Customer Reviews: Nifty Mini Zippered Camera Case for the FUJIFILM INSTAX Mini-7s, Mini-8, Mini-25, Mini 50s, Mini 90 Neo Classic, and Polaroid 300 (Black)
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on July 25, 2012
This case is perfect. I do have to say that it is only big enough for one extra cartridge and the camera.
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on June 8, 2011
I bought this for my instax mini 25 and it fits well with it. There is enough space left to put 2 packs of film in there. Although it's cheaply made, it's very durable.
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on March 16, 2015
It is a study case and great for protecting the camera. I'm a little disappointed though because I can barely fit an extra carriage of film, along with my mini 8. I have to turn my camera to face the edge of the case. It still zips shut with both of them in there but it's a little tight. Other than that it seems like it will work great for travel and protection!
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on November 5, 2015
I love this case, I got it for my instax mini 90 neo and it fits nice and snug. I can get it in without having to remove its strap either! That said, I'm not sure I could fit any extra film with it, it would definitely be a very tight fit, but I just keep it in my purse. I'm willing to give up that extra space in exchange for the security of the nice tight fit this case gives the actual camera. I'm confident that it's safe in this case, and after the investment on that camera, that is what I was looking for. Please rate my review as "helpful" if it helped you, it helps me a lot.
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on April 14, 2014
I own the Fuji Instax 90 Neo Classic.


I can fit the 90 (sans strap), a single foil cartridge of film, and a small package of sticker border frames in this case. I removed the strap from the camera in favor of a thin wrist lanyard because otherwise the case felt overstuffed. If you swap the film cartridge for the wall mount charger, that'll fit too.

I'm a little surprised at the overwhelmingly positive reviews as this case has some odd design flaws and questionable craftsmanship.

CONS (for me):

1. The inside "divider" isn't stitched all the way to the bottom so batteries/pics/stickers will just slide to the other side. The divider does keep, for better or worse, the camera on one single side of the case.

2. The zipper wraps completely around the case so there's a risk if you're not holding your tongue just right or being careless by zipping too far, the camera could fall out. It's 'tippy' to say the least, especially if you're removing the camera from the case while it's on your shoulder. I make sure to place the camera in the case the exact same way/direction every time so I know if I'm in a hurry to get a pic, I know which side is weighted. The top of the case is not as deep as the bottom and I'm not sure this aids the design.

3. It's a hard case but has virtually no internal padding. I wouldn't trust it to fully protect from a serious drop. It's more than adequate to protect from dust and debris while in a handbag, etc. But I view this case more as a storage option than a security measure.

4. Shoddy materials. The included strap is...awful. The huge plastic clips are not only difficult to grip, making it tough to put on/take off the case, but it feels like they'd easily break or crack. And the super cheap, rough material of the strap meant I felt zero guilt when I tossed it out and replaced it. Additionally, on my case the Instax placard is crooked. A small gripe unless you're a bit Type A or get distracted by aesthetics; every time I glance at it, I just wanna re glue it straight!

***ETA: I'm now having issues with the zipper catching the fabric of the 'divider'. Having the zipper get stuck as often as it's now occurring may be a deal breaker. I've fiddled with it and experimented with adding/removing different items from the case in hopes it was just an issue with imbalance. Alas, this is just a cheap case and I need to stop expecting it to behave like a case 4X the price. Carry on...


1. It's likely the modest price that people, even picky ones like me, respond to...and the fact that it does provide minimum protection for cameras not known to be the most sturdily built.

2. In a world of extremely girly tween-centric Instax accessories, the plain black look of the case kept it off *my* cons list. A lot of people dismiss Instax as a toy, but this case reminds us that indeed, adults like instant photography too.

3. It's difficult to find affordable, easily obtained Instax accessories in the US market. If I wanted a truly quality case to custom fit my 90, I'd have to order from an Asian site that would take weeks to arrive or order from a US niche store that charges beaucoup bucks. I need my extra $ for the film! A 2-day ship for under $10 is hard to beat.


A decent starter case. Priced right, even with only minimal protection, I'd recommend for infrequent use or storage. I use my camera a LOT. Like daily. So ultimately I need a better designed and more shock absorbent case. But because there's very little to chose from for us instant photog lovers, this will have to do.
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on January 27, 2014
The case is bulkier than I imagined. But it's shaped oddly, the bottom is fatter than the top which prevented me from fitting more than 1 package of extra film in it. The mesh divider inside doesn't go all the way down to the bottom, so smaller things (e.g. batteries) will fall through the holes on the side when you open the case. However, it is a hard case, so it does offer protection for my camera.
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on March 12, 2014
I bought one of the used cases and for the most part, the intention is there.

My Instax Mini-8 Camera fits inside the case snug and there is a bit of room left over, albeit not enough for film in contrast to what some of the other reviewers have mentioned. If you were to put an extra film in, you would be mashing the film into the camera. My main issues with this case are superficial-- I received the case with the "instax" plaque upside down/slanted so when I hold the case by the straps, the entire case looks like it's upside down. Either that or the straps were sewn on upside down because it definitely doesn't look like what was advertised in the picture. The construction of the webbing and flaps on the inside is flimsy. The "separate compartments" are dictated by a thin net with a large gap on the bottom so if you were to open the case all the way, it is likely smaller items would be able to fall through. (close up lens, taken photos, etc.)

I plan on using this case just to carry my camera so these issues don't bother me too much but be forewarned! The things I mentioned don't impair it's function as a basic case but as a result, there are some aesthetic components that are missing.
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on January 11, 2013
TL;DR - sturdy & spacious.

I bought this (like many others) for my Fuji Instax MINI 7s-- it fits like a charm with room to spare. There is a netted divider going through the middle (separating the two sides that open, like a clam), so there is room enough on the other side of the net for extra film and whatnot.

I was really just looking for something to keep my camera in so that it doesn't get scratched up while in storage or travel bag, and this case does the trick.

The outside is smooth, but the case is hard and sturdy. The shoulder strap that comes with it is very thin, and I've never actually put it to use-- I don't find a need for it, but if I did just want to carry my camera around, I'd probably find a more suitable strap.
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on April 10, 2013
Does its job - it holds the camera and a couple packs of film, but it doesn't have any pockets inside. It just has a little mesh divider that doesn't extend all the way to the bottom and is therefore pretty useless. I bought this as a cheap placeholder until I can find something more attractive and useful. It's pretty bulky - bulkier than necessary for the MINI 25, I think. But if you're short on cash and want something to hold your Instax MINI, this will work.
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on December 29, 2013
Note that this is not a fitted case. You put your camera inside it and then there is enough space to put in snaps you've taken, an extra cartridge and the instax lens that comes with it. Durable hard shell. Strap is made cheaply but it works and hasn't broken on me yet.
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