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on November 26, 2016
I was very happy with this watch when I purchased it. I do enjoy the simple face and overall design of this watch. It also has a good weight. I have no complains in this area. It was an excellent watch for about three months. However as time has gone on I've noticed some problems. I purchased the watch in May and now at the beginning of November the issues have started to really bother me. I've had this watch roughly six months now. I've never owned and Invicta watch before and I have to say sadly this will be the last time I purchase an Invicta watch.

This watch tends to run a bit fast, It would gain about eleven seconds every twenty-four hours. I'm a time-freak, it is an OCD of mine. I don't like it when watches or clocks are wrong even to the second. I even set the clocks in homes that are not mine, if I can get away with it and not get caught. :) This is minor and it is possible to pop open the case and adjust the mechanics to slow it down a bit. I did not do this. This is a minor issue and I can live with it.

The issue I'm running into now is the auto winding feature. It does work, however it's gotten to the point that when I take this watch off to sleep. (It's my daily driver) It's wrong in the morning when I put it on. The self wind is now not holding the time for less then eight to nine hours when I sleep. Since this means that I have to set the watch daily I find it frustrating and tedious. Especially since my particular personality requires then each time I set it, it be correct as close to the second as possible.

I bought this watch for $370.00. For that price I did not expect to get a watch I have to set daily. Overall I'm unhappy with this purchase but I cannot return it as I have just now started to notice the self winding issue. As is now I would not recommend purchasing this watch, especially at this price point. They have $50.00 - $80.00 offerings in a very similar style. If you like the look of this watch I recommend you purchase one of those models. When someone purchased a watch for almost four hundred dollars they expect to get more then just a few months of life out of it. I feel a bit frustrated with this purchase.
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on January 9, 2017
I bought this in November and thought it was an OK watch, especially for the price. Looked at today (two months later) and the "glow dot" above eleven o'clock fell off. Will call for repairs tomorrow and follow up with a service review.

Update: They are charging me $31 for warranty service! Should be free. Will never buy Invicta again.
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on July 10, 2015
Because of Invicta's spotty quality control, many reviews advise to buy this watch from a reputable seller who takes returns and unfortunately I had to use Amazon's excellent return policy on this watch. I was really hoping to get a good one and felt a sense of relief when it arrived well packaged and with all the protective plastic in place. However, my relief was short lived. I ran into a problem as soon as I tried to unscrew the crown to set the watch. The crown was very tight and it felt like I was pulling off the threads as I unscrewed the crown, NOT a good feeling on a watch that will need the crown to be tightened/loosened a lot since I don't keep my automatic watches on a winder. I tried opening/closing the crown several times hoping maybe there was just a piece of grit or debris on the threads, but the crown action just never felt right. Overall the watch looked great with no visible defects, but having dealt with the BS Invicta "warranty" process ($28 for return shipping and $25 postage to send them the watch + I've been waiting more than 90 days so far) I couldn't risk having to submit another Invicta watch for warranty work so I returned the watch a few days later.
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on May 15, 2017
Very happy with watch! Delivered and packaged well. I needed a workhorse after my Skagen smartwatch stopped and my leather bands on other watches where wearing a little too quickly for me. This watch has a very nice weight to it. I also like wearing Invicta Russian divers so i do not mind the weight but the Russian divers do not allow maximum wrist mobility at times.. I like the quality of this watch and the swiss motor. The finer details such as the polished border around the luminous hour markers and polished center band against the brushed stainless on the bracelet really make this watch stand out in a confident and quiet way. The clasp is very tight and i like the fact the rotating bezel is hard to move. I have owned many other dive watches in the past for around $100 per and the bezel was easier to move hence everytime it seemed I looked at my watch the bezel was in a different spot. This watch the bezel stays where it is set. Setting the bracelet and taking out two links was very easy as well. Setting time is easy as well as screwing on crown. All in all, the 9937 pro diver by Invicta was way nicer than I was expecting and have been considering buying the 8926 model as a daily wearer now!
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on May 30, 2017
I bought this watch from Amazon 7 years ago. It is comfortable on the wrist, the band does not pull hair, and it works very well. There have been no problems. It ran about 30 seconds fast daily at first but after wearing it for awhile, settled down to about 5 seconds a day fast. I have it in a rotation and wear it a couple of times a month. I generally wind it until it starts (about 10 to 15 winds), set it and put it on my wrist. It self-winds after that and has never stopped while on my wrist. I am careful in screwing down the crown though; turn it counter-clockwise until I feel the starting thread (feels kind of like a click) and then screw it down clockwise. I do it this way so as to not cross-thread it.
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on March 10, 2014
Great quality overall. This is not your standard cheap Invicta watch. For those who know watches, it's a timepiece that's hard to beat for the price.

Pros: nice sweep on the movement, sapphire crystal, great band, quality bezel (aligned w/ good ratcheting), screw-down crown, price

Cons: no ceramic bezel insert, mediocre lume, personally don't like "Invicta" etched on the left side of the case
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on December 17, 2015
Had this watch for 6 months now and love it. Well worth the money if you are like me and want a Rolex, but don't want to pay for a Rolex this is the watch for you. I bought this because I had sold my Rolex 16750 GMT. Movement is fantastic (8 increments per second- same as Rolex) watch feels very "quality" and has a heavy weight to it. Actually heavier than a stainless submariner. Only thing I have to say is wrong is the watch can loose time 15 seconds roughly per week (but that could be just me). The clasp is nice but it feels cheepy becase the joints where it meets makes a click when pulled. Other than that highly reccomend. Id like to add I had got this for a steal right near fathers day ($205.95 w/tax). Cannot ask for more.
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on August 10, 2015
Perfect watch. Movement has been on point, gaining less than a minute a week.
There are also several clever hidden designs that are quite interesting and make this watch unique: for example when the second hand node moves beneath the cyclops it perfectly completes the circle of nodes around the dial, to especially cool effect in the dark. Also, when the hour hand is at 12 o'clock the point completely / perfectly fills the pointed top of the Invicta insignia, also made cooler when glowing.
In regards to size, I have worn a 42 mm automatic Bulova for the last couple of years, and I must say the 9937 at 40mm is the perfect size for me.
I don't miss the heavier 42mm. Overall I think this may be the best Sub under 1k.
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on July 29, 2014
I am a fan of Invicta - in spite of "mixed" reviews on service. I personally have never needed to send a watch to Invicta, so can't comment from experience.

What I can say is that they make some very nice watches for the price - and this Swiss-auto Pro Diver is no exception.

I would prefer a (synthetic) sapphire crystal. That would be much better than the "Flame Fusion". Practically speaking, you can't scratch a sapphire crystal - you can scratch (or pit) a Flame Fusion crystal, though it is reasonably hard.

Would also be nice if the band included a diver's-extension, but certainly not necessary.

Amazingly the Sellita SW200 movement is running at +/- 0 seconds per day! (with no regulation)
NOTE: This is RARE and should not be expected, but nice to know that the Sellita movements can perform this well. I have another Invicta with an SW200 movement that is also very consistent. The only other watch that I have had run +/- 0 was a COSC certified chronometer (again - that is RARE even for COSC certified chronimeters).
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on June 6, 2013
Received this on June 4th. This watch is discontinued by Invicta. You don't know that unless you call. I am still having a problem registering for the warranty and after two calls the issued is unresolved. I talked with to two different "support persons". Both were worthless. I was put on hold multiple times when I was in the middle of a question. Because the watch is discontinued, no one can help you. All perttinent data for support is gone, if you can believe that. Previous comments relative to their customer service are begnnning to have some merit. It dosen't give you a lot of confidence in the event of a warranty issue. This watch may end up back at Amazon before the week is out. I gave this 3 stars, but that is for appearance.

August 7, 2013. After numerous emails back and forth, I was able to resolve the registration issue because of an employee by the name of Celeste Medina. She was extremely helpful and fixed the problem. By the way, the watch works extremely well and I have to admit that at this point I am satisfied. What will happen if I have an acutal warranty issue may be something else.
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