid the bed still because of that but we're just happy the headache is over.


Having used several inflatable beds previously we were nervous about the idea of getting such a pricey inflatable bed because if it did start to breakdown quickly (as they all seem to do) we'd be stuck without a bed and at a large cost to boot.

We saw the number one review here mentioned how good the replacement warranty process was so we figured that was enough to convince us since if others had a good experience we were likely to as well.

Well the time came the bed ended up leaking randomly and stopped working. I'm by no means a huge guy but I'm somewhat larger due to my size (I'm 6'2" tall and 200 lbs) but it just started to decrease each night until we got to the point where I was on the floor by morning.

At this point it became clear the bed was a no-go so we needed to get a replacement. We followed the steps cutting off the label (making the bed useless) and took a photo, sent in the information, and waited. Two weeks later we were told the pdf we sent was blank (it was) because of a save issue. We then fixed the issue, confirmed the problem with the pdf didn't persist, and sent a new PDF. Two weeks later and a reminder email we got back that the pdf was blank again. We checked and confirmed it had data so we assumed he just didn't see the new attachment and looked at the old. We changed the PDF to a jpg so that there'd be no chance of confusing and once again sent it off. It's been about another two weeks now and we're on to two reminder emails without response.

We're just waiting now to see if he's going to get back to us at all -- if he does we'll change the review but for now I highly suggest you avoid this company.

We liked the bed well enough but if you're paying this much and told to cut off a vital part of the bed (making it entirely useless to you) you'd expect some feedback and in a timely manner... Taking weeks at a time and requiring reminder emails to get any sort of response seems like they just don't care about their customers or honoring their warranty commitments.
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on May 19, 2015
The reason why we got this bed was because we would be traveling for a year and would need something that we can stick in the car, and with the 1 year warranty it was a no brainier.

So on to the pros and cons

-Great bed, the different pressure settings are great, it really help especially if you don't really know what you prefer.
-The Never Flat Pump. First off we had no idea how to use the never flat, I am sure there is some documentation but we didn't read it. ( You need to keep it plugged in at night) It is very quit and did not disturb us.
-The built in cord holder.( They thought of everything)
-The auto inflate and deflate. Made it really easy to setup and pack.
-The warranty. Never have I ever dealt with such a great customer service rep. (Thanks Michael Gilbert) So we had the bed for about 10 months when it started leaking. ( this is were we fell in love with the never flat, even though we were both lay on it with a combined weight of 300+ pounds and with the three different leaks, we did not touch the ground. So we called the company because it was still in warranty. We spoke with Michael over the phone ( he answered in under 5 mins). He sent us the necessary information we needed to provide him to get a new bed.

At this point I'm thinking we need to send in the bed, then wait for them to get it and then have them send us the new one. NOPE. All we did was cut out the logo of the bed, provide the recipet ( easy since it was bought from amazon), filled out a form and sent Michael all of the information and Michael sent us the bed in three days. THREE DAYS. And at no cost to us.

Okay moving on to the cons:
Our first bed we over inflated often because we liked it really firm. And because of that I think we stretched it quite a bit. ( also we did jump on it a bunch too.) The only reason we know this is because we use a stretch queen sheet that would be hard to get on, but once we got the replacement it went on with extra room. So we probably stretched it good 6 inches.

Overall: Would definitely buy again and recommend to anyone looking for a great air mattress.
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on September 18, 2017
I LOVED this mattress when we first received it, it was very comfortable, it had a solid build quality and the rubber (or plastic not sure what its made from) was nice and thick/sturdy, the plush top was also a very nice touch that made it feel luxury. Setup was very simple and it only took approx 2min 30secs to fully inflate, deflating was just as easy and there was plenty of room in the bag it came in to store it.

However we had 2 major issues with this product:

1) The "never flat" technology did not really work as expected, we kept the mattress on the firm setting, and while I could hear the never flat motor humming it was whisper quite to the point where I questioned if was even working because the main air pump was much louder and I wasn't sure if a much smaller motor could keep the bed inflated all night. It definitely did not feel like it did come morning time.

2) After roughly 4-5 uses with this mattress, the material it is made from began to slowly stretch/expand outward and not keep its rigidness, causing me to manually need to hold down the inflate option on the air pump to force more air into the mattress to keep its firmness.
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on November 5, 2012
We bought this for 2 reasons:
1- we don't own an airbed, and being mid 20-somethings we often cram way too many people into a hotel room while on overnight excursions with our other 20-something year old friends. That being said, we are getting a little too old to sleep on a hotel floor, and thought an airbed would be a good investment. 2 weekends ago, this was confirmed! We slept on it at a hotel and loved it, and then again a few nights later in our living room (we feared that a large tree by our bedroom would fall during the Hurricane)
2 - we recently purchased a small 2 bedroom condo, and any other NJ real estate owners can commiserate with us regarding the ungodly high real estate costs in this state. We are using our 2nd bedroom as both an office and a guest bedroom and didn't want the space to feel crammed all the time by throwing a real bed in there. So, we purchased the air mattress with future guests in mind. I am certain that they will love it as much as we do. (we will be testing this theory on Nov. 21)

This is SO COMFORTABLE. My fiance likes it better than our actual mattress. while I prefer a real bed, this definitely takes the cake for the best air mattress I have ever slept on - I would even prefer this to a futon! The never-flat technology is awesome; there is absolutely no deflation overnight. You can kind of hear the back-up pump, but honestly, if you are already asleep, you won't notice it. I have heard refrigerators and other household appliances that are consistently 'on' that are way louder than it. The bed inflates/deflates in a few minutes which is convenient. Also, the Plush / medium / firm settings really do work! The only downside I can think of is that the bed is HEAVY if you are lugging it on a trip, but they do include a carrying bag with handles that are large enough to throw over your shoulders.
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on October 3, 2015
I have had this bed for about 9 months now. I have been using this as my personal bed daily and without issues. I keep it plugged in at all times and it maintains exactly the full firmness. I find it to be comfortable and get excellent sleep on it.

It has been just 3 weeks shy of a year and I have started having slight problems. Over the last couple of weeks the bed has not been maintaining its inflation as well and the pump runs all night trying to keep it up. I have used this bed daily for almost a year so it has held up well.
Today I called for a warranty exchange and got excellent support. I was on and off the phone in 5 minutes. They emailed the warranty form, which only asks for the bed info and receipt. They also ask for proof of destruction of the bed (so that you don't have to ship a whole bed back. Perfectly reasonable, and I should expect my replacement bed back in just 3-4 days. I think I can sleep on a couch for that long.
I have never had a warranty replacement be so hassle free. This 5 star rating remains the same. Just wish I could make it six.
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on October 8, 2014
So far so good!

Arrived on time and setup was easy.

Just roll it out, plug it in, and fire it up!

I've owned and slept in a variety of airbeds in my time, ranging from glorified pool floats, to high-dollar name brand units.
The one thing that is true about all of them is that they will eventually leak. And per Murphys Law, this always happens in the middle of the night, on a day when you really need to sleep, or when you have important guests over, etc. Some beds last longer than others, but eventually they will all leak.

The part that sold me about this bed was the "Never Flat" pump. If it performs as-advertised, it will eliminate or greatly the reduce the one biggest problem that faces every single airbed eventually, leakage...

The bed itself appear to be very sturdy. Its a nice deep design so it can be placed directly on the floor and still be easy to get in and out of. The material feels thick enough, and the seams are flat and cleanly bonded. I would expect this bed to go at least the normal duration before it starts to leak (a couple of years of occasional use, or 4-6 months of constant use).

But what (should) really set this bed apart it how it performs after it starts leaking. Even if the bed springs a leak, one that would normally put you on the hard floor in a matter of hours, the pump will kick in to re-inflate it and keep you reasonably comfortable for the rest of the night, or the rest of the week, until you can find some time to patch it.

Originally I thought this meant the primary (loud) pump would kick on for a few seconds to get it back to full, which would have been enough to wake me up, but would still be preferable to having to switch it on and off manually, or reinflate with a hand-pump like the old days.

But to my surprise when I got this set up, the "never flat" pump is actually a separate unit from the normal noisy pump, and it really is almost completely silent! If you're laying right up next to it, and you're listening closely, you can hear it, but it wouldn't wake you up from a sound sleep. And if you lay with your head on the other end of the bed, I bet you wouldn't even notice it at all.

I tested it by manually deflating it, and waiting for the never flat pump to kick in. And sure enough it did, and brought the bed back to firm in a couple of minutes. Its not as fast as the main pump, but assuming its a small leak and it only has to re-pump 1-2 times during the night, it should work perfectly.

I also tested the adjustable firmness control. I'm not convinced that the primary pump is controlled by these settings (plush feels just like firm if you let the pump run in auto mode), but when you engage the never flat, and deflate the bed back to where you like it, the silent pump will respond to the firmness control very well. If you set it to plush it will stop early, and if you move it to medium, or firm, the silent pump starts up again to get you to the right setting.

Overall its a high-quality airbed to rival the competing products ranging from $50-$300, but with its one "killer-app," the never flat pump, this could easily make this bed stay usable for 2-3 times the lifespan of the other beds on the market.

For the price, (and assuming the pumps and seals hold up) its a great deal.
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on March 21, 2016
Unlike most inflatable beds I have had experience with in the past, this one has not lost any air in the ten days since I first inflated it. The height off the floor is about 18" which makes it very easy to climb out of. Although that depth is a bit more than the "deep pocket" fitted sheets that are available, it is easy to get on a fitted sheet by attaching it while the mattress is semi-deflated and then inflating it to your preference. There are separate settings for adjusting from "firm" to "soft," ehich is a nice touch. Very comfortable.
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