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on February 23, 2016
I had a pair of Isotoner Spandex gloves identical to these except that they were lined. I wore them for many years as my "dressy" gloves. When they started to show signs of wear, I began to use them for my "everyday" gloves. Eventually they became so worn that they became my "chore" gloves. (hanging Christmas lights, feeding and walking the dog, etc.) A month or so ago, they finally developed a hole so large that they weren't useful anymore, so I began to search for replacements. I wasn't able to find anything remotely close in local stores, so I started looking online. I found these unlined ones, which as I stated before, look identical to the ones I had. My other ones were lined with Thinsulate. The only other lined ones I could find were fleece-lined. I knew I didn't want that. I thought I would take a chance on these. They arrived very quickly and fit really well. I had been wearing some other gloves while I was waiting for these to arrive, and I was having trouble with tasks that needed more dexterity, such as buttoning coats and hooking the dog's leash. With these Isotoner gloves, I don't have any trouble. The only reason I didn't give this product five stars is that I really wanted the Thinsulate lining. I have worn these for several days. They are fine until the temperature dips into the low 30's. Anything above that, they work great. However, on those days, my hands got a little chilly. I hope these gloves last as long as my last pair of Isotoners. So far, I love the look and feel of the gloves--just miss the lining. I would definitely recommend these if you are searching for a nice-looking glove with a snug fit to wear on cool days. However, if you need something to keep your hands warm on cold winter days, you might want to choose something else.
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on January 16, 2018
It's been a colder winter than normal so I began my search to find some protection for my hands with Isotoner. I've had pairs in the past and I remember the way my old Isotoners 'squished' may fingers (in a good way) and decided if they weren't warm enough I could use them in the car and enjoy the compression.

Of course, there are so many variations that I immediately felt overwhelmed, which is why I bought this pair and another Isotoner glove to see which I liked best. Since my teen daughter loves gloves I knew that she would happily wear whichever I offered. [The other pair of Isotoners have this ASIN: B0149DG8EK and here's a link -- Isotoner Womens Stretch Classics Fleece Lined Gloves One Size Brown

I'll put up photos shortly but here's some things you might want to know:
--79% Nylon / 21% Spandex
--they still have that lovely compression
--they are not adequate nor warm enough for weather around freezing and below
--they grip the steering wheel well
--they will not let you use your phone
--because they stretch they fit both my mom hand and my teen's more slender hand
--the fingers are not too long

What you might want to know when compared to the other Isotoner glove:
-- the other Isotoner glove I purchased is lined [ASIN (amazon's identification number) is B0149DG8EK
--the other glove also does not let you use your phone
--whereas the 'Shortie' has a smooth fabric to help with grip, the B0149DG8EK has buffed, non-shiny leather
--the B0149DG8EK has compression but only in the fingers and probably that is due to the addition of the lining.
-- the B0149DG8EK is warmer but not sufficiently warm for long walks

I like these gloves because they feel good on but they are Autumn Weather kind of gloves and not suitable for frigid conditions. The other glove is warmer but it's still not suitable for frigid conditions.

My daughter and I are trading off using each pair. She uses them to rush to and from school when I drop her off, and I use a pair for driving. If you need winter-worthy gloves neither of these will probably suffice.
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on December 25, 2017
originally wanted regular gloves like this but for some reason when the style is longer than shortie the price is nearly triple. So, I settled on these and I liked them so much I purchased a second pair. I was skeptical about one size fits all as I have chubby hands. But they stretch so the fit is not bad.

They will NOT keep your hands warm and snuggly on a bitter cold day. They are not lined. BUT thats what I wanted because my hands get to hot otherwise. Keeps the chill down. handles nice on the steering wheel. I wish isotoner would make a fingerless version tho. I like options. Im a professional driver and the fingerless version would allow me to check my phone on break easier without having to take on and off. You can use your knuckle on these to flip screens.
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on December 5, 2014
I love these gloves and they had not been easy to find. Needless to say I am very happy to have been able to get them from Amazon. They are very comfortable especially driving. Obviously they are not for wearing as winter weather gloves but do keep the cold from feeling uncomfortable and are easy to stick in a pocket when you go into a store, etc. Sure hope they will be made for many more years. In addition to buying a pair for myself I purchased two more pairs for gifts.
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on April 1, 2017
Chased around locally for these gloves, which were unavailable in mid February. Too late in the season, Spring stuff is out now, how pedestrian can I get, anyway! Very happy they were available on Amazon, as I lost my others, still in good shape after 12 years! Well, as fate would have it, the day these arrived, my old ones showed up! now a proud owner of two pairs, one tan and new ones, as shown here-ivory or bone? These are a favorite, as they feel like a girdle on my arthritic hands. These two pair are unlined. I also have two pairs of lined Isotoners for wearing in colder weather, when walking. Nice to have a couple pairs on hand, for laundering purposes.
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on October 26, 2015
Not being used for it's warmth, but more for it's ability to keep my hands protected from some of the elements while driving in colder weather. These gloves are great. The material is thin, but as long as you are not driving in sub zero temps that shouldn't be a deal breaker. The leather like strips help keep my grip on the steering wheel while I drive and the thinner material allow me to have some hand flexibility while I'm driving. I like to be able to grab my coffee mug without fear that I might drop it in my lap because I can't feel the cup because I have too much glove material in the way. These are perfect for me and I love having them around when the weather starts to turn colder.
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I've worn Isotoner unlined gloves since they first came on to the market. I live in the Northeast where winters are brutal. While these gloves are by no means warm like mittens or their thermal lined counterparts, I've found them perfectly adequate for driving while the car warms up or running errands while going in and out of buildings. They also last forever. I have large hands and very long fingers for a woman. The "L" sizing works. Note that they may feel too tight in the beginning but after a few wearings they will relax and feel just right.
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on March 12, 2018
These gloves are great when it's not that cold and I just need a little bit of warmth. The stretchiness feels good and they're comfortable. The stips add visual interest and keep them from slipping on the steering wheel.
The only reason I only rated 3 stars is that they seem high in price, not an ideal value. But I haven't found any other product to meet the need as well so I would buy them again if they were longer. They're advertised as being short so they're just as advertised, but I personally want a longer glove to keep my wrists warm as well as my hands.
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on January 17, 2016
I purchased the pair as a replacement for a decades-old pair my wife used as automobile driving gloves. She had been shopping all over and could not find this particular set. I was not sure, but they looked close enough in shape, style, and color to her originals that I ordered a pair. When she opened her Amazon package, she exclaimed what was music to my ears. "Perfect!"
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on March 17, 2017
These are to replace another pair like them that I have had for many years. I use them for yard work! I have short fingers. Many gloves are too long which makes it difficult to grip tightly or to using a pinching motion with my hand/fingers. I can do both well with these. The gloves stretch a little yet fit snuggly so I am able to push the individual fingers of the glove down so that the end tips are without extra fabric protruding. I think the gloves would also fit average to slightly long fingered people too. My first pair withstood numerous washings and a lot of wear. This replacement pair have not yet been washed.
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