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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 18, 2011
Despite all of the hoopla surrounding each new version, this version offers nothing new to 99.9% of users. As a CPA I have helped clients with QuickBooks for over 15 years and during that time I have seen a steady erosion in the usefulness of the program. It is large and cumbersome and much slower than older versions. My experience with the maker, Intuit is that they are not really a software company as much as they are a marketing company, using what once was a great product to squeeze more revenue out of their customers. It's still is a decent product, but don't upgrade unless you absolutely have to. If you are a new user, examine other products before you commit yourself to this once great and now mediocre product.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on December 19, 2011
I've been using Quickbooks since 2002 and have used later versions since then. When upgrading to Quickbooks 2012 I encountered a problem that was totally unacceptable. After completing the embedded registration questionaire I attempted to then complete the registration process online, as I was prompted to. This wasn't as simple as it should have been. I was prompted to call an 800-number, after which I was injected into an automated menu which prompted me to provide the same information that I had already provided when I completed the registration form. As it turns out, you have to be given a "Validation Code" from Intuit after you've entered all of your information, plus the product license number which came with the installation CD. In short, it took me 25 minutes of frustrating conversation (with people who couldn't speak English well) to be given a validation code. Intuit, YOU LOST ME AS A CUSTOMER!!!!! This was insulting!!!!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on December 23, 2011
I've used an older version of Quickbooks for 8 years or so, without issue, for my small business. But it's way out of the support period so when I bought a new computer, I thought that I'd purchase the most recent version of Quickbooks. What a mistake!!

The software simply will not start. In the first few attempts all the system will do is start to show the basic background, get to the point of painting the QB menu bar and then automatically shut itself down. No messages, no warnings, just inoperability. After deleting the program and reinstalling, the software finally came up -- once. Now I keep getting the message to go into the control panel and turn Internet Explorer 8 on for Quickbooks to even load. I have a new machine coming with the IE9 version and Quickbooks doesn't recognize it. Quickbooks just sends out the message and then shuts itself down again.

No only is Quickbooks Pro 2012 a fickled piece of crap, but it wants me to reconfigure my system to force Explorer as my browser instead of Firefox, with all the security holes that IE has. Spend $150 for it on Amazon and end up with less than 50 cents worth of value. I'm going to Peachtree.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 9, 2012
I just purchases Intuit Quickbooks Pro 2012. Installed this product on my Windows 7 system only to encounter FATAL errors during the installation. IN an attempt to identify the issue I installed this product on two other non Windows 7 PC' with no issues. Incidentally Quickbooks Pro 2012 is advertised as Windows 7 compatible. I called customer no service, and discovered there are many known compatibility issues with Windows 7 that are NOT advertised or documented for customers looking to buy Quickbooks. I was then told I would be charged a support fee for them to "fix" this known issue.

Seems to me Intuit does not care about customers, customer service, customer satisfaction, quality or quality control on their products. They have gained enough market-share they apparently figure customers do not matter any more, and that customers should just take it and love their poor products and customer no-service.

Intuit is one company I will no longer patronize for any reason at any time ever in the future. I hope many people read this, and take to heart that sometimes the BEST products are the ones that provide outstanding customer service.

Intuit from my perspective provides some of the worst customer service I have even had the misfortune of ever experiencing. I will continue to use PeachTree, even with its limitations. At least their customer service is head and shoulders above Intuit

Sadly, I cannot return the downloaded product for a refund, and ultimately have no real recourse other than to consider it a $153.00 lesson on what company NOT to purchase products from in the future.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on December 28, 2011
We received Quickbooks Pro 2012 and attempted to install the program - It took at least 3 hours. What a nightmare. I not only could not install 2012, but it did not allow me to access older versions once the 2012 installation failed. Try working that way in an accountants office the last week of 2011. I did all the steps recommended at the quickbooks support website, and one by one, they did not work. I had 4 different "fix" icons on my desktop. Finally I tried googling 1603 for the tenth time and came up with a 1603 error fix - through the quickbooks website. That finally worked and the 2012 program installed. Once that installed the other versions freed up and I can access them now. There is no way I can recommend this version of quickbooks to any of our clients. Quickbooks needs to get on the ball and fix the program as I'm not the only one that had issues according to the postings, or Amazon needs to lower the price of Quickbooks Pro 2011 because that's all we'll be recommending as an update for now. One also has to wonder the stability of a program when it tells you in the documentation what to do if there is an installation error.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
To start this review, I will tell you I am a CPA in "real life" and see nothing new here to justify purchasing a newer version unless Intuit has you over one of their many barrels in a forced upgrade that just annoys the &^$% out of their customers. I was annoyed with having to purchase this version at all - Intuit really needs to work on their licensing program as well as their no-help customer service: the machine I had QB 2010 on died. Little did I know the online version I purchased was a "one time download only" version, and their customer service department wouldn't let me re-download it.

Accordingly, I bought the CD / DVD version and have made a vow to do that with all future Intuit purchases - the price for the DVD version is actually cheaper on Amazon than purchasing it and downloading from Intuit (doesn't make sense).

Install was a snap, and I see absolutely zero difference in functionality between this 2012 version of Quickbooks or the 2010 version it is replacing. Granted, my needs are pretty simple (single member LLC with one employee), but every piece of functionality I use - basic invoice entry, sales receipt, P&L and balance sheet reports - is exactly the same If you do not need to upgrade due to the licensing rollover, I would recommend you save your money until you absolutely, positively, have to get the software - and when you do, make sure on all future Intuit products you purchase the DVD install version vs. downloading it.

On the other hand, if you are a small business owner looking for a good accounting package, I would strongly recommend this one - the core functionality is easy to use once you get it setup (and proper setup does take some time).
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on May 15, 2012
What can one say about a program that corrupts Windows 7 System Restore - other than one star is too high a rating?
With more than 20 years of computer service and support (at one time I beta-tested for Intuit), I have to say I've never come across as aggravating an experience as I've had with QuickBooks 2012. The low lights?
1. I researched & then followed advice from numerous on-line QB experts to create a "Standard User Account" (UAC) specifically for installing QB 2012. (Microsoft also advises to run your computer under a Standard UAC for security reasons.)
2. Given previous experience with software, I manually created a restore point before attempting to install Quickbooks.
3. After installing QB under the Standard UAC, then re-booting, QB errored out - it wouldn't start. (It's a resource hog and loads on start-up "in the back-ground" so you THINK it really does load quickly when you click on its icon.)
4. Oddly, QB appeared to run fine under the "master" Admin account despite having been installed in the Standard UAC.
5. Since it wouldn't run under the UAC where installed, I tried to do a System Restore to quickly, & cleanly get rid of the QB install. I did this under both the Standard & Admin UACs. Usually, it is easy to use a manual restore point - in this case, the one I'd created prior to QB's install. After much waiting and a re-boot, Windows 7 Ultimate reported that it couldn't restore the "c:\windows" directory - that it'd been changed/corrupted. Windows corrupted? What? Who? How?
6. So, I followed Intuit's instructions - uninstall via Control Panel, then run their "clean_install_uninstall" program.
7. Well, their "clean uninstall" is no such thing. After running it, there were still 600+ (yes, six HUNDRED) files still left behind. Intuit blames this on Windows, of course, and then advises you to manually delete a list of directories. (What good is an "clean" uninstall program if it leaves so much junk behind?)
8. Sadly, not one of the directories mentioned in Intuit's list is the C:\windows\intuit directory - which turns out to be the cause of the failed system restore.
10. I know this because after deleting ALL of Intuit's 600+ files & directories, I also cleaned out ALL their registry entries, then re-booted, created a restore point. Shut down, re-booted and then successfully restored to the point I'd created. (This is about as much fun as visiting a dentist who doesn't believe in Novocaine.)
11. Intuit's error screens (when it doesn't start) will take you to their "support" website, where each suggestion is a variation of "it's a Windows Problem" and you're told to download and repair various Windows files. Right. If Windows files that QB must use are corrupted, why then does QB run under the Admin UAC but not the UAC where it was installed? Obviously, it can't. The windows files aren't corrupt - the Quickbooks install is faulty.

My other observation is that QB is a massive resource hog. It starts and runs 5 separate processes by default each and every time you start your computer. These include the ENTIRE QB program (QBW32.exe). Your computer will take significantly longer to boot because Quickbooks takes forever to load. IF you don't want it to load at startup - well, too bad. Intuit presumes you ALWAYS want to run Quickbooks, all the time.

Another process that runs in the background is Quickbooks ID service - to check your license is valid. Gee, I just jumped through the hoops, & had to make a phone call to get a validation code (BTW, their 800# no longer accepts calls - despite it being listed on their closing install screen). Why should you eat up my computer resources with a sneaky back door checkup like this? And you want me to buy into your new "service" business model and trust my financial data to your "cloud" services? Really? You don't trust me and yet you expect me to trust you?

Then, there's their "update" service. This, too, starts and runs constantly in the background. Why? Microsoft has managed to create an update scheduler that can be set by the user. Can't you, Intuit? Let it check once a week, or month. It doesn't need to run ALL THE TIME!

As other reviewers have said, I anxiously await the day when a competitor arises to take away the customers Intuit treats with such disdain & distrust. Unless you absolutely, positively, MUST use Quickbooks - use something, ANYTHING - else.
An Abacus, perhaps?
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on February 1, 2012
I purchased this product as a download-BIG mistake. The product downloaded fine on day 1, spent hours inputting new account information-all with no issues. Closed the program and tried to open it 10 days later-won't open, tried re-installing-no luck-unfortunately with Amazon no refund policy-I wasted money on this crap. Go pick up disk or have disk mailed to you-if there were negative stars possible-I would select that! UPDATE 2/8/2012-per the company representative's advice I phoned the phone number-where I was told to email my refund request...what a surprise-it is now a week later without even a response...again don't bother buying this!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 6, 2012
I was forced to upgrade from QB Pro 2008 due to the fact that they turned off the ability to email statements to customers. I do the books for a small, non-profit hockey association, and this upgrade has me ready to quit. The upgrade was painful and slow. And once I got it running, guess what? I can't email statements via the webmail option! I would bet if I paid the $9.95 a month for the Intuit service it would work. I worked with the offshore support group for 45 minutes on this, and they did exactly what I did to try to fix it. After he could not get it to work, he said it was a firewall setting on my PC. However it worked fine in QB 2008, so my guess is that it is disabled. I had my company PC tech look at it, and he said it is not a firewall problem.

Don't upgrade unless you must, and be prepared to pay! They took a perfectly good product and added a bunch of options to increase the cashflow, and slowed it down tremendously.
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on February 2, 2012
the software works ok, but it seems like anytime you need to do something or have a problem or even a simple question, you are presented with a lot of marketing from intuit. this company is ALWAYS trying to sell you more things... don't hit the wrong item on a menu because you will quickly be redirected from your work to a lot of self promoting pages from intuit. i was using qb2009 and got a message that if i didn't upgrade, i could no longer use my payroll subscription that i already spent hundreds of dollars on. i upgrade to qb2012 for $180 and then it won't work with my already paid subscription to payroll. i called and it took hours to get help and i kept getting redirected or lost in the myriad of automated phone menus. with this crappy software, you are either figuring things out on your own or getting bombarded with sales pitches.

the online help is subpar and basically once intuit has your money....tough luck sucker! if you make one simple mistake on something like the wrong amount on a paycheck, you will spend HOURS going back and trying to correct all the problems that spurred off of that one simple mistake.
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