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With Amazon's stellar return policy I decided "what the heck," and ordered the copycat scanner. I think all hand held scanners basically have the same plus and minus attributes.



easy to use

even though the product description says the sd card isn't included, I not only had the mini sd card that fits the scanner but an sd adapter card to be able to use it on my computer in the package, that was, as one of the previous reviewers said, an unexpected surprise:)

comes with a cloth sheath so you can carry it to the library or wherever or keep the dust off at home.

There is editing software, or, since it is saved as a jpeg it can be edited by your own software, from some super fancy 500 program to freeware like Gimp. The image can also be edited in programs like word using OCR though I haven't played with that feature yet.


Obviously flat picture would be the easiest to scan. Figuring out how to get a book to lay flat enough, keeping your hand steady and the scanner straight takes some practice. If the scanner goes crooked the picture will be crooked. I don't consider this a negative unless you consider getting a piano and not being gershwin the first time or several times you try to play:) this is just a matter of practice and wiggling the book around and lining up the arrows that are on the sides of the scanner and realizing that is how much will be scanned, plus the scanning light is in the middle so you have to remember to start above where you want to scan and follow through all the way down.

For books I have found using the non skid kitchen mats that go under cutting boards also keeps it fairly steady so I can concentrate on using both hands to keep the scanner straight and not worry about the book sliding around.

However, in just a few days I can see how much my scans have improved. Don't be afraid to scan sideways either if that makes the fit easier, you can always turn a sideways picture straight with the software. Even go from the bottom up, which has helped on some of the pages I've tried to scan.

The clarity and quality of scans I'm getting make me happy. I have a ton of cookbooks and I want to scan them, upload them to Living Cookbook 2011 and make some room in my overcrowded house. This scanner is going to be a perfect help.

Also, because it is light, it could be easily carried to the library and copy pages from book that can't be checked out, it would be perfect for students, say you need to borrow someone's notes, you could literally scan them in a few minutes, hand the notes back, the notes are in the sd card, and bring them home to upload.

The only negative is the spines of the books have to be pretty flat and I could see damage, on the other hand, copiers I have used also require the book to be squished down.

The scanner comes with software, usb cables, batteries, a carrying case, a white cardboard to calibrate, easy to read instructions (and let me tell you, easy to read from me means something, I am so far from a tech wizard it's sad, and even I could understand this)

You can be set up and happily scanning in minutes. Proficient in a few days.
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on December 19, 2011
This is my first hand-held scanner, so it has been a learning experience.
As other reviewers have said about the hand-held scanners, they work best if what you want to scan can be laid flat.
I have found that if I start at the binding edge (if that is the correct term) of a book and scan outward, across the page, it will give a fairly readable image.
The only problem that I have (so far) is that the "NimoDoc Lite" software that came with the scanner seems to lose the last scan. I will admit that I have been too lazy to ask the company about this. I just make an extra scan, which works for what I have been doing.
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on April 4, 2012
Did a variety of tests with this to get the feel of it.
What i did was 1st took it out of the box looked it over inserted the batteries and turned it on,no problems.
Didn't bother with the time mode at all i was hoping it would work regardless of setting the time,it does.
Made scans from different sources,any stand alone object i scanned.
I liked what i saw was also hoping that this scanner would scan everything and it does,only thing is if you scan computer images they turn out b&w.
I was curious about this so that's why i did it.
Didn't mess or need to calibrate it either so that was pretty impressive to me.
Play and go right out of the box.
When it was time to see the results from the 1GB Mini SD Card with Regular-Size SD Card Adapter that was included,that is what i used.
I went through my SD Card Slot on my Canon Printer,if you go by way of this then you have to Format the Card through the scanner to empty the card again.
This does come with 2 Panasonic AA Bateries,Cloth Pouch,Cleaning Cloth,Start Manual,Warranty,Software Disc,USB Cable,and Calibration Sheet which i never used either.
For those of you that are curious,and i know that there are a few out there that are,this does scan skin too but won't do mirror reflections,you can take it from there if your going in that direction.

UPDATE:Setting the Time
The following steps will help you to set the time etc:on this scanner.


The 1st number on the left side of display is a step number,5 steps total,your only concerned with the number on the right side of display,not the left side,this can throw you as it did me.

1st-Use Scan to power on.

2nd-Push in Time Set on bottom side,i use a toothpick myself.

3rd-Set your Year first(Range is 09-99)Your display should show 1 13 once set,using the 2 buttons on top and they are,C/BW-Up DPI-Down,then press the scan button 1 time to set year.

4th-Then your Month will come up(Range is 01-12)Repeat like you did to set the year for this.

5th-Then your Day will come up(Range is 01-28)For February,repeat like you did to set the month.

6th-Then your Hour will come up(Range is 00-Midnight/23-11:00 P.M.(This is 24 Hour Military time)repeat like you did to set the day on this.

7th-Then your Minute will come up(Range is 00-59)Repeat like you did to set the hour on this to.

8th-Then push in Time Set again this will set all your settings,display will show your settings,if you want to find out if they are accurate and up to date then power on,push time set,push scan button 5 times to see your settings and leave it at that.

Once you shut it off the display will show 0 then push time set to see your settings they will be there.
Hope this helps anyone out there who wants to set the time on this thing.
review image review image
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on May 30, 2012
This is perfect for someone who does not have room for a flatbed scanner, travels or needs something that is simple to use. This scanner came ready to use, was easy to install and so far has worked excellent for the purposes intended. It works on texts, loose documents and photos, and because you do not have to feed the item through the scanner, it is easy to scan labels and documents that cannot be removed. It came with a memory card, transfer cable, lens cloth and cloth case to store/carry it in, and it arrived early. I recommend this for the price and convenience of having something portable.
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on January 12, 2013
I cannot imagine getting started with this scanner being any more simple. Every thing you need is included (I even had the micro chip included with my order!). The price for value is so much better than any other handheld scanner I reviewed. My sense is that it performs better than the competition and costs less. I use the scanner for genealogy research and am able to copy documents from libraries and museums much more efficiently than ever before. The jpeg feature is perfect, because you can edit, adjust, flip the image, convert to text to your hearts content. If you have any need for a handheld scanner, this is the one!
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on April 15, 2015
This is a small, compact unit and is just what I was hoping to find. I am involved in Geneology and do research in small libraries and in small town goverment facilities. I have often found that these small facilities do not have copiers or theirs is out of order. I can copy bound newspapers and books that do not lend themselves well to being placed on a large copier. The unit is easy to use and it is easy to transfer your new documants to your computer. The unit does have limitations, but for the price I found it to be a good value.
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on January 10, 2013
I work out of the office a lot and many times need copies of documents. Sometimes there is not a copier available. Sometimes I find that there is a long document that I need to read and understand but I am pressed for time. With the scanner, I can scan the document, bring the scanner home and hook it to the computer and either make a copy for myself or I can put the document on the screen when I have the time to read it. This has been a handy addition to my brief case.
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on September 2, 2012
I was a little worried when I first bought this, but not anymore. It works great. There are rollers on the bottom to keep it straight while scanning. It has two settings for resolution. It also has a monochrome and color toggle. All my scans come out great.

It also has an auto shutdown feature to save power. I though that was a nice option for a battery powered scanner. You also get a bag which this.

My only complaint would be the software. It stinks. However, you do not need it. The scanner shows up as a drive when you plug it into the computer, just like a camera would. You can preview and copy your files easily.
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on December 23, 2013
This scanner is easy to use and produces great jpeg files. At one point my scanner took a tumble, and the glass for the scanner got cracked; even with the crack, it still works as well as it did before. The battery life on this product is not ideal, but I do use product heavily. The only thing I would improve upon this product is having the option of creating a pdf file. All in all, I am glad I purchased this.
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on July 29, 2014
I had never had one of these before and in the circumstances I was in I needed one that I could carry with me. I was really surprised how well this worked. The scanned items were clear and legitable. It was lightweight and easy to figure out how to use. When you obviously can't haul around your printer/scanner this does an excellent job. Well worth the money.
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