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on December 30, 2013
Works great, using it in a hackintosh(Gigabyte ga-z87mx-d3h) build, idles like my 4800MQ 15.6" notebook, around 28-30C. I haven't stressed it yet, but I paired it with a HyperEvo 212+ cooler rather than the useless stock HS/fan in a Corsair Carbide 300R case.

I haven't stressed it yet, but will try to remember high temps when stressed, running with Patriot Viper 1600 DDR3 DIMMs (2x8GB).

Prime95 under OSX:
pretty well stabilizes w/a Hyper 212+ @ 60-63 w/an occasional BRIEF spike to ~69C.

Stock HSF is UTTERLY useless people, replace with ALMOST ANYTHING else, i.e. order CPU with some sort of better aftermarket cooler.

A 212 Evo w/3930k works about as well for me, although it idles at a bit higher temps, mid 30C range stock(3.2GHz), 40C range overclocked to 3.9GHz.

The Haswell build is MUCH quieter than my 3930k build, however there are more/larger case fans, higher cap PSU w/equivalent fans, etc. so that was expected. I'm still leery of liquid cooling as I FEAR leakages.
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on July 19, 2014
Intel is the way to go. I have been an AMD fan boy for all of my life. Going through college I was poor and price was more of a factor in my decision to go with AMD. I assumed the competition between AMD and Intel was overblown and that their chips were similar. Boy, was I wrong.

I replaced my AMD Phenom 4-core 4.0 Ghz processor with this i7. There was a world of difference. I don't do a lot of gaming but I have some experience with video conversion which I used both processors on to test. When I would convert a video file to a different format with the AMD processor, it would max out it's usage to 99% which meant if I did anything else while it was converting that it would overload the processor and blue screen of death me. With the Intel processor, video conversion only takes up about 20% usage and, if I were to estimate, I would say that it converts the videos roughly 33% faster, maybe more. This is great because it allows me to do other things on my computer while I'm converting the video files without blowing it up.

Yes, Intel is going to cost you quite a bit more money for "less" processing power. In my personal opinion, it is well worth the extra money. These processors are much faster than AMD. The point of this review isn't to dog AMD because they give you excellent processing power at an affordable price. I have nothing against them. However, if money isn't tight and you have a little extra that you don't mind spending, go with an Intel processor, especially if you'll be using it for gaming or video editing/conversion.
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on December 26, 2013
I originally went from a I7 4770 unlocked version, not too much of a difference other than this K version being unlocked.

I have had 1 chip that went defective and before would not overclock very far..would get no more than 4.0 ghz....
This one gets to 4.3 under 1.8volts

Encoding a 2-3 hour HD video takes less than 30 minutes to complete..also coupled with 1600hmz of DDR3 ram.
Also teamed with a Sapphire Radeon 7970, the only AMD products I am interested in is there graphic cards.

I can't really tell how it performs for games as everything is normally on the GPU,
But I do get 80+ FPS on Battlefield 4 which is really the only extensive CPU game I play.
Dolphin Emulator for WII does run at 100% and is VERY CPU dependent.
I have had a few AMD FX processors and even overclocked they only managed to run Dolphin Emulator games
at around 70-90%..This processor runs Dolphin at 98-100% speed, not even overclocked.

Temperature is very high however..stock fan is useless.. I use the Cooler Master EVO and at load using prime 95 temperatures range from 80 to 92.
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on February 19, 2015
There isn't much to say about the CPU but below are my thoughts:

1) Very easy to install
2) Very powerful for the money and easily handled every stress test I could come up with
3) Overclocking is a snap and the CPU remains stable even when overclocked
4) The 4 cores contain Hyper-threading meaning each core is technically two individual cores

1) Can get to 40+C when heavily loaded, even with a lot of fans and copper heat sinks attached. This relates to the CPU pulling a lot of power and in turn diminishes the overall life of the CPU but this only happens when I tax the CPU to it's max.

In the end, this CPU is rock solid but only buy it when it goes on sale. Also, when buying, make sure this CPU socket will fit your motherboard socket.
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on May 18, 2014
I will update my review after I receive my processor but I wanted to "Review" Amazon customer service. If you are like me you want this processor at the lowest price and Amazon often has it for close to the lowest. Occasionally it will drop its price like today (18 May) to a really good price $299. Well if you are like me and bought it a short time ago (I believe the rule is 30 days) for a higher price just call them up and ask for a refund of the difference. I used "My Account" help, contact us, and call me... when they called me, I said I wanted a refund of the difference, she said hold on one second, came back a short time later and said it has been processed. Total time 2 Minutes and 33 Seconds!!! It was only $20 but I expected to be on hold longer than two and a half minutes!

Good job customer service, if the chip is as good as that I will take over the world!
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on March 11, 2014
Upgraded from an AMD system i built around an a-10 6800k. I caved in and went Intel and could not be happier. Build spec's Case-Coolmaster HAF XB, Motherboard-Asus Pro z87, Ram G skill 1866 16 gb (4 x 4) cas 8 timing 8-9-9-24, Graphics Niv. 660ti, Power supply- Corsair 750, Cooler- Coolmaster 812, Chassis fan's- Coolmaster 120mm x 3 Coolmaster 200mm x 1 Coolmaster 80mm x 2, Hard drives- Samsung Pro ssd 128 gb x 2 in Raid 0. Running at 4.2 ghz at stock temps. Now i don't have to worry about a cpu bottle neck! Going to throw dual 780's at it in sli in the future.
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on June 24, 2014
I went from i7 920 to i7 4770K, what an upgrade. Though newer chips are out, i think this is still a great deal and good cheap making a build. It is very easy to install and it was my first time building my own pc. It was a snap, though the stock fan feels a little cheap plastic, it is fine if you are not going to overclock.

The problem I had with the heatsink fan is that the wires that goes around it can hit the fan blades which causing some loud noises. I didn't realized what the noise was and it slightly damaged the wire rubber though it didn't affect anything. This maybe a QC issue with Intel.
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on April 23, 2014
I recently ordered this CPU for my new rig I was building and always seem to get great things from Amazon and Intel. Intel never ceases to amaze me with they're great performing CPU's. I upgraded from an AMD 8350 which was a very very beast CPU but had to try the forbidden fruit of Intel's Haswell line of CPU's. It overclocked to a stable 4.5 with no issues what so ever, I gained about 25FPS-30FPS in all games for the most part and my computer just runs smooth with 0 issues. That's the key here is I have not had a single hiccup or crash yet!


- Runs Cooler than my previous CPU. I was around 40c idle and 60c under full load with the 8350 even with my Liquid setup.
The Intel runs 28c idle and 51c-52c under full load, so not a huge difference but honestly cooler is better.

- I gained alot of FPS and over all Smoothness with upgrading to this CPU, now I didn't have the best motherboard money could buy with my AMD but it wasn't the lowest. With the Intel I made sure I spent a good amount on the Mobo and its made a huge difference from what I could tell.

- I almost doubled my Benchmark scores from the previous AMD CPU which blew my mind, I was worried that upgrading to this and spending $280 on a new CPU and $200 on my Mobo that the performance difference would not be worth it. Well I was wrong cause its night and Day, no offense to AMD cause I still love the hell out of AMD. They are still great if you don't have the money to dish out on an Intel setup.


- These CPU's are expensive and if you want the best performance then you will want to buy a top of the line Motherboard to go along with it. So just that alone can cost you $500+
- Non that I can think of at the moment besides the money side of things, Like I have said before its been perfect the whole time with no issues other than my wallet was a bit lighter after the purchase. :)

Specs on the Build I put together:

Intel 4770k i7 3.5Mhz OC @ 4.5Mhz
MSI GD65 Z87 Gaming Motherboard
G.Skill 8gb 2x4gb sticks @ 12800 / 1600Mhz
Nvidia GTX 680 2gb SuperClocked Edition (Already had this)
PNY Signature 120gb SSD
WD Blue 500gb HD @ 7200rpm
Avermedia Live Gamer HD - Capture Card
EVGA 650w Gold Rated PSU
Fractal Design - Define R4 (non-windowed) Case
(BTW Best case on the Market!)
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on February 19, 2014
My i7-950 melted after a poor contact patch of thermal paste between the proc and the water cooler. User error, make sure you buy enough thermal paste for your new proc and check your existing setup! $5 now could save you hundreds later. Anyway, this CPU is FAST, it was rendering 1080P video in Adobe Premiere 64 bit at least twice as fast as the i7-950. Makes sense being a first gen i7 vs. current generation i7 but I was still surprised at the amount of improved performance. Great product!
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on November 25, 2013
Background: I upgraded from an entry level machine built around an AMD Phenom II 970 BE. That system was overclocked a bit, so I already knew about overclocking. I decided to use this as the heart of my college machine because most, if not all mini-ITX mobos for AMD are not that overclocking ready. My chip sits inside a Maximus 6 Impact.

Pros: One hell of an upgrade. However, I cannot compare my old system to my new one in all aspects. Nothing can compare to the SSD optimizations on win8 and z87 vs win7 and 880G. This chip is wickedly fast. This can render a 5760x3840 image of a translucent 3D object in about 1.7 hrs. My friend rendered the same object on the same settings on his FX-8320 system in about 2.4 hours. This was back when I was on stock clocks. I haven't tried to render since my latest system tweaks.

Also, I was decently lucky with the silicon lottery. My chip can get to 4.4 GHz stable with 1.2v on the core. I would push more but I'm thermally limited. This brings me to my negative thoughts on this chip.

Cons: This chip is stupidly hard to keep cool. Gotta love intel for using that black gunk to keep their IHS attached... I'm using a Phanteks PC-12DX to keep my chip cool. If you're not familiar with that cooler, it's essentially a push-pull 212 evo on steriods. And no, my case airflow is actually better than most cases. My 200mm intake is unobstructed and blows up to 150 CFM directly to the cooler. Anyways, this is about the chip, not my system. As for the price/performance of this chip, it's pretty pitiful. Unless every second, MHz, or form factor matters to you, there is almost no reason to purchase this chip. AMD's FX-8320 delivers about 70-80% of this chip's performance at quite literally half the price. Also, the 990X/990FX motherboards tend to be much cheaper than similarly performing motherboards on the z87 chipset.

tl;dr - this chip is only meant for those pushing for every last MHz on the Haswell platform. If you're buying this, be ready to drop more than $80 for a decent cooling solution. This is not intel's chip for gaming... Swing over to this chip's little brother, the i5-4670K. Before you start screaming "it's not an i7" remember this. There is basically no stock clock performance difference between this and the i5. Even if you do video editing or some other cpu intensive tasks, you will probably be more than happy on the i5. For a 30% price increase, you earn maybe 5% extra performance in heavily threaded applications.
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