Customer Reviews: Quicken Essentials for Mac [Old Version]
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on October 16, 2010
This is not Quicken Essentials for Mac 2011. I don't know if that product even exists (the version I received listed 2010 on the spine, but showed no year on the front of the box). I don't know whose error created that listing, Intuit's or Amazon's, but this is the same Quicken Essentials for Mac that became available in February 2010.

It took a lot to get past all of the hundreds of negative reviews and try out this product. I wish that I hadn't waited. I upgraded from Quicken 2007 for Mac and find QEM to be superior. Here are the improvements:

1. Massively better UI. Quicken 2007 utilized a multi-window design that was confusing and complex. QEM uses one window and an iTunes-like interface. It's much easier to use.
2. Many more banks are directly supported. In Quicken 2007, for two accounts I would have to download QFX files and import them into Quicken 2007. No longer--all of my accounts are direct connect in QEM. However, note that there are reports that Intuit stores your bank passwords on its servers instead of locally in QEM.
3. Much better database functionality. Find/Replace in Quicken 2007 was a total kludge. In QEM, you can review your list of payees and categories and make global changes. You can also do bulk edits. Both are tremendously helpful in keeping years of financial records well organized.
4. Less steps for downloading transactions. A one-click update all accounts works with less clicks than the equivalent function in Quicken 2007 (which required being on the right tab of the right window to execute).

The only problems are that the auto-matching feature when you download transactions appears to be poor and the above-mentioned issue of Intuit storing bank passwords. There are certainly features missing from QEM that were present in Quicken 2007, but not ones that I used (and for everyone complaining that QEM doesn't print checks, it now does as of version 1.5). I also had no problems importing about 10 years of data from Quicken 2007 to QEM.

All in all, I wish that I hadn't listened to all of the negative reviews. QEM is a huge improvement from Quicken 2007 and really does everything I need easily and effectively.
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on February 23, 2010
I have just been in a chat session with Intuit. The agent confirms that, no, you can NOT write checks with Quicken Essential for Mac 2010. Say WHAT?? How is it possible that they deleted that functionality? This is amazingly brainless and will force me to abandon Quicken and seek another product - after over 15 years! Boy, Intuit blew it here!
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on February 25, 2010
It feels like Quicken/Intuit don't care much about their customers. If they did, they would have:

a) Fixed all of the problems with Quicken 2007 for Mac
b) Not waited 3.5 years to come out with a new product for Mac users
c) Not handed us this seriously hobbled product.
- No Bill Pay (WHAT!!!???)
- No export to TurboTax
- No tracking of investment buy/sells
- No ability to print checks

You're left to ask, why would I use this product? What value (at all) does it provide? I'm really scratching my head here...

Quickens own website recommends using Quicken 2007 over this version!!?? In Intuit's own words:


1. Can I track my investments?
Yes, Quicken Essentials for Mac allows you to track the overall value of your investment accounts and the value of your specific holdings. It will not, however, track investment buys and sells, nor will it provide some advanced investment performance reports. If you need more more advanced investment features, try QUICKEN MAC 2007.

2. Can I export my data to TurboTax?
Quicken Essentials for Mac does not support that capability. If you'd like that functionality, we recommend trying QUICKEN MAC 2007.

3. Can I pay my bills within Quicken?
While you cannot pay bills within the product itself ("direct bill pay"), you can track your bills and make sure you have enough cash to pay them when they're due. A few alternatives available include using QUICKEN MAC 2007 or using the bill pay functionality on Quicken Bill Pay.


Here's the problem - Quicken 2007 is absolute garbage - especially for those of us that enjoyed using the Windows version but have switched to Mac. We've been waiting YEARS for Intuit to give us a better product and now they're telling us to stick with Quicken 2007. It's unforgivable.

Vote with your wallets.
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on November 17, 2010
This product for Mac is terrible. It doesn't auto sync to all accounts. I have to log-in online to each account and download most recent activity and then drag and drop it into Quicken. It'd be easier to just go look at it. I can and have created and use spreadsheets better than this thing excluding the nice user interface. The only thing it does is categorize my transactions and show all of my accounts together in a pie chart which Bank of America already does for free. This product might be great for Windows but for a Mac user stay clear!!!! You have been forewarned. I wish I knew some great personal financial software for Macs...????

Dallas, Texas
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on February 27, 2010
I"ve been using Quicken for Mac 2006 (QM 2006) for four years, and previous versions for years before that. I use it for recording and reconciling our checking, savings, and credit card accounts, and as a database for statistical analysis in Excel. Due to some unpleasant experiences I don't use it to pay bills or manage investments but have been happy with its functionality in my workflow. However, QM 2006 is a PowerPC program and I decided to upgrade to Quicken Essentials for Mac (QEM 2010) to get rid of the need for Rosetta to run legacy PPC programs on my late 2009 iMac. I was VERY unpleasantly surprised to find that Quicken Essentials was so crippled that there was no point in waiting to return it to Intuit for a refund. They include a 60-day 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on their products which is about the only thing they got right on this one.

* Cannot disable recording in account registers of future scheduled transactions which made verification of the Quicken checkbook balance against our paper register (that does not include future variable-amount transactions) very difficult. Recording of scheduled transactions before their scheduled date can be manually done in QM 2006 if you want but it's not the default with no way to turn this off.
* No way to export data to analyze in another application as can be done in QM 2006 Quick Report. Intuit's QEM 2010 webpage disclaimer states that Quicken data cannot be exported to Turbo Tax but does not indicate there is no export functionality at all.
* Can't delete no-longer-used payees to shorten the payee list without removing those payees from recorded transactions. I guess this means the payee list has to be allowed to grow forever, eventually becoming unmanageable. Deleting payees in the QM 2006 Quick Fill List does not affect previously recorded transactions.

* No way to password protect the QEM data file as was possible in previous versions of Quicken.
* Reports are not able to subtotal by payee or time period as could be done Quicken 2006 Quick Reports.
* The Quicken File Exchange Utility on the install CD for converting your existing qdfm data file is a PPC application even though QEM 2010 only runs on an Intel processor so you're back with Rosetta.

I may reconsider Quicken Essentials for Mac in the future if Intuit comes out with some major upgrades, including making the interface more like the older checkbook style. If I had seen screenshots of the new GUI (which interestingly isn't shown in the Intuit product website) instead of just the pretty graphs I would have thought twice about buying into this debacle. Sorry Intuit, I wanted to like it but Quicken Essentials for Mac is not essential at all.

UPDATE 3/16/2010: Intuit sent my refund within a couple of weeks so I do appreciate that. Also, Quicken 2006 for Mac continues to work perfectly well for me to this day. I just hope Apple maintains support for PPC applications in Mac OS X if Intuit isn't planning on upgrading regular Quicken for Mac to a Universal or Intel application.

UPDATE 4/19/2010: I noticed that Intuit has dropped the price $20, from $69.99 to $49.99. It's still overpriced for what it does (and does not do).

UPDATE 6/5/2010: I noticed that the Quicken Blog ([...]) on 4/26/2010 stated that the following updates would be released within a week:
"The immediate updates you'll see immediately (this week!) are the ability to:
* Protect files with passwords.
* Export transaction data to spreadsheets for further analysis."

As far as I can tell no such updates have been released. What a joke. Since it took Intuit three years to go from Quicken 2007 to Essentials I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for them to make Essentials anywhere near usable. In the meantime you can't export Essentials data back to the old Quicken so you'll have to re-enter it all manually if you come to the same conclusion I have. My recommendations are don't buy this product or if you have bought it, return it for a refund. Intuit needs to know this is an EPIC FAIL.
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on February 18, 2010
I bought this software yesterday, and it was the biggest disappointment ever. As a Quicken user of 12 years, this software is not recognizable. It's nothing but a budget tracker, with none of the advanced features of Quicken for Windows. Actually, this software is like Quicken for Windows, minus 90% of the functionality. Quicken Essentials is really just that, the bare bones basics. You cannot even set up your paycheck, cannot use online billpay, cannot use with TurboTax, and you cannot even download or manually enter individual stock transactions. Instead of Quicken Essentials, it should be called Quicken Kindergarten. The following is quoted directly from their setup guide. I wish they put this stuff on the box.

"As much as we improved the experience of using Quicken when we rebuilt it from the ground up, there are some features you may have been used to using in Quicken for Mac (or Quicken for Windows) that we didn't include in this version of Quicken Essentials.

Quicken Essentials lets you to track the overall value of your investment accounts and the value of specific holdings, but the software does not track individual buys and sells, nor will it provide some advanced investment performance reports.

Exporting to TurboTax
Quicken Essentials does not currently support the ability to export your data to TurboTax.

Direct bill pay
You can track your bills in Quicken Essentials, but the program doesn't have the direct bill pay capabilities that allow you to pay your bills directly from the program.

Other advanced features
Quicken Essentials does not include many of the advanced features in other versions of Quicken, including Business features, Rental Property, lifetime planner, cash flow forecast, spending plan, debt reduction plan, emergency tax records, tax planner, and home inventory manager."

If Quicken for Windows is worth a retail price of $60 to $70, then this new version of Quicken for the Mac is worth at most 5 bucks. Seriously, it does nothing more than downloads transactions and helps you track your spending or maintain a budget. I feel like a total fool for purchasing this product and will be returning it to Intuit. And to think I waited almost 3 years for this product. I was really expecting to be impressed. After Intuit's horrible experience with TurboTax last year, I really can't believe they have the temerity to unleash this worthless product on the market. I expect people at Intuit to get fired over this disaster, and deservedly so. This product looks like it was designed by an 8th grader in order to help a 3rd grader do his arithmetic. And did I mention the graphics? Oh, so elementary. That little pink pig next to my savings account makes me want to scream !!!!!!
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on February 23, 2010
The product is downright useless upgrade. I have been using quicken for windows for a while on mac using parallels. Thought would give it a try by switching to Quicken Essentials for Mac, given the price of the software the features are very very low. For instance you cannot go add an attachment of the check copies in mac. You cannot really look for graphs with the reports. The program automatically scheduled history transactions. Do not see a place to set the password for the quicken data file. The product is worth 1 / 10th of the price.
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on October 9, 2010
I ordered this thinking is was Quicken Essentials for Mac Ver 2011. The image of product box indicates new packaging similar to Quicken 2011 for Windows and even has 2011 in upper right hand corner. When I received the software, there was no 2011 in upper right hand corder. Looking on side of box, it showed "2010 System Requirements." Before opening box, I went to Quicken.Com and left a support message asking which version I had. The response back was that Intuit has not released a Quicken Essentials ver 2011 and the support person stated there were no plans to. The message had a link to chat with customer service. I initiated a chat service and was told the same thing.

This is deceptive advertising on the part of Intuit and possibly Amazon. First repackaging an older version of the software in the Windows 2011 packaging and then whoever put the image up indicating 2011 in upper right hand corner of box. I do not know if that is Amazon's fault or Intuits.

I returned the software.
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on July 18, 2011
What an epic fail. I have been so happy with Quicken 2006, bookkeeping for both my personal life, and the two small businesses I own. Switched over to Quicken Essentials in preparation for the new OS from Mac; Lion. Listen, I would rather stay with OS Snow Leopard, than have to deal with all the problems "Quicken Essentials" provided. Not since an early bloated version of Microsoft Word, have I seen a piece of software so non-user friendly. No account retention, annoying pop-ups that you cannot disable, "Payee" names and catagories that cannot be deleted.....the list goes on and on.....
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on February 25, 2010
I converted to a Mac about a year ago and decided to go as "Mac" as possible. I purchased Quicken for Mac 2007 and was horrified by the overall use and feel of the product. Needless to say, I've been waiting for this release for quite some time.

I read all the negative reviews but decided to go ahead with the purchase anyway. It can't be that bad, right? Going in, I understood the product limitations as described on Intuit's website. I really wouldn't use some of those functions anyway. I'll give it a shot.

The look and feel of this software is much improved over Quicken 2007. It feels more like a native Mac application. Unfortunately, that's about where my praise ends. The inability for this software to even graph account balances and net worth over time is beyond me. Really, Quicken? That functionality is too complicated? I really don't understand why there is any difference between Quicken for Mac and Quicken for Windows.

I'm going to try MoneyWell or maybe even install Parallels and Windows. Buyer Beware.
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