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on November 20, 2012
This case is almost perfect. The one problem really holds it back, though. Nice tight fit and easily slides into the pocket.Doesnt pick up lint and can still stay put fairly well when put on your car dash. The one issue I have , the case folds over on itself on the screen side at the speaker/recharge area. There isnt enough material in this area, the small strip of plastic slips off of the face of the phone and slightly blocks the recharge port. I posted a picture above so you can see for yourself.
review image
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on November 23, 2012
I realize that the 920 is very new to the market, so I understand that cases for it are in the infant stages. I also understand that the 920 was built to not need a case. I purchased this in order to make my 920 a little easier to grip. As far as protection is concerned, it offers very little. As an aid in gripping the phone better, it is very good. Being that this particular case is mostly transparent, it doesn't take away from the beauty of the phone.
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on April 29, 2013
One of the main reasons for writing this review is because I really struggled with finding good reviews for cases for the Nokia Lumia 920 which answered all of my questions, so I ended up buying two different cases, this one and the Rugged Impact-Absorbing 2-in-1 Dual Layer Case with Stylus for AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 for our two phones (wife has a white one, while I have a red). I do hope that this review and the one I am writing for the other case will help someone make an informed decision.

This transparent case is mainly for my wife's white phone, since I just could not find any clear or white case (even the official Nokia cases Nokia 02733Q1 CC-1043 Cover for Lumia 920 - 1 Pack - Retail Packaging - Red do not come in white, which is very weird). While this case does offer decent grip like other reviewers have mentioned, along with fairly acceptable protection for the back and sides in case of minor drops, it certainly does not offer any protection for frontal (screen-side) impact. It does have a very small lip/raised-edge, maybe 0.5 - 0.75 mm on the top and bottom sides of the phone on the front, but no raised lip on the left and right sides, so if your phone happens to fall and hits the edge of a table or other hard object at an angle (which happens most of the time when a phone does fall), then you could be out of luck. My wife has a separate wallet-style PDA case which she uses to place her phone into before she places it in her purse/hand-bag, so this case offers an additional level of protection, especially for the corners which are exposed in the PDA case. What we like about the JKase is that it is transparent, so it still shows off the beautiful white color, and it is has a very slim profile so keeps the phone pretty thin, without adding a lot of bulk.

So to sum up, if you just want a case to show off the stunning colors of your Nokia, while providing you with decent grip and adequate protection for the back, sides, and corners of your phone, then this is the case for you. If you are going to keep your phone in a purse/hand-bag with other stuff, then you may want to consider a screen protector (I got the Skinomi one for both our phones, have yet to put them on Skinomi TechSkin - Nokia Lumia 920 Screen Protector Ultra Clear Shield + Lifetime Warranty) in addition to the case.

Note that you still run the risk of damaging/destroying the screen if your phone has a frontal impact...this case will not protect your phone and you will have to rely on the Gorilla glass to help you, along with some luck from up above! :-). If you want additional protection than this case offers, but are willing to give up on seeing the lovely colors of your phone, then read my review for the Rugged Impact-Absorbing case mentioned above...that would be a good alternative for solid protection and a decent price without having to go for the Otterbox one.
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on January 3, 2015
I love this case for my nokia lumia 1020. Decent protection:not expecting it to be bullet proof, just secure and protects from bumps and scratches. It's hard to find cases that cover the camera "bump" but aren't too bulky and this one is great. The case in the picture must be grey, not clear. Mine is clear and it is crystal clear on about 1/3 of it and frosted "clear" on about 2/3. I have a similar case in black so I was expecting this but I still wish the whole thing was clear. Overall a simple, cheap case that protects as much as expected and seems it will last at least long enough to make it worth the price. I would recommend it. I love the TPU cases because they are a happy medium between silicone and hard plastic.
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on November 26, 2013
Okay, I was waiting a little while to give my review, but fate stepped in to force me to write it now. This case is GREAT!. It fits very well, and has unique surface textures on various parts of the case. The sides have a knurled grip. It is easy to hold, slides in and out of my pocket without much effort due to the smooth edges, but has a flat-matt surface on much of the rear to keep it from sliding out of your shirt pocket when you don't want it to. But I just unintentionally tested it's ability to protect the phone. I was working in the garage and while grabbing the phone from the work bench, accidentally threw it up in the air and watched as it came crashing down on the concrete floor. When it landed on the corner of the case, it bounced a little before coming to a stop. I figured the glass or case had to be cracked, but the phone, glass, and case were all in one piece and working fine, with no sign of damage. I am very impressed and would HIGHLY recommend this case for a Nokia Lumia 920.
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on February 8, 2015
Pros: Translucent, thin case with minimal styling doesn't destroy the style of your Lumia and does make the phone slightly easier to handle. Doesn't collect lint, fits phone well. Also quite cheap especially considering the alternatives.

Cons: Does not have as much "tack" as it could. It's branding is emblazoned on the back as prominent as a Nike symbol which is kinda dumb looking. Most importantly, it interferes with the flash of the camera and I'm hoping that cutting back sone material with a razor may fix it. In the mean time I am testing the flash-free performance of the 1020 which is quite impressive.
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on December 21, 2012
I bought the clear colored case and was a little skeptical about how it would actually look and the fit. I was pleasantly surprised. The case cover fits snuggly over the phone. It looks great and makes the phone easier to hold (I found the 920 a little slick) without adding too much bulk. The only real concern I hadn't thought of was how narrow the cover would have to be for the micro usb port at the bottom. I had seen a video review after ordering the case and the reviewer had a hard time with the fit at the bottom. I had the same observations when I got the case however it's held up nice and is solid. Definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a case to give their phones that little added protection; not that the 920 needs it. That phone could probably survive a nuclear blast!
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on December 4, 2012
I ordered this case for my Lumia 920 about a week ago, it arrived promptly, as I had put a rush on it. As great a phone as the glossy Lumia's are ( I have the Red one), I didn't want to take a chance on scratching up that gorgeous nice finish. :) So, after receiving the case in the mail, I immediately put it on, no problem at all. This case fits very snug, it forms and molds perfectly to the phone, really, like a custom designed glove would embrace your hand. It seems to be made of some kind of soft rubber, or, durable, heavy duty plastic. It doesn't feel cheap at all, seems like it would last a lifetime. There a little bumps/ridges on each side of the case where your fingers and thumb would grip, which makes holding, grabbing, and picking the phone up a breeze.......not the case without having the case on (pun intended xD). The cut-outs for the for speaker area, flash, camera lens, usb port, and headphone jack line up perfectly. There are no cut-outs for the buttons on the right side of the phone, that's fine, because it prevents accidental presses of those buttons anyway. With the case on, those buttons may be a bit difficult to press down at first, however, after a very short time it won't even be a bother. :)

My only slight gripe with this case, is the glossy part of it. Same with the 920's glossy shell, it smudges too easily. They should make a case that has an all matte finish, or, two-toned with a slight lighter or darker color, that is still matte.

Overall, this is a fantastic, very durable, snug-fitting, long-lasting, and might I add, well designed, case for the Lumia 920. The black goes with any color, of course, so it adds a highlight to your phone's native appearance. :)
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on April 10, 2014
Ok. I wasn't sure what type of case I wanted, since I didn't want to spend $50 or more for a clunky Otterbox, yet I didn't want some piece of crap case that didn't protect my new phone at all. This case is the PERFECT COMPROMISE. At around five bucks, it definitely protects my phone like it should. I love the way it makes my phone feel-I want to pick it up all the time now, as silly as this may seem. There is a lip that protects the phone's front if you were to set it face-down, as well as another lip in the back that separates the camera from the surface you set it down on. I realize it's not the thickest, bulkiest, and therefore most protective case on the market, but that's not what I wanted. What I received in the mail just yesterday (two-day shipping... Thanks, Amazon Prime month trial!) was exactly what I wanted: a great-feeling, protective, slim case that makes me happy everytime I see my phone.
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This is a pretty good case. It does have a a nice cushion feel on the edges. The sides will help you maintain a firm grip on the phone. This is just not the case for me....I am sticking with the Nokia smooth form case....It does not add bulk.

But to be fair IF you want a case that offers good protection and assistance with maintaing a good grip...this would be good for you..... especially if you were to use it during or after exercise.....
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