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on May 9, 2016
I have been wearing it for 3 weeks now and I can honestly see this as becoming my primary watch on rotation. Let’s summarise briefly what I have experienced thus far;

The bad:
1. The bracelet is most definitely not Rolex quality and a bit on the light side. It does feel secure though and it is very comfortable, but it does not exude quality.
2. The bezel had a slight misalignment and it doesn’t rest completely in line with 12:00. Very minor.
3. The lume is not up there. There are also two grades of lume used on the watch. The hands and 12:00 pip on the bezel light up quite quickly and brightly, but the hour markers much less so.

The good:
1. The watch looks like a much more expensive watch than it is. Much, much more. Delivered to my door from the US cost me slightly less than half of what it cost in South Africa and even at that price, it would be a good buy.
2. The dial is the most sumptuous blue, especially outside in the sun. It is absolutely gorgeous. Photos really do not do it justice.
3. The timekeeping is excellent. I am using the WatchCheck app to time the watch. At present I am still testing out resting positions for the watch at night. This throws the general accuracy off a bit and even with that I am currently better than +2 seconds per day. This is excellent accuracy.
4. The 40mm size is perfect for my arm. It is such a civilised size in this era of wrist-worm hockey pucks.

Do I have any regrets in buying this? Not even close.
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I wrote a rather scathing 3 star review for this watch's more popular stable-mate, the 8926OB. I must point out that I purchased my 8926OB ten years ago, and while I stand by my review of that watch, the newer Invicta Automatic watches have a much nicer movement, the Seiko NH35A. Unlike the older Miyota movements, the NH35A has a "hack" feature, meaning, the hands stop turning when you pull the stem to its complete outer position. This allows you to set the watch to an exact time, and makes it very easy to determine how fast or slow your watch is running.

About a month ago (Late April 2014) I got an Invicta 9094OB with the coined bezel, and also an Invicta 5053 Pro Diver with scalloped bezel. Both are good, inexpensive mechanical watches, and both keep very good time for a mechanical watch. On my wrist, each will lose about 6 seconds per day, but if I leave them on a watch winder all day they both run right about even, or perhaps gain about 2 seconds per day. For a low priced mechanical watch, this is VERY good out-of-the box repeatability. The watch will gain or lose time differently with the position it is in, so your watch may drift a bit in either direction depending on how you wear it. If you've only had quartz watches before, and are new to mechanical watches, REMEMBER, this watch is NOT powered by a battery, it is powered by a spring that is kept wound by either the movement of your wrist or by winding the stem. If you have several watches and like to wear a different one each day, I strongly suggest that you keep your mechanical watches wound and running at all times so that the fine lubricants in the movement do no settle and gum up your watch.

Every mechanical watch will need to be disassembled, cleaned, and lubricated every 3 to 5 years. This requires the services of a highly skilled watchmaker and those services are NOT cheap. You will find that this watch is so inexpensive that it will be cheaper to replace the entire watch, or perhaps just the movement, than it will be to pay a watchmaker to overhaul the movement.

The case, crown, bezel and bracelet are all made from stainless steel. The bracelet is fairly large; I have 7.5" wrists and I needed to remove three links for a secure fit. This is easy with the inexpensive tools available on Amazon, or, of course, your jeweler will do it for a small fee. My only criticism of the band is that the clasp appears to be more cheaply made than on my ten year old 8926OB. Still, it is secure enough and is fine for what you'll pay for this watch.

Many people complain that the bezels are difficult to turn. My coin-edged bezel on the 9094OB turns with minimum effort and is still quite secure. The scalloped bezel on my 5053 Pro Diver does not turn easily at all, especially if your fingers are the least bit wet or oily. I find that a rubber band helps give my fingers better purchase and makes it easier to rotate the bezel. The coin edge bezel in my opinion is superior in both looks and functionality; I wish that Invicta offered the 5053 with a coin edge bezel.

My 5053 Pro Diver sets and winds very smoothly. The screw down crown feels secure. CAVEAT EMPTOR - - the screw down crown may wear over time and no longer screw down. This happened after several years to my 8926OB and it cost $50 to replace the crown. This is an excellent argument for you to spend $55 or so on an inexpensive Diplomat watch winder to keep your watch running while it is not on your wrist. Yes, you can easily hand wind this watch, but you are exercising and applying wear to the screw down crown.

The purpose of a screw down crown of course is to add water tight integrity to the watch for diving purposes. The Invicta "Pro Diver" watches are usually rated to 300 meters, or 660 feet. Well, all I have to say about THAT is that this is a static test that does not reflect how the watch will perform as you are moving, and I am not at all sure that I would trust my life to an 80 dollar watch if I was going to do any serious diving. Please remember that the water tight integrity goes out the window the first time you unscrew the case-back also. It MAY work just fine for diving, but personally I would spend more money on a dive watch and pay to keep it well serviced with good seals.

This watch has a very coarse regulating arm, meaning that even a patient watchmaker with the right timing equipment will have a hard time regulating this watch to extreme accuracy. To that, I say "So what." No mechanical watch will ever keep time as well as quartz watch. It WILL keep time quite well enough for everyday use though. If you are at all handy, you can do what I did with my old 8926OB. I bought a watch case wrench, took the back off the watch, and being VERY careful NOT to let ANY dust, debris or crud into the watch, being VERY careful NOT to touch the balance wheel or hairspring, and being VERY patient, I used a wooden match stick to move the regulating arm around until the old watch was keeping time to within a few seconds a day. DO NOT TRY THIS UNLESS YOU ARE REASONABLY SKILLED WITH SMALL MECHANICAL PARTS AND EXTREMELY PATIENT. You can ruin your watch VERY easily if you are not careful. There are a number of excellent videos on YouTube that show how you can do this yourself, saving the cost of a watchmaker doing it for you. Needless to say, if you take the back off yourself, you've voided any warranty Invicta might offer, which is not a great warranty anyway, but you've also compromised it's water tight integrity.

One last caveat is that my old Invicta 8926OB several times literally fell off my wrist as the watch aged; the pins holding the bracelet together slipped out. This is annoying and can result in loss or damage. I reassembled the loose pins with Loctite. For this reason, I cannot recommend the Invictas with metal bracelets as heavy-duty outdoor watches. It may LOOK like a Rolex Submariner, but it is NOT constructed like one.

Having said all that negative stuff, I'd still buy another one of these in a heartbeat. I especially like the blue and red "Pepsi" colors. It is a handsome, serviceable watch that keeps reasonably good time, and you'll never have to worry about your watch battery dying on you when you're out and about.
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on November 21, 2016
Already an Invicta owner, I purchased this one as a gift and, after re-sizing the band to fit, they love it (or so they tell me, anyway ;-)
The auto-winding feature is great - no more batteries!

I was told by a Rolex employee that Invicta made the original design that Rolex copied to become the Submariner. That's just an anecdote and not why I buy them. I love the functionality for the price point. Spending the $,$$$ to wear (the equivalent cost of) a small automobile on my wrist is beyond me.
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on September 14, 2013
Unfortunately, there's a reason Invicta has a somewhat dubious reputation within the watch community. Their watches look great but regarding quality, its hit and miss with certain models. To make matters worse, their customer service is very poor. This model epitomizes those sentiments exactly. It's a fantastic looking watch, but it developed issues which made adjusting the time/date and tightening the crown very difficult. In less than 5 months of very light use, it needed to be repaired. Customer service was another problem all together. They never sent me any confirmation that they received the watch or any information regarding the repair whatsoever. When I questioned them as to why it was taking so long, they were extremely vague about when I could expect to get it back.
After nearly 5 months I finally got the watch back and its working fine. They repaired something internally, so that there are now clearly identifiable "clicks" for the time and date positions when setting. I just hope that I don't have to send it back again in another six months. I initially gave this watch five stars when I first purchased it, because it was beautiful and seemed to work well, but things changed fast. Considering the length of the repair and the issues with customer service, I'll give it 3 stars now. If you purchase this watch, good luck. Hopefully you'll get one that worked better than mine.
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on December 20, 2016
If you get over the 'homage' look and just want a mechanical watch with a good standard of finish then this is worth considering. I have a number of high end watches in the $7k range and to be honest the finish on this watch came as a real surprise. Polishing is excellent and the finish is more than worth the money. Inside beats a Seiko movement and at present mine is running at -8 seconds per day. Have a thing for NATO straps ( live in sub tropics where metal starts irritate in humidity and heat) and put in a navy strap - looks great, nice size and very comfortable. Overall very impressed and wonder if the money I paid for the Swiss watches was actually worth it - resale aside.
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on January 26, 2018
This is my third Invicta watch and they are virtually indestructible, They look great, keep time and can be worn while you do anything. Great price for a great watch.
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on February 10, 2016
The body is solid steel. The band is not made of twisted steel and feels solid. The crystal on front and back are good. The self winding of crown needs more effort compared to Invicta's Swiss Automatic counterpart however that's not needed always but occationally. The only aspect that needs improvement in this particular piece is the bazel, which is a bit tight. Overall a very good automatic at this price. Keep collecting.
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on October 24, 2016
it is an excellent watch and you can't beat the price. so far it keeps perfect time from what I can tell but I am not a second counting kind of guy. I took the metal band off and put a nato strap on so I cannot say if the band is nice or not. For the price you really can't complain either way.
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on April 24, 2013
I only use this on scuba trips. I had to get a new watch band installed that was adjustable because I need to wear it around my skinny wrist on the way to the dive site. Then when we gear up I need to be able to wrap it around the outside of my 7mm glove. One of the things I love is the ability to come out of the water and quickly set the dial so we can keep immediate track of how long we've been out of the water (between dives). That way I don't have to keep going back to my computer. Lastly, since it auto winds by movement I don't need to worry about a battery failing while it sits in my sock drawer in the week or two between dives. I simply give it a quick wind, reset the time and wear it to bed the night before.
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on December 2, 2017
This watch is very good looking, and is a nice wardrobe addition for the patriotic man. Since I just received it, performance and durability are to be determined. The one annoyance I have is the super large diameter wrist band. I'm going to either need to take it to a jeweler to have links removed, or figure out how to do it myself.
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