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on October 18, 2017
Worst Goggles I have ever used!!!!! I have been a competitive swimmer since 1984 as a freshman in High-school. I am not sure what the manufacturer did to these but they SUCK!! I opened them from the cool case and swapped the nose piece out for the smaller one to fit my face better and headed out of the locker room to the pool. I hopped in the water and pulled off the protective lens covers and put them on. Wow they are really bright and clear. Cool.... Put my head in the water and could not see a damn thing. Huh... I took them off and cleaned the outer lens, maybe there was some residue.. Nope Clean. I cleaned out the inside and they were good to go. Put them on again and same damn thing. The tiles on the pool floor at 3 1/5 feet away were out of focus. Blurry. Could not see the end of the pool when I was two strokes away getting ready to do a flip turn. But when I took my head out of the water I could see everything clear as a bell, I could even read the stats on the white board from the pool's lifeguard, temp, last time they took the water readings for chlorine and other stuff. Clear at over 25 feet away.
So I made my way back to the end of the lane and handed them to the lifeguard and asked her to put them on and see if they were clear. She said yes. I then gave them to the swimmer in the next lane over and they said they were clear,,,, o wait. Why are my feet fuzzy looking.. Wait why cant I see 4 feet in front of me.

Not sure what is going on with these, But I highly recommend that you do not get...

My current pair of Nike clear are scratched and very abused and I can see over 20 feet and 3 feet in the same pool at the same time.
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on March 18, 2016
There are various versions of these goggles on amazon right now, and you can recognize them by appearance and their cases. I have two pairs branded as Zoma, or Structure. These looked the same, so I ordered them. First off I ordered the black pair and received the blue pair, but I decided to keep them. Visually they look identical to the Zoma goggles, as expected, but then I looked a little closer at the construction. I've seen reviews where people mention the plastic loop where the rubber head strap feeds through has broken. That piece on this pair of goggles does look thinner and not as robust as the Zoma goggles. The fit is the same, and they both have extra nose pieces to adjust the fit. When I first tried them on they were too tight, both at the nose and head straps. I switched out the nose piece (be careful not to touch the inside of the goggles if you do this), and then adjusted the straps. The strap is a little short as you don't need a lot of pressure to keep these goggles on, that's what makes them so comfortable. I have back up parts from one pair of Zoma goggles just in case. For me, they distort my vision under water very minimally, and that is normally a huge problem I have. They don't require much pressure to seal around your eyes, and they don't leak. Do they fog? Well I find that after 15-20 minutes of fast paced swimming that they will fog a little bit, but not enough to require you to stop and rinse them. Just don't touch the inside of the lens, and that will help prolong the antifog coating.
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on December 5, 2015
I do not write a lot of Amazon reviews. Very seldomly is a product so outstanding that it makes me want to stand up and rave about it. But that being said, THESE GOGGLES ARE THE REAL DEAL!

My son is a varsity swimmer for his high school, and has been swimming since he was 8 years old. He is long and lean and has a very narrow face. Most of the swimmers on his team wear the Speedo Vanquisher goggles. Those gave my son terrible raccoon eyes and actually hurt him to wear. He hated them- and I hated wasting money on expensive goggles that he didn't like. For years he wore the Speedo Jr. Hydrospex goggles, but his face became too big for the Jr. size and not big enough for the adult size (he's 15 years old.)

So about a year or so ago, I took to my trusty Amazon reviewers and started reading about goggles. I read hundreds of reviews, trying to find out which goggles might work for a smaller face, not fog up, have good suction, and feel comfortable while not falling off... and these seemed to fit the bill. The first time my son stuck them to his face, he laughed and said "I don't even need to use the strap- the suction is great!" Obviously, he uses the strap... but these don't leave raccoon eyes like the Vanquishers did. He loves them!

So here's the funny part- the guys on his team have teased him about these goggles, because of course, they aren't name brand and therefore not considered "cool". So I went on Amazon and bought him some Speedo Michael Phelps goggles and some Vanquishers thinking, okay he's older, maybe we should try some of the fancier $35 goggles again? He made me send them back. He hated them. He LOVES these!

Please don't ever stop making these goggles, iSpeed! I don't know what we'd do! I buy 2 or 3 pairs at a time (he swims 9 practices per week and every pair of goggles lasts for a month or two). We have only had 1 pair break... the rest either get lost or "borrowed"-- usually by the kids who had previously made fun of them! We also do find that after about a hundred wears, they start to fog up a bit. For $11 per pair, we can easily replace them. Thank you, iSpeed, for a great product at a great price!
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on May 30, 2014
They seemed alright at first - but the more I use them, the more I dislike these goggles. Perhaps it's the shape of my face. I normally do a half mile swim; towards the 25th lap, I need to rest to take off the goggles to rest my eyes. They leave very sore red marks on my brow - it hurts! I've tried adjusting the nose piece to give relief to this problem - but no luck.

I am also disappointed that the anti-fog coating seemed to disappear only after my second swim with them. The fogging is worse now. I need to peek at my feet to gauge where I am in the pool (especially on backstrokes), the fogging makes it hard to see the line colors on the sides of the lane.

Will be going with another brand on my next pair.
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on September 3, 2015
The packaging box was very dirty, there's dirt and soil like material and scratches all over. Looks like someone has dragged it on the floor. The googles are small! If you have big eyes, you would have it fully fill up the view. The plastic rim of the googles look very cheap. Honestly, I feel like I bought a pair of used cheap googles.
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on February 25, 2016

These are by far the BEST goggles I've ever owned. I wish I'd had a pair when I was a competitive swimmer back in middle/high school. They're very comfortable and they truly live up to the "anti-fog" claim. I've been using them for a month now and I have no complaints. Included with the goggles is a hard case (which I use to store my necklace and rings in before I get in the pool) and three different sizes of nose thingies. That way you can customize it to fit your face shape the best. I lucked out and the one that was already ON the goggles fits me great.
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on December 28, 2013
After having Speedo Vanquisher, Aqua Sphere Kayenne, and other goggles, this one is the most good looking one. It is as comfortable as the Aqua Sphere Kayenne and the visibility is better than most, except Aqua Sphere which is a bit wider. I ended up using this and the Aqua Sphere Kayenne a lot simply because of the visibility and the comfort level that these two offer.

1. Comes in a plastic case with 3 size adjustable nose bridges, which is important
2. High quality material all around
3. Watertight, yet still comfortable on the eyes and face
4. Standard anti-fog coating with UV protection
5. Really good looking goggle

After using this for months, I'm still very happy with it.

This goggle seems to be designed more on the comfort/performance side rather than race (not that you can't use it for races), but it is thicker/bigger than the typical smaller racing goggle. This is more like Lexus, very comfortable and great for day to day swim rather than a Formula-1 type of vehicle that's really design for less drag, but sacrificing the comfort and the visibility you get from Ispeed Mirror Pro Swim Goggle.

The anti-fog coating lasted for about a week (being used daily for about 1 hour in a chlorinated pool) before it started to degrade, just like most goggles I have. To keep the anti-fog last, it's best not to touch the inside of the lens if possible and simply rinse in cool tap water after you swim. In case that the anti-fog is diminishing, the "Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray" is a good alternative.

Happy Swimming!
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on October 23, 2013
I can't believe I'm writing a review for swimming goggles, but these babies deserve it. No one really cares much for these and I live in Mississippi, so we're not exactly flocking to the beach. But these Ispeed goggles are great. They're easy to adjust and they don't snap in your hands if you end up pulling harder than you should. I'm much stronger than the average man and I tend to exert more force on things, so small details like this are important to me. And I love, love, love the design. In my opinion, it's just too cool. A lot of the goggles I've had in the past have had very hard rings where the goggles fit around the eyes and it got very uncomfortable after just a few minutes, but these have soft rings and I barely felt anything after wearing them all day. All Day. I remember having one pair of goggles that had rings too soft and let the water in. Not theses babies. I didn't get a single drop of water in my eyes. Honestly, I feel kind of silly, but I wouldn't waste my time reviewing GOGGLES if I wasn't excited about them. So how about passing on that dvd that you're gonna want to return anyway and buying a product that's affordable, enjoyable, and worth a few bucks.
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on October 17, 2013
These are fantastic swim goggles. The lens are shiny, it looks like a mirrored finish. More importantly, the lenses are 100% UV resistant so swimming in sunlight is no worry. Fine sunglasses for the pool (for those of us who swim outside)! The lenses are also abrasion resistant which can be helpful around concrete pools and pool decks.

I also seriously like the three different nose bridge pieces. I have always felt like my eyes were "too close" together, but now I have a pair of swim goggles that fit me perfectly. No longer do I have to deal with a bridge piece that is too big. The double head strap helps to keep the goggles perfectly on your head without shifting while moving.

As a long time swimmer I really appreciate the fog proof lenses. I don’t want to mention what I used to do in order to try to stop fogging lenses! (YUCK!! And it didn’t even work that great.) It is wonderful to be able to see well underwater. The silicone that fits around the eyes makes a great watertight seal and fit. It is nice not to need to pull the goggles super tight to keep the water out. No more water in my eyes as I move my head under water.

Lastly, the case the goggles come in will keep them in good shape. And the price is excellent for the quality. I will probably end up with more than one pair. I’ve even thought about getting a red-pink pair to match my red swimsuit.
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on May 11, 2015
I have a narrow, elongated head with pronounced brow ridges. I took these goggles to the pool today, but found out that they do not fit my face at all. They leaked every time I pushed off of the end of the pool, forcing me to stop after each lap to remove the water. They also caused a discomfort in the top area of both eye sockets. I did not try to use an alternative nose bridge, but don't think it would help with the issues.

Another (bizarre) problem is that above water I could see everything clearly and in focus, but once under water, the bottom of the pool and other underwater objects looked soft and blurry. I've never observed this kind of behavior with any goggles I've owned before!

Overall experience:
Fit: poor (goggles do not adhere to my face)
Anti-fog: excellent (used them once for 40 minutes, no fog at all)
Strap: excellent (seems very soft and pliable)
Look: pretty cool, although these are not the lowest-profile goggles

I'll try to return them after having used them only once.
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