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on December 1, 2017
Before we begin this review, the day before I started this book I saw the 2015 documentary "Soaked in Bleach" as to the Courtney Love conspiracy involving Kurt Cobain. The first 20 pages of this book recollects an incident where Duff was on the same plane inbound to Seattle-Tacoma INTL. with Kurt and how he recalls that Kurt had indeed been depressed and ended treatment at the European rehab facility. I wish to thank Duff for closing this certain conspiracy theory, as Eric Bischoff says "Conspiracy Creates Cash" and that is a book I plan to read as well.
Now let us begin....

As I just wrapped up "Slash" I want to hear Duff McKagan (which I dont think i'm pronouncing right) and Steven Adler's sides of the GNR story so I decided to compare and contrast. Along with "Slash" this book jumps around from his adolescence to his adult years in the 1980's actually more than "Slash" does. This book reads with frequent chapters divided into parts. Which Actually makes for an easier read (I.E Jack Reacher Novel's). Compared to "Slash", this book does not follow the chronological order that "Slash" does, and in a sense that is the only turn off that I could find in this book.

The elements that are consistent in the Guns and Roses saga (for the record Izzy Stradlin and Axl rose are the only ones that did not have an autobiography published). Are that Prince of all people was the primary motivator of this band or at least that is the way I read it. Heroin was the ultimate vice of the band and that america's opioid crisis has been a +50 years problem. Last but not least, Axl Rose my opinion continually flip flops with him I dont know if he is the hero or villain. One thing is for sure, I'm starting not to feel bad that he completely remodeled guns and roses.

I will read Steven Adler's book for my final opinion on guns n' roses, I still have more of an investigation to attend to. As far as Duff's side of the story along with slash. Their stories do concur with each other for the most part. This book is not as exciting as "Slash" novel. There were some funny elements but "Slash" takes it home.
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on April 26, 2015
The author is gifted in many ways, his music, his obvious high intelligence, and he is also an alcoholic and previous heavy drug user. The book details how a modern rock band operates from the start to years later, when band members stop talking to each other and friends start dying from drug overdoses. It is not an easy read and, yet, the author comes out of the hell he was living to get sober. He marries a beautiful woman, has a beautiful family, gets a formal education, and appears to be living life on life's terms. I am glad I read his book and have no desire to read anything else on GNR's, this is enough for me. I wish him well on his sobriety and hope he finds a "group" to remind him how perilous it can be to do it alone.
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on January 1, 2017
Told through the eyes of Guns n' Roses bassist, Duff McKagan, is a story revolving not only his tenure with the band, but his experiences enduring all facets of challenges such as the music industry, drugs, illness, friendship and family life. The most intriguing part of this book was Duff's ability to immerse readers into his own personal experiences by expressing himself with clarity and in a concise manner sans the elaborate details that may clutter effective storytelling. I was quite impressed with Duff's ability to write such a well written book; an obvious notion reflecting his intelligence and vivid expressiveness. Whether or not you're a Guns n' Roses fan, 'It's So Easy: and Other Lies' is a book anyone can enjoy. Duff's story chronicles his journey through the music industry and what it took for him to understand his financial situation and how to control it. His marriage to Susan McKagan inspiring a change in priorities for not only himself, but those around him as well. The battles with drug addiction leading to a near death experience revealing the struggle was not only his own, but his family's as well.

This is a great book and I highly recommend it for those fans and non-fans alike! Enjoy!
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on April 21, 2017
This was an amazing, gripping tale from start to finish! I've become a bigger G N' R fan after reading this book. It's chock full of details about Duff's personal rises and falls as well as the bands he played in over the years. From his time in Seattle punk bands in the 80s to G N'R to Loaded and Velvet Revolver, Duff tells all. If you're a Guns fan or Rock fan in general, I'd highly recommend this book.
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on May 20, 2017
A quite amazing man with extraordinary levels of willpower and self control. Once he decided to do something to break a bad habit or reform his life, nothing seemed to get in his way. Quite a unique tale of strong will and self determination taken to amazing extremes. Good on him for his successes in life.
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on January 28, 2016
Wow, what a pleasant surprise this one was. I thought to give it a try, not expecting really anything - perhaps because I was stuck with Duff''s GnR image, not knowing much about his life otherwise (except his Velvet Revolver project). Well, this autobiography kept me engaged and interested from page 1 to the very end.
It flows in a very natural, informing way, giving a much-needed context. Duff's beginnings, his childhood, and how the dynamics involved shaped the man he became. The GnR story is offered in all its majesty, with all the details one might expect. But this is Duff's story, not GnR's. The book traces his descent to hell (an almost fatal one), with a truly inspiring recovering.
The text is very well-written, it never felt tiring or uninteresting. There's a healthy amount of humor and funny details (the fish food part was my personal favorite - you'll see what I mean once you read that), but there's also a lot of darkness, too. All in all, a brilliant book!
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on August 20, 2015
I enjoyed Duff McKagan's story and the way it was told as a behind the scenes look at the lifestyle for this artist and his way back from the despair of addiction and alcoholism. Its a hard hitting book, he pulls no punches but I get the impression he tells it how it was rather than how he would like it to have been seen. Its an inspirational read as it tells of his recovery from alcoholism and how he came to love education and got into wealth management as well as finding a meaningful relationship with his wife and daughters. This unlikely mix of good things coming out of his recovery was what inspired me to read the book after seeing an interview on BBC's hardtalk programme and the book was a worthy read after seeing his interview.
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on October 17, 2011
First, a very well writen book by one who clearly is serious about the craft of writing! Second, if you are reading a review by someone who is descibing Duff as a "Rock Star" - the reviewer clearly did not finish the book, or simply doesn't get it. I am a life-long Seattle resident and through family, saw and met Duff for the first time when he was a little kid running around with my ex-brother-in- law, one of Duff's good friends to this day. I also have met with many of the Seattle people described in the book and used to play in a band with the brother of the drummer in the Vains. I've briefly met Duff at house parties over the years, and he was always kind and socialable to me, whom he had no reason to even speak to. So after reading his book, I can tell you from all this history that I never really knew a thing about him. I've witnessed his journey periphally from a kid on a BMX dirt bike to a punk rocker, to a world renowned muscian, to an out of control drinker, to an athelete, to a father, to an educated financial adviser and now an accomplished writer with a great future before him. I could not put the book down and it actually brought me to tears a few times. Truly a moving and well constructed book - so like someone else here said, stop reading the reviews and get the book. You won't regret it! Kindle Edition)
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on May 10, 2015
It's hard to believe that the original GnR line up was that long ago,time flys,anyhow ,great book with plenty of details,and Duff himself did a tremendous job writing this book,this is one of my favorite "rock history" books for sure,along with"the heroin diaries" Nikki Sixx and "off the rails" by Rudy Sarzo .I saw GnR twice long ago,once at a small venue in 1988,and then a second show early 90's when Gilby Clark started playing with them.Soundgarden opened and then GnR took the stage almost 3 1/2 hours late,I hated them that night for being so late,so unprofessional ,but it was a good show and I had to do a heap of driving just to get to the show,the lateness at which axl worked back then helped me to not like him for a lifetime. Great read, Rock on Duff!
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on October 30, 2016
I look forward to reading more of his writing and hearing his thoughts on life and maturity. It is so nice to see someone who won the fight because so many do not. When you have the luxury of peering into someone's life from afar whether as a fan, a loved one or reader of a book, you get this strange anxiety; you so want them to see in themselves what is so obvious to the rest of the world. That, to me, is recovery. Kindness, generosity, emotional intelligence, control, peace ... those things make a successful human being and Duff was all of that since the day he was born. I am glad he was able to finally figure that out for himself.
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