Customer Reviews: Invicta Men's 3049 Pro Diver Collection Grand Diver GT Automatic Watch
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on March 31, 2006
Purchased the GD two tone blue bezel 5 weeks ago and have mixed feelings about the watch. My school colors (WVU) are blue and gold - and a watch this size was just what (I thought) the doctor ordered.


The 47mm case is big and bold ss - well crafted with Invicta inscribed on the left side of the case and "Grand Diver" on the right with the crown separating the words. There is no decoration (cabochon?) on the gold plated crown as there is on the OGII chrono. The Invicta Blue watch dial covers a large swatch of real estate and looks real snazzy. Trinite lume is better than some - but still modest for a "diver". Indices and hands are readable and in good proportion for such a large watch. Helmet Head on the dial and two helmets on the end links carry the Grand Diver Theme. The blue enamel bezel on a background of "copper gold" is scalloped - as is it's little 8928a brother and moves (unidirectionally and) freely at 120 clicks around. Exhibition back of mineral glass shows an undecorated Miyota 8215 rotor - again very much as does the 8928a. The case lugs have modest curvature for such a large watch - and does not sit comfortably as it could on my wrist. Constant mini-adjustments have helped - but there is a too large a gap at the top of the case near the end links around the wrist bone. Others may not have this problem.


Mineral Glass crystal is large and seems to have some anti-reflective material somewhere in the mix. Sapphire would have been nice for the asking price... oh well... Cyclops is small and has almost no useful magnification. On a watch face this large - the miniscule cyclops with at best a 1.5x magnification looks tiny and the date is hard to read unless you are dead on to the watchface. Without a doubt- my biggest disappointment. This was an easy one and with all that watchface area to play with - the Invicta designers blew it (IMHO).


The Citizen/Miyota workhorse has found yet another home with the Grand Diver. It is a good automatic timekeeper - some of mine running as little 4 to 5 seconds fast daily (unadjusted)... My only grumble is a huge markup for such a movement. $239 for this watch is a little steep if one is logical about this purchase.


Lovely and heavy pinned stainless steel link - with solid end links sporting the "Helmet Head" trademark. The gold plated center links looks real uptown when new - but as in almost every Invicta ss bracelet the center polished links are prone to scratching. My 15 month old 8928a has scratched on these gold links. The plating has held - but the scratches are visable. The heavyweight bracelet has a double foldover safety clasp, and again as in most Invicta's - no wet suit deployment clasp - as is found on the Seiko MONSTERS in a similar (lesser) price range. All pinned bracelets should be throughly rinsed with gentle soapy water and dried after any use in salt water to prevent spring pin "rot".


I'd like to give this monster 4 stars of 5 but it falls short because of price, no sapphire crystal and the use of a Miyota 8215 at this pricepoint. It's lugs need more curve for my wrist (which comfortably sits the BIG Invicta SAII 3 hand I'm wearing) to smooth out too much spacing at the wristbone. I enjoy the watch - like the looks - love the bracelet but wish it were a more comfortable fit. I like the 8928a just a hair more for a substantially smaller price. This GD is an indicator of style - as the 8928 is now only a MEDIUM size diver - where about two years ago - it was considered a BIG watch.

The impression of the two tone is Blue and Gold - and BIG. It looks like someone did an enlargement to scale from the 42mm 8928a to the 3049 47mm case - but hurried the details. Fit and finish on my GD are excellent - Invicta Blue and Gold are colors hard to turn down.

Should you buy the watch?

Yes - if you like the two tone blue/gold and like to have it served to you 47mm large. The heavyweight bracelet looks great- but history says it will show wear early and often on those center links. The blue watch face - is... BLUE - and you can't have enough Invicta blue (for my tastes)... At a $199 or less pricepoint it starts to become a much more attractive dive watch. Find out more about affordable watches sold on Amazon at or ...
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on November 30, 2009
This will be short and sweet. This was my first Invicta watch, and will NOT be my last. This watch was really as test to see how the quality of the brand was. So far, I am impressed. I have read reviews where people complained about scratches and whatnot, well, I had a Rolex Submariner, and guess what - it got scratches on the band too. If you wear it, it will scratch. But, this watch looks good, and so far keeps good time. Just know - it is a very big watch. But, that is not all bad, gets attention! Buy one, you won't be sorry you did.
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on May 20, 2007
I received this as my second Invicta and I really like it. The workmanship is stellar - much better than expected. I had concerns about buying another Invicta because of the negative reviews regarding workmanship issues that I read in various watch forums. No worries here. It's is picture perfect!

It's big! But if you have a large wrist it will look just right. My wrist is somewhere between 8.5 and 8.75 inches and it looks perfect. The band is very long. Even with my 8.5" + wrist I will likely need to remove a link. I have taken it up using the micro adjustments in the clasp and it fits well but removing a like might be the best way to do it.

The blue is as rich and bright as the Arizona sky. It is incredible but the gold tone could be a bit darker or richer looking for my liking. It's not bad and there is nothing wrong with it but I wish there was more to it. I've heard it scratches easily. :-(

It's new and still too early for me to be 100% certain that I have escaped the Invicta problems others have experienced. The movement feels responsive while setting the date and time. Nothing odd about it so far and I hope it stays that way. Regarding accuracy, I am not expecting a variance greater than +/- 15 seconds per day. I have a similar movement in another Invicta automatic so I have an idea of what to expect. A few seconds per day is not a major issue for me and I can only hope it doesn't go beyond that.

It has heft. There is no mistaking the fact that you've just planted a large watch on your wrist the first time you put it on but it only takes a short while to get used to it. I went from a 40mm to this and the difference is huge.

One last note: The magnifier bubble that Invicta uses gets a lot of knocks. This one is actually better than my other one and I have no issues with it at all.
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on September 14, 2014
UPDATE: Well, turns out that the problem with the "date" position on the stem, besides being hard to access (it should be the first "click" out after unscrewing the stem) also meant the date was not updating correctly. Quite frankly, I bought this watch for it's beauty and simplicity, and figured I would be rewarded with few problems. Wrong. I have another invicta that has some problems with it's chronograph functions and I live with that--such functions can be difficult for an analog watch. But seriously, the DATE? Oh yeah, and charging this watch in 5 hours is supposed to make the hands and markers luminous, well it DIDN'T. There was no level of luminosity at all. Not sure if they're all this way.
I have to reduce this to one star until I find out I get my refund from Amazon, and might also keep it at one star anyway for being the second defective INVICTA I've had. Enough is a enough, I paid extra for a Citizen, and hope that one works out---I assume it will. Loved the way this one looked, Invicta, but if you can't get the quality right...why buy?

ORIGINAL: Beautiful watch. This watch has just the right amount of "bling" without getting your gf or wife thinking you might be slipping off to the Blue Oyster Bar, if you get my drift ;) This watch is quite large, but unless you have tiny arms, I would not say absurdly large. The blue face counters the gold nicely and makes this item quite striking.
You will likely have to take this to a jeweler and get the band adjusted, this is what I did and had to remove 3 links.
The only qualm so far (hence the missing star) is that when you unscrew the stem and try to set the date, it is hard to find the "notch" to do so. I have to pop it in and out several times to get it to move, but this is probably why this watch is in this price range--you can't have everything. The stem, when popped out fully, easily adjusts time, and that is most important.
Are there better watches? Of course. They will cost you more as well. Will many of them be more attractive than this model? No way--this is one of the most handsome watches I have EVER seen. Period.
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on May 7, 2015
This is a great looking watch. It's larger scaled and has a great weight to it. The wife was impressed with my splurge. The links were easy to remove for sizing. Highly recommended.
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on January 16, 2016
I received this watch as a Christmas gift and am just so happy with it. This watch is big! I had to take out a link for it to fit my largish wrist. The photos don't do justice to the colors. The watch face is a magnificent, deep blue, as is the blue of the bezel. I don't know if the numerals and watch band highlights are gold but they sure are a sweet, plush gold tone.

Front to back this is a deep watch. The glass back window and the thick crystal contribute to its depth. This watch has been keeping excellent time since December. I've set it to and then waited for it to go out of synch. It takes about a week to lose 10 seconds, which is fine time-keeping indeed.

The cyclops window is adequate, not great. It does improve the view of the date, some.

The bezel has sturdy click-stops and doesn't easily spin out of adjustment, as have those on some watches.

Altogether I'm very happy with this watch. It's my new "dress" watch, my good alternative to a Timex T49799 I reviewed elsewhere. I wear the Timex when I'm going to be at my woodwork. I wear this Invicta when I want to feel flash.

Thanks, spouse. And thanks, Invicta.
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on September 10, 2012
Fantastic value for a very good looking watch. I have had the Invicta 40mm Diver watch for ten years, but it was getting old - but I loved the style. Saw this ne 50 mm watch and really thought it looked better than my old one. Very happy. I get many compliments on the watch and folks continually misjudge the value as being in the $1500 - $2500. Great watch.
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on August 29, 2013
Somewhat hefty but I didn't notice it's weight after wearing it a couple of days. Small problem encountered that kept it from getting five stars ; pin connecting band at the watch fell out on second day. Luckily the watch landed in my lap.
Pin not findable. Went to WalMart jewelry dept where they replaced it for me. I will be buying more Invicta watches soon. It looks like it is worth twenty times what I paid.
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on April 23, 2015
You can't go wrong with an Invicta Pro Diver. Looks like other watches that people paid thousands to wear. I have12 different Pro Divers as my everyday watches and save my nicer Invictas for going out. When purchasing a Pro Diver, make sure to check the specs for the watch. I don't wear anything smaller than a 46/48 mm anymore. This watch is perfect, the blue pops against the two-tone gold/stainless steel. Would definitely recommend this watch. The fact that it is an automatic is icing on the cake.
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on January 5, 2016
very impressive watch, I always buy invicta from amazon but this one got me with the size, I'm 5'9" and 190lbs and still look way too big for me I send it back just because the size but the look is really nice is what I like from invicta.
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