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3.5 out of 5 stars
Islamism and Islam
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on February 22, 2018
A clear exposition of the contents of Koran and Koranic Law.l
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on September 4, 2013
Not all Muslims are Arabs and not all arabs are terrorists. We need to start making important distinctions. Read this.
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VINE VOICEon December 29, 2012
"Islamism and Islam" by Bassam Tibi, (Fall 2012), hardback, 340 pgs. [Caution: This is a book review about Tibi's book, not about Islam.] In this book the author denounces Islamism for its: anti-democracy, anti-semitism, violence, and for what Tibi calls its perverse pro-violence from "its invention of the true peaceful Muslim past". Tibi identifies himself as a Muslim, a liberal Muslim bordering on pro-secularism, who is opposed to the oppression of non-Muslims. Tibi tries to promote his contention that the religion of Islam is peaceful, that it does not justify violent Islamism/ jihadism/ caliphate-dreamers. While Tibi makes this claim repeatedly throughout this book, but he does not really explain how the religion of Islam is "peaceful". The author does NOT try to list 15-20 ayat from the Quran that promote peace; he probably doesn't because he knows that Islamo-realists can quickly cite a similar number of Quranic verses promoting intolerance and outright violence - to say nothing about quoting similar war-mongering ahadith sources. Another reviewer has pinned Tibi as being an Islamic "sleeper cell", i.e. a Muslim who practices "taqiyya" (hiding) his knowledge that Islam really promotes violent, world-conquest-seeking Islamism; I'll just politely opine that given what Tibi knows about Islamism how he can argue that peaceful-Islam is really separate from violent-Islamism baffles me. Tibi acknowledges that the jihadist-Islamists base their ideology from their "misunderstanding" readings of the peace-oriented teachings of the Quran. Despite Tibi's baffling fondness for Islam, he is very critical of western scholars who advocate that Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is somehow pro-democratic and peace oriented. He has no kind words for either Prof. J. Esposito nor Tariq Ramadan. While I am a devout follower of Islamo-realists (R. Spencer, D. Pipes, R. Rubin, etc.), I strongly recommend this book to Islamo-realists, because Tibi discusses how al-Banna and Qutb championed the demise of secularism, with their replacement with Islamism. In this book, Tibi acknowledges the criticisms of Andrew Bostom and Bat Ye'or, but Tibi just isn't willing to make the plunge in acknowledging that Islam/Quran IS inherently violent against other religions. Nonetheless, this book is worth reading/having for its analysis as to how "Islamism is Totalitarianism". Tibi berates the Islamists for their dishonesty in not acknowledging that Hitler's `holocaust' against the Jews did occur. Due to his lack of justifying that Islam is peaceful, Tibi should have instead titled this book: "The Threat of Totalitarian Islamism" (although maybe in some subliminal error, Tibi titled this book "Islamism AND Islam" instead of "Islamism VERSUS Islam"). {And there is a wonderful glossary of Arabic terms.} (Okay, enough of my objective review of this book: Tibi, you need to read "The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Koran" by Robert Spencer and "Muhammad: And the Birth of Islamic Supremacism" by David Hayden).
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on August 31, 2016
Book was damaged when received.
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on April 2, 2013
Tibi gives a much needed nuanced picture of Islam. He makes a distinction between the Islamists, the totalitarian version of Islam, the result of the decline of power of Islam in the modern world and the rise of religious fundamnetalism of which islam is not alone in fostering. His use of Hannah Arendt to define totalitarianism and the relationship with anti-smitism, analogous to the Nazi ideology is right on the money. This connection puts the issue in historical context. Islam in Tibi's view is another matter. This is a religion that can accomodate reason and moderation as it tries to accomodate itself to the modern world just as mainline Christianity and Judaism have done. This work by an author with superb academic credentials unlike Pam Geller or Robert Spencer, for example, should get peoples attention as an anecdote to the fear mongering of the the Gellers and Spencers of the world.
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on October 26, 2013
This book, while both insightful at Islamism but not Islam, was a serious disappointment. He brands Islamism as a totalitarian ideology borrowed from communism. This is not correct. While some Islamism may be authoritarian, never has there been evidence for totalitarianism. Also, he says on pg. 16 about the Muslim Brotherhood, "They subscribed to terror and practiced it on all possible levels." Where is his evidence? Then, he goes about saying that just because al-Banna preached martyrdom for Islam, it reflects "suicidal terrorism." Not true, al-Banna was a community activist and never advocated terrorism to justify an end. Lastly, he says that Islamism is NOT part of the greater Islamic revival. What is the revival then? It actually is in that the revival has incorporated political ideology into its doctrine. Clearly, Mr. Tibi is not the right scholar to read. He confuses both facts and opinions.
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on September 20, 2012
A One Man Sleeper Cell

The first lie in Bassam Tibi's book, Islamism and Islam is in the fourth sentence of his Preface. It is the lie which has made Tibi's career, at Cornell, Yale, Harvard, and now Stanford. He states, "Islamism emanates from a political interpretation of Islam: it is based not on the religious faith of Islam but on an ideological use of religion within the political realm." Professor Tibi compounds this lie with, "Islamism and Islam are different, not to be confused with each other..."

The fact is that a practicing Muslim is an Islamist. The peaceful, pluralistic, tolerant Islam which Professor Tibi describes is the Islam of non-practicing Muslims. All practicing Muslims are required by Islam to wage jihad (holy war). All practicing Muslims are required to forcefully convert or kill nonbelievers, infidels. All practicing Muslims are required to humiliate dhimmi, (infidels who are tolerated in their presence), by extracting jizya, (a tax which permits them to live - temporarily). All practicing Muslims divide the world into two spheres, dar al Islam (the world of Islam), and dar al haarb (the world of war). Only when Muslims have eliminated resistance to Islam throughout the world will there be no more dar al haarb. This is straight out of the Qu'ran, the holy book which all practicing Muslims must memorize.

One core feature of Islam that you will never hear from Professor Tibi or any other Muslim is taqiyya, the obligation to deceive infidels. Another you will not find in his work is da'wa, stealthy jihad. Taqiyya is the obligation of every Muslim to soft pedal the ultimate ends of Islam, world domination. Da'wa is a kind of dispensation accorded to jihadis who find themselves in a situation where violence is impractical. Such jihadis are allowed to mingle with dhimmi, to teach at their universities, lobby their governments specifically to weaken their will to resist. This fifth column prepares the way for the bloodthirsty Islamic warriors who will inevitably follow, accompanied by cameramen from the Al Jazeera network.

Taqiyya also explains why there is no fatwa on Professor Tibi's head. The Prophet, Muhammad, peace be upon him, left a crystal clear message. If an infidel were to distort the Prophet's message as blatantly as Professor Tibi does, a fatwa would be issued instantly. Why do Islamic clerics let Professor Tibi pretend that the messages in the Qu'ran, the Hadith, and the Reliance of the Traveler, the Islamic holy sources, are so vulnerable to misinterpretation? No Muslim will admit that there is a modicum of slack in the holy documents. The Qu'ran is a verbatim transcription of Allah's words to the Archangel Gabriel. Muhammad, peace be upon him, was illiterate, thus the need for the angelic scribe. Distorting the Qu'ran's message is in fact a capital offense. Professor Tibi is alive because Islamic clerics recognize the value of his obfuscation. He is pursuing da'wa, pure and simple. Think of Professor Tibi as a one man sleeper cell.

Oh, and calling anyone who resists jihad an Islamophobe? Puh-leez! Every infidel should own a Qu'ran and take the time to understand it (particularly Sura 9, the so-called "sword verses"). The Hadith and Reliance, though holy, are voluminous, obtuse, and rambling so both infidels and believers require assistance in navigating them. One thing for certain, you will not learn what you need to know about Islam in Islamism and Islam.

Postscript, 9-29-12: All practicing Muslims also believe in replacing man-made law with holy law, sharia. This means getting rid of the Constitution of the United States of America as well as all state laws. Legislators will not be necessary since sharia law comes from Allah. Judges will not be necessary since Muslim clerics will interpret sharia, and civil police will not be necessary because they will be replaced by religious police. Since Americans will not sit idly by as their Government is overthrown, the imposition of sharia will require the violent overthrow of the Government. All practicing Muslims believe that a Muslim Caliphate will ultimately replace all national governments around the world.

If a Muslim tells you otherwise (Professor Tibi comes to mind) he is either a non-practicing Muslim, or he's practicing Taqiyya, the obligation to deceive infidels about Islam's methods and objectives.
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