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on October 26, 2013
Been doing car audio for 30 years, and have owned at least 100 sets of various types of speakers. Usually not a huge fan of 6x9's in general due to larger cones slightly muddying mid-range frequencies. And most 6x9s are so bright they make my teeth rattle.

I took a flyer on these due to price and reviews. My Tacoma takes 6x9's up front so I decided I'd try these. I like my tweeters soft so I decided not to use tweets in the upper door location and just go with a coax. I'm a fan of one point imaging and in a relatively noisy truck tweets up high overpower the mids in the door, which causes me listener fatigue.

Each speaker's getting 50 watts of clean Alpine amp power, and I set the attenuation to -6dB. For the 1st time in my life a set of speakers actually needed more highs. So I set the switch on normal and was surprised that I preferred it that way. I'd imagine a rear deck application would probably need the attenuation but up front they didn't.

Bottom line:

Pros: Very well balanced sound.
Impressive bass output (typical of most 6x9's I've heard). Grade A-Minus

Strong mid-range. Better than almost any 6x9 I've ever heard. Grade A-Plus

Good but not great highs. Very pleasing sound though. The super tweeter is occasionally hissy on S's, but certainly not worth downgrading much. Grade B

Cons: If I had to nit-pick, I'd say the upper mid-range is a tad bright. I have a mid EQ on my head unit set at -2 db @ 2,500hz and that cures it perfectly.

This is my 3rd set of JBL speakers. I'm now a big fan. Their GTO 6-1/2 coax and separates are also great sounding sets as well. You'd likely have to spend around $500 to get noticeably better sound.
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on October 31, 2015
I ordered the 6.5 door speakers these are very very awesome sound quality without amp
Sounds good I gotta order one more pair of the door ones cuz my door leaked n one Side got wet and it shorted out but I love the six grade Side got wet and it shorted out but I love the 6 x 9 speakers it's clear good quality awesome price for the price of one pair of Alpine I got front and back. Speakers I want to order the jail I got front and back Pair speakers I want to order the jbl GTO 12 sub
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on January 9, 2015
I thought I had known about bass until I installed these on my Toyota Corolla. Never have I been so wrong, missing all that detail in the music... With these you won't experience that, instead, you will be immersed deep into the music you are listening to. I was blown away with the performance of these speakers. I don't even have a dedicated bass port or an amp, just these JBL rear speakers and stock front speakers (for now) and just like that my music sounds very rich and crisp. Combined with my Pioneer DEH X6600BT these can work for any type of music if you tune the EQ correctly. I have listened from deep bass (dubstep, drum & bass, trance, house, etc) to metal (finnish metal, death metal, power metal, etc) and for my taste, these just can't be beat.

The installation was extremely easy for a DIY proyect if you get an adapter for your car. I got mine from and thanks to that I have no weird vibrations or anything, also this saves you a lot of time if you can't build your own adapters out of wood.
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on February 20, 2016
It took me about an hour to upgrade the original four (4) speakers that came with the car. Be aware that the speakers do not come with any wiring harness, so you either need to buy those separately (highly recommended) or be prepared to have to cut into your cars wiring and splice some wires to install these and most aftermarket speakers. I bought the Metra 72-6514 speaker harness for my Jeep Patriot and they worked perfectly. The OEM speakers were easy to remove but you will need specialty drivers (both torx AND hex) as those were used in my Jeep. Since these JBL's are more powerful, the magnets used are quite a bit larger than the OEM speakers; as a result I needed to slightly trim away the plastic behind the speakers in order for the speakers to fit flush. Again, a simply 5 minute modification if you have the right tools. You can use a small hacksaw or rotary tool - just take your time. Once these were installed the improvement in clarity and decibels was incredible. With the OEM speakers I could turn up the volume all the way to full power, although there was quite a bit of distortion. After installing all 4 JBL's I could only turn up the volume about 3/4 of the way (it was too loud for me to go any higher) and yet the sound was very clear without any distortion.
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on June 27, 2016
This is about the best 6X9 speaker I have ever used in my 40+ years if installing car stereos. Crispier highs than usual but very clear and not harsh. More low bass than I expected. Verry good bottom end almost don't need a sub and these are installed in doors not the rear deck which might even produce more bass. No rear deck in a reg cab pickup! No muddy sound either. Driven by the internal amp in a late model Kenwood radio. I did use sound deadening material on the doors. I hate rattling sound in bass.
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on September 4, 2015
So I have been leasing vehicles every two years for the last 20 years or so. I usually order the top of the line sound system. I suppose the manufacturers have focused on improving the bass response at the cost of mids and highs over the last few years to suit the changing tastes of their customers. It is to the point where the side view mirrors bounce when you're cranking - which is great - I dig jamming!

My latest ride is a 2015 Ram 1500 without the excellent optional Alpine sound system which for whatever reason was unavailable. The stock sound is still quite good, and plays loud so I am guessing their is some power in the stock amp, Unfortunately, the bass just over powers all the other frequencies no matter how you set the equalizer. Since I lease, I don't want to throw a bunch of cash at the problem. The no-brainer move was to perform a simple speaker swap on the cheap. After reading reviews and checking specs I was looking for the biggest blow-out deal available and the $56 JBL GTO 938's from Amazon were the perfect ticket for the front doors. These are the top of the line 6x9 triaxial car speaker from JBL, but are one generation away from their newest offering (GTO 939), so they are heavily discounted. Note, many of the other "series 8" JBL's in other sizes are still available on their own website, so rest assured you're not getting chopped liver.

The swap was simple and took about 2 hours with no glitches. I suggest using the speaker adapters from Metra, (72-6514 for me.) By the way, the factory speakers are lightweight coaxials with a paper domed tweeter. Also, YouTube is a great resource for installation. Anyway, these speakers clearly and cohesively balance and extend the mid's and high's. The depth, articulation and tightness of the bass also improved dramatically.

Next up were the factory 3.5" dash speakers which are straight up lightweight single paper cone junk. I went with JL Audio C2-350x from Amazon and Metra connectors from Crutchfield. They were a little pricier than I expected, especially when adding the connectors, but the installation was so simple and fast I couldn't resist. The resulting sharper imaging increases immediacy while reducing the compression in the highs. So for about $130 I am now in same league as the Alpine equipped Ram.

Next up is replacing the rear door 6x9's to improve bass cohesiveness. I noticed the stock front door speakers played much louder than the stock rear door speakers indicating a difference in supplied power. I am considering coaxial JBL 928's since I don't need anymore mid and high extension and they too are being blown-out. The beauty of the whole scheme is I can easily pull the speakers when I turn in my car and if I don't I'm out only $200. Well worth the investment!

By the way, I have a diverse taste in music but mainly dig on guitar jams. Some of my favs include metal like Slayer, jam bands like Gov't Mule, classic rock like Van Halen and Skynyrd, Motown (cause I' from the "D"), Progressive Rock like Dream Theater, hot chick singers like Amy Whinehouse, jazz like Theonius Monk. There is plenty more but sorry, no Hip Hop or Rap. Also, I have been into home hi-fi gear for years and currently have about 10 grand invested in a constantly evolving home theater which I use to play concert DVD's and stream hi-res audio and video.
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on March 25, 2017
Great sound, good build quality. I lost a little volume since these aren't true 2-ohm speakers, but I need to replace the factory amp anyway.
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on June 25, 2015
UPDATE #1:::::::::::::::: had speakers playing for less than an hour and one blew a tweeter or the crossover went bad they didn't have great highs when I put them in but now it sounds like a am station is playing my cds they do have great bass for a 6x9 now I don't know if I will replace them with the same speaker probably gonna try some Polks but these were at such a great price and had such great reviews,,I really liked them until one went bad although they never had great highs compared to other speakers I have owned. and the worst part is I have a 04 Grand Prix and it is a pita to remove the rear speakers and now I have to go thru the whole process least Amazon has a good return policy.

UPDATE #2 ::::::::::::::I decided to try some Pioneer 5 way 6x9 (Pioneer TS-A6995R) since they was for the same price as these (Owned a set of 4 way Pioneer 6x9 years ago..good speaker, not great) and Comparing them to these JBL's BEFORE my speakers went south (very quickly I will add) the JBL's had a lil bit better low end bass (again connected to a 75x2 rms amp and Factory deck) but just a lil bit everything else was about the same accept the pioneers had barely better mid bass and barely better highs..they sounded almost Identical but neither speaker blew me away but for the cost of either one they were great.. I wish my JBL's wouldnt of went bad I would give them the nod over the Pioneers only because I wanted better bass (had just a tiny bit better low end) as these are in the rear deck of a 4 door 04 Grand Prix, but I have read quite a few reviews on them with similar problems as me.

my review before they went bad

These speakers are a steal for the price they are at now..Have a 04 Grand Prix with factory (non Monsoon) deck and my back factory 6x9 were bad and had a Pioneer amp sitting collecting dust so figured I would install the JBL's and the amp with the factory deck..I did listen to the speakers with just the head unit powering them and they were decent but there wasn't much power going to them...
Then hooked them up to my Pioneer amp (75x2) and WOW they sounded great with the factory deck and they crank they have great Bass (when hooked up to amp) not the best highs though but that isnt as big of a issue since they are in the rear of my car if they was in my door I dont think I would like them as much, I had the Pioneer amp in another car few years back with some Pioneer 6x9 4 ways with 22oz magnets and an Alpine head unit, and these JBL's were better than the Pioneers ( accept the highs the Pioneers had better highs by far) and that's with my factory deck! but back then I never found JBL's for the price I paid on Amazon.
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on October 3, 2016
Bought 2 pairs of these to install in the front and rear doors of my Jeep Patriot. I am running an Alpine UTE-62bt head unit with an Alpine Power Pack providing 45 watts rms. I'm running Infinity Reference series speakers in my Camry and in my opinion they just don't compare to the sound I'm getting with these Jbl GTO938's. Perfectly balanced mids and highs and the bass sounds phenomenal. From the outside sounds like I have a sub and that's not exaggerating.
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on March 7, 2015
I'm an old dude but wanted something better than 2012 Camry stock speakers. I like rock to have an authoritative lower end, but nothing to rattle the doors. Music is a passion, but did not care about having a new HU, amp or subwoofer- although I did purchase a Bazooka for that purpose. I bought 4 of these and am very happy with the sound.

One star removed for Amazon dissatisfaction. The first Bazooka I received had obviously been used. It had scratches, and the wiring harness had the ground wire cut off instead of unscrewing it at the eyelet connector.

Also, the first set of JBL GTO938's I received were also not new. No packing material, manuals, etc. There were scratches on the magnets and one of the leads to a speaker had been clipped off. Amazon's own description calls for products to be brand new unused and unopened. These items were not only opened, but they were damaged. How can they sell these as new?
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