Customer Reviews: Into the Cannibal's Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa
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on August 1, 2011
Ilana Mercer wrote what is by far the most direct and unapologetic tome addressing the state of affairs in this beautiful country I call home. What makes it a treasure is that she does not attempt to cover up the injustices of the apartheid regime, but merely compares them to the attrocities commited in the name of "democracy" by the supposedly "non-racial" ANC government of the Rainbow Nation(TM).

While many may not like what she writes, it would take a brave (or foolish) man to call her a liar. As an Afrikaner living in South Africa, I can testify from personal experience that nothing in this book is played down or exagerrated. It is merely told as it is. Ilana Mercer is not a friend of Apartheid and her book offers no excuses for it, but neither does it obfuscate the fact that what is refered to as "democracy" is nothing more than the racial concensus of a people who have a large and sharp axe to grind with the very people who catapulted them, under heavy protest, from subsistence farming all the way into the 20th century.
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on August 8, 2011
Mrs. Mercer's book should be required reading in every public school in America and afterwards required course material in our universities. This is a great factual and analytical work that needs to be told and needs to be heard. Mrs. Mercer has done an excellent job at presenting many facts that are not easy to discount or deny. Her analytical arguments are even harder to refute.

I encourage everyone to not only read Mrs. Mercer's book, but also to continue your own research and investigation into South Africa (particularly the distinction between the original Boers, before the Anglo-Boars wars, and the Afrikaners that now dominate South Africa after the gold and diamond rush) so that a critical mass of individuals can learn from South Africa's mistakes. (Mrs. Mercer's 800 plus end notes will get you own your way.)

The lessons for Citizens of the United States can learn from this expose on South Africa:

1- No civilization can survive when the people who created it or their ideology die out. The country degrades or transforms and turns into something else.
2- Foreign meddling should be considered high treason.
3- As Mrs. Mercer argues (and as did the American Founders), only propertied citizens should be able to vote in a republic. The founders also considered themselves a melting pot of Europeans.
4- Mob rule or democracy is vastly inferior to a republic.
6- An unarmed and untrained civilian population is an easy target for mobs when the government refuses to enforce the rule of law.
7- Cultural Marxism is a failure. All are not equal in contributions, abilities, and worth to a civilization. All citizens are only equally protected by basic rule of law.
8- Affirmative action produces mediocre and poor performance and demoralizes producers.
10- As Mrs. Mercer maintains, American Citizens must have complete "Freedom of Association" to freely associate, conduct business, make contracts with complete freedom. Our government is a complete failure at forced business practices and forced association to meet their political ambitions and feed their personal moral ambitions.
11- American citizens with dual citizenship, foreign intelligence agents working in America (especially as consultants), and foreign owned mass media operating in America create a treasonous conflict of interest, conflict of loyalty and must end.
12- We must forever be on guard for traitors in our midst, as in the case of South Africa: Many who betrayed her were in her own institutions and government.

Courage and talk are not enough when foreign elements attack and undermine a civilization, country, or state, and its leadership. It does not amount to isolationism for a civilization, for a group of people, or a country, united for a common purpose, to act in their own self-interest and reject forcefully a foreign diplomacy that seeks to corrupt or dismantle it.

Enjoy this riveting, accurate read, but be aware that if you have any sense of justice, fairness, and love of what is good and naturally just, you will be a changed person when you finish this book.

As JFK said, in so many words: There is a Global Elite that believe they are special and destined to rule the world. To accomplish their agenda they work through influence, deceit, and malice to subjugate and rule, by any means necessary. Their infection of America must end.

NOTE: Please note that the Kindle edition is not properly formatted: No links in the Table of Contents. I understand Mrs. Mercer is in the process of having the Kindle edition properly formatted.

Good reading to all!
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on November 15, 2011
Ms. Mercer's masterful and detailed research relentlessly pursues the unleashed democracy of the Rainbow Nation. The facts outlined in logical factual analysis reveal a truth few are prepared to confront. The Calvinist Puritans of the South African Apartheid Government relinquished power in 1993 and ceded to justice and liberty. Unrestricted democracy with no protection for minority groups heralded cronyism, corruption, black empowerment via affirmative action, the steady unraveling of social structures and ultimately a lawless society terrorized by crime. Unimaginable gruesome brutality is a common occurrence, particularly in the ethnic cleansing of the white South African farmer. The spread of Islam in South Africa and, indeed throughout Africa, has only served to exacerbate the horrors of the "Dark Continent". America's uncontrolled spread of multiculturalism is accordingly treated with misgiving and foreboding. Ms Mercer presents a tragic, powerful picture of her "democratic" homeland in the fervent hope that America can avoid equal disaster.

Rhona Karbusicky - Researcher/Librarian
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on November 1, 2011
In today's America, nothing gets a speaker verbally tarred and feathered faster than casting the spotlight of brutal honesty upon liberalism's cherished fables and fairy tales. South Africa since its "liberation" was to become a land in which all would become free and equal. Under the wise leadership of St. Nelson, racial oppression would end as South Africans of all ethnic backgrounds came together, held hands, and sang praises to the gods of diversity, inclusion, multiculturalism, sustainable development, and egalitarianism.

Against such myths, Mercer has produced an excellent and much needed dose of truth. Her account is well researched, abundantly footnoted, superbly written, and at times difficult to read. The white founding stock who carved South Africa out of the wilderness and created a modern technological first-world society were psychologically defeated in 1990. South Africa has an extremely high rate of murders, assaults, rapes, and other crimes. It has become the rape capital of the world. White farmers are being systematically targeted by the Marxist ANC and its supporters for destruction in truly nightmarish ways.

The nation's infrastructure is falling into disrepair. Telephone and power blackouts are now common. The black racist leaders of the ANC openly praise the dictator Robert Mugabe next door, and publicly sing songs calling for the extermination of whites. The citizenry there are being forcibly disarmed and thus prevented from defending their lives, loved ones and homes. Even worse, those who do defend themselves find themselves arrested and charged by the authorities. In South Africa today, self-defense is essentially a crime.

This slow motion genocide has gone largely unnoticed by the American lamestream media.

Even worse, South Africa's black racist political leaders are praised and feted by American Obamunists. Makes you wonder what they have in store for us here.

Mercer hits the bullseye. For her crime of honesty, she will be denounced as a heretic by the high priests of political correctness.
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on November 21, 2013
It is only belatedly that my eyes have been opened (mostly owing to writers like Ms Mercer) of what the actual processes of politics and government are in this country and the world at large. From an early age we are bombarded in schools (public and private) that all men are created equal and that our government is by the people and for the people. From reading excerpts written by the authors of the constitution, it becomes evident that a government by the people is far from what they originally desired.

Having been born in Cuba in January of 1959 (a revolution baby), for years I read as much as I could in search of a plausible explanation for the reason behind the self annihilation of Cuban society and culture. I assign the word annihilation without any exaggeration, as there is no moral or civil society left in that island. I was initially puzzled as to why a neighbor would inform on another neighbor without any moral qualm. In the end, the Cuban people got the change they wanted. A change based on and springing forth from their own envy and resentment; all personalized in the form of the charismatic Fidel Castro. To this day, I remember my grandfather, owner of his own accounting firm, describing how one day he was informed by the building janitor that he would now be reporting to him. He was also informed that his business had been expropriated; and that it was now the property of the Cuban people. We are all equal now; Castro proclaimed. And so they all were and still are. All equally destitute, hungry, and impoverished.

I see now what is happening in this country as the race relations worsen and feel that I have seen this movie before. The blacks may perceive that they have finally gotten their cue from their president; and that it is now permitted to let it all hang out and let the whites know how they really feel. But more than that, I see this problem as a result of all of us being human. A lesser desirable human trait is one of envy and wanting to feel superior to another group.

Having come from a country that disintegrated due to envy and resentment, I feel that the blacks in this country will never be appeased no matter how many acts of contrition and restitution are lavished upon them. They are further not being well served by high profile personalities like Oprah Winfrey and Al Sharpton; full time ambassadors and purveyors of the Black Grievance Industry.

The blacks want what we have. They want our homes, savings, cars and furniture. The one thing they do not care for is our jobs. They will let us retain those so we can keep on toiling to pay for their bread and circuses.
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Into the Cannibal's Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South AfricaDo you love liberty? Most people believe they love liberty. But few understand how dependent liberty is on maintaining the institution of private property. Ilana Mercer shows how the loss of the institution of private property in South Africa has resulted in a bad apartheid system turning into nothing short of a "hell hole." Our mainstream media has been silent on what has transpired in recent years in South Africa since apartheid. The truth is that it isn't only whites who are now losing the right to life, but blacks and whites are facing increasing levels of murder, rape and other violent crimes in Post apartheid South Africa. Take away a persons right to keep what she or he has obtained honorably and you take away the right to life itself! Moreover, Ilana helps us understand that the connection between property ownership and liberty transcends national boundaries. The right of property ownership was a basic reason for the American Revolution in 1776 and it was one of the few reasons for government itself to exist. But now in America as in most nations in 2012, instead of protecting that basic "inalienable right" of human beings, the government itself has begun stripping its citizens of their right to life starting with taxation and other methods of "legal" theft. The message is clear to me as an American. The direction away from free market capitalism to socialism will end with increasing loss of the quality of life and life itself, not just for a few Americans but for the vast majority of us. If you care about your inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as declared in the American Declaration of Independence, you won't want to miss reading this book.
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on March 26, 2012
An outstanding narrativeof the murderous atrocities being inflicted on the remaining white farmer(Boer) population--in the name of land reform by the ANC and assorted thousands of native thugs in South Africa.. I don't see Sean Penn or Looney Clooney tenting in Capetown or Durban to aid the plight of these real victims.Kudos to Ilana Mercer for her courage and for her superb wordcraft in writing a MUSTREAD for people who prefer the truth.
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on June 23, 2011
"Into the Cannibal's Pot" is a hard look at a tragedy that will not go away. The human suffering, both Black and White, is a scathing indictment of the murderous, post stone age tribal attitudes of the ruling elites among South Africa's post apartheid, democratic political leaders as well as the indifference of the politically correct Western governments. Especially The United States and Great Britain, who abetted the changes in South Africa for their own political reasons back home. Murder, rape, torture, robbery of citizens and what seems to be government complicity in genocide of the Afrikaners has become the norm. Ilana Mercer has done a masterful job of research and an equally masterful job of presenting the facts as they are happening in South Africa and as they could happen here in the United States.
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on February 23, 2012
We are living a baffled time where the democratic system is sacralized as the only possible way to politics, where the multiculturalism is the norm and the criticism and discordance voices are almost criminalized. In this context the Ilana Mercer's book is not only a testimony of courage but also an essential work.
I have no words to manifest how happy I am for read such an intelligent and fantastic work. Ilana Mercer is a brave woman telling the truth that so many people comfortably ignore. My country, Brazil, has a lapse of people like her and would be wonderful see a translation of Ilana Mercer's book into Portuguese to improve our critical sense about the reality we're living right now in Brazil and all around the Western World.
Here in Brazil we don't have the immigrant problem just like the USA and Europe, indeed we export illegal immigrants, unfortunately. But we're importing the welfare state pattern and the "affirmative politics" that are killing USA and Western Europe. I'm pretty worried about my homeland because it's obvious that the crisis experimented by the USA and Europe will arrive in Brazil and others countries which are blinded by the fake prosperity brought by the Welfare State and the so-called "affirmative politics".

Let's really learn the Ilana's lessons.
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on June 4, 2015
Gives you a first person picture of what happens when "social justice" over rides laws and common sense. What happens when you don't have the courage or intelligence to stand up for what you truly believe in. Why multiculturalism is rubbish and non-workable. While South Africa is thousands of miles away, Ferguson, St. Louis and Baltimore are all excellent local examples of the outcome. If you want to know what lay ahead in the coming progressive world, read this.
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