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on July 19, 2014
Intel is the way to go. I have been an AMD fan boy for all of my life. Going through college I was poor and price was more of a factor in my decision to go with AMD. I assumed the competition between AMD and Intel was overblown and that their chips were similar. Boy, was I wrong.

I replaced my AMD Phenom 4-core 4.0 Ghz processor with this i7. There was a world of difference. I don't do a lot of gaming but I have some experience with video conversion which I used both processors on to test. When I would convert a video file to a different format with the AMD processor, it would max out it's usage to 99% which meant if I did anything else while it was converting that it would overload the processor and blue screen of death me. With the Intel processor, video conversion only takes up about 20% usage and, if I were to estimate, I would say that it converts the videos roughly 33% faster, maybe more. This is great because it allows me to do other things on my computer while I'm converting the video files without blowing it up.

Yes, Intel is going to cost you quite a bit more money for "less" processing power. In my personal opinion, it is well worth the extra money. These processors are much faster than AMD. The point of this review isn't to dog AMD because they give you excellent processing power at an affordable price. I have nothing against them. However, if money isn't tight and you have a little extra that you don't mind spending, go with an Intel processor, especially if you'll be using it for gaming or video editing/conversion.
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on December 30, 2013
Works great, using it in a hackintosh(Gigabyte ga-z87mx-d3h) build, idles like my 4800MQ 15.6" notebook, around 28-30C. I haven't stressed it yet, but I paired it with a HyperEvo 212+ cooler rather than the useless stock HS/fan in a Corsair Carbide 300R case.

I haven't stressed it yet, but will try to remember high temps when stressed, running with Patriot Viper 1600 DDR3 DIMMs (2x8GB).

Prime95 under OSX:
pretty well stabilizes w/a Hyper 212+ @ 60-63 w/an occasional BRIEF spike to ~69C.

Stock HSF is UTTERLY useless people, replace with ALMOST ANYTHING else, i.e. order CPU with some sort of better aftermarket cooler.

A 212 Evo w/3930k works about as well for me, although it idles at a bit higher temps, mid 30C range stock(3.2GHz), 40C range overclocked to 3.9GHz.

The Haswell build is MUCH quieter than my 3930k build, however there are more/larger case fans, higher cap PSU w/equivalent fans, etc. so that was expected. I'm still leery of liquid cooling as I FEAR leakages.
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on May 18, 2014
I will update my review after I receive my processor but I wanted to "Review" Amazon customer service. If you are like me you want this processor at the lowest price and Amazon often has it for close to the lowest. Occasionally it will drop its price like today (18 May) to a really good price $299. Well if you are like me and bought it a short time ago (I believe the rule is 30 days) for a higher price just call them up and ask for a refund of the difference. I used "My Account" help, contact us, and call me... when they called me, I said I wanted a refund of the difference, she said hold on one second, came back a short time later and said it has been processed. Total time 2 Minutes and 33 Seconds!!! It was only $20 but I expected to be on hold longer than two and a half minutes!

Good job customer service, if the chip is as good as that I will take over the world!
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on December 31, 2013
This i7-4770k was the core of my first computer build - so I was ignorant what to expect. I did an external build first to test the motherboard, RAM and processor - everything worked fine but the Intel processor fan above the processor (that came from Intel with the chip). it would not spin without a "push start" and was noisy when it did spin. So I did some reading on Intel processor fans and some reviewers said they were junk - and based on my limited experience I had to agree. I decided to purchase an after market Master Cooler processor fan to replace the stock Intel fan. As I removed the stock Intel processor fan from the motherboard was where I learned my processor fan lesson - look closely at the fan wires. Intel had clipped the wire for the fan's power so tightly to the perimeter of the fan's plastic exterior that it impeded the fan's ability to spin and caused the noise. Intel gives sufficient fan wire length so there was no need for it to be so tight around the fan's perimeter and as soon as I made the wires longer and away from the fan it started quickly and quietly. But I had already taken the time and spent $35 on the Master Cooler fan, so I installed it anyway rather than taking more time to return it. The Master Cooler processor fan (212 Evo) was much bigger than the stock fan but still incredibly quiet.
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on September 1, 2017
Good CPU ! Overclocked 4.5 stable at 2.2 volts , I was able to overclock to 4.7 using 3.0 volts using custom water cooling . I was using the Hero motherboard .
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on May 11, 2017
A great 4th-generation CPU mated with my Gigabyte GA-H87N-WIFI Mini-ITX motherboard. Excellent performance, and the 84-watt TDP is handled by my small Noctua NH-Li9 CPU cooler with no thermal problems. CPU benchmarks returned by Geekbench 3 compare equal to or better than all other 4-core CPUs on published sites.
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This processor rocks! I needed something for gaming but also wanted something that would serve well for rendering and graphic arts. This is where the 4770K really excels. Being unlocked for overclocking is always a plus, however its hyper threading ability and my graphic art needs mated perfectly. This Processors is a powerful gem. I truly feel this is one of the best procs you can get for the money.
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on February 19, 2015
There isn't much to say about the CPU but below are my thoughts:

1) Very easy to install
2) Very powerful for the money and easily handled every stress test I could come up with
3) Overclocking is a snap and the CPU remains stable even when overclocked
4) The 4 cores contain Hyper-threading meaning each core is technically two individual cores

1) Can get to 40+C when heavily loaded, even with a lot of fans and copper heat sinks attached. This relates to the CPU pulling a lot of power and in turn diminishes the overall life of the CPU but this only happens when I tax the CPU to it's max.

In the end, this CPU is rock solid but only buy it when it goes on sale. Also, when buying, make sure this CPU socket will fit your motherboard socket.
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on December 26, 2013
I originally went from a I7 4770 unlocked version, not too much of a difference other than this K version being unlocked.

I have had 1 chip that went defective and before would not overclock very far..would get no more than 4.0 ghz....
This one gets to 4.3 under 1.8volts

Encoding a 2-3 hour HD video takes less than 30 minutes to complete..also coupled with 1600hmz of DDR3 ram.
Also teamed with a Sapphire Radeon 7970, the only AMD products I am interested in is there graphic cards.

I can't really tell how it performs for games as everything is normally on the GPU,
But I do get 80+ FPS on Battlefield 4 which is really the only extensive CPU game I play.
Dolphin Emulator for WII does run at 100% and is VERY CPU dependent.
I have had a few AMD FX processors and even overclocked they only managed to run Dolphin Emulator games
at around 70-90%..This processor runs Dolphin at 98-100% speed, not even overclocked.

Temperature is very high however..stock fan is useless.. I use the Cooler Master EVO and at load using prime 95 temperatures range from 80 to 92.
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on January 1, 2014
I recently built a computer with this as the CPU, and I was very impressed with the performance. The Windows Experience Index gave this processor a 7.8 out of 7.9, and it runs like it. In my case, even without any fans, it was running around 45 degrees C (not under load). Once I plugged the fans in, it kept it down to around 41 degrees. On a fresh install of Windows, it took literally four seconds to go from the login screen to fully loaded desktop. I haven't had the chance to use it long, because I had to send my motherboard back, but from what I can tell, it's a beast. It took about 31 seconds overall to do a full restart and boot, and that had more to do with my old hard drive than this thing. My old motherboard started having weird issues, and so I decided to do an upgrade. Glad I picked this processor!
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