Customer Reviews: Invicta Men's F0003 Reserve Collection Venom Chronograph Gunmetal Ion-Plated Watch
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on December 5, 2009
If you are looking for a watch that has cool looks and gets attention, this is it. What I especially like about this big timepiece is always being able to see the hands in little or no light with the blue dial. Make sure you wear for a few days to break-in the band and acclimate to the weight before considering a return. A nice addition to any collection.
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on December 27, 2009
I have been collecting watches for almost a year now and have been drooling over the Venom since I began. I bought this one and apon receiving it and wearing it for a day ordered the silver verson as well. The price is outstanding here on amazon and invicta is a great watch company. The black watch with the blue face is an awesome combination.

Be warned this is a huge watch and not for the faint of heart. I have an 8-1/2" wrist and it fits well. I don't know if the rubber strap will be comfortable on a larger wrist or not. I ordered the black Venom ss bracelet from Invicta for $112.00 including shipping. So for $496.00 I have the venom with the rubber and ss bracelets. The bracelet will be more comfortable and suite the bigger wrists.

So if you are looking for a big, beefy, monter of a watch this is it. Buy it and you'll see.
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on September 29, 2013
Let me just say, that I love Invicta watches. I love them so much that my Invicta collection is about 15 watches. However, I must say, my experience with Invicta watches as well as the experience of my friends-have not been the experience one would expect from this watch brand. If you watch the promo on that home shopping channel, they boast how these watches/time pieces are the most sought after, best customer service etc.

The down side of these time pieces are that you can't take them to your local watch maker for simple maintenance such as a battery change or else you will void the warranty. That if you decide to send these beauties back to Invicta for repair/maintenance it will normally take 6-8 months to get them back. My friend had his Invicta serviced for a cleaning and battery change and it took Invicta 7 months to send it back.Not to mention, you have to include about $25.00 processing and pay for shipping both ways. Apparently, Invicta collects these hefty beauty's and ships them off in batches over seas for servicing.

Again, I love these hefty beauts, however, there has to be a better way to maintain them, an authorized Invicta dealer to take them for repair. Another friend who used to work in the watch industry said that these watches are knock offs of more pricier watches/time pieces. That you can never get the proper battery number for these time pieces as to avoid burning out the coil mechanisms within the piece itself. Some posters to other forums had detailed that they have called Invicta to find out the exact number or kind of battery for these time pieces and were told that they weren't allowed to disclose that information. A reputable company in my opinion wouldn't mind giving this information to a customer, why would Invicta be so secretive about a battery number?

Until Invicta can get it together with better servicing of their time pieces and turn around time on repairs, I will have to say that I wont be purchasing another Invicta time piece any time soon.
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on October 10, 2012
So I just got back from Hawaii, went diving for a bit, barely made it 20 feet, when I surfaced, I noticed the watch had moisture built inside. Emailed Invicta, they wanted me to send it to them, pay for both the shipping ($28) and fixing costs (not sure how much $$) and would take up to 9 weeks to fix the watch. What a joke of a company and product. Stay away and buy Casio G-Shocks or Citizen. TRUST me.

This is a heavy, good looking, well made watch. It is probably the largest watch you'll ever wear, aside from a diving watch. The watch has 3 small faces inside. One is the "seconds" counter arm, the other is a 1/10 sec counter and the last is a 30 minute counter with 5 min. intervals. The buttons you see on the side are all screw/push buttons, meaning, in order to set the time, date and use the watch's stop-watch function, you must first unscrew the buttons to be able to press them; this prevents accidental activation of any of the buttons.
The watch has 3 arms, but only 2 are functional 24/7, the hour and minute of course; the smallest/thinnest one that looks like a seconds arm, doesn't move for regular time keeping; it only moves as a seconds counter for when using the stop-watch function. The bezel you see at the edge of the face can also be rotated for time tracking/synchronise.
Setting the time and date is easy: simply unscrew the main knob, this will unlock it. Once unlocked, you'll notice the watch's knob has two positions when pulled, a light pull will get you to the date setting; then pull all the way out for time setting, once done, push it back in and screw to lock.

Something worth mentioning, the picture shown here at Amazon does not reflect the watch's face colour correctly, in reality, it is more of an electric semi dark blue, NOT the shade shown on the picture, which makes the watch's face look darker. Still, this is a beautiful watch.

I've had this puppy for about 2 days now and I love it, but like the title of the review says, the watch may be uncomfortable for some, specially to those with medium to large wrists. The reason is the shape of the watch's under case and strap; the section where the strap meets the case has a permanent concave shape, but comfort will also depend on where you wear the watch. If you wear it exactly on top of your carpals, where the Radius and Ulna meet, then you'll be in pain, but if you wear it below the Radius an Ulna, then you should be fine.
The watch's band may need some break-in period, but I'll update the review if that's not the case***

*****UPDATE***: It's been 4 days now and the watch has become more comfortable to wear, I no longer suffer from pain on my wrist; the first couple of days were painful and I even thought about returning the watch, but I'm glad I didn't. The poly band has soften up and I can now wear the watch tigther, barely noticing it.

In conclusion, this is a man's watch by all means. It is heavy, good and rough looking at the same time and very well made. If you like large watches, then look no further, this is a keeper, but please give it some time to reach its max comfort level (as I mentioned above in regards to comfort, etc). Good Luck.

P.S. Invicta claims this watch was made In Switzerland (Google more about what "Swiss Made" means). It has luminous arms and hour dots.
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on December 24, 2009
A friend of mine has the silver reserve venom and,upon seeing and holding his watch i was amazed at the size,weight,and attention to detail of the watch,i knew i had to have one.I did some looking around on various sites and i decided on the gunmetal Ion-Plated (black),this is a Big watch.The blue face is beautiful,the functions are precise,accurate,and this watch looks good on my arm and is Heavy,and it gets plenty of attention from the guys and gals alike.this is a real man's watch.
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on January 21, 2013
Okay, so as many have said, this is a big watch. Its thick, its wide, its heavy. Awesome. The dial face is beautiful. The clock hands are nice. Low light visibility is really not that great with this thing. The dots don't really glow, the hands aren't really luminous, and there is no light for it. Having said that, light bounces off of all of them pretty well, so a little bit of light is all you need to read it. I can't say this is a big thing for me, I work inside. We have these lights in there.

The construction of the watch is pretty nice. I could do without the rotating bezel, I don't know what the point is, but I'm not a diver, either. I simply bought the watch because it looked awesome and all I needed was for it to tell time, give me the date, and maybe occasionally use the stopwatch function for random tasks of time. I didn't need 100 electronic functions, split times, world time, calendars that work until 1000 years after I'm dead, or any of that extra stuff. I just wanted a cool watch that told the time & date. This watch does that admirably and its pretty darn tough to boot. 1000 meters of water resistance? Definitely will make it to the bottom of the pool and/or bath-tub, which is about as deep as I go.

I've whacked this thing on door knobs, door frames, chairs, and everything around me. Right on the clear face. Not a mark on it. I keep thinking I finally scratched it, and then I just rub the "scratch" off with my finger. Apparently I take a little something off of whatever it is I smacked with it. I'm impressed. The bezel has held its finish very well. I've been knocking around with this thing for several months now, and its been a great watch. The only negative might be that it gets a lot of attention since it doesn't fit under my button down shirt sleeve. I like that it doesn't, actually, since I don't have to pull it back to look at it, but having to answer questions about my watch gets a little old. Thankfully, I lost a little weight lately, and now it sort of fits under my button sleeve now. I guess your mileage will vary on that account.

Worth every penny so far.
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on January 12, 2010
This is a beautiful, BIG watch. I was impressed by the little details: every screw is in perfect alignment, the dial turns easily with satisfying clicks, the chronograph buttons screw down to prevent accidental pushing. People are amazed how heavy the watch is when I let them hold it. This is a quality timepiece that should provide me years of service.

A couple of things to note. This watch sits 22mm high. That means if you wear it under a long-sleeve shirt with cuffs, it will make the cuff tight or get caught when it comes out below the cuff. The other thing is if you don't like your watch to move around on your wrist you will need to wear it tight. It's heavy enough to move around with normal arm movements if it's the worn loose at all. Neither of these things bother me and I love this watch.
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on July 26, 2013
Within 45 days of delivery one of the illuminated dots broke off of the face of the watch and became lodged under the minute hand. I sent the watch in for repair along with the required $28 check plus $15 for shipping and insurance.

Four weeks after I sent the watch to the Florida repair center I was told that the watch was just now being sent over seas for repair and will take an additional 90 days until the watch is returned to me. When I asked why it took so long to send the watch overseas I was told that they send watches overseas in batches to save on shipping costs.

So I spend $450 on an Invicta watch that fails within 45 days, spend an additional $43 to get the watch repaired and have to wait four months to get the watch back. I call this poor customer service and will never again buy an Invicta watch.
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on June 10, 2014
my wife and 2 kids bought it for my birthday... I chose it....
one day before my BD it arrived.... I opened the box.... wow... very cool watch... big.... powerful...but... one of the buttons wont work...
I read regarding the long time waiting on fixing it thru Invicta.... sorry.... but I wont wait for so long for them to fix it....I should get one that working from the begining...I would buy another one later...maybe... after I'll calm down...
meantime its on the way back as a return to amazon.

my lil. kid (8) doesn't understand where is the present that I got.....

Thanks Invicta for the great BD present...
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on December 6, 2010
The Black and Blue look sharp as can be. Super quality construction. Rugged yet classy look. I can wear this watch for a formal function as well as for something casual. I cant say enough about how much I like this watch. The only caviat is that it is huge. I'm a 6'2 300 plus weight lifter. I don't think I would like this watch being any bigger than it all ready is. Its very tall off the wrist and just very large over all. So be for warned. But if you love your self some big watch this is the one.
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