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on March 30, 2016
I've never had a expensive watch, so I cannot say whether this watch can compete in terms of fit and finish with watches that cost more. However, i can say, for the money I payed, this watch is absolutely gorgeous, and the construction of the watch, engravings on the watch are well done and is very clean. I would need some longer testing period to know if the automatic functionality will keep good time, but at least for one full day, it kept the time perfectly, not even a second deviance.

For now, it's a great watch, and I will try to update it at least once every couple month or so.

Edit: First week of use, so far so good. The time I set in sync with my computer clock (which is synced with the internet) matches second to second, albeit the watch seem to run about half a second quicker now, which could be a mistiming when I set the time in the first place.
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on January 28, 2017
I bought this watch back in October 2016 and must say it is not only beautiful to look at but keeps great time. Unlike other reviewers experiences I've showered with this watch and washed my hands and had it wet plenty of times without any water intrusion. Stays water tight as long as the crown is screwed down fully. At first the watch ran rather slow about -15 to -30 seconds In a few weeks to about a month but recently it's broken in and sped up so now it's running about +10 fast which I definitely like and prefer, keeping in mind I have not had it adjusted. Overall a great watch to get you into horology and automatic watches. Though I plan on buying some more pricey watches in the not so distant future. Hope this review helps with your purchase.
PS. The unidirectional bezel was a little stiff to rotate at first but after wearing mines in the shower and getting it wet and working the bezel while wet, it now moves super easy and I use it daily to keep track of time while on my lunch break and occasional tasks at work that are time sensitive.
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on June 19, 2013
Update: 2 August 2013

First, wouldn't change or amend anything I wrote in my initial review.

Second, having had this watch for ~2 months, I'm very pleased. I've been wearing it most every day (I wore a 'trasher watch' on a weekend or two) and have been tracking the accuracy against an atomic-clock on my iPhone. It appears to gain a little time, but only in the neighborhood of 3-5 seconds per day. From what I've read, that's very acceptable for a watch at this price point.


Initial caveat: I've only had this watch a few days.

Some of the usual stuff ... the watch arrived quickly from time of purchase. Packaging is typical of Invicta: big and yellow.

As others have pointed out, the size listed in the product specs are incorrect. The case diameter is 40mm, NOT 43mm. This is not a problem for me, and I actually preferred the smaller watch.

The color is a deep/rich sapphire blue. Some have described it as purple. I don't think it's quite that dark. The bezel is a little stiff to turn, but does 'click' accurately when turned counterclockwise around the dial. The weight of the watch feels solid, but is not too heavy.

The bracelet is a nice balance of shiny and brushed stainless steel. I think if it was all shiny, scratches would show up too much and it may look too 'cheap' ... all brushed, and may be a little too casual. I like the look and it complements the rest of the watch.

(Speaking of the bracelet, I've had bracelet watches before, so thought I could simply adjust the bracelet myself -- as I have in the past -- with push-pins and such. No way! The pins connecting the links are really tight. I took the watch to a local jeweler and had it adjusted in a few minutes. *If* you want to adjust the bracelet yourself, I recommend purchasing a watchband link remover tool of some kind.)

Setting the time was easy, simply unscrew the crown. The crown pops into position where you can wind the watch. Pull out one-click to set date and a second to set time. The watch I received has the Seiko NH35A 24-jewel movement. When you pull the crown to the second position (to set time) the second hand stops allowing you to "hack" the time. (So far, and this is just over the past few days, time has been accurate.)

I'll update this review in the future with additional impressions, watch accuracy, etc.
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on March 5, 2013
I picked this watch up with a gift card for my birthday. I have been looking to pick up a watch that was of higher quality and would have more "bling" value than a basic $30 model - but wouldn't set me back several hundred dollars either. I picked it up for under $100 and it seemed to be a great way to enter the "nicer watch" world without investing my whole "fun-money" bankroll. I have only had it a week, but here are my thoughts so far:

- the watch looks great. The band is shiny but not reflective (not chrome looking) and the face and bezel are a deep blue. The blue changes in different lights. I wasn't looking for a specific shade, so this is actually an added value for me. It just a good looking watch.

- The clasp is tight and works well. I work at a computer a lot and wore my watch one day and the clasp scuffed simply from resting on my lap top - so I would say it marks easily, but that is least visible part of the watch.

- The links were fairly easy to remove to size to my wrist. Being a newbie to this, I spent the first half-hour trying to get the pin out the wrong way. I read several things online about how to remove links, and none of them mentioned that I should look on the bottom of the watch band for arrows - which point the direction that the pin should be removed! Once I figured that out, I had the band apart and back together in 10 minutes using a sewing needle and a light hammer.

- This is my first foray into automatic watches. I wound it ten turns when I set the time and date and haven't had a problem since. I wear it part of almost every day, so I don't know how long the "automatic" wind lasts and I can't say that I am interested in buying an automatic watch winder (the decent ones are as much as my watch itself cost!). I haven't measured the time loss, but have read elsewhere that I can expect a couple seconds a month. I am far from worried about that.

- The watch arrived in a bright yellow feux-leather gift box. Obviously designed to look fancy - and it would make the packaging more impressive as a gift. It was a gift to myself, but I still appreciated that they took the trouble to think about making sure it has a quality delivery.

- The warranty card seems to be only for an option to purchase an extended warranty. I couldn't tell that there was any way to register for a warranty, so I will have to look into that further. There is also an automatic fee to send your watch in for repairs - which seems not-so-legit if the problems are related to orignial build quality and not user damage.

At this point, I love this watch. It is good looking. It has a good feel on my wrist. It has heft and size, but it isn't huge or uncomfortable. I will update this if my opinion changes or I learn anything new.


Follow up - about 6 months since purchase. You do have to wear this watch pretty much daily for it to keep accurate time. That was my intent, so no problem there. I have had it in the ocean and have worn it daily. I still love it. The crystal has been great - totally scratch resistant... as well as the bezel. That was a concern since it is colored blue - it looks as good as new, other than the scratches on the band where i have banged it around a little. It has actually started keeping more accurate time the longer I've worn it - only losing about a minute every month.


2 years in - still love this watch and wear it almost daily. It will still keep its time if you skip a day of wearing it, but somewhere between one and two days of just sitting it will stop running. This is no complaint, just an observation. This has been consistent for the last two years. The time, surprisingly, has become more accurate. I don't know how that works, but I seldom have to adjust the minute hand anymore. I do not baby this watch - I wear it mountain biking, swimming, and for every day activities. It still looks great and the crystal is still scratch free.
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on June 11, 2017
Great looking watch, but unfortunately took it out in the elements and on Day 1 we have condensation inside the case. Granted the watch was submerged throughout the day and in very humid 90-degree weather but it is only a week old. I'm having them send another so I can return the humid-faced watch. We'll see if the next one has the same problem. The watch is also moving way too fast. It's roughly 2 minutes for every 1 minute of real time.
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on December 20, 2016
Ok so first let me say I had to order a replacement, first watch ran but crown was so tight needed pliers to unscrew and once it was set properly the date didn't change. Because of the price and the finish and the reviews I decided it was worth a round 2 and boy was it worth it! This is an xmas gift for my hubby to wear to work. He's a carpenter and I think it will b perfect. The watch is in good working order, been tracking it's time keeping for 3 days and it's spot on. I can see what some reviewers are saying abt the center links possibly being hollow because of the weight of it but the watch does have a lot of heft. I think it would b perfect for a man that doesn't want to feel like he's carrying a 5 lbs weight on his wrist. I personally have a $1500 croton and the fit and finish of this watch is comparable. I would say the clasp is probably the cheapest looking part of this watch but it's not bad at all. Btw all my pics show the watch still covered in the plastic wrap it is delivered in. The face, back,band and clasp are covered. I want to give my husband the honors, his favorite color is blue. So excited for him to see it. Anyway if your considering this purchase you won't b disappointed.:) I'm giving 4 stars because I had to return the first one.
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on July 15, 2014
Very pleasantly surprised. After reading some of the reviews I was a bit concerned about ordering this watch, but I am glad that I did. Looks great and runs well. I gain a couple seconds a day. Less than half a minute in a week (comparing to my cellphone clock). I can live with that.

I have fairly large wrists (8.5" - 8.75") and the band at it's largest setting fits me perfect. There are no extra links included with the watch so if you have bigger wrists you'll have to find a solution to get the watch to fit.

The clasp is stamped and not machined. I would have preferred machined, but for the price that wasn't realistic. The stamped clasp works well and seems like it will be durable. I take the watch off when I'm working with tools in my shop or in the garden and then put it back on when done. So, for 4 to 5 ours a day it's sitting on the counter. I've had no problem with the watch not staying wound up for me, but I'm pretty active.

The bezel on mine is hard to turn. My big fingers can seem to get a good grip on it. If you plan to use the bezel a lot, then you might want to consider the version with the coin edge.

It comes with a warranty, but I consider the warranty worthless. For warranty work, you have to mail the watch to Invicta with a $28 check. For the price of the watch, that just isn't going to make sense to me.
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on August 8, 2013
This is my second Invicta. The first, a 2015, is 10+ years old, still looks magnificent, runs flawlessly, gets compliments every time I wear it and didn't break the bank. I'm a collector; have Rolex, Breitling, et al., also Seiko, Orients, Eco-Drives, but prefer automatics.

I wanted a blue dial automatic. Can't beat Invicta's (and Amazon's) price, fast shipping, guarantee. Though I've only had this one for a day, it's keeping terrific time and looks exactly like the pic. Don't know why some think it looks "purple." Mine is a rich, deep true blue. No yellow or green or red undertones. Just pure blue.

The bezel was extremely difficult to rotate, as I've seen noted. A poster on another thread suggested Tri-Flow lubricant (check it out) and it's worked like a charm. Bezel clicks audibly with each position. Solid, rugged construction. I won't be diving in this one, so that feature doesn't matter to me.

Exactly what I wanted, and no reason to expect anything less than the same great performance as with my Invicta 2015.
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on January 5, 2014
I bought this for my husband as a gift and he loved the look of the watch but after only a couple of days, the crown came out and would not go back in. I guess you get what you pay for......
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on August 20, 2014
I love this watch. It looks and feels like a much more expensive watch and gets favourable comments whenever I wear it. I took it to a local watchmaker to have the strap adjusted and he loved it.

It's still only a few months old, so like all automatic watches it needs adjusting every day or two, but it will settle in.

2016 UPDATE: 18 months on and I still love the Invicta. I'm seriously considering getting a second one. I have been asked several times if it's a Rolex, which is always fun. More importantly, though, I wear the watch almost daily and it still looks good: the band is no looser than when I bought it; the clasp holds well; it loses a couple of minutes every few weeks, but that's standard for an automatic watch.

If you're on the fence don't be: at under $100 this is a stunning watch and a great investment
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