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on November 27, 2013
Don't waste your money. I work in IT and have to deal with this software. Updates frequently fail causing even more problems than they fix. The current R3 "update" failed on all of our company files - I contacted QB support and was told that the only way they could be fixed was to upload them to their Data Services centre and that it may take up to 72 hours to return the repaired files (with some data loss). So let me get this straight... their program corrupts our data, and we're expected to shut down for 3 days while they fix their mistake!?
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on September 9, 2014
DO NOT BUY THIS. DO NOT UPGRADE TO 2014. This is the worst accounting software version I've ever seen -- in over 20 years. The previous versions of QB were just O.K. The 2014 version is a crime against small and medium sized businesses, sucking up their precious resources of time and money. It crashes randomly throughout the day - 5 to 20 times a day and gives error messages that QB support have no clue what to do with. It crashes every time I email invoices or estimates. It looses data when it closes and I have rebuild whatever item I was working on when it shuts down. Yet Intuit locks you into a service agreement -- by the way DO NOT OPT for the extra technical support -- NO ONE AT QB KNOWS ANYMORE THAN YOU DO.
I'm currently investigating filing a class action suit against Intuit for breach of contract due to lack of promised services, lack of promised support, lack of promised functionality, documented lies from QB representatives and loss of business from wasted time and resources. QB users need to join together to force Intuit to address these horrendous malfunctions and/or refund our money.
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on January 7, 2014
We have used QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions for many years. We have always loved it until we upgraded to 2014!! I work for a DOD contractor & it is imperative our reports run. The 2014 is constantly crashing when we run a large employee report, will not update system, we can't view all the employee data or paychecks in a report without a system crash, we can't see all of the check to enter class data on the right side, memory error messages, conflicts with windows 8, too many issues list. We have the full service plan too. Our file will not rebuild now after the updates....on and on...They told us they were aware of these issues and have been WORKING THEM FOR MONTHS and would email us when an update was available. Really, this is Intuit - do you not know how to Beta Test.

We are currently looking to replace our software with a new vendor. They have cost our company so much money with lost labor time and work arounds to get the data we need. I will truly miss the excellent payroll services they provide.....if only their software development division was up to the same standards as their payroll division!! How embarrassing for Intuit to allow this to happen.
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on January 12, 2014
If you are a new business looking for an accounting package, do yourself a favor and chose something besides Quickbooks. We have been using Quickbooks for years and are unfortunately locked in since the downtime associated with converting to Microsoft Dynamics would cripple our business (not the cost of the software itself). Intuit forces us to upgrade Quickbooks every three years which is not a huge problem in an of itself. The problem is more that Intuit breaks features with each release rather than adding improvements.

Just to vent, I have compiled a list of problems (most of these I swear have existed since the DOS version.)

-When a QB client loses connectivity with the server , Quickbooks aborts the entire EXE instead of just closing the company file. What kind of programming is this? This often happens when a server performs updates over a weekend and restarts while client PCs are left running QB. What's even worse is that the "crash" is not even instantaneous. The client doesn't even realize the connection was lost for hours / days after the server restart. For example, when you get back into the office on a Monday morning, go to fill out an invoice, you are greeted with an application abort and all your input is lost.

-The Sales Order fulfillment worksheet only reduces quantities of products waiting for shipment on an order after you make an invoice. We only send ONE invoice after an order is shipped in full, making this feature useless for tracking partial shipments. Many users complain about this in forums but Intuit feels it is more important to change color schemes around in each release than to add a commonly requested feature.

-You need to buy the Enterprise version of QuickBooks to adjust inventory in multi-user mode. This is the ONLY reason we upgraded from Premier to Enterprise. On a positive note, it is a huge relief now, not having to shut down all our instances of QB just to do an inventory adjustment.

-When you right click on an inventory item and select "adjust inventory on hand," the item to adjust is NOT automatically populated in the adjustment window. Just an example of many UI quirks.

-You can't change the "payee name" on a customer check, just a vendor check. The Payee name is pulled from the first line of the customer Bill-To Address which for us is often "Accounts Payable" - doesn't make sense when you are trying to mail a refund check! And I am not just talking about the "default" name that can't be changed.... for as long as I can remember, you can't manually override it in the "Write Check" window PERIOD.

-Can't edit multiple invoices, POs, bills, etc at once. Many windows (i.e. give refund, send email) lock the rest of the screen.

-Can't memorize progress billing invoices and track progress at same time. You can memorize progress invoices, but you lose the ability to show the customer how much they have already paid, and how much is left. While this may be okay for many businesses, it is a major pain for our company that often evenly divides a project into 12 equal monthly payments.

-When adding a "new customer", and the name is already used, you must exit the window (and lose data) before navigating to customer / vendor list to research the conflict. I sometimes forget to look up if a customer already exists in our system before adding a new entry (since they may not have purchased from us in years, so I assume they are new.)

-Corollary: Can't have customer and vendor with same name

-The naming convention for SCHEDULED backups is not adjustable. They always have time stamps, making it hard to script transfers of the backup from local hard disk to a remote system. Scheduled backups always start with SBU_1, SBU_2, SBU_3, etc. That's fine except SBU_1 is renamed SBU_2 the next day, then SBU_3 the following day (as opposed to SBU_2 and SBU_3 becoming the new backup). Again, this is not changeable, and while it makes some sense, it is very difficult to script transfers because of it. Simply being able to control the naming on scheduled backups would alleviate this.

-The "open two companies at once" feature has about 50 or so features that don't work (see Intuit Help file) on the second open file. The mode is basically only good for viewing reports in two companies at once, rather than actually getting work done.

-There were less clicks involved in QuickBooks 2006 for recording customer and vendor payments than in 2014. It's a minor detail, but another good example of Intuit moving backwards.

-Intuit removed the "send later" button in the e-mail invoice window. They also continue to lock the rest of the application while you are sending an e-mail. Essentially, if you are composing an e-mail within Quickbooks and realize you need to look something up in Quickbooks or edit the invoice, you will have to close the e-mail window and lose all the data you entered.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. I will continue my rant as I think of more reasons why companies should look elsewhere for accounting when starting their business.
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on May 20, 2014
Yes, Intuit forced me to pay $200 to go from 2011 to 2014 by highjacking the features I liked to use.
My QB 2011 was working flawlessly. This 2014 version is harder to navigate and use the features that I need. The "Bank Feeds" is more complicated than the old online banking feature. Most of all, after I send 2 or 3 emails from QB, it stalls and shuts down. I then have to re-log on. 2011 NEVER had that issue. In addition, QB2014 "found(?)" an error in one of my older customer's data files and I can not backup the program without having to rebuild the customer data files(the rebuild does not fix the issue). That adds extra time and effort. The "error" never occurred in my 2011 version. Shame on Intuit!
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on January 28, 2014
QBE 14 is riddled with bugs. We have wasted days and days trying to fix problems that just come back. Intuit should be ashamed putting unstable software on the market that is as mission critical as accounting software. We only upgraded because those cheapskates at Intuit decided to ONLY support the 2013 1099s on QBE 14. We would have been better off preparing the 1099s by hand with all the time we have wasted with this garbage upgrade.
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on November 4, 2014
Can we give it a ZERO! ! This program keeps corrupting the files, it's unable to verify data, data missing or corrupt. Unable to rebuild or verify. Plagued with major problems!! Stay away unless you want a nightmare
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