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on February 23, 2010
If there was a way to give this product 0-stars that would be my rating. Good thing that they have a 60-day money back policy as I am sending this back today.

I did see, before I bought this, that you can no longer track investment accounts (other than a balance) and I was fine with that as well as some of the additional items listed that were no longer included. However, they should put in big bold letters on the box and on Amazon's product listing that, "This program no longer allows users to print checks." What were they thinking? I, like many, do not write a lot of checks but for 5 or 10 each month that I do write--I used Quicken and printed the check in the program (using the overpriced Intuit checks--which I just happened to re-order 3 months ago) .

There are so many more things missing from this program that were in older versions (and are not spelled out in detail) it would be silly to list them. However, needless to say, if you made use of even one of these features then you will be asking for trouble in getting this program. For example, you can no longer keep track of loans or mortgages and show the actual principal and interest due. All you can do is show a "liability" account and the balance remaining.

What a complete and absolute waste this program is. It is little more than a conduit to download your various bank and credit card accounts in one place without going to the various account websites.
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on June 13, 2014
Quicken Essentials for Mac is the absolute pit of money management programs! I've used Quicken on my PC for a long time - so I was very excited to find a comparable program for my new Mac (which I really like), but using this program is so convoluted, confusing, cumbersome, - I'm running out of "c's" - it's just Crazy! There is no one step update of your accounts, it's back and forth and back and forth. I read the reviews prior to purchase but thought - naw they just don't know how to use the program - should have listened. I've been slogging through for over a month - my accounts are a mess, I don't know what is what and don't see an easy fix in the near future. I find this amazing - Intuit can't come up with an equivalent program for Mac users? Seriously?
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on February 27, 2010
I"ve been using Quicken for Mac 2006 (QM 2006) for four years, and previous versions for years before that. I use it for recording and reconciling our checking, savings, and credit card accounts, and as a database for statistical analysis in Excel. Due to some unpleasant experiences I don't use it to pay bills or manage investments but have been happy with its functionality in my workflow. However, QM 2006 is a PowerPC program and I decided to upgrade to Quicken Essentials for Mac (QEM 2010) to get rid of the need for Rosetta to run legacy PPC programs on my late 2009 iMac. I was VERY unpleasantly surprised to find that Quicken Essentials was so crippled that there was no point in waiting to return it to Intuit for a refund. They include a 60-day 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on their products which is about the only thing they got right on this one.

* Cannot disable recording in account registers of future scheduled transactions which made verification of the Quicken checkbook balance against our paper register (that does not include future variable-amount transactions) very difficult. Recording of scheduled transactions before their scheduled date can be manually done in QM 2006 if you want but it's not the default with no way to turn this off.
* No way to export data to analyze in another application as can be done in QM 2006 Quick Report. Intuit's QEM 2010 webpage disclaimer states that Quicken data cannot be exported to Turbo Tax but does not indicate there is no export functionality at all.
* Can't delete no-longer-used payees to shorten the payee list without removing those payees from recorded transactions. I guess this means the payee list has to be allowed to grow forever, eventually becoming unmanageable. Deleting payees in the QM 2006 Quick Fill List does not affect previously recorded transactions.

* No way to password protect the QEM data file as was possible in previous versions of Quicken.
* Reports are not able to subtotal by payee or time period as could be done Quicken 2006 Quick Reports.
* The Quicken File Exchange Utility on the install CD for converting your existing qdfm data file is a PPC application even though QEM 2010 only runs on an Intel processor so you're back with Rosetta.

I may reconsider Quicken Essentials for Mac in the future if Intuit comes out with some major upgrades, including making the interface more like the older checkbook style. If I had seen screenshots of the new GUI (which interestingly isn't shown in the Intuit product website) instead of just the pretty graphs I would have thought twice about buying into this debacle. Sorry Intuit, I wanted to like it but Quicken Essentials for Mac is not essential at all.

UPDATE 3/16/2010: Intuit sent my refund within a couple of weeks so I do appreciate that. Also, Quicken 2006 for Mac continues to work perfectly well for me to this day. I just hope Apple maintains support for PPC applications in Mac OS X if Intuit isn't planning on upgrading regular Quicken for Mac to a Universal or Intel application.

UPDATE 4/19/2010: I noticed that Intuit has dropped the price $20, from $69.99 to $49.99. It's still overpriced for what it does (and does not do).

UPDATE 6/5/2010: I noticed that the Quicken Blog ([...]) on 4/26/2010 stated that the following updates would be released within a week:
"The immediate updates you'll see immediately (this week!) are the ability to:
* Protect files with passwords.
* Export transaction data to spreadsheets for further analysis."

As far as I can tell no such updates have been released. What a joke. Since it took Intuit three years to go from Quicken 2007 to Essentials I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for them to make Essentials anywhere near usable. In the meantime you can't export Essentials data back to the old Quicken so you'll have to re-enter it all manually if you come to the same conclusion I have. My recommendations are don't buy this product or if you have bought it, return it for a refund. Intuit needs to know this is an EPIC FAIL.
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on October 7, 2013
If you decide to purchase this product ONLY buy the CD version. The download version from Amazon does not include a conversion tool to move from Windows to Mac. I have used some Windows version of Quicken for over fifteen years. I just purchased a great iMac and downloaded the Quicken Essentials from Amazon. The CD version includes a conversion tool according to Intuit's web site, however, the downloaded does NOT nor does Intuit provide one online as far as I can find. I have used Intuit's online chat and the guy tried to help but he only sent me to a site that I had already found that allegedly "helped" in the conversion process. I have Quicken Premier 2005 for Windows. I purchased from Amazon Quicken Essentials and downloaded it. There is evidently no way to get all my Quicken data to this new computer.
Now as to the program itself. Believe the reviews! It is NOT the product you have used if you are a Quicken fan as I have been. It does NOT even provide a way to reconcile your account assuming you can convert your old files. It is horrible!
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on August 15, 2013
This product is frustrating. I have been using Quicken as my personal finance software since the late 1980s. I have a degree in business and have taken a good handful of accounting courses and use Quickbooks for my business. I have found this product to be four or five star in the past.

After "upgrading" to the 2013 Essentials for the mac in February 2013, I now feel that my money was wasted on the software. After a day researching the internet and multiple calls to the Quicken support team--I was feeling deeply frustrated. My calls to the Quicken support team proved that the customer service for this product has declined by an exponential number of steps in the downward direction. I was able to figure out the software has a funny glitch not seen in all my years of Quicken use. When reconciling an account, if there is a change made, let's say you delete an entry or two, then you have to uncheck ALL the items marked as reconciled and start over or the numbers do not calculate correctly MOST of the time. It was crazy-making to figure this out, and my internet searches showed that others are having the same problem.

Many of the tried and true functions have been taken away, which equates to more time spent on the side of the consumer. An example is when reconciling an account, there is no longer a tally of items deposited or items spent. This used to make it easy to see a mistake from a glance at the numbers (like when a number is double it is in the wrong column). Good software saves me time. Now with essentials I spend more time because I have to use my adding machine for this level of problem solving.

For entries made in the checking register, there is no area for a check number. I have to add it into "transactions" and cannot see a check number of an entry unless I am in this window. I like to see my check number of a check transaction when in my checkbook register.

A great sum of utility has been taken away from this software and it costs more than I have paid for Quicken in the past. My suggestion is Don't buy. If you have an older version. Stick with it or wait for something better.
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on March 14, 2014
I have been using Quicken - I hate to admit it - for 36 years. Great product; great feature set, really helped me track and control my finances for many, many years, until now. Which means I have 36 years of transaction data that I have been pulling forward since the days of Windows 3, 3.1, Windows 95, Windows XP. Then I switched to an Apple Macbook pro this year and just sort of assumed I would be able to bring my Quicken data with me. I read over the product page - there was no mention of how "Quicken Essentials for Mac" would NOT HANDLE Investment accounts at all - just show a balance, with NO TRANSACTION DATA.

Needless to say, this won't work for me. And I have to believe that there are others who are similarly stranded.

Really Intuit ? Is it that hard to make a full-feature version for the Mac ?

I returned the product I was so disappointed. Does anyone know of any alternatives to Quicken for the Mac ?
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on January 11, 2013
I was very excited to get my new iMac at the end of 2012. After my transfer was complete, I learned that my trusty old Quicken 2002 that I had on my old PowerBook G4 no longer worked since the new OS didn't support PowerPC programs. So, I downloaded the newest product, "Essentials", and was excited because it seemed to be designed like a Mac program and I was getting the latest and greatest, right?
W R O N G !!
There are so many features that simply disappeared and I lost two accounts during the conversion. Let me try to list them:
1. To create a new transaction, there is never a blank one waiting, you have to click "new transaction" or use a shortkey.
2. MORE annoyingly, after enterining a transaction, the old program would set you up for a next one, but no - you have to click new transacation. A stupid extra step now..
3. I used to be able to just type the number of the day in the date field, so for January 9th, I could just type 9, then tab over and it would fill in (as long as I was in the current month). AND, when I do tab from month to day, for some reason most of the time it tabs back to month without me knowing and then I type the number of the day into the month field, causing a whole new problem.
4. I had a 401k and a stock account that just didn't transfer over. The came blank. I was able to link my 401k account to my bank, but it just gives me a total and has no way to see the history. The stock function still hasn't worked.
5. I used to be able to see my net woth very quickly and easily, but now I have to run a report and it's not easily modifyable.
6. I used to be able to right click on a payee or category and get a report that could be easily modifyable to see what I spend on that payee or category. I have not found a way to do this easily yet.
7. Reconciling: There used to be a nice little field to enter any interest or bank changes. This is GONE.
8. The autofill for memos and categories is very wonky. No rhyme or reason.

There are a few more things that I can't remember because I'm at work. I'm pissed that I spent this money and basiclaly downgraded to something that is slowing me down now.
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on June 8, 2014
What was Intuit thinking when coming up with this wretched anomaly?!!! WHAT?!!!

I've been a Quicken user for years--perhaps decades, the last version being Quicken 2007 for the Mac.

When I opened and installed this product (it didn't install cleanly), I wondered what the heck the company was thinking when coming up with this interface. It's so UNintuitive. Horrible. Clumsy. Fragmented.

Whereas the previous versions were so clean, so simple, so user friendly. This jumbled mess is horrid, simply horrid. And it's such a departure from the older version.

Before writing this review, I used Essentials for a couple of weeks in an attempt to be fair. Initially hesitant, I read where some reviewers actually liked the product, so I took the leap and purchased it. Alas, even simple check writing is not so simple when compared to the previous version. And the automatic population of the Scheduled Transactions in the register lines are confusing and make the interface cluttered when there's no need. I HATE THIS PRODUCT. Hate it.

It makes me wonder if the company tested Essentials with consumers before turning it public.

Here, Intuit, read this word: Simplicity. You had it once. No more.

Now I'm returning Essentials. I want my money back. I want something better. There HAS to be something better.

Do you hear that Apple? How about going out of your way to create an Apple software product that's for Mac users since Intuit won't comply with something resembling their older and revered product? I'd buy it. I bet others here would, too.

In the meantime, I'll look for something better than Quicken Essentials. I've a feeling it won't be difficult to find.

Addendum- June 15, 2014

I wanted to return to my review to add that after struggling with Quicken Essentials, I went to the Quicken website, and for $15, upgraded to the Quicken 2007 for the Mac. My older version didn't work with the latest OS Mavericks. But supposedly, if you've purchased the version AFTER 2012, it will. So, that's what I downloaded, and it wasn't long before I was gratefully back in business, updating my older Quicken 2007 file.

Truly, for ease of use, for an intuitive, uncluttered interface, for just the simplicity and joy of using a well-conceived program, Intuit has nothing better for Mac users. Nothing.

Quicken 2007 for the Mac. It's what you want here.
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on October 5, 2013
I've been a Quicken user in Windows for over 20 years - read the reviews for the Mac version and thought, "How bad can it really be?" Let me tell you...pretty.pretty.bad. I would be better served reconciling my accounts in the old-fashioned register using a pencil and eraser. I have no idea what my bank balance is right now and will do the thing I did in high school; no purchases for two weeks, get an accurate balance and start over. And I will truly start over on paper until I can find something that works OK on a Mac.

Downloads - this thing just downloads everything, you have no way to accept or reject it. At a glance, have found two transactions (like LegalZoom) that were charged incorrectly...but you would be hard pressed to notice these in this version as you do not have a chance to review them before they are entered. The register looks a mess. Yes, I am adjusting to Mac world, but the UI designer should be taken out to a field and forced to use this product.

Reconciling - hmmm....strong word, Quicken. I am used to reconciling against my online balance after every download. This product tries to mimic the exact way we did it on paper in Accounting class in 7th grade...but very badly. I think you are expected to have a printed copy of your statement nearby, check boxes on the screen, and use a pencil on your paper statement? Again, the UI designer deserves several lifetimes in hell trying to use this product.

I just don't understand why, for everything Mac, we have to come up with a new way of doing the same tasks we have done things for 20 years, just for the sake of being different than Windows. And, Quicken, so far, you are the very worst example of this. Folks, don't bother with this product.
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on April 13, 2014
Having recently purchased a MacBook Pro, I was hoping to break the chains for all things PC. Having used Quicken since the 2003 version, I was hopeful Quicken for Mac would make my transition easier. Not so!

While I don't use Quicken for bank reconciliation, tracking investments or any of the other online services, I was extremely disappointed to find out that this version of Quicken is even incapable of making a simple register and or category report. After all, a simple register report is basic to every Quicken for PC I have ever used, through the 2011 version.

My solution was simple, throw Quicken for Mac into the trash, install Parallels and a fresh install of windows 7 on a virtual machine. Once I installed my quicken 2011 onto the windows 7 virtual machine, I had the best of both worlds... Good old Quicken and the grace and speed of a Mac.

I would not recommend Quicken for Mac, at least not until they put some serious effort into improving it!
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