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on December 23, 2013
If you are at all interested in knowing who really killed JFK and why our government
covered up extensive evidence about the case and lied to the American people, this book, written by the emergency room doctor who attended to JFK that day in Dallas is a must read. I now have no doubt that a massive government cover-up to mislead the American people was perpetrated by agencies at the highest level of our government. I love my country, I fear my government !
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on November 30, 2013
Dr. Crenshaw speaks with both knowledge and frustration that the real killers of the President have never been caught. This book was personal and spoke volumes to me. As a 17 year old, I was in Washington, D.C. when John F. Kennedy was shot. I recall in my young mind thinking "his coffin is back from Dallas rather quickly". Dr. Crenshaw and his co-authors Jens Hansen and Gary Shaw reinforce this fact. His description of witnesses claiming they heard shots from the "grassy knoll", the unknown "suits" in Dealey Plaza, and the whisking away of the body back to Washington make for a provocative, convincing read directed towards the conspiracy theory.

Most of us then-young people on that fateful trip did not believe Oswald acted alone; the author makes a point of the fact that Oswald's shooter, Jack Ruby, was a well known figure in Dallas - known to the police and other people in authority. Was Oswald shot to silence him? Probably. The altered autopsy photos, the order by then President Johnson to the doctors to get Oswald to confess before he died, foster suspicions relative to the public not believing in the Government and for all to believe and support the Warren Commissions lengthy report.

Don't tell us what we want to hear - tell us the truth; the truth of Dr. Crenshaw! Most baby-boomers do not believe the lone gunman theory; it's just too simple. As I watched the President's coffin go up the stairs, and heard the Navy hymn so long ago, I wondered "why"? I still do.
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on May 12, 2015
A Parkland Hospital (Dallas) surgeon who was in the room when efforts were made to save JFK tells a convincing story that a cover-up occurred in the death of President Kennedy. Dr. Charles Crenshaw explains how the President's wounds were "altered" to appear to have come from behind Kennedy, while Crenshaw claims the shot that killed Kennedy came from the front. Many events occurred once the body was worked on in the emergency room at Parkland -- from the discovery of the "magic bullet" on a gurney at Parkland to the unexplained fact that the casket JFK left Dallas in was not the same one in which he was received in DC. There's more, and if you are interested in the conspiracy theory surrounding the death of JFK, what better first-hand information can you consider than one presented by one of Parkland Hospital's ER doctors?
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on April 30, 2015
And excellent read from an actual doctor that was there trying to save the President's life, but also witnessing the FBI taking the President's dead body out of the hospital at gunpoint. Several medical personnel being told that if they tried to stop them, they would be shot right where they stood. If this isn't a total breach of protocol for a murder investigation in the state of Texas, I don't know what is. An excellent read if you want to hear from someone who was actually there at the time the President was dying, and probably already dead truth be known.
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on January 20, 2016
Excellent book on the death of J.F.K. In my opinion the Doctor was very wise not to come forward until he did because there is no doubt he would have been murdered as many other witness had. There many facts comming out now because many of the guilty are dead. It is my personnel belief that L.B.J was one of the masterminds of the plot becaus he had the most to gain. He was just about ready to go to jail .
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on August 26, 2017
Great book which convincingly lays out the case that the entire United States had the wool pulled over its eyes. Read in concert with Roger Stone's fantastic The Man Who Killed Kennedy, you will lose any doubt about what/who perpetrated this atrocity.
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on November 22, 2013
Although I am not a conspiracy fan, I have read other books on this subject. Dr. Crenshaw clearly knew what he saw and I for one believe his story. There were many secretive actions taken by the Secret Service and the FBI that will never be explained or understood, but Dr. Crenshaw and those involved with President Kennedy's body and subsequent efforts to save him are clearly stated in this book. An interesting read!
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on June 8, 2015
This book true unbiased a opinion By the Doctor who worked on JFK after He was killed. Dr. Crenshaw talks about the evidence Corning the one bullet theory, and the grassy knoll theory by what He saw When the president was brought into Parkland hospital. I have just learned that the true story of the nightmare will be released in 2036. This means that any one born in in 1963 will be 73 years old and not emotionally tied into this tragedy. Anyone say who was able to be emotionally to this event, and cares will be deceased. This book is not for every one. It is graphic and heart felt and sad .
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on March 24, 2015
Always been interested in what actually happened to JFK that day, the WHO, and WHY of his killing. And it's clear to me that it was a big coverup, and people in high places, people the American people elected to protect and look out for our well being were only looking out for themselves that day. He wasn't perfect, but he was good enough to scare someone into taking this action. And his brother suffering the same fate because he was collecting data about that day to use in case he got to a high enough office to make something happen.
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on August 1, 2016
It's good to get an additional perspective on the JFK killing. Many times I believe the folks that write their own "take" on a historical event feel compelled to add extra material to their books not just to "flesh" it out but simply to make it longer. Most people who would be inclined to read a book such as this are already well aware of the "timeline" of events and do not need them inserted to bring relevance or length to the material being presented
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