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on December 21, 2009
I have owned a lot of different headphones for my iPhones. I use mine for commute on train for music and audio books/podcasts, in the car for calls, and at the gym for music/other audio content.

These are the most expensive headphones/earbuds with a mic I've owned, but I have used the Sony fontopias as well as a Sennheiser in ear plug as well as bud, Skull Candy buds and plugs, as well as some "made in China" Apple and Sony knock-offs you can get for $2.99 per pair here or on eBay.

These are the best sounding headphones, buds or plugs I have heard on my iPhone, and easily the best earphones/plugs with a mic. The price is not inconsiderable, but worth it if you want nuanced sounds, clear highs, and powerful but not ridiculous bass. These are rather audiophile quality, without a doubt. Very, very impressive sound. Very efficient - quite acceptably loud for most content at half or slightly better than half volume setting.

The highs are clear, which is usually the knock on ear plug style 'phones( better than the Sony fontopias which are boomy bass and unclear highs), midrange is balanced, lows are powerful, full, but not boomy or overpowering. Just a warm, rich sound. Very nice.

The build quality is superior to any similar product. Two weeks into it and they are sturdy, and just work. Very, very cool looking. I feel like a guy listening to $100 ear plugs. Very excellent ambient noise reduction, and reasonably comfy fit.

If the cable is allowed to flop on your chest when you run or work out, you DO get the cable thump sound. Secure the cable or loop the phones around the back of your head. I have not found this to be an impediment to my using them to spend 30 or 40 min on the treadmill, or doing resistance training with machines and weights.

Fabulous purchase. I will likely never switch to a different brand or consider an "upgrade" because even at twice the price, these are in the plug-style buds with a mic to beat. And nothing I've used comes close.
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on December 12, 2010
Like so many here, I bought these to replace the token failure that Apple includes with all their products and calls "earphones." I searched Amazon for days, read reviews, compared specs, and finally decided that I was just going to have to pull the trigger and try something.

When I received these, I hated them right out of the box and vowed to return them. After a couple of days though, my opinion has changed completely - let me tell you why.

First off, the picture showing the mic/remote next to the earphone? It's not quite to scale. There's some serious perspective in that photograph. In reality, the mic/unit unit is BIG - about the diameter of a pencil and twice the length of the earphones. Add that to the fact that it does not control the volume, and I was not happy. However, upon reading the instructions, I found that it does some cool things the Apple control doesn't. For instance, you can click it once to pause playback, hold it down to activate voice control, click twice to advance the next track and three times for the previous track. Once I learned this, I think it's actually much more useful than just being able to change the volume.

Secondly, I was livid about the thrumming sound that the movement of the cord produced. Other reviewers here have mentioned it. I was about to give up when I decided to try a smaller set of earcups. The size I was using completely sealed the ear canal, and I noticed that even taking a step caused a booming sound. Once I went to a smaller size, the earphones stayed in my ear fine, and I didn't have that sealed-bass-booming sound every time something moved.

Finally, I thought they sounded a little flat, without good frequency response. Going back to RTFM again, I followed the burn-in instructions, using JLab's burn in tool on their website. The audio quality has improved drastically after a couple sessions, and I'm nowhere near the 40 hours recommended burn-in time.

So, in a nutshell - some issues that may take a little getting used to, some that may require some adjustment, and read the manual and follow the instructions. The result is a very nice sounding pair of earphones for less than $20. I'm not sure what the "$89.85" retail price that Amazon quotes is all about, even JLabs themselves sell the product for $24.95, but still and all, a great value for $20. Best investment I've made in my iPhone since I bought the Angry Birds app!
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on November 24, 2014
I purchased these headphones 4 years ago on cyber Monday for $20 thinking "How great of a deal" this must be. I could not have been more wrong; these things aren't worth $5 let alone $60.

Build (Five steaming turds out of five):
I had high hopes for these things. From the outside, they look like a sleek high quality design, good cable length, and in-line controls. When I finally held them for the first time, disappointment hit me like a freight train.
Let's start with the cord. JLAB says they gave this a "premium anti-tangle" cord, but personally I'd describe it as a "cheap piece of junk". The cord is incredibly stiff making it hard to straighten, and feels like it's coated in a hard, yet strangely sticky, plastic. I know they claim that these qualities make it tangle-proof but even that is a load of BS. Bundle this thing up (say in your pocket) and it still tangles! In fact, I'd say they made it worse because the plastic coating sticks to itself making loops a gigantic pain in the rear.
Next, the other bits. All other parts (earpieces, controls/mic, 3.5mm jack) are all made of pretty nice aluminum. However my pair had a glob of glue coming out of a seam on the left earphone. It cracked off pretty easily but it's not what you'd expect from anything claiming to be "Premium".

Comfort (smooth as sand paper):
First off, the "soft silicone cushions" are not soft, nor are they cushioning. They are quite honestly the hardest ear inserts I've ever had. Due to that fact, there are three very annoying side-effects:
1) They hurt
2) The earpieces will fall out of your ears after a while if you don't re-adjust them
3) A true seal in your ear is impossible

Sound quality (Second to the Campbell's chicken noodle headphones):
If you like listening through tin cans, then you will love these but I am not one of those people. After reading through some documentation, JLAB recommends a dozen or so hours of "burn-in" using their special audio files from their website as they won't sound as intended without doing so. After completing that agonizing process, I found them sounding just as bad as before; what a surprise. There's also this large issue involving movement: that rigid plastic that coats the cord resonates taps more than I thought possible. If something hits the cord or, heaven forbid, you plan on walking, you will hear a loud *thump* completely drowning out your tin-can symphony.

Conclusions (tl;dr):
Do not buy these headphones, do not gift these headphones, do not even acknowledge them as existing. Do yourself a favor and buy some Panasonic's, Audio-Technica's, Sennheiser's, or Klipsch. You will not be disappointed.
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on September 21, 2012
I'm the owner of five different JLAB products now, but the J3M ear buds were the first thing I bought from them. The fact that I bought four more things should be a pretty good indicator of how I feel about JLAB.

After being pretty dissatisfied with the stock Apple ear buds that came with my iPhone, I looked for a replacement, and the combination of decent reviews and reasonable price made the J3Ms the best value. The J3Ms had a nice look and good cord length, but most importantly, a remote microphone. I loved being able to do calls hands-free and without the hassles of Bluetooth.

The headphones fit very nicely right out of the package with the installed silicone ear buds, but the fact that three other sizes were included in the package was a very nice touch. They sounded great right out of the package as well. They seal nicely to reduce external noises, and provide an impressive clean bass response. They are comfortable . . . comfortable enough to sleep in while listening to music, or without . . . just to block out noises. I also wear them while running, and even without external hooks or any other fastener, they stay in my ears and comfortable the entire time.

As described on the JLAB website and in other reviews you'll see here, the headphones benefit from up to 40 hours of burn in. There's a super handy page on the website that provides a simple, free, burn-in program, and after several days of running through it (when I wasn't using the headphones) the sound quality got even better. Burn-in is now standard procedure for any headphones I buy.

Unfortunately, after six months or so of use, one of the buds went faulty. It happens. Fortunately, this is where JLAB really shines. Their customer service and solid warranty made the replacement of my earphones very low hassle, and dare I say a pleasant experience.

So overall: a great value. Excellent sound, comfortable fit, and great customer service. I'd buy from these ear buds again . . . and I have (to give as gifts.)
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on September 1, 2010
These sound awesome. I got them to replace my Sony MDR-EX300 earbuds so I could listen to music and actually take calls coming in without the headache of switching headphones on my Palm Pre.

The work great on my Palm Pre and sound absolutely amazing (comparable to my Sony earphones). I can turn them up super loud and no one else on the subway can hear my music - plus it reduces all the noise quite nicely.

My only complaint is that it's only been 4 months and it seems like they are developing a short in the cord right where the plug is. In their defense, I use them almost every day, so I've gotten a lot of use out of them so far.

Amazing sound. They work great. Great price. Do not expect them to last a year. Make sure you fill out the warranty.
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on December 28, 2011
I bought this set of headphones for the purpose of listening on an iPhone 4, after using the lowest level Jbuds with some satisfaction before. I figured these would sound even better and with the built in mic, I could listen on the iphone and take calls as well.

I plugged them in and let them "break in" for a few days, and got ready to test them out. I was disappointed to find when I plug them in, I can hear a pulsing sound through the headphones. You can't hear it when the music is playing, unless you get to a quiet part in a song. The pulsing sound is the same volume no matter what level I set the master volume at.

I tested at least 3 other sets of phones with the iphone to see if this was a universal issue, and I didn't hear it. I tried another pair of headphones with mic that came with my Samsung galaxy and didn't hear it.

After some experimentation, I found that if you hold down the button on the mic for a few seconds, it sometimes clears up. Sometimes it also pushes the volume very high and just about deafens me as well.

I've explored Google looking for others with the same issue, and all I can find is people talking about the interference speakers get when a phone is too close. It's not the same sound, it's a steady pulse no matter if the phone's wifi and cellular radio are on or off.

Will likely look into buying headphones from another manufacturer, as I just can't stand fiddling about with these.
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on October 19, 2010
I bought these I while ago to replace my aging iPhone headset. I was getting complaints from others that there was a bad echo on the other end of the calls. I received these and found the easy open packaging nice.
The good: The headset had a nice feel and the different sized buds made fitting them fairly easy. The sound quality is fine and the single button works just as the original headset.
The bad: I had the headset for maybe a month before I noticed that the right bud was starting to short out. The fact that the mic is on that side, made the headphones pretty much useless.
Overall: For the price of these I expected a little more, but they are still a nice headset with mic.
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on March 22, 2011
I thought the construction of the headphones was pretty solid when I first got them, both the cable and ear pieces themselves. At first experienced a bit of noise in one of the ear pieces that wasn't part of the music, almost like something was "rattling" inside, but ignored it after awhile. Using these on a long flight overseas I had no issues with comfort and were great for blocking out little kids on the plane.

My biggest complaint, they stopped working shortly after the warranty. Another complaint was that while I liked them so much I recommended them to a friend and his just stopped working today, coincidently a week after the warranty is over. So two pairs, one silver, one black both only have one working ear piece.

Granted they weren't the most expensive, you always pay for what you get. Back to my free iPod headphones for now...
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on March 15, 2013
Bought my first pair in 2011, loved the fit (most ear buds don't fit my ears very well) and the quality of the sound. You can still hear a bit of outside noise on the street but the rubberized fit of the buds provides a nice layer of noise-canceling. After 2 years of some fairly hard use the left ear crapped out (I use these things nearly every day and when not in use they're usually crumpled up in my jacket pocket). I was right outside of Target so I ducked inside and bought whatever brand of earbuds they had on display. Huge mistake. I was listening to a podcast at the time and suddenly all the voices sounded like they were under water. Switched to music and the bass was completely gone. So I pulled up Amazon, ordered up a new pair of JBuds pronto, and now I'm back in business.

Pros: The fit (and multiple silicone bud covers to help you find the right fit), the sound, the natural noise-canceling. I like the wire length and the fact that the left and right split wires are the same length coming out of the Y (not all headphones are any more.) I also like the little piece of plastic above the Y-split that helps you keep them free of tangles when they're wadded up in your pocket. I've also used them on long plane rides to watch movies, listen to in-flight entertainment, and they stay comfortable for a good long time.

Cons: The mic cancels out street noise pretty well, but wind can be a problem -- but I should probably stop taking phone calls in a wind tunnel

One last note: I don't typically use these for working out, although I have in a pinch. Ear buds don't work well for me during workouts (I'm a runner) because even the best fit will slip when you're sweaty. Typically outside, I like to be able to hear my surroundings a bit better during long runs and these work too well at blocking some of the street noise. Finally, if you're working up a sweat, any headphones are going to suffer if water gets inside. So for workouts I use a really crap pair of Sony headphones Sony Ultra Lightweight MDR-W08L Vertical In-The-Ear Headphones. Those stay in place, you can hear all of the street sounds and when they crap out after 3 months you buy a new pair because they're super cheap.

So to recap, JLab's JBuds for normal, every day & travel use -- Sonys for sweaty time.
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on July 21, 2014
I have had these for years and am just now getting around to writing the review.

Considering the abuse and use these have gotten ver the years I am extremely happy with them. Years later all the buttons still work, the sound is still crisp and bassy. Quite a bit of sound bleeding when theyre cranked up, but that is to be expected from and ear bud. The silicone ear cups are holding up ver well also, no complaints about the looks either.

If you are on a budget and want them to last a long time, I would definitely recommend these buds. One thing I will say is that these are not the perfect style of headphones for prolonged use, as they do tire your ears out if worn for extended periods of time. That being said the person reading this review should probably already know that.

UPDATE 09/2015
These finally gave up the ghost. The wiring separated from one of the earbuds. They have served me rather well. Rest in peace earbuds, rest in peace...
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