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on December 22, 2017
I am not going to repeat what others have said but will highlight a few important points:

1. One thing to keep in mind that while the cooking time with this is much shorter than regular cooking methods, you need to factor in the time it takes to boil the water and create enough steam to reach the right pressure. For better results, you want it to sit a little after cooking to get better results, which also takes some time. So it is not really "instant" but it does make many cooking jobs much faster.

2. I am Chinese and my wife is Japanese so we have dedicated cookwares to make rice, and we know how a pot of good rice looks and tastes like. If you don't have these, I can tell you the rice made by the Instant Pot is as good if not better than what we usually get. You add rice and water to the pot in a 1:1 ratio (eg., 1 cup each), select "Rice" and the actual cooking time is 10 min. You could manually release the pressure immediately or let it sit for 5-10 min, depending on whether you like the rice to have some texture or softer.

3. While you can use it to steam, but the food, whether it is vegetable or sausage, can be soggy. For vegetables they also turn yellow. So while Instant pot can steam (and of course it can), a dedicated steamer may work better for some of the food.

4. I personally think this is best for making stew and soup that usually takes hours and this can cut down the cooking time to be around 30 min. Since you can also sauté in it, you do not need to sauté in another device and then transfer it to the pot for making soup, as two steps can be combined in the same device.
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Buy it.
I'm serious.
I'm so cheap it's not even funny.
My crockpot broke, so I decided to try this as it was the same price as a large crockpot.
I regret NOTHING.
I can make rice in minutes
Eggs have never been easier to peel
Bone broth doesn't take DAYS
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on May 17, 2017
Of all of the purchases that I've ever made to add to my kitchen's efficiency and fun, this is the one thing I could not do without. I ordered it after making a decision to cook with fresh ingredients in order to make my meals healthier. It took me awhile to gather data from online forums and various cookbooks and "how to" resources before I actually opened the box and began my discovery journey. It's been a delicious one, indeed, not to mention how much time I am saving in the process. The quality of manufacturing is evident and customer service will make you happy, IF you need to call them....I've heard. I have not had one single need to call them but forums indicate that they are very accommodating and quick to respond to any issue you might happen upon.

I tried hard boiled eggs first and this alone has changed my life. No more eggs that look like craters on the moon and no grey yolk edges that indicate overcooking. Then I did steel cut oats in a fraction of the time, so healthy and so very delicious. Then I went for the entree meal and found what forums professed to be the best Butter Chicken recipe out there, and it did not disappoint! The wonderful spice and food aromas that swirl around you will be enough to let you know that you jumped onto the right band wagon but it's the taste of freshness and flavor and tenderness that will keep you searching for your next favorite recipe to accomplish!

If you are on the fence about purchasing an Instant Pot, I am here to tell you that you won't be disappointed. I'm already trying to determine what my second one will be - should I go for an 8 qt variety or add one that does yogurt....decisions....decisions! Pull the trigger, buy your Instant Pot soon!
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on June 3, 2017
I would highly recommend this. 25 minutes for a whole rotisserie chicken that was absolute perfection.
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on November 20, 2017
This is the first kitchen appliance that has gotten me excited about cooking since I don't know when. I am not a morning person, and will never remember to take something out of the freezer early in the day. However, come 6pm, if dinner is not immediately apparent, I tend to order take-out, which is expensive and gets old. With the Instant Pot, I have made bean soup from dried beans in an hour. I have made beef stew from frozen-solid chuck in 35 min. It takes me about 15 min to chop mirepoix, add broth, a bit of tomato paste, and whatever herbs I want, and within 30-60 min I have something that tastes like it cooked all day. I have cooked halved squash in 10 min. I still use the oven for roasting things (dry heat), but for almost everything else - soup, stews, hard-boiled eggs, squash, etc - I am using the Instant Pot.

I like to saute the mirepoix/veg while I am preparing the rest of the ingredients. I feel like it helps the whole pot come up to temperature more quickly. When I have vented the valve by hand, it takes less than 5 minutes for the pressure to go down enough to open the lid.

The 3-qt is perfect for one person - I have plenty to share with the neighbors and still have leftovers.

I think I am saving money and I am not throwing as much food out. Fresh, decent food from real ingredients has to be better and less expensive than take out/fast casual. I love it.
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on March 5, 2017
For those of you thinking of getting the Instant Pot pressure cooker, it's a winner! I didn't even blow mine up today as accident prone as I have been. Browned a pot roast in sauteed onions and garlic right in the pot using the "saute" setting, added 2 cups of water and some bay leaves, closed the lid and set it for 55 minutes with a delayed start of 2.5 hours. While we were at church, it cooked the pot roast and kept it warm. Got home, turned it off, removed the lid and added fresh carrots, celery and potato chunks, a little cornstarch in water, put the lid on, used the "steam" feature and in 5-6 minutes we were ready to eat! The meat was moist and delicious and the vegetables finished and tasting like I cooked for hours. I am loving it.
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I deliberated between the LUX60 and the DUO60 and decided to go with the LUX60 due to the price point.
I don't regret the decision because I'm not interested in making yogurt. It has worked perfectly for me.
Aside from basic meals, soups, stews, steamed veggies and meat or veggie stocks.
I've also made a lot of cheesecakes in the LUX60 initially with a 7 inch spring form pan.
I've learned that a (sturdy) 8 inch USA Cake Pan will fit (snugly) in the LUX60.
The 7 inch spring form pan failed after only 3 uses and was returned.
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on April 16, 2018
We purchased a 6 qt initially and felt it was too big for everyday use. Cleaning was taking too much time. We decided to try out this 3 qt pot and we fell in love! I mainly use this to cook rice, and it cooks within half the time it usually took in my older rice cooker. This kitchen gadget is fast, easy to clean, and will help you save money by not eating out.

Cooking at home has been easier since the pot is so easy to clean! Just soak the pot in water right after it’s cooled down and everything will scrub right off. Remember to read the manual so you know how to work the valves. And there’s a lot of small additional pieces that comes in the box, don’t be like me and accidentally throw out the steam catcher! If you’re new to pressure cookers like I was, it’s okay if you’re overwhelmed just take the time to read instructions. The learning curve is worth it because this little thing will cook your food fast, perfect for busy people!
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on February 13, 2018
Excellent, love it! I do have one huge caveat though. My Instant Pot LUX Mini 3 Qt 6-in-1 Multi- Use came with the expected accessories including the Instant Pot Recipe Booklet, 4th Edition. The 4th Edition has some glaring omissions. On page 17 there are three recipes, PERFECT BASMATI RICE, PERFECT JASMINE RICE and PERFECT BROWN RICE. All three recipes omit the Cook time, e.g., PERFECT BROWN RICE should include Cook time: 22 minutes, however, it does not and neither do the other two recipes listed on this page. The only thing it does say in step 3. is ..."[Pressure Cook] or [Manual] and then adjust the [+] or [-] button to set 4 minutes of pressure cooking time."

If one is unfamiliar with pressure cooking, let alone Instant Pots, this causes no end of confusion and problems, because I guarantee you, if one sets the time to 4 minutes, nothing will be cooked.

I have not researched the other recipes in this booklet, however, don't have a lot of confidence they may have omissions too. I did go on the internet and found the actual cooking time to be 22-25 minutes.

I also called the Instant Pot company and after some explaining and the person there who was using the 3rd Edition of the above booklet, we figured out that the 3rd Ed. does list the actual cooking time in these three recipes and that it is indeed omitted in the 4th Edition. I have opened a 'trouble ticket' with the company, asking that they send me a copy of the 3rd Edition booklet and we'll see how that sorts out.

I did get a preliminary response that says if it's under warranty to contact the company I purchased it from which in this case is, of course, Amazon. I truly doubt that Amazon will consider themselves to be in this loop. I will try to update this as it unfolds.
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on January 13, 2018
I was searching for a pressure cooker, but not my Mom's 1960 era appliance. I found the Instant Pot, the hype didn't find me.
I started researching everything about it including watching YouTube videos of others preparing amazing dishes. The first meal I made was one of the first videos I watched.

When I researched the pot itself I read first the single star critiques, weighing them against the 3 and 4 stars. I made a decision.

One of the 1 Star reviews illustrated a spewing pressure released Instant Pot (after a 20 minute natural release method.) I had the same thing happen my first cook and realized my issue wasn't the pot itself but the quantity of fluid I was using and the meal had manifested needed a longer NR period, (30-35min). Now if I needed an immediate release I would use a tea towel to cover the unit from spraying my kitchen with food steam.

I have never imagined making baby back ribs in 32mins (plus 25min natural release) and 5mins under the broiler. (to caramelize the BBQ) and have the meat fall away from the bone.
Or could I have imagined preparing a pot roast and serving it in under an hour without a knife.
I made a delicious gravy within the same pot by simply switching the pot to sautê.
I never considered stuffing peppers with raw ingredients before and having them completed in 12mins (NR : 30mins). My 6qt accommodated 4 peppers.

Make your decision as I have done by including a few YouTube videos. "The truth is in the pudding".
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