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on December 5, 2012
I own a LOT of watches. Everything from a $40 Timex Ironman to a Breitling Aviator. Ask any good Jeweler and they will tell you, when you buy any watch you not paying for a time keeper, a cheap Timex will keep just as good time as a $7000 Breitling or Rolex, and if taken care of will last a long time. When you buy a high end watch (Or even a lower end watch for that matter) your paying for the Jewelry and appearance. The local Jeweler that I take my watches to for repair (He is a small shop but rated number two in the state), has this exact Invicta on a shelf. The asking price is $315, the retail is $450. Now I know you can get Invicta's even at Walmart for under $100. But this particular model (The 6932) does usually run around $250-$350. But what you get for this price is pretty good. Dont let the fact that it is made in Japan deter you, the Japanese have moved light years ahead in recent years when it comes to precision time pieces.

First, the flying wing is Invicta's, but it is clearly a knockoff of Breitlings design. It is slightly different, but it is a nice touch to a less expensive watch as it gives it a more high end look.

The bezel and crown are 18k Gold Plated. That is something you usually see on a more midrange watch. On lower end watches, a lot of times they will use Gold "Color". If you look at some watches, like the Marc collection sold at Saks, they go for around $250-$300 and that isnt Gold, thats Gold Color. This is Gold. Plated yes, but still Gold.

The rest of the watch is Stainless, unlike some of the cheap pot metal or tin that is used in watches in this price range.

The first thing I did when the watch came was take my watch tool and pull the back off to look at the movement. I believe its pretty intricate and is going to last a long time, and even if it stops or breaks would be worth fixing. I compared it to my Seiko SBDC001 (A $600 watch) and one of my Hamiltons, I am no Jeweler but they appear to be near identical movements and the two I compared it to are both $5-600 watches, I think for the movement, this is a great value.

Another thing I always consider is "When would I wear this watch?". I rarely wear my Breitling, its way too flashy to be walking around with on a daily basis, I wear my Ironmans, G-Shocks and Seiko on a daily basis. But the Timex Ironman and the Casio G-Shocks I wont wear if I have to go to a function, Ill usually wear either my Seiko or a Movado I own. I put this watch like my Seiko, I can wear it daily, in jeans, or I can wear it out to a function. Its one of those just right watches, not cheap looking, but not over the top either.

The bottom line as far as I am concerned, on this watch is "This is the best $600 watch your going to get for under $100". Period. If your looking for a watch for yourself, and dont want to spend a lot of money, this is a good choice. If your looking for a Husband/Son/BF or other male gift of a watch, Im pretty sure anyone would be happy with this on.

And no, I dont work for Invicta or Amazon.
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on August 14, 2015
EXCELLENT WATCH! Really beautiful and the size is just right, looking to buy more invictas.
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on March 18, 2014
First impression upon opening box: Wow! Looks better than expected. Great Rose Gold tone, nice detail. Solid time piece.
All hands hit the markers just fine!
I think the watch is perfectly sized, nice height but not overly wide. Nice weight.

I saw other comments saying the Chronograph functions did not work upon opening; resulting in un-happy owners and returns.
First thing I did was push the buttons--- didn't go down, and began to feel the same way as those who weren't pleased.
After 5 minutes of google-ing, I realized I had read over the "screw down crown AND pushers" portion of the info.

In hopes of saving stress to others- when pushers are screwed down they will not push. This is to prevent inadvertent presses underwater (which can cause problems with the Chrono functions). The grooved portion of the pusher must be unscrewed to the top of the button in order to activate Chronograph functions.

I would recommend - but do not know for fact - not leaving the pushers unscrewed. I have read it affects the WR, just as the crown does for sure. Unscrewed pushers may not affect WR, but to be safe and prevent debris I will leave mine screwed down when not in use.

Great watch overall! Unbelievable bargain for the quality!
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on March 21, 2016
This watch is WAY TOO SMALL for my taste. I'm not a big guy nor do I have big wrists but I simply like large face watches and this is definitely NOT in that category. I take responsibility for not closely reading the case diameter before buying but either way, it's unfortunate that it's just so damn small! With that said, it's a great looking watch and I truly wish it was made in a much larger size (at least a 46mm case diameter or larger). Part of the reason I bought without closely inspecting the size was that it really is a great looking watch! The Rose Gold/Stainless Steel two-tone and black are a GREAT combination. If you don't mind the size or if you prefer smaller watches then I'd definitely recommend this watch; however, if you DO like larger face watches then this is NOT for you. I'm going to return it.
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on June 6, 2015
I love this watch and have had it for a couple of years now....I get constant compliments and absolutely love the fact it wears with jeans or shorts as nicely as it does with my $1500 Italian Cashmere Jacket from the Bellagio and my $500 Black Jack Rattlesnake boots.

The only reason I am giving it 4 instead of 5 stars is the fact that the pin snapped at the watch where the band connects to the case on one side and I have never found a jeweler or watch repair shop that can find the exact right replacement pin and they all tell me to ship it to Invicta which I suppose I will have to do but that is a pain in the ass I do not want to deal with for a par $100 watch ;-) I've had it replaced at least 4 or 5 times now and each time the new pin breaks within a week...I also now noticed the other pin is bent and looks ready to break at any moment so now I am wondering if one of the jewelers replaced the pins with the wrong ones at some point when i was having it cleaned or the links adjusted maybe? THat is all I can think of and assume they require the exact specific sized pin otherwise even though they all seem to think it is a tight fit, either they are using pins that are not of equal strength as the original ones or the size is just off or something...

If I owned Invicta I would setup a online website where every owner could register and chat with support associates (you can outsource this very cheaply these days) and where people like myself could instantly purchase the correct part replacement and have it drop shipped to me...Hell I bet Amazon would love to handle all their parts shipments within the US and it would definitely increase their ratings and customer sat to not have to ship to the single authorized shop in Florida for the entire North America customer base of Invicta!

My 2 Cents...Feel free to contact me and I can assist with setting all that up Invicta ;-) It is one of the many things I do for a living in the high-tech industry....

All that being said, and as a lover of fine craftsmanship and beautiful watches I HIGHLY RECOMMEND INVICTA WATCHES TO EVERYONE!

UPDATE: 10-04-2015 - I Finally went to the Oldest jewelry store in Tucson Arizona (haha I had remembered going there in the 80's!) figuring if anyone had the stock of pins it was these guys! And boy was I right! So a new trick for those who have a watch band that can not find the jewelry store who has the EXACT pin as it really has to be EXACT even a microscopic hair off and it won't last...These guys charged me 2 bucks and less than 5 minutes it was FINALLY REPAIRED after 6 months of it sitting in the box...The TIME WAS STILL PERFECT!!! So locate the Oldest Jewelry Store in your area and go there if you ever need a hard to find part as like any craftsman they will have a MASSIVE collection of parts no one else can even come close to..if they're true master craftsmen...


I Absolutely LOVE THIS WATCH!!! It feels so substantial, looks fantastic and RICH (I do not mean wealthy, I mean RICH as in full of flavor in this case full of quality) and the Rose Gold is to my mind a lot less pretentious than yellow gold with a more subdued and subtle look of elegance which I prefer.
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on June 28, 2016
I have never been so dissatisfied with a product I have purchased online. I ordered two invicta speedway watches, both the same style but in different color combinations. One was a white face with silver bracelet, the other, black face in two tone rose and silver bracelet. The white face watch appeared new with plastic wrap covering the watch face and bracelet and second hand functioning properly. The two tone rose and silver watch appeared to be used with no plastic protective wrap, wear marks on the unprotected bracelet, and a second hand which moves in an unsteady motion with non-uniform movements forwards and backwards. Batter appears to be dying. As far as color, the rose gold appears much more brown than rose. Totally taken aback and makes me question the sources these watches came from. One so totally unsatisfactory compared to the other.
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on July 28, 2015
review image
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on January 17, 2014
The watch seemed to have been shipped securely but
when I opened the box, the watch was broken or the band was
broken with a small piece of the band detached and the little
pin to hold the watch together also detached and bent in the box.

It almost looked like it was sabotage...
I thought maybe the little connector pin should not have been
bent like it was... or I could have tried to put the watch
together if the pin was straight.
Or maybe it was a used watched or someone else returned it
and it was repackaged as if new.
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on June 13, 2016
I believe this is the second time I have been duped into buying an Invicta Watch. Both times, they were not water-resistant at all!
This time, I bought it because it was attractive in its rose-gold band and case. I have been careful to not go under water with it (9months old), but got into my pool this weekend, and - you guessed it - a cloud of condensation is not inside my crystal
I got the watch with the warranty card, but no number on it, so I couldn't register the warranty. Now, all I have is the model number, 6932.
By the way, the little dials that connote a chronograph, despite the instructions, do nothing!
Don't get ripped off by this company - they are cheap albeit good-looking watches.
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on March 20, 2015
I love it. This is my 3rd Invicta watch - I had all the extra links removed (my wrists are 5" around), and registered it with for an extra five years warranty (you want to do this) and downloaded the manual (so I could learn use the stopwatch).
Easily my best watch purchase ever! I love the contrast of the rose gold and the stainless steel... It's huge and chunky but not too much. I really appreciate that the control buttons actually screw down into the body of the watch so you won't accidentally bump them..
I had a man stop and ask me what all the faces were for and he seemed surprised when I was able to explain it to him... I got a good laugh out of that.
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