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on September 6, 2015

At first I thought this was a solution to my problem, as per my first review. However, after using it only a few times (and being careful to fold it correctly) the wire punched through the material and rendered the shield useless. I attach a photo.Terrible quality, though the idea is good. I wish I could find a similar diffuser that fits over the lens, but better made.
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on July 20, 2016
Best little on camera diffuser that I tried. Ordered another one for my second camera. I have used it on a Nikon D7100 and it fits great. Looks a little goofy but it works and that is all I care about.

Have brought the Hot Shoe Flash & pop-up soft box for on camera diffuser. Wasn't happy with either one. The Interfit Strobies diffuser is so far the best on camera diffuser I have found.

I took two pictures with the same camera with very little light in the room and no enhancements using only the on camera flash. Hope this gives you a good idea of how well this diffuser works. The first picture with NO diffuser has harsh shadows on the bottom and washed out black. The second picture with diffuser is not as harsh and has much better softer blacks over all. When using the diffuser the colors are not blown out by the flash. This really helps when taking photos of people also
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on February 25, 2011
Compared to other many other and more expensive diffusers, I could never give this five stars. But for what it is, for its price, and for the very different style of diffuser that it is, I think it totally deserves five stars. I'm not comparing it to other diffusers--it's not like other diffusers.

I expected this diffuser to be made of much flimsier material than it is and if I take care of it, I think it will last a long time. I have used a paper plate (with a hole cut in the middle so it would slide over the lens adapter on my Canon S3 IS and stay put)to diffuse light for some still shots and for macro shots for several years. That happens to work quite well, by the way. But when I saw this I got excited thinking, yay! No more paper plate! Paper plates don't fit in a camera bag well, you see. They also don't look very professional.

This thing folds up small and slides into the little black zippered bag that came with it for safe keeping and is easy to carry around. The little carry/protector bag is roomy enough that another small light diffuser I purchased (of a different style) fits in with it very nicely.

Opened up, this diffuser has an odd shape, sort of a fat teardrop--narrow at the bottom and wide at the top. From top to bottom it is just over 12". At its widest point it is 8 1/2". From the top of the hole (where it would go over a lens/lens adapter) to the top of the diffuser it extends 8". The stretchy, expandable hole goes from 1 3/4" to about 3 1/4". It's tall enough, once placed on the camera, to actually diffuse light on a small hot shoe flash as well as a pop up flash. It diffused light well for macro shots as well as normal shots on my new Canon Powershot G11 (which required that I cock the diffuser to the left to cover the flash which is built into the body and not a pop-up) although I don't have a lens adapter (yet) so it wasn't easy to get the diffuser to stay put on the extended lens. No problem--I didn't expect it to fit on the G11 without a lens adapter in place.

I think if the elastic band that holds the diffuser onto a camera lens blew out that it would be easy to replace by anyone with some elastic, a needle, and a little thread. By the same token, it would be easy to tighten up the band if you found it was too big or too loose on your lens.

This is an awesome and well priced little item. It arrived fast, which was nice. It looks ridiculous, but I don't care, it works! I'd only use it for portrait work in an emergency and not because it wouldn't work but because it looks kind of goofy. I mostly wanted it for macro shots and to replace my "paper plate diffuser."
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I have used this a lot for taking close up pictures of insects and plants. It definitely works as a good diffuser, not only for an attached flash but of course it works for the smaller on-camera flash as well. Some commenter had complained that it rotates around the camera lens. Of course it would do that, just look at it! You simply grip the bottom with a free finger with the hand that is supporting the lens. After a lot of use over several weeks, the threads holding the elastic band around the lens hole is starting to separate from the rest of the diffuser. I understand that is b/c it is cheaply constructed, but that cheap construction is why it is , well, cheap to buy. I simply sewed it back and I am good to go. The springy frame is also starting to lose its uniform oval shape, but I just work with it.
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This strobe slides a lot while I am doing a photo shoot with a standard size lens. The compact pouch is great but if you use standard lenses a lot then this strobe isn't right for your camera. I recommend this particular product for a wider lens. I don't think it will slide easily on a wide lens. It does give great quality of light so it does have perks. It was not a waste of my money. I will use it with wide lenses “when I buy some". I currently do not have any. I do have a wide tulip lens cover and when I put the strobe on it out of curiosity, it stayed in place and did not slide.
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I bought the large one to use with my twin head flash for macro pic. I have not used it in the field yet but have used it around the house to test it out. It really works well for the twin head it could be a little larger but if you just have a hot shoe flash unit like in the picture or a built in flash it would work great.I really liked the way it folds up into a small pocket sized envelope very easy to carry with you. it seems very well made all fabric and metal the hole the lens goes trough fit my 72 mm filter size lens (it just has an elastic hole in it it does not use the filter threads)
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on February 25, 2016
Great product! well recommend, the 1st picture which i did not use camera diffuser and the 2nd picture which i used camera diffuser.
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on August 15, 2015
This is an excellent product. It does just what it is supposed to do and is extremely convenient. I used to have to have an assistant stand in and hold a white reflector for a desired lighting effect, but in the right positionin of the client, that is no longer needed with this product.

It also drastically cuts down the harsh shadows that are casted from a DSLR flash, and those could definitely destroy a photo. I really hate using flash and try to avoid it whenever possible, but when I must use it, this is my go to product to create stunning photographs that people and their loves ones will cherish for all of their days.

Storage is not an issue because it comes with its very own pouch, and folds right into it with ease.
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on January 17, 2015
I use this for macro (close up) shots. Itis handy and easy to carry in its case. You can use it as designed to diffuse your on camera flash. It also works well as a small reflector or diffuser for relatively small subjects for sunlight, artificial light or off-camera flash.

I paired it with a similarly sized gold on one side, black on the other 12" reflector. Both fit in the same bag together, since the bags they come in are the same size and have extra room in them.
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on March 27, 2014
This diffuser works just as desired and planned. If I am going to be sticking it into a pocket, this is the one I would take with me. It mounts on the camera very quickly and very easily; I could do it in a couple seconds in the dark with my eyes closed.

I also have another diffuser, which I like. However, if I take that one off of the camera I have to find a place to put it, like into a camera bag. This one I would just stuff into a pocket.

If you have ever worked with band saw blades you will know how to fold it to put it away and how to open it to use it. If you have never worked with band saw blades you will probably need to do it a couple dozen times to get the knack. Stop and practice; it is worth it.

You would really have to work hard to break it. If you are far from civilization it is going to keep functioning, even if you step on it.

Now that I have it, I would not want to be without it.
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