Customer Reviews: Intel G530 CPU 2.40 GHZ 2M CACHE 2.4 2 LGA 1155 Processor (BX80623G530)
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on January 31, 2012
If you build your own systems and want to build a "low power" or home theater type system I highly recommend this processor. This processor is nearly as powerful as it's bigger brothers the Pentium G and i3s. For the money this processor is a best buy.

I built an HTPC system using this processor and am thrilled with it. 1080p video streams smoothly. So far this processor has handled with ease everything I have asked it to do.
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on August 20, 2012
I purchased this CPU to put it in a home theater PC. It runs very cool and provides enough processing power to watch anything from YouTube to Blu-Ray videos. The Celeron name carries a bad reputation from years past but the new line of Celerons puts most low to mid-range AMDs to shame.
It only has Intel HD 1000 graphics but its more than enough especially if you're considering other low-end CPUs. Anything other than the stock cooler will be overkill for this. Remember to never touch the underside of the CPU or the pins on the motherboard!
-Background info: I'm a PC repair tech for a living and I have to know my stuff. :)
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on July 18, 2012
I use this processor in my DIY file server (i.e., NAS). I have a mini itx motherboard and three hard drives in it at the moment. The OS is installed on a USB flash drive. I leave the server itself running 24/7 (only sleeping the hard drives when not in use), so I was looking for something cool but with good enough performance that it wouldn't get bogged down in usual fileserver stuff. Apparently an atom motherboard can fairly easily get CPU bound if you have several hard drives working. Anyway, this is the lowest performing multi-core Sandy Bridge CPU, but it is almost overkill for a file server. It compares with a typical core 2 duo processor in terms of performance (though it uses much less power).

A few points of note:

1. Fits in a standard 1155 slot, so basically any standard motherboard these days.

2. Idles at a very low power. When my hard drives spin down, my whole system eats only 35 watts (at the outlet), and my power supply is by no means efficient. So this thing is really sipping the juice.

3. Amazingly cheap. This is about the cheapest processor money can buy. The processor and motherboard I bought together cost less than an atom set, which is really something. And it performs much better, and I hear it idles at a lower power as well (though it uses more while working).

4. The heat sink on this is quite small. And it has a standard fan on it. I can work it as hard as I want and it never warms up. I bet with a decent aftermarket CPU heatsink you could go passive with this chip. Very cool.

Overall a good processor at a great price. This chip basically makes those atom chips look pretty bad. Unless you really need every last watt for your application, this chip wins over atom quite handily.
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on August 1, 2012
For the price I paid for this processor ($45), I feel like I committed a crime by purchasing it. Seriously? $45 for a Intel dual core 2.40 processor? That is a steal if I ever saw one! This baby will do it all as long as you understand that a Celeron type processor will usually have less on-board cache than the more expensive processors. However, you really don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand that this baby will pretty much handle many basic things that you throw at it besides of course the hardcore stuff. For example, I am only using this processor for a HTPC build to stream videos on my HDTV. You can rely on this processor for pretty much all of your daily tasks such as editing your documents, streaming Youtube videos, email, listening to music, watching videos and of course surfing the web. I've experienced no hiccup so far with this processor. I believe it also runs extremely cool although I haven't tested it under extreme conditions.

There really isn't anything more to say other than to get this processor now before it either runs out of supply or discontinued. If you are going for a budget build, you can't go wrong with this one. I initially wanted to purchase a AMD Sempron processor for a little less than this one but I figured what the heck? For a few more bucks, I can get a dual core processor! It's a no brainer.
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on September 11, 2012
Installed it and was happily surprised at the value you get for under $50.

HD playback 1080p No problem, Netflix YouTube 1080p looks great. I was able to run two 1080p videos on two separate monitors with no additional video card, CPU goes to 90-100% while playing YouTube 1080p (on two monitors!!!).

I rarely ever see this CPU go to 100% under normal use, unless you are a gamer this is all you need as an average PC user.

I see that, almost all the time it down-clocks itself to 1.6 instead of 2.4 so getting a faster clock is probably will not make a huge differences.
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on February 12, 2013
I cant say enough good things about this. The last time I purchased a celeron was back when I was building 400mhz computers. They rocked back then, but since technology has evolved I just assumed they would be a little anemic. WOW, was i wrong! This was paired with a BIOSTAR H61MGC LGA 1155 motherboard.

I built this to do some handbrake, video watching, email, youtube etc.

This processor does the job!
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on February 24, 2012
I gave this CPU 5 stars because for the $52 I paid for it the performance is amazing. I have another similar system with an i5-2400 in it that cost almost 4 times as much and for general use you can't tell the difference. Granted for things that really stress the CPU the 2400 is obviously more capable, but unless you're a gamer you may very well not notice the difference.

I bought this to build a file server box, but have been doing general Windows things with it and am impressed.

Also, I'm not using a graphics card with it, but rather the built in Sandy Bridge graphics on this chip and they are amazingly capable for general purpose use.

If you go to the passmark web site and look at their list where they rate dozens of CPU's, there is a column that rates the 'value for the buck' and this chip has one of the highest ones out there. It's too bad Intel used the "Celeron" name for this as it's nothing like the old Celerons.

Oh, be prepared to buy a 3rd party cooler/fan. Right now, the Cooler Mast Hyper 212 Plus can be had with rebate for under $20 (if you know where to look (on the obvious sites)) and it's really worth it. The Intel cooler/fan works fine, but the fin area is so small, and the fan is so small, that it has to work hard and is noisy. But any aftermarket cooler will be so undertaxed cooling this that you'll never hear a thing.
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on April 15, 2012
I paired this up with a Biostar H61MGC motherboard for a cheap and solid build. For most applications, you will not notice the difference between this $50 processor and a $300 quad core Core i5. The Intel Celeron G530 is an excellent Sandy Bridge Processor that is undeserving of its moniker. In terms of performance, I would compare it to a Pentium Dual Core E6500 (o'ced to 3.5Ghz) or an AMD Athlon II X3 445 (3.1Ghz). One disadvantage of being a Sandy Bridge processor is its overclocking ability, this CPU cannot be overclocked and does not have turbo boost. However, this CPU does not draw a lot of power and runs very cool as to be expected. I did have issues with the heatsink during the installation. Initially, I installed the heatsink and ensured it was well seated When I checked the CPU temperature though, the CPU was idling at 75 degrees. I subsequently removed the heatsink and the OEM thermal paste and applied Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound before reseting the heatsink. The temperature is now a respectable 35 degrees Celsius. I have a feeling that the thermal paste that was intially applied to the processor requires a curing time since it is not very pastelike and appears to be quite 'hard' or dry.
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on April 28, 2012
This is probably the best budget CPU of all time. It runs cool and quiet and is incredibly powerful. The reviewer that said this CPU runs hot obviously installed the heatsink wrong. I have a very tight case with no extra fans, and the CPU idles at 35C and goes up to about 52C at 100% usage when gaming. I paired this CPU with the ~$50 Biostar H61MGC motherboard and a GTX 550ti video card, and it absolutely rips. It can run almost every game at max settings. You can't get a better CPU for your money. If you spend triple, you'll only get 50% better performance in games; not worth it if you ask me.
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on October 14, 2014
I ordered this processor used. It works ok, but wasn't packaged very well during shipping. The used one didn't included a CPU fan, but I knew that when I ordered it. This is a 65w Sandy Bridge processor built on a 32nm die. The newer 55w Ivy Bridge processors use less power and are built on a 22nm die. The Ivy Bridge processors are better if your motherboard supports them.
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