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on December 1, 2014
Ok. So I went through a whole lot of trouble to research gloves online. The problem with doing this is that you can't try them on first. After looking around and reading reviews for about 2 weeks I finally settled on these. Bottom line is - I LOVE them so far. But I want to provide some more detail that will hopefully help if you're considering these.

1. Fit. These gloves really fit well. I'm 6', 173lbs, average build. Hands are pretty much average. I measured around my knuckles as they said to do and came up with about 8.5". Based on the chart, I got the medium and they fit very nicely. I wanted them to fit snugly and these do. If you like a little more room in your gloves consider going a size up. But in general, their sizing guide is just about right.

2. Fingers. I've read several reviews talking about the fingers of these gloves. Again - I have average sized hands and each of the fingers fits perfectly. There is no abnormally long little finger or anything like that. These fit just like every pair I've ever owned.

3. Warmth. I live in NC. Our winters usually run in the 20s-30s. I haven't had a day yet to wear these but I can tell you that these feel just as warm as my previous isotoners. They are NOT going to be a snow glove. These are general purpose, driving, casual wear gloves. If you're going to be outside for 2 hours, having a snowball fight, get something heavier. But these are perfect to wear to work, driving, sitting at a football game outdoors, cleaning off the car, etc.

4. Style. I was most worried about the style of these. But they are great. The palm has a textured surface with "grippy" stuff to help you hold a phone, but it's not obtrusive. It works well with the glove and doesn't come off looking sci-fi AT ALL. The wrists are slightly gathers with elastic for a very comfortable fit. The look is not quite as "formal looking" as my previous Isotoners that had the chevron look on the back of the glove, but they do look goo enough to wear to dinner on a cold night and to wear with business attire if needed.

5. Function. Ok, so right up front let me say I just wanted a good glove that was warm that I could wear to work in the winter - or to church, etc. I wasn't looking for something to constantly use for my electronic devices. But I have to say the finger tip works extremely well. My Galaxy S5 was very responsive even on some of the texting keyboard features (I use Swype). It was pretty accurate. Do I need it to be 100? No. If I need that I can take off my glove. But general page flipping, scrolling and most typing really does work very well. If this is a concern for you - don't let it be. I worried far too much over this. It really does work very well. I'm not sure about durability, but I don't plan to be rough on these gloves anyway.

6. Price. The price for these was very reasonable and in line with what I typically pay for this type of glove.

Overall I gave this 5 stars. It matches the description, function, fit and style exactly as laid out here. Read the other reviews too but if you are looking for a general glove for general function that looks stylish and fits like a second skin, definitely get these.
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on November 27, 2015
Going in to season 2 with the Isotoner Men's Smartouch Tech Stretch Gloves. They fit well, offer good dexterity and are a reasonably warm glove. These now live in my car's glove-box and do an effective job of keeping my hands warm at the wheel. The touchscreen interaction works fine on my car stereo and cell phone (not while driving of course).

Durability seems great. I used these gloves during last year's ridiculous New England snowfall and they kept my hands warm while operating the snowblower and shoveling. They did their job, they are reasonably stylish and comfortable. No complaints, nice product. Probably goes without saying, but if you use a fingerprint reader on your phone as a lock, you will obviously need to remove the glove. I only mention this to provide a helpful tip... your cell may have a smart lock (where it won't re-lock requiring a fingerprint if a specific Bluetooth device is paired or if your within a specific geo-fence). It is a buried setting on my phones, but it makes using Smartouch gloves with a cell phone nice and easy while still maintaing some security.
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on February 8, 2016
I wore out a pair of Isotoner Men's SmarTouch gloves and I loved them. They were warm enough and flexible enough that they were the perfect gloves for my morning commute. They were my every day gloves for 3 years now, but were showing their age and were starting to fall apart. I bought these to replace them but sadly my old gloves are in better shape; my new pair arrived with the seam on one of the fingers split which basically makes them worthless to me.

Additionally it looks like these are a more recent re-design of the gloves I had before which appear to be more like the style of the Women's SmarTouch Ottoman gloves. I looked, and I could not find a pair of Men's SmarTouch Ottomon Gloves which led me to buy these as the replacement. I guess for the men's gloves someone at Isotoner decided to make the new gloves much thicker and much more stiff with the diamond weave pattern really making the palm and ring and pinky fingers uncomfortably rigid. The fingers are also VERY narrow in the gloves and the inner sewn seams (where not split / separated) really constrict the fingers to make them feel even more narrow.

Between the combination of the stiff wear, narrow fingers and terrible quality control I cannot recommend these to anyone.
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on March 8, 2013
Not all Smartouch gloves really allow wearers to still use their touch screens but these do. They are a true fit, don't stretch out, are warm and allow the use of phones, cameras, etc..while keeping gloves on. Gone are the days of pulling off the gloves with one's teeth to get the phone or then lose the glove. Very useful.
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on February 12, 2016
I actually bought two pair. I already owned two pair but the ones I had do not have the smartouch pads on the fingers and thumbs. I bought a pair of the xlarge for my partner and a pair of the large for myself, going by the sizing chart. My partner tried on the xlarge and the base of the fingers came to his knuckles and the seam inside the glove were very uncomfortable at the fingertips. I have a little shorter fingers and so the came to the base of my fingers but the seams were uncomfortable at the fingertips on me as well.

The large pair arrived a day or two later. The xlarge were much more padded than the large and therefore warmer. Here's the really funny part. The large pair had longer fingers than the xlarge and didn't press into the fingertips near as much. These two pair of gloves were not the same at all and there was far more than size that made the difference.

The smartouch pads on the finger tips were worthless. They were a little better on the large pair than on the xlarge.

Overall, I was very disappointed with these gloves. Before this purchase, I was a big fan of isotoner but they really missed the boat on these gloves. If you want good gloves, stick to the regular isotoner and avoid the smartouch tech.
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on January 15, 2014
This is a nice looking pair of gloves. They have a tech appearance. Unfortunately that's the only good thing about these. They really aren't good at either of the things they should be: 1) keeping you warm; and 2) letting you operate you smartphone or other device. First, these gloves just fundamentally aren't warm. I was wearing them in 30 degree weather for an hour-long dog walk and it was as if I was wearing no gloves at all. I literally could have warn no gloves and been about as warm. There really isn't much of an inner lining and the fingers are pretty rigid. In the end they really just don't keep you warm. The rigidity of the fingers is a problem not just for the warmth provided by the glove, but also for their ability to be used to help operate your device. The fingertips are extremely difficult to align with the desired place on an on-screen keyboard as when writing a text or browsing the web. It took many attempts to perform the simplest of tasks, e.g, unlocking the phone and navigating to a desired song.

I typically like to look for the best in a product, but outside of the nice look of these gloves, there's really not much that's positive. I would encourage you to find a different pair if you care about being warm and using them for their smartouch feature.
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on October 8, 2016
The reason I why I chose a low rating because when I put the gloves on, one glove was significantly smaller when worn, the inside material was slightly stiff and left some type of residue, and the cuff of the glove was stiff and the velvet part of the index and middle finger area was sticking out, it was seamless, but it sticks out like a sore thumb. Also the smartouch part of the index finger was misplaced, so when you put it on it was in the wrong area, and was less practical. While the other glove was well fitted, and actually comfy. Fitted like a glove. I actually like these types of gloves, I used to have a pair of them, then I lost one side. I'm sure I got a defective piece, but seriously where's quality control?
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on January 17, 2016
Got these to use as driving gloves during our cold New England winters. Just received them. My first impression is that the fit is OK but not amazing, which is surprising for IsoToner, as I've always considered these top of the line.

Also, there is a feature of the gloves (you can see it as gold patches in the product photographs) that lets you activate touchscreens like those on smartphones and tablets. In reality, it's not very attractive on the gloves and looks like someone just stitched some gold thread onto the tips of some of the fingers, and I imagine they will unravel quickly. Also in practice difficult to use because the "active area" only covers part of the fingertips and since the gloves are actually more bulky at the tips than expected, it makes it hard to line up an accurate touch on a screen.

Overall, these are alright, but I'm not thrilled with them.
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on November 21, 2016
Can't recommend these - the smartouch doesn't work (which is why I bought them), the palm is too slick to hold onto even a coffee cup, and the seam on the thumb constantly rubs on the side of my thumb. If it costs me S&H to return these, I'll just give them to someone else in my family or throw them away. My wife is happy with her Costco smartouch gloves so I think I'll head there tomorrow and buy a pair of those.
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on February 23, 2016
Some reviews said the gloves run large, so I went for a medium instead of a large, and they just barely fit well enough to actually wear. That would be fine if the seams on the insides of the fingers weren't so giant and stiff. You can constantly feel them and it is not comfortable. I can't really tell if they'll soften up with use, so I haven't given up on them just yet. The gloves work well enough on phones, but the angles you need to use can feel pretty strange, and the smart touch threading on the finger tips look like they were sown in by someone having a seizure.

So... they work, but aren't comfortable, and look ridiculous. But I lost my old gloves and am lazy, and these are good enough for my 20 minute commute to work.
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