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on October 19, 2011
I should have paid attention to the number of bad reviews for this software. I attributed them to users who had problems unique to their situations and that the software itself couldn't be that bad. Boy was I wrong.

I finally decided to move to Quicken after using MS Money for over a decade. I have been very satisfied with MS Money and have continued to use the sunset edition for the last couple years. Yes, it's a hassle to manually import .OFX files from each bank, but after trying Quicken, the hassle is well worth it.

Complaint 1: I had to purchase the latest edition. Every other major software company on the planet (ok exaggerating) offers downloadable trial software. Intuit does not. So to even try this software, I had to pay for it.

Complaint 2: It does not work as advertised. Intuit advertises cash flow forecasts (account balance forecast) and even shows screenshots of them, but in reality, they do nothing for the user. The forecasts show ONLY scheduled bills and do not take any planned budget spending into account. This makes them totally worthless. My spending account balance will not be $3000 at the end of the month. The $2900+ worth of budgeted transactions will reduce that, but does the balance forecast show that? No. The forecasts may be useful for savings accounts, or other non-liquid accounts, but are worthless for day-to-day, liquid accounts. Yes, you can set up budgets, and yes, you can set up scheduled bills, but nowhere in the software can you see the two together. To borrow from another online review I read...It's like having lumber in one hand, and a hammer and nails in the other hand and having no way to put the two together to actually build anything. In other words, both sections are nearly worthless since you can't use them together.

Complaint 3: The refund process. Amazon won't refund downloadable software....this I understand, EXCEPT for this garbage software. Normally, you don't want people to buy software, use it once, then return it for a full refund. That is theft, since the customer is using the software, and not paying for it in the end. I totally support Amazon's policy in most cases. However, this is one product that it SHOULD NOT apply to. Since Intuit offers no trial (see complaint 1), the only way to try it is to buy it. I tried it, didn't like it, and want my money back. Amazon said "too bad, so sad, contact Intuit".

Complaint 4 The refund process continued. I followed Amazon's instructions and sent the order information to Intuit. No response. I contacted intuit and got hold of a rep who apparently doesn't care about his job, or their customers. To summarize the call... Me: "I would like a refund" Him: "follow the instructions in this link I'm sending you (since I'm too busy to actually listen to you say that you already did)." Me: "I already did, I just want to know that my refund is in process" Him: no response. Me: "Hello, are you still there?" Him: "You'll need to follow the refund instructions I sent." Me: "I did. Can you tell me if you received my info" Him: "Let me check" ten minutes of silence Him: "What is your email address and when did you send the info" Me: provided info. ten more minutes elapse Him: "We don't have record of it. Refunds take 5-6 weeks. Don't call back until then"

I had heard that Intuit had very poor customer service, but again, I really didn't believe it could be as bad as people say. Well....it can, and then some.

Finally, I had to get my bank's fraud department involved who convinced Amazon to refund the money and agree to fight it out with Intuit themselves.

So, for now I will continue using MS Money sunset since it still has better budgeting and balance forecasting than Quicken has even if I have to manually download OFX files from each bank. It's really a shame that MS Money was discontinued. It seems that all the online stuff I found while trying to figure out if I was doing something wrong in Quicken, was correct. Intuit hasn't bothered to actually improve the software at all since MS Money no longer competes with them. Since they have no major competitors, they just don't care. It's a shame really.

Now, all that said, if you want softare that is "reactive" and shows you where your money went with simple, one click account updates, then Quicken seemed perfectly fine and why I'm giving two stars instead of only one. But by that same logic, using their mint.com stuff does the same thing, is free, and also provides mobile access. If you want software that is "proactive" and can actually help you plan for the future and see what your bank accounts will look like if you do x or y or z, and you don't mind updating each bank individually by downloading OFX files, then use the free MS Money Sunset.

Of course, if you want good proactive planning AND mobile access, well then, too bad. It doesn't exist. At least not in any easy to find, widely supported software/vendor.
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on November 10, 2011
I downloaded this hoping to keep better track of my spending and saving. I immediately had problems downloading my banks information and so I got on with the chat help. They had me download the log files so they could look into it. A day or two later I got an email saying the issue is resolved and to try it again. Tried to add the account again and still the same error. LOL! I then got on with customer service AGAIN and they told me it was a server issue. Mind you I have tried to add this account for a good week before I even contacted them. So the server issue has been probably two weeks long. I advise if you want a working program don't buy this. It has many bugs and doesn't even have the ability to connect to some banks to download your transaction data because of server issues. Not sure how this company is staying afloat with this kind of software release. Refund and will never use again.
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on October 11, 2011
I was so excited to download the latest version thinking certainly that they would have fixed the problems associated with downloading the transaction files. I was wrong. It worked great the first time I did it. Then, the next day and the day after and the day after that I got tired of having it pretend to download transactions and not update the files--it didn't even give me an error message that the transactions had not been downloaded. I tried importing files and every other option to fix it that I possibly could having researched it and the only "fix" is to keep creating new accounts...what a TOTAL WASTE of money and time. Part of the draw of Quicken for me was that it would automatically download my files and it is a total headache trying to manipulate it only to not have it work then invest more time manually entering all the transactions. I wish I had listened to the other reviewers and realized if it could happen to them it could happen to me-for some reason I thought that with my computer savy the difficulties wouldn't happen to me but they did. Don't waste your money.
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on October 28, 2011
I have used the 2010 version since 2010 and have enjoyed it. I upgraded to 2012 and 2 weeks later I can no longer connect to my account and download updates to them.
I have contacted Intuit support and they have no idea what or why and have told me it will take 7 - 10 BUSINESS DAYS for them to possibly fix.
A 7 - 10 day best effort SLA is completely unacceptable. Another company sticking it to the public.
I will be requesting a complete refund and not using any of Intuit's products in the future.
Imagine having an issue with their tax software and they can't fix it in time to submit your tax information because they have a best effort of 7 - 10 days.

Intuit, if you take our money, you better support us with reasonable SLA's.

Quicken Deluxe 2012 [Download]
Quicken Deluxe 2012
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on April 21, 2012
Quicken ruined the budget functionality in this release. Some examples:
1) Rolling Budget. You can only budget from the current month forward. i.e. This is April 2012; if I want to correct January 2012, I'm out of luck because the advanced budget only displays January 2013.
2) Related to the rolling budget, is the way specific, average, monthly and years inputs are treated. Somehow "yearly averages" causes the budget version used to generate reports to change; I'm not sure why.
3) Negative numbers in a budget. The advance budget uses negative but doesn't display the sign (- or Red). You can't tell which categories are positive or negative by looking at them--you must experiment to see what the "leftover amount" changes to. Very difficult to trouble shoot errors.
4) You can't budget to the cent. This creates substantial cumulative rounding errors
5) The budget page shows a bare graph which you can't modify. It is always inaccurate because credit card charges are not considered as expense. Only a credit card payment show as an expense. The Budget reports appear to threat the credit card transaction correctly.
6) There are several automated feature which I don't understand, but they apparently adjust the budget based on my input in way that I can't track or control. Smoke and mirrors has no place in financial software.
Take a look at the Quicken feedback page. [...] Search for "budget" and view the many unhappy users.
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on June 6, 2012
I've used Quicken from the very beginning. Every three years Quicken forces me to upgrade to a product that's worse than the one I'm using. In this case, the new product is quite a bit worse.

It appears that Quicken is trying to force users to their online product by making the desktop version worse and worse. I have no objection to the cloud version, but it's missing critical features that I need, like customized tax category reports and retirement planning.

Quicken: If you care about your customers at all, charge us $10/year and let us keep working versions of your software. Then you can make real improvements in the product (instead of useless, stupid changes) and offer frequent "free" updates. Maybe you could even fix the obvious bugs and annoyances that people have been complaining about for many years.

Unlike many customers, the upgrade went fairly well for me and, with a few tweaks, Quicken recognized the many places I download data from. I don't use the budget feature so the problems with that were not an issue for me.

The new version makes me click several times to do things that took one click in Quicken 2009. They've removed the buttons for reconciling and for downloading transactions. There's no conceivable reason for doing this this other than to make the program less convenient to use. Worse yet, there's no keyboard shortcut for downloading transactions.

Quicken now often marks transfers between separate accounts as transfers from an account INTO ITSELF, even though the data file from the bank clearly indicates where they went and such a transfer is absurd. I have to edit them all manually.

Quicken now identifies new mutual fund purchases as "Unidentified Security" and then shows me the ACTUAL NAME OF THE SECURITY in a dialog. After I tell it to use that name and create a new security, the fund is still listed as Unidentified Security in my portfolio. I have to edit it manually. Worse yet, the shares purchased has been divided by 10, and when I fix that, Quicken wants to adjust the share price even though it's correct.

Quicken still, after all these years, has no option to always use the online balance for reconciling. I get no paper statements and haven't used that option in Quicken for over 10 years, but it still seems to make using the paper statement the default most of the time.

Quicken desktop gets more bug-ridden and clunky with every iteration. Please, please, someone create a decent alternative with usable tax categories, budgeting, reporting, and retirement planning so we can all stop paying Intuit for this program we hate but continue to use because there are no good alternatives.
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on November 16, 2011
I read the negative comments and still I decided to upgrade. Why? I must be a glutton for punishment.

2012 Deluxe is a piece of junk. How can a software company put out a product with so many bugs? I waited until Intuit had put out 2 fix releases before upgrading. Evidently, it must have been much worse before this upgrade. Wow, it boggles the mind. I upgraded from 2011 Deluxe and they haven't even fixed the issues with that in 2012. Plus, there's all sorts of new issues to boot.

Forget balancing your checking account. It doesn't work. I had to add phantom entries to get mine to balance. How's that for something that's essential and doesn't work? Reports don't work, screens don't scroll, preferences don't work (my backup options don't back anything up). It goes on and on.

Why did MS/Money go away? I was quite happy and now I'm pulling what's left of my hair out. Thanks Intuit.
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on February 10, 2012
I finally decided to upgrade from Quicken 2009, which I was comfortable with, because of the constant threats/reminders that data downloads would no longer be supported come April 2012. Also, my credit union just underwent a major upgrade and their instructions for using Quicken started with the 2010 version.

The download from Amazon was easy, after I finally decided I could live without a CD and go ahead and get the software immediately. And it was the best price anywhere. $10 cheaper than Costco.

My credit card and investment company accounts all updated fine, and some transactions downloaded so it wasn't just false reporting.

I was dismayed to see that what used to be "Overview" which would show say, my retirement account with all of its investments in one window, and which it would default to in the right-hand pane when I clicked on the account, has been changed to a "Holdings" button which opens up a new window! NO NO too much clicky clicky! Why did they do this???? Sad face.

When I tried to enable my credit union accounts for one-step update, Quicken crashed. In the past I always had to go the the CU site to download; not sure if this is something temporary because of their upgrade or if it will always be this way.

I had a lot of trouble with my credit union accounts but that was their fault, not Quicken's. When their directions said to delete the "account number" I mistakenly deleted the account, so I had to figure out how to restore from the 2009 file. Not obvious, because the file structure has been changed since the 2009 version, but it can be done. Then, the CU had changed the data on the last month or so of checking account transactions that it downloaded, so they didn't match with what was already there. I had to go through and figure out which were the old transactions and delete them.

I think it's all set up in just a few hours, but I will watch my account balances carefully for a while and report back here if anything interesting happens.

February 16 -- after manually editing the last few months of transactions, I was ecstatic and thinking of changing the rating to 5 stars because now the automatic updates were working for ALL my accounts, whereas before I had to manually download files from the credit union. Then yesterday a transfer between two credit union accounts took place, transactions downloaded, I accepted them -- and POOF they disappeared. Had to manually enter the transactions to get the account to balance to Quicken. Wonder if the transactions are lurking somewhere waiting to show up and mess up the balance later.
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on February 24, 2012
I've been a Quicken user since they stopped supporting Microsoft Money. While I hate to say, it's not MS Money, it is an okay piece of software for managing your personal finances. I like it because it has great online support from pretty much any bank you want, it will download and automatically enter your transactions and keep your finances in a reasonable state of organization with minimal effort on your part. Intuit, I docked you one star because your software is buggy. Odd things like the dialog boxes scroll the wrong way, and it there needs to be more integration in your software, not a million little pieces strung together. Plus you make me wait to look at my finances while you download them. What's the point of an operating system that offers true multitasking (something we've been capable of since the 90's) if you don't use it?

However, I was a little skeptical of the online download, until after I'd done it. It's easy to do, and the best part is that Amazon keeps your download available online anytime you need it. If you're a power user like me and you regularly upgrade your laptop or reinstall your operating system on a regular basis you will find this downloadable copy to be a great alternative to the pile of CD's and DVD's that you would normally use to restore your system. No discs to keep track of, no scratches, and it's ready on demand. You don't even have to get up off the couch.
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I upgraded a version of Quicken Deluxe 2010 that was working perfectly and now I have Quicken Deluxe 2012 that crashes about every 3rd time I use it, wish I had kept my money. There are some enhancements that are nice but none that were worth the trouble I am having with this poorly designed POS.

UPDATE: Well it seems the only thing that worked for me was to use Revo Uninstaller (after making a backup file) and letting it clean any reference to Quicken off my computer I re-installed Quicken 2012 (2012 was an update for me from Quicken 2010 and not a clean install) and restored from the backup and all works perfectly. NOTE: You will have to redo a few things but should not take more than 15 minutes to re-establish a few connections. It was more than worth it to me to get everything working right.

I will not change the rating since it was supposed to work as an update but obviously it did not but with a good uninstall tool (I use Revo Uninstaller, Google it) you should be able to re-install and have a perfectly good version of Quicken 2012 running, it also seems to have solved the duplicate entry problem several folks had with Discover card downloads and it solved the screen freeze also that I got about every 5th crash.
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