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on March 11, 2015
It is regrettable and maddening that INVINCIBLE did not receive the promotion it deserved upon initial release. Two songs did receive radio play - Butterflies and Break of Dawn. One song received radio play plus a video--You Rock My World. The full album remained crushed beneath negative media speculation and political power struggles between Michael Jackson and Sony. Besides the public relations battles with his record label, MJ cancelled the worldwide tour that would have otherwise supported the album following the 9/11 attacks. Continued legal struggles further smothered INVINCIBLE in 2002 along with criminal accusations in 2003. The subsequent trial in 2005 sucked away almost all remaining positive energy and momentum.

That said, those moved by nostalgia to conduct a retrospective discovery of MJ's full catalog will find themselves greatly amazed at the numerous INVINCIBLE gems minus a few duds.

INVINCIBLE is heavy on production by Rodney Jerkins. The first three songs that open the album are fast-paced Jerkins club songs that offer not much new or different from previous albums. While Unbreakable is lyrically defiant, sonically, Unbreakable, Heartbreaker, and Invincible are interchangeable and generic.

The album doesn't really pick up excitement until the fourth song, Break of Dawn, a cheery celebration of intimacy co-written and produced by Dr. Freeze that quite a few people did hear on the radio. Heaven Can Wait is the loveliest, sweetest, sexiest MJ song this side of The Lady in My Life. Produced by Riley, with strong backing vocals by Dr. Freeze and Que, it boggles the mind that this song received next to no airplay. Suddenly the file-sharing Napster craze and MJ's frustration with Sony during this time period make perfect sense.

Jerkins redeems himself with the bass-heavy You Rock My World, which as mentioned, received both radio and video promotion, along with an amusing introduction by Chris Tucker. This is MJ deep inside the classic mid-tempo R&B sweet spot. Butterflies is MJ grooving one step behind a jazzy beat with Marsha Ambrosius of Floetry. This song received radio airplay based upon the sheer strength of consumer demand that would not be denied, raising the question of why more Ambrosius songs failed to make this album.

Speechless is one of two songs on the album written soley by MJ and features smooth layers of MJ vocals between an acapella intro and outro. 2000 Watts is a song Tyrese Gibson intended for himself, but handed over to MJ with Teddy Riley as producer. Startling for MJ's growls and rare use of his lower register, the song booms and thumps shout-outs to various audio/visual technology for the club or car with Tyrese assisting on background vocals.

You Are My Life is a lovely, classic R&B slow-tempo and how could this be otherwise, since Babyface co-wrote, co-produced, provided background vocals, and played several instruments? You want high-quality R&B? You call Babyface to come take care of you.

Privacy is another MJ commentary on negative behavior by mainstream media in the vein of Leave Me Alone, Scream, and Tabloid Junkie. Much better than Unbreakable, though the raspy voice really sounds like someone making an obscene phone call, maybe that was the point.

Don't Walk Away is another Teddy Riley production that doesn't really move the album forward. However, Whatever Happens is a sexy latin/reggae groove that sounds like a breakup to makeup slow dance featuring Santana, comparable to Terrance Trent Darby's Sign Your Name. Threatened is the final effort by Jerkins, with hostile lyrics that menace the listener on an even deeper level than Thriller.

Finally, Cry is the socially-conscious anthem for which MJ is world-renown in the vein of We are the World, Heal the World, Man in the Mirror, and Earth Song. Like these songs, Cry is beautiful with a stimulating message and a choir whose soaring vocals request empathy and compassion as our brother's keepers. Written and co-produced by a man whose own media image was questionable and not helpful to MJ's own at that time, his songwriting talent still cannot be denied--R. Kelly.

INVINCIBLE somewhat sticks to the MJ formula - fast jams, slow jams, reprimands to the media, plus an anthem. Missing are lead guitar hits like Beat It, Black or White, Dirty Diana, or Give in to Me. Though IINVINCIBLE lacks balance in that Jerkins and Riley were allotted too many opportunities to drag the album back to late 80s/early 90s New Jack instead of forward to New Soul, at least nine of the album's songs reward the listener upon multiple repeats - Butterflies, Heaven Can Wait, Break of Dawn, You Rock My World, 2000 Watts, You Are My Life, Speechless, Whatever Happens, and Cry. Some of these songs definitely should have found their way onto the soundtracks of the movies that came out about that time. The album would have benefitted from more contributions from Ambrosius or Dr. Freeze, plus additional writing from one of the world's top songwriters himself, Michael Joe Jackson.
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on August 11, 2009
For decades Michael Jackson had proven that he was one of the most gifted performers in the music industry. Five of his albums are within the top sellers list, but aside from his Remix album, Blood on the Dance Floor, only one of his albums didn't make the 20 Million copies+ club. That album was Invincible- the final album to be released while he was still living.

Many insult this album as being a failure...Over ten million units sold is not a failure. Not by a long shot. But the problem was: this was Michael Jackson- a man who was supposed to consistently sell tens of millions of albums. But, since he wasn't given a chance to create his music videos (Only one released was You Rock My World) or embark on a world tour Michael was left without his standard methods of marketing. That didn't stop Invincible from being a solid-selling album.

Unbreakable - An electric start to the album. Like lots of the King of Pop's later work this is one focused on the way the media constantly tried to destroy him. The beat is great and the lyrics are strong.

Heartbreaker - Sounds like a good club song. Complete with good chorus and toe tapping beat.

Invincible - The title song is certainly good, having a great opening beat. Not his best chorus, but calling the lyrics in a Michael Jackson song "bad" is like asking if the Beatles had a worst song.

Break of Dawn - A catchy, slower paced song is very enjoyable song for romantic moods- Especially for club and dance settings.

Heaven Can Wait - Another slow paced song. Soft-spoken, and quite romantic. Michael continued to prove his ability to right effective love songs for any mood.

You Rock My World - Michael's last hit whilst still living the song is defiantly a favorite. This CD starts off with a humorous exchange between Michael and actor Chris Tucker (Rush Hour) before going into what could arguably be the album's best song.

Butterflies - This sweet love song was Michael Jackson's personal favorite of the Invincible album. It's instrumentals are calming and give you a great sense of ease.

2000 Watts - This intense, manic tech song is Michael like you've never heard him before! This is the deepest-voiced singing the King of Pop has delivered to date. If you don't believe this is Jackson listen several times carefully- or look up an audio of the song played at a higher pitch if your naked ear can't catch it.

You Are My Life - And what is this? Another romance song! Michael sure was feeling romantic during this album's production- which is good, because the man knew how to write convincing, believable lyrics that truly are the essence of human nature and emotion.

Privacy - Maybe not the best arrangement to have come straight after a soft-spoken, sweet song like You Are My Life, because Privacy is perhaps the angriest song to feature the King of Pop. This is a tone of voice you are not used to hearing from the usually soft-spoken, sweet Jackson. It is a response to tabloid articles about him and the paparazzi that swarmed him and is one of the rare glimpses we get of Jackson's angrier side.

Don't Walk Away - A fine, emotional song which seems to opposite of Privacy before it. This song is about the loss of someone close to him, and it is a very emotionally paced, written, and sung. Jackson's voice once again proves it can pluck every emotional string of his listeners.

Cry - Another in Jackson's lifelong journey into writing ballads about suffering and taking action to change the world for the better. Has nice pacing, but isn't Earth Song, or Man in the Mirror by a long shot- but still good.

The Lost Children - Due to Jackson's charges (that he was proven innocent of on all counts) this song has often been the butte of harsh jokes. Regardless, the song is beautiful, and if anything confirms that Jackson was incapable of harming anyone- let alone a child. It is a song full of compassion and love!

Whatever Happens - Another good song, with a more string filled instrumental background. The beat is kept by maracas and the plucking and strumming of string instruments (a Spanish guitar I reckon is in there) which gives it a sound unlike any previous Jackson song. It gives it a more exotic feel than his other songs.

Threatened - In the fashion of Thriller, Ghosts, and Is It Scary Michael Jackson returns to horror-based lyrics in what is one of my personal favorites. This is obviously one that intended to complete a horror trilogy of short films for Jackson because no expense was spared. The song is very techno in sound and in the tradition of Thriller they have an iconic voice give narration. The voice is compiled speeches of the deceased Rod Serling (The Twilight Zone) woven together in a form of rap similar to the one given by Vincent Price in Thriller.

Due to poor marketing, disputes with Sony Music, and the media enjoying their assault on Michael's person kept this fine piece of work from selling. This album proves that Jackson was continuing to grow as an artist and constantly trying out new techniques as the music world around him changed. This is a man who continued to innovate and change himself and that is something that we never see these days. Invincible was an admirable effort that was so sadly overlooked at the time.
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on July 17, 2009
I really like this album. It's worth buying just for Rock My World and Butterflies. Butterflies is amazing and a totally new sound. Rock my World gets me dancing - I keep playing it. Worth listening to the whole album - seems like Michael's voice has improved since Dangerous and the beat is less intrusive. The two songs I mentioned stand up against his older work, and alot of the others do too.

I totally disagree with the Amazon editor review - just about every song is good and they are ultra-romantic. In fact, it's pure bliss from Break of Dawn until Butterflies. His voice really comes through on all of the tracks. The only one I am not crazy about is Speechless, but Cry is awesome and Whatever Happens too.

Ever since Michael's death, I've been listening to his music non-stop. I had for the most part disregarded it for the past 20 years (except via radio play,etc.), but now that I hear it again - I am captivated. His music is like a work of art you want to hang on your wall - something you can really enjoy. And hearing all of it, you pick-up on the Motown roots with the funky beats and harmonies. Jackson tried to make every song danceable or meaningful and I appreciate that. Re-listening to it, I am excited about music again - which I haven't been in quite some time.
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on August 29, 2009
I was an MJ fan as a kid through my teens and early 20s. When this album came out, I remember not wanting to buy it because the previous album HIStory seemed too "complain-y" (although perhaps on hindsight, it was justifiably so).

I recently bought this album after listening to clips of it and I'm a very satisfied consumer. If you've listened to MJ's previous albums, they all reflect the different stages of his life and this one is no different. The music in this album is an updated sound with all the MJ trademarks. I would say the best part of this album however, is that the content of the lyrics reflect a different stage of his life. It's less angry and reflects a man who had been married and was a father. One can hear this in the ballands in this album: "Speechless", "You are My Life", "Don't Walk Away", "Heaven Can Wait".

I think the ballads are beautiful, both its music and lyrics. Because he was such a great entertainer with trademark dance moves, we sometimes forget what a beautiful voice he has and this can be heard when he sings A cappella at the beginning of Speechless. You also hear his "normal" non-falsetto voice in "2000 Watts". You actually wonder if it's him! "You Rock My World" and "Unbreakable" have very catchy melodies and beats to it too.

All around, a great album that has been very underrated.
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on October 23, 2009
I was disheartened to learn that many considered this album a "flop". I consider it wonderful! Michael Jackson does not create junk--only musical pleasure of the highest quality! If you are looking for "Thriller" you won't find it here. This album concentrates more on Michael's smooth R&B vocals, with beautiful dynamics. It concentrates on magnificent ballads rather than dance music, although you will find yourself pumping to "You Rock My World", "Unbreakable", and "2000 Watts", (which also showcases Michael's deep vocal range, not typical of his style, but lovely-and "Butterflies" which showcases Michael's amazing high vocal range). The ballads are sung with Michael's unique brand of raw emotion. "Speechless" and "Cry" are very spiritual in nature, very uplifting. This album reveals a different side of Michael-a more mature artist, and an evolved musical expression. I believe this album was not properly promoted, and due to the heavy media-bashing of Michael Jackson, this album was severly underappreciated by many. I've been a Michael Jackson fan all my life--since his career just began with the Jackson 5. The main thing I've learned over the years is to put my trust in the artist. His job is to entertain, and without question Michael has NEVER FAILED TO deliver! This album contains some of his very best work. Never underestimate the "King". Every one of his albums holds up with the change of time. I enjoy "Off the Wall", "Thriller", "Bad", "Dangerous" "History", and the "Jackson 5" music today just as much as I did many years ago. "Invincible" also holds up well today, because falling in love never goes out of style, therefore his ballads will remain timeless classics! My advice to others who are unsure about this album: Don't let the "media-freaks" poison your mind and sway your opinion. Buy it, play it, close your eyes and really listen to it. The music will speak to you, if you allow yourself to encounter the experience!
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on October 30, 2011
The Invincible Cd has always been my favorite. It is timeless!

This year celebrates the 10th anniversary of Invincible and is a fitting time for all Michael Jackson fans or simply great music appreciators the world over to give it its just deserves. Knowing that Michael felt that Invincible was not well received and/or suported in the United States upon its initial release makes me even more determined to support it again. The passion and hard work that went into it is heard throughout, but especially in his renditions of some of the most beautiful, heartfelt lyrics and arrangements of songs like Speechless, Cry, You Are My Life, and Break of Dawn; just to name a few.

It is to my heart's delight that Invincible has risen to number 4 on Amazon's all time top sellers list. I so hope that during this month all music enthusists will ban together and move Invincible to number One.

If you have never heard Invincible in its entirety, you are missing a masterpiece. If you have not listened to it for a while, put it on and simply bathe in its splendor. Or if you just want to do somthing that would surely make Michael smile while uplifting your spirits during this special mile stone, then please purchase Invincible during the month of November.

Sit back, close your eyes, and take a listen just one more time. You won't be disappointed.

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on August 1, 2009
I had heard this album was 'terrible'- that was from a TV personality. A magazine rated all of Michael Jackson's albums and gave 'Invincible' a 'C'. I ignored them and bought the CD anyway. I really love this album. It is different from -say, Thriller, or Bad, etc. but it does not mean it is not good. One of the great things about MJ was that he kept developing as an artist; a true artist does not stagnate. I like the ballads in this album, although I also like songs like You rock my world and Heartbreaker. 'Heaven can wait' is soft, gentle, sweet, and so is 'You are my life'. My favorites are 'The lost children' and 'Whatever happens'. 'Butterflies' is also a very good song. I like at least half of the songs in this album a LOT. I don't know what the critics were looking for, or they just disliked Michael Jackson as a person and gave it a low rating. I suspect they were looking for something like what he sang 10 years ago, but an artist cannot keep doing the same things over and over. Michael Jackson was too creative a person to not try something different, and I am so glad that he produced this album. I am happy that I did not rely on the critics' opinions and bought the CD anyway. This is a wonderful album.
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on October 7, 2010
If you've read the editorial review, you would think this was the worst CD ever. Far from it! Since I usually like to try things before I take a critic's opinion face value, I listened to the samples of this CD and loved it! I decided to buy it and what a wonderful decision I made. This is an older Michael Jackson, but that only adds to the soulful sound. I find this to be a sensual and sizzling CD overall. I play you rock my world on those days when its been a hell of a day. Its jaunty and playful and hot. My other favorites are Break of Dawn, Whatever happens and butterflies. These are my favorites but I like the whole CD. It is clear to me that the editorial reviewer had an ax to grind.

I wish cuts from this CD were played on the air, but they only seem to play MJ's older stuff. In my opinion, people are being deprived of a hearing a very nice addition to the Michael Jackson collection. If you don't want to take my word for it, listen to the samples like I did. You wont be sorry, and soon you'll be ordering your own copy.
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on January 19, 2007
Two great artists emerged out of the 70's and 80's that redifined all aspects of pop music and pop culture. One is named Prince and the other Michael Jackson. The amount of respect I have for these men's talents cannot be written down in words. And what sets Michael Jackson apart from his contemporaries is his vision and the passion he puts into his albums. He is able to reach large groups of audiences from varying generations and cultures, and this album continues that trend. It was nice to see him return to his black roots on this CD, and also to take some chances and expand the formula of his past records. He is even more adventurous on "Invincible" than he was on "Thriller," even though the latter was an obviously stronger record. But Michael's persona has hurt him, as has lengthy gaps between albums as well as his tendency to abandon his roots, as he did on the wonderful but play-it-safe record "Bad." And I consider "Dangerous" as his masterpiece, the best pop-r&b/dance album ever made. It totally defined what pop music has become today. On "Invincible," he adds a good bit more r&b and even a little hip-hop into the mix, and ten songs on this record stand out as great songs and four are exceptional:

*Butterflies - his most expansive, haunting melody, with a great chorus and r&b beat. His vocals make this track memorable.

*Whatever Happens - perfection, with every note and rhythm; masterful expression. Magical lyrics, great Santana guitar work. Best MJ song since the Thriller days.

*Break of Dawn - harmonies galore, with a great chorus being sung over a bass-heavy slow jam beat. Beautiful work.

*Heartbreaker - CHECK OUT THIS CHORUS! Slammin beats, this song is one of a small handful that sound like his earlier uptempo stuff.

*Don't Walk Away - stripped-down, guitar-and-strings laden ballad, kind of like a modern version of Cyndi Lauper's hit "True Colors"

Is "Invincible" perfect? No. It runs way too long, and there are a few terrible tracks, mainly the ones overseen by Darkchild. But if you filter out the duds and play the ten best tunes from the disc, it plays right along with the best of what he has done in the past. MJ is not washed up yet, as this record proves. A little misgiuided and misunderstood perhaps, but what genious isn't? Solid stuff from one of music's icons.
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on August 17, 2014
This is a great album which was underrated when it initially came out. Love the use of his full range here! Often we only hear him singing towards the top of his register but here he seems to showing the most versatility vocally/genre-wise which is why Invincible for me is in the top three of his solo projects. He is doing what he does best: pop/R&B with a twist. You can listen to the album start to end without skipping tracks b/c al the songs are great which is rare. Tis is what sets him apart and why he is still King! #ForeverKing
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