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on May 8, 2013
Stronger than steel? Maybe. Stronger than my previous laces? You betcha! I've been wearing them for two(2) months and not a single fray showing. Regular laces would have broke by now and the rugged, hikers laces would be fraying on at least one, if not both. My job is tough on boots and laces. On a side note, I wonder if the guys at the company know that steel is stronger than iron? You see, they're called IRONlace then they claim to be stronger than... nevermind.

Edit 3/9/14: One(1) year follow-up,

WOW! I'm absolutely amazed that these laces have lasted an entire year. The only issue I've had so far... the plastic tip on the end of one lace has come off. These laces have survived three(3) pairs of boots now. I bought a second set of laces a few months ago thinking I would eventually need them and I actually lost them waiting for my first set to break. I'll never put another lace in my work boots again.

I can't comment on the color fade issue other reviewers have noticed. I work outdoors in all weather conditions and mine get soaked regularly so they're pretty bad color wise. I can't tell if its staining or fade to be honest.
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on January 23, 2015
Pros: The laces seem very sturdy, and don't come undone if you double knot them.
Cons: Faded to gray/silver/white in less than a week. I'm not just talking about where they rub the grommets, but even in the places that don't move at all.
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on March 6, 2015
(See end of review for issues) So, one day during hiking, I needed to stop and adjust my laces. Pulling hard to get them tight, the lace that came with my Alico leather hiking boots snapped right off the boot. Now being in the middle of hiking and a lace breaking, made for a very inconvenient situation. So after using what was left of my broken lace, I tied my boot so that I could finish walking back without losing it. Once I got home, I realized that I would need "unbreakable" laces. That's when I found these. Reading the reviews I felt that they were exactly what I was looking for. Luckily, I ordered the brown pair and 54" length to match my boots for "next day" delivery from Amazon. They arrived the next morning, right before a major snowstorm that same day, perfect! Quickly I opened them and felt like I was handling a piece of flexible plastic wire (they are a slightly thinner than regular laces, FYI). After lacing up my boots, I noticed that even though the laces were stiff, they adjusted as needed. What I liked is that they have a rugged texture, allowing for a firm grip when tightening laces and also makes them stay put in the eyelets of my boots. In addition, I didn't have to tie a double knot since the texture keeps them from untying like my original fabric laces. Now for the experience over the last week. Every time I tightened my boots to my preference, the laces did not fray or stretch at all. Walking for a couple of miles through forest brush and snow, they passed the test for the whole week, not loosening at any time I was walking and running (even though I only tied a single bow knot). The only issue I had was that they started to turn white in certain areas that didn't seem to be caused by abrasion. So the brown color now is starting to randomly in spots look like the color light tan. If you don't mind the fact they may whiten and not match the boots, then these are the pair for you. I can't say if another brand would have the same problem, but it may be the fact the lace material used isn't a unique color itself, only a master batch of laces that get "stained" to match boot colors (it is turning white because probably that is the default color of the material used in them). So if you don't have an issue with matching your boot color and having the laces stay that color, then I would buy these in a heartbeat. I can imagine having an issue with this if you have black boots and want black laces. Other than that making it a 4-star review, these are exactly what I needed.
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on March 6, 2017
These replaced the laces on a pair of made in Maine Timberland boots that I absolutely love. I was worried that the laces would be more abrasive than the ones they were replacing and would tear into the leather more than I wanted. In fact I wish I had switched sooner to these. They stay tied all day and do not loosen up nearly as much as did the original laces. Also, these laces have not increased the wear from what I can see in the two months or so that I have had them in my boots.
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on March 8, 2017
Like many other reviewer said, the color fades quickly. I work in construction so I don't care. I just want to put my boots on every day and not have to worry about a lace snapping. So far I have no signs of wear and I wear them 5-6 days a week for 10-12 hours each day. It has been nearly a year.
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on March 8, 2017
I picked up a pair of Chippewa laced shoes at the LL Bean outlet. They had random, oversized laces so I ordered these as replacements. They were a bit pricey but they fit these 5-outlet shoes well, don't come untied, and look like they'll last forever.
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on March 11, 2017
After they are broke in they stay tied all an ironworker and I've had them for two years of welding and torching. No other has lasted this long. The color fades, but if that is a problem for you your most likely to wimpy to need laces this tough. Sack up butter cup
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on October 17, 2013
If you need nuclear grade shoe/boot laces, then these are for you. They may be stiff, but they aren't gonna break anytime soon. I purchased them to replace a set of OEM on my Rockport Walker shoes that lasted about 3 months until one of them broke. I feel certain after using these Ironlaces for three months, that I may never need to buy another pair of OEM style shoe lances again in my life. I think these will last until I don't need shoe laces anymore and I can leave them to my Grandson in my will.
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on March 11, 2017
Only problem with my boots was that the laces would always snap after a few weeks due to sharp edges on the lace hooks. So far not even any signs of wear and tear on these. Great laces.
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on January 24, 2017
Work well, faded after 2 days! Not great quality. I bought 2 pairs and both did the same thing, faded after 2 maybe 3 days. I may return t hem. They look terrible on a nice pair of boots.
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