What is InstaFire?

InstaFire fire starter is a versatile choice for starting camp fires, wood burning stoves, outdoor fire pits, indoor fireplaces, and BBQ grills. The product comes in two forms: a fire starter for lighting fires in all types of weather and a charcoal starter for helping you light up your BBQ grill.

InstaFire Fire Starter

InstaFire fire starter is available either in loose bulk form in a bucket or in grab-and-go durable Mylar packets. It will light fires in 30 mile-per-hour winds, rainy conditions, and during snowstorms. Just place some InstaFire fire starter under your fire wood, and light the fire starter with a match or lighter for a hot, even flame without flare-ups. InstaFire fire starter burns at nearly one-thousand degrees--hot enough to light wet wood.

InstaFire Charcoal Starter

InstaFire charcoal briquette starter is the perfect solution for lighting coals. If you are sick and tired of the smell and taste of lighter fluid then InstaFire charcoal starter is for you. It's availble in loose bulk form in a bucket or as single-use burnable packets. Just put the charcoal starter under the briquettes in your grill or charcoal chimney, light the packet or the starter directly, and your coals will be ready in minutes. The burnable packets are made from corn sugar and are designed to inflame quickly. Each packet of charcoal briquette starter has a burn time of 10-15 minutes and will easily light up to 75 charcoal briquettes.

Safe for You and the Environment

InstaFire starters contain no harmful chemicals or vapors-just recycled wood pellets, volcanic rock and a patented blend of food-grade paraffin wax. Besides being nontoxic, the leftover ash is a natural fertilizer that will nourish the earth. Andy they are not combusible fuels. They are safe to store indoors or outdoors and won't cause any conflicts with local flammable storage ordinances. InstaFire products are made in the USA by Insta-Fire, Inc.