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on February 6, 2015
You CAN use this on an in-ground application. Needing to replace our salt-chlorine generator (SWG), I did lots of research on the internet and in my local stores. Prices were $950 to $2000. I can buy a dump-load of chlorine for that money plus replacing salt cells every two or three years. Fuggedabowdit.

I bought this on Amazon for about $130 and change and was very skeptical. After all, it's more than $800 cheaper than the nearest competitor and I've never used the Intex brand before. All the reviews are great but most of the users have above ground pools, for which this is designed. That said, it's because Intex makes parts almost exclusively for above ground and not in-ground pools.

Installation was very straight forward and so far my only complaint is the layout of the inlet and outlet of the device. Why make a 90-degree turn on the exit? It added several turns to an otherwise clean installation. If that's the only problem then I'm happy as fleas on a mongrel. The threaded input and output ports are standard 2" NPT so just use a couple of female adapters and then you can glue into your plumbing from there. Wrap the threads with at least 6 to 8 turns of quality PTFE thread tape. Do not use pipe dope.

For "permanent" installation (it comes with a three-prong plug with a built in GFCI control), all you need to do is clip the cord before the GFCI and mount the cord to your J-box with a UL strain relief in a 1/2" knockout and add to your existing protected pump switch circuit.

Programming was very easy - you just tell it how many hours to run per day. Wire it so that it is switched with your pump and you're golden! Just make sure that your pump cycles for at least the same if not more hours than the SWG.

There's a bit of guess work at first as far as how many hours to run but if you have even a little knowledge of SWG systems (read, baby, read) then it's very simple to get started. Monitor your levels daily at first and weekly thereafter, adjust as necessary. Now, let's get Intex to start marketing equipment for the rest of the world who have real pools!
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on May 24, 2016
Amazing invention! We first started using this system back in 2011/12. We like many people have replaced our unit for another one of the same (4x) after approx 1 season of use due to the fact that it stops working, alerts that salt levels are off. Our fourth unit was purchased back in 2014 and with a simple trick, $2.50, and 30 minutes of your time your unit can be up and running another season. REST ASSURED YOU TOO CAN STOP BUYING A NEW UNIT EVERY SEASON.

Simply disconnect your saltwater system from the hoses, cap off the intake valve, stand the unit on its end so the side where the water comes out is facing upward towards the sky, fill the clear tube with white vinegar, let it soak for 30 to 40 minutes. After letting it soak dump out the vinegar and remove and unscrew the copper component, wipe it clean with a soft cloth and replace. Reconnect all your should then see all the happy white bubbles running thru your system again. Good to go for another season. Wish I had figured this out many units ago!!! Good luck!
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on July 9, 2016
This will be the second one of these I've bought for our 24' round pool. The first one lasted only a few years but was worth every cent. Besides the money saved on chemicals, this makes water chemistry practically maintenance free. I still shock the pool in the fall and spring, still have to add the occasional bag of salt, but I run this with the pump for 4 hours a day and have crystal clean water always. The manual, by the way, recommends longer run times for pools this size, but I suspect those recommendations take many variables into account which apparently don't apply to me.

Intex continues to improve this product so I anticipate having this one last even longer than the first. The only feature that would be really nice to have on these is a timer set with a clock instead of "24 hours from when the unit was last turned on". It's tricky to synchronize with a pool timer and hard to find ANY timer that can handle the load of both a pool pump and this unit without melting. But because of the overall genius of this generator and its ability to be used on non-Intex pools, it deserves top marks.

Be aware, however, that there is a drawback to using a saltwater system with metal-structured pools. It's not a lot of salt overall, but it's enough that rust becomes an issue on metal parts that are not galvanized, painted, or otherwise protected. On an aging pool like mine, the effects become quickly evident. Even still, and even if it does cuts into the overall lifespan of my pool, I have no regrets about the time and money this little wonder has saved me over the years.
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on July 20, 2016
Completely dissatisfied!! One star due to support after the sale. BEWARE!! Support center is located in China.( Hard to understand the tech and after asking her to transfer me to her supervisor she informed me her boss doesn't speak English.) Support center emailed me a form to fill out and download pics of said problem. (Plates were getting a calcium build up). Upon receiving form I could not download pics and Noted this in the form. Called support a week and a half later and was told that I had to do about 10 different things on a website and then I would be sent another plate.
I did my own troubleshooting with another unit and found that my entire unit was defective. In all I'm out of about one month of chemicals and personal time from trying to compensate what the salt water generator was suppose to be doing.
My advice to anyone thinking of buying one of these Intex products is to stay away or upgrade to another manufacturer. For the amount I spent on chemicals, this unit and not to mention my time and travels I could've EASILY purchased a top of the line system.
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on July 1, 2016
This product is a definite MUST if you own an Intex pool. Trying to keep one of these pools clear is near impossible using chemicals. Using saltwater system is the only way to go. It is so simple and works great. The pool stores will tell you that these systems are garbage, but they are lying to you. It costs them money when you aren't buying their pool supplies. We have been running this saltwater system for 3-4 years now and it's great. $8 for a 40lb bag of salt, maybe 4-5 bags and you never have to buy it again for that season. This is our 2nd saltwater system, our original system finally got a "red service" light after 3 seasons of use. I tried to clean it and take it apart per YouTube videos, but I am not that handy and opted to just buy another one. The price had dropped since the last time we bought a unit, so I can't complain. So, in conclusion....these systems really do work great and are very easy to use. Feel free to contact me with any questions, videos, or pictures.
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on August 7, 2016
At the price of saltwater systems today there is no reason not to have one. This thing so far is trouble free and makes it quite easy to maintain your pool even for a novice like me. I usually run it four hours a day to have correct chlorine level. It also makes copper ions but I only had to run that one time to get the recommended level. It is simple and easy to set up and operate, be sure to read the instructions on the saltwater TEST STRIPS.
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on August 19, 2014
Wonderful chlorinator! Our water is very clear and there is very little chlorine smell. It doesn’t burn your eyes or irritate your skin. The kids love our saltwater pool. Walmart has the best price on the pool salt. The kids love help stirring around the salt. This is our first season with it and we have not had any issues. We run it about 3 hours a day in our 12’ x 30” Intex pool due to the heavy use our pool gets. A bunch of kids for a bunch of hours= a lot of hours running the pump and chlorinator. We ran the 530gph pump with the saltwater system once and it worked fine. I bought the 1,000gph pump because the Krystal Clear system recommends using a 700 gph or greater pump. I heard the 530gph pump causing low pressure stalls for the system, and also a low gph pump means more hours of running the more expensive chlorinator.
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on May 26, 2017
I used this salt water system last summer. It was great. I didn't have to add chemicals to the pool hardly at all. It was way less work then a chemical pool. As long as you soaked the electrode every so often in vinger then everything was great.

The downfall is it rusted my intex pool in one year. If you get a saltwater system take some time and take some preventive measures to reduce the rust. I wish someone would have told me how bad it would rust my pool.
I will still use this on my future pool but I will be buying a pool designed for the use of salt water.
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on June 25, 2014
I have a 9 X 18 rectangle Intex pool. This works great to keep the pool water clean with very little maintenance.

Install it after your sand filter pump and to the pool inlet - high side - to push the filtered water in. Add pool salt and let it dissolve with the filter pump running for 24 hours. Check the manual for lbs of salt for your pool size. I used about 3 40lbs bags. Once salt is dissolved, turn on the salt water system. Make sure sand filter pump stays on during all saltwater system use. For first time after the pool is filled, you will need to run the saltwater system 12 hours, so set the sand pump to manual. I have the Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter that came with the pool, 1200 gph, which works well with this saltwater system.
There are 4 possible errors that will beep and display a code:
If you see the high salt error 92, set your sand pump to backwash and drain for 3 minutes, then rinse for 1 minute or until the code goes away, then back to filter and refill your pool the amount you drained.
Low salt is self explanatory - add salt
Service - after a lot of use, read the manual and do the cleaning steps - turn off the water at your pool inlet/outlet first!
Low pump flow - Set the sand pump to backwash for 3 minutes, rinse for 1 minute, then filter. Check to make sure nothing is blocking the flow of the pump. Leaves can clog sand pump, causing low pump flow to register on salt water system.

Once the pool water is clean, I have my sand pump timer set for 8 hours, and the salt water set for 6 hours. Start the saltwater system 5 minutes after the sand pump.

The truly fantastic thing about having the Intex 9 X 18 X 52, the Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump SF90110T, the Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System CS7110 is that the hose connections are perfect, have not leaked once, and I have not had to rig hose clamps or run to the hardware for store for ANYTHING. Don't screw them down too tight, take your time and make sure the gaskets are all seated nice and clean, rinse any tiny bits of sand off, and this thing will be water sealed. I have zero affiliation with Intex. Just a DIY'er that wanted a pool and this has been the BEST purchase in a looong time. Staycations and backyard fun with maintenance free pool water for less than $1000. Get a floating cooler! I found the Intex mega chill II for $16 at walmart.

I also grabbed the Intex deluxe maintenance kit with the vaccum. Once again, just screw on the blue adapter right onto the threads inside the pool. No hose clamps, no rigging. It uses the Sand pump to pull up dirt and sand. Worked great for me. Read the directions, there is a groove that has to lineup in the plastic when you put the vacuum on, followed the steps, submerged the hose, and it cleaned the pool. Only bummer is it is manual, but it worked! At least for me....
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on May 21, 2015
It works as advertised, keeps the water clear without a lot of labor. But Honestly, if I had it to do over again, I might consider just using a chlorine system for an above ground pool. I think the negatives just barely outweigh the positives below, but I'm rather on the fence. I'd suggest considering what below is most important to you.

No chlorine to buy (though I do shock occasionally, which adds the synauric acid needed to keep the chlorine stable)
No chlorine stink, no sore eyes.
It pretty much takes care of it self, as long as there is enough salt in the pool and the water is high enough. (I have never used the salt test kit, I just add it when it says the salt is too low, and try not to add too much)
It's kind of dumb. If it starts beeping for some error condition, (it keeps beeping even if you fix the error condition) until you turn it off then back on. Not a big deal.

If you remove water for the winter, you put salt water into your lawn.
You have to replace the salt the next spring.
Any leaks rust what ever non stainless steel it touches (like you pool walls). My walls are rusting around both my skimmer and return port from very slow leaks. My bad for not fixing the leak sooner.
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