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on August 23, 2016
My wife and I have been using garment steamers for many years. It avoids excessive dry cleaning which can destroy clothing. I got fed up buying cheap Rowenta steamers and throwing them away every 18 months. I decided to buy a professional version and the Jiffy steamer is FANTASTIC. It is extremely well built and was easy to assemble. The unit is definitely designed and built for professional use. It has a PRESET function which gets the water to a temperature slightly below boiling. This allows the unit to be in standby for a long period of time and when you are ready to steam, you turn the switch to STEAM and wait for the water to get to the right temperature and produce steam. When this device is ready it puts out tremendous amounts of steam.....much better than the Rowenta. It gets wrinkles out quickly....we should have bought this several years ago. If you do a lot of steaming....this is the only choice for you.
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on February 2, 2017
I am a firm believer in the saying "you get what you pay for" and the "buy once, cry once" philosophy. The Jiffy J-4000 garment steamer is a perfect example of this rule. The craftsmanship and quality of materials on the J-4000 steamer are impeccable. There are very few products manufactured today that are built to the standards and quality of this steamer. It is like someone got into a time machine and brought this steamer back from the the 1950's. It seems to me that modern day products and appliances are specifically manufactured to fail. They are built with cheap components specifically engineered to fail in order to create either a thriving market for replacement parts or to simply make you purchase a replacement product. The Jiffy J-4000 is manufactured using strong, quality materials and appears to be put together with a level of pride rarely seen in the current market place. There is an expanded diagram of the steamer in the owners manual that lists every single part, down to individual screws and wires, enabling you to order a single part if necessary. Not only is the build quality fantastic, but the function the steamer is amazing. I actually look forward to using it. I generally conduct a tremendous amount of research before I make a purchase. That said, I purchased both the Jiffy J-2000 and the J-4000 to try them both out (both metal heads). I found that both units worked really well, but the J-4000 is simply in another league all together. I find the J-4000 to be superior in every way, not only the build quality but in performance as well. This steamer is a tank, and at the end of the day it was approximately $75.00 more than the J-2000 with the metal head. If you live in a tiny apartment or for whatever reason believe the J-2000 would be better suited to your needs, I am sure you will be more than happy with that model. However, if you order both and use them side by side you are likely to keep the J-4000. This is one of those things that after purchasing it you ask yourself how you lived without it for so long. There are just so many uses for it. It works great for everything. I find that I use it almost daily or in some cases twice a day. I turn the J-4000 on before I start to get ready, by the time I brush my teeth, shave, etc. the steamer is ready to go. After coming home in the evening I can steam a dress shirt that I wore all day and it is instantly fresh and ready to go. Works great on hunting gear that you don't want to wash in fragrant laundry detergents. For all of the people that complain about how long it takes to heat up...................Good God, Really!?? Did you not even read the description of the product and/or take even a quick 30 second scan of the product reviews before you purchased the steamer?? To me this is like buying a Ford Mustang GT and then all of a sudden your surprised and upset that it does not get the gas mileage that a smaller V6 model provides. Anyway, as others have mentioned.....get at least one protective steam glove. Trust me, this is not equivalent to the steamers you purchase at Bed Bath and Beyond, this steamer will burn the living daylights out of you with a quickness if you are not careful. The glove comes in real handy and works well. I really cannot recommend this steamer enough.
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on August 16, 2013
before I purchased this steamer I went online and read all the reviews to determine which one should I get the 2000 or the 4000. As many of the reviews mentioned that the 2000 is too weak to deliver iron like results, I went with the 4000 model. I am thrilled with the results that my first reaction was " every woman deserves one of these!" it works great on cotton, T-shirts and pants in particular. I'm even wearing some shirts and dresses that I'd stopped wearing before because they wrinkle so bad and they're hard to iron.

I use it on my husbands collared shirts, it's not exactly the same results as ironing, more like 85 to 90% the same, which is enough result for me to give up ironing. I'm sure as I learn to use it better I will even get better results (it's already getting better and it's been only one month) point is that made me happy that I didn't get the J-2000 as it would have been definitely too weak to give similar result.

the only thing I didn't read reviews about is whether to get the iron or the metal head. So after talking with the company I chose the metal one as it is more durable.. well that was a bad choice!

the metal handle is extremely heavy and it gets really hot. it's so hard to handle and I feel that it's an accident waiting to happen. In order to get good results and prevent condensation in the hose, I hang the clothes up over the door. after steaming few pieces I get so tired and I stop for a break. I was at a store the other day and they had the J4000 with a plastic head and I asked to try it:
- it's much much lighter
-it's much easier to handle
- it doesn't heat up and feels much safer

the only way for the head to break is if it's dropped real hard on the floor, I can't see how I could loose control over the plastic one while with the metal one I throw it every time I feel the heat from the metal and I get scared!

it will cost me 71 dollars to get the plastic one, that's expensive and I wish I went with it from the beginning. However, it is worth it because I know that with it this steamer would be perfect.

if you are to order the head without the hose you'd have to cut the hose that you have and connect that had which can be dangerous and is not recommended!
I haven't used the iron for a month and I don't see me using it again in the future

I just love my Jiffy
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on January 25, 2018
I HATE to iron and I have purchased and returned 4 other steamers that claimed to be professional steamers, including the J-2000. I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the J-4000 knowing that it takes 15-20 minutes to get full strength steam and that it was heavier than most steamers (but it is on wheels to easily move around)...all of this is written clearly in the product description! I am so glad that I decided to try one last time and order the J-4000! It is absolutely incredible and worth every penny! I purchased clergy albs, cassocks and stoles that needed to be steamed to get the wrinkles out and not one of the other steamers did the job that the J-4000 has done. I don't know what I did without this steamer! The hose is completely flexible once it warms up and there is a great steady stream of steam produced once it is fully heated. If you are going to steam, perhaps those that think 15-20 minutes is too long to wait should plan accordingly and plug it in that much ahead of time so that it is ready to go when you need it. Otherwise, don't purchase the unit. The J-4000 is one of the best purchases that I have made! I recommend this steamer to anyone that wants a steamer that really works!J-4000M Jiffy Garment Steamer with Metal Steam Head, 120 Volt
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on April 7, 2017
I will never iron again - You have to get use to using a steamer, it took me 3 or 4 times but what a difference - (takes about 5-10 minutes to warm up - keep a gallon of distilled water on hand - definitely buy steaming gloves). You notice you don't see stores ironing clothes before they display them. And if they used an iron they wouldn't just look wrinkle free they'd look ironed. Just a warning not all steamers are equal don't go cheap then be mad steaming didn't work.
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on November 2, 2014
I wanted a steamer to finally ditch my dry cleaner. At $5 a shirt/sweater, dry cleaning was costing a fortune, and not to mention the chemicals, and my clothes kept coming back with static, odd stains, and sweaters hung instead of folded. So, I figured Id ditch the dry cleaner and steam instead.

I bought the J-4000M steamer after much research and reading reviews, and I am NOT disappointed! I wanted a professional steamer to use at home because I had bought a much cheaper version (not a Jiffy) before, and it didnt steam properly and "spit" water out. So this time I opted to go for the J-4000M (with the metal attachment). Although it was more expensive than the J-2000M, I knew I wanted a professional version, like the kind used in retail clothing stores. I honestly don't know how much of a difference there is between the two models...but other reviews I read were mixed, some said not much of a difference, others said there was. So i cant comment on any differences. I also opted for the metal head, over the plastic, only because I personally feel the metal gets hotter and hence produce a better result...but I am no expert and cant say for sure if metal is better than plastic.

As far as the steamer itself goes...its solid construction and very well made! It was easy to put together, nothing to it really. (look under the steamer for the wrench that is attached via a magnet). But really it was just a matter screwing the metal rods together and attaching to the tank, and screwing the hose on (the head came already attached to the hose). THATS IT...pretty easy! This thing is heavy duty! But not heavy and its on wheels so its easy to move around. I had read some reviews that said it was too heavy...but I didnt find that to be a problem at all. unless you plan on carrying the thing around...but no need because there are wheels. Perhaps if you need to empty the water out...? I, however, like to do all my clothing at the same I fill it up and steam til it runs I never need to empty it. Just dont add more water than you need and you should be fine. The handle is made of wood, which is heaver than plastic, but I didnt find it to feel heavy while using, nor did it get hot in the whole 2 hours I steamed.

As far as the steam.....yes, it does take about 15 min to pre-heat, but Im ok with that. Once its preheated, you switch to steam, and within 2 minutes, its steaming. The tank takes up to 4 quarts. I didnt time it, but I got about 2 hours on a full tank. I can do ALOT of clothes on 1 tank. I did cotton shirts, rayon, polyester, sweaters, linen, fabric blends, dress slacks and it ALL came out perfectly steamed and very easily! I was a steaming fool!! The ONLY small complaint (if I have to give one), is that the rod could be a bit taller. Otherwise, no complaints. Im in love with this steamer!

I highly recommend this steamer!! And the best part is that with the money Im saving on dry cleaning this thing pays for itself in no time!
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on April 4, 2016
This steamer is far and away the best. Any comparison to the toys sold in department stores is a joke. This unit has a very large water capacity. It produces a large volume of steam for a very long time. I strongly recommend using distilled water or reverse osmosis water in any streamer or iron, because it eliminates the formation of mineral deposits and makes the unit last a lot longer.
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on April 9, 2017
I bought my wife a J1 25 years ago and just replaced it with the J4000. If there's anything you should figure out from that, it's at these steamers are the standard for an entire industry, built like battleships, and will dominate any clothes steaming job.
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on February 10, 2014
Bought the Jiffy J-4000 to use in a completely different manner then its intended use, to strip windows of their paint. I know it sounds crazy but connect this steamer to a steam cabinet and bam you're stripping paint off of window sashes like it was painted with jelly, it even softens the glazing and I kid you not the glazing comes out with so little effort that you can even remove it with a butter knife!

The unit I have, has the plastic head. Why plastic? We're talking about steam, boiling water hot enough to get steam. The metal head not only gets hot it allows for a lot more condensation, that's why I chose the plastic over the metal. Just keep in mind that not only does this steamer need to be used for clothing, but it can be used for just about anything. Glad I spent the money to buy one!

Just some basic facts, there is a break in period. Once it is pre-heated you have steam in about 2 mins. Constant steam for up to 1hr and 45 mins, no spuddering, no fall out of pressure. The unit does come with a wrench (on magnets on bottom of machine), 6 ft hose with head that is not removable, and a aluminium clothes hanger. The unit is 120 Volts 1500 watts, and may at some point pop a breaker, has not happened to me but you can see the lights dim when you power it on. Would highly recommend!
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on September 21, 2017
The clothing steamer to end all steamers. The metal actual does work like an iron. Professional grade. Does take a while to heat up but I just plan around it.
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